Life Can Be an interesting Process of Dealing With Other Human Animals

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Do you ever ignore a voicemail? Sure. You have. Pat. On back.

Have you ignored daly multiple voicemails over six months or more? Involving important business?

Did you live in the fear that to ignore a phone call would automatically make things worse for you? Did you ever, for a single second, imagine that ignoring that call, over and over for months, might equal=negotiation?

Did you?

Just a question.

…I just got off the phone and after getting the $125K compromise I already had in writing after the initial 6 months of ignoring calls (while everyone is out busting their asses with loan modifications—stop paying, they’ll call you), turned into a $140K compromise.

I have never filled out any form, submitted a damn thing.

When money is involved and loss of money, humans get all primal, and that’s where things get worked out extra-institutionally.

Or, just act like like they want you to. Answer every call—breathlessly—so they know how much of their bitch you are.

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  1. It took me a while of working out of the home to realize that I do not ever need to answer the phone and I, in fact, have not checked voicemails, but rather delete them after a week or so. Important business? – our family has managed to get ourselves into a position that we no longer need them (especially banks), they need us! In fact, once the the credit cards are paid off, the credit limits are increased, interest is reduced, begging, begging, begging for attention…..

    Another biggie – I NEVER answer the door – it’s almost always a sales guy or a freakin Jehovah’s witness wanting to tell me the end of the world is near. Yeah – fuck off.

    Businesses/People are hungry now and you obviously have the power at this moment. I say that is quite liberating!

  2. In fact, for all of Woo’s whining about the fall of civilization being caused by corporations – I respond, extricate yourself from their grip. Do not become enamored with shiny offers and products, do not over-extend yourself financially, get out of debt and save a lot! Corporations then only become a place to spend some time earning a decent paycheck and enjoy some of the best insurance policies around.

    • “for all of Woo’s whining about the fall of civilization being caused by corporations – I respond, extricate yourself from their grip. Do not become enamored with shiny offers and products, do not over-extend yourself financially, get out of debt and save a lot!”

      Well, of course, because she does have the virtue of a high degree of honesty (look at her scribbles) and when I put the same thing up in comments she didn’t protest a lot. She’s not all there yet, though, because I always delight in saying from time to time: you’re right, i was fucked up. She is, at least very good at admitting she fucked up when she posts the comment to herself about it, and she replies to herself (see the scribbles).

      I’m a wooo fan. I really am. I’m not going to condescend and say she has potential because I already see she is attracting people on her own. She put it out there. She writes. She’s ugly, beautiful, whorish and a ranty bitch and all of that is to the good, and she doeen’t give an apparent fuck about any of it. We need people like this, regardless of the message content. She has good days, bad days, and bad hair days, and she’s female so bad hair days are particularly problematic.

      I can’t speak for Wooo, but I have a very sneaking suspicion that she wants the same sort of deal with the devil as me: I get to say whatever I want, when I want. hate me if you like and you’re welcome. And fuck off. Just don’t always take me 100% seriously. I might not rally mean it all exactly how I expressed it. I may have been having a little fun writing it. EXCUUUUUSE ME!

      Wooo? Is that close?

      • I just chalk it up to Woo being young. AND, I only wish I had her knowledge and guts when I was that young – I was still enthralled with corporate life and certainly being their bitch!

        I wish I could see what Woo becomes at my age of 47! I bet sitting pretty.

      • Wooo will do fine. But I do think she needs to get laid.

      • Gabriella Kadar says:

        yeah, right. (where’s the skeptical emoticon?)

      • Cow operate in mysterious way.

      • Gabriella Kadar says:

        ” Although for every covert email between carbsane/MM/diana/guyenet et al ”

        Am not among the ‘et al’ . I think you have periodic insanity all on my ownsome. 😉 But being ‘whorish’? You Wooo? That’s one thing for sure that’s a definite ‘no’. I won’t defend your denial of insanity (and you don’t) but I’d defend you from being labeled ‘whorish’.

        I’m finding that your generation (aka my two daughters) are rather prudish compared to mine. My friends with children the same age range say the same.

        I’ve been observing the kids in my practice from when they were age little to mid20s early 30s and this generation takes life very seriously. They don’t take anything for granted. I’m very impressed with how they work towards their goals, enter stable relationships (they are not fuckarounds that’s for sure) and are breastfeeding the babies for 2 years.

  3. Sieg hiel to Cow! *I* will follow him! (her? it?!) (Depending, of course, on where he (?) is leading…)

  4. too fast typing: Sieg heil {wince}

  5. It drives me insane when people bitch about being interrupted by telemarketers while eating dinner/what have you. Pretty much everybody has caller ID and voice mail. It is not a holy command to answer a ringing telephone. I figure if it’s that important a message will be left. I also don’t answer the door. That’s what the peephole’s for. If I don’t recognize you, bye. I haven’t spoken to a telemarketer or traveling fundie in many years.

    • I never answer the door unless I’m expecting someone. I only answer my cellphone, and then only if the caller is in my contacts.

      Rings & knocks have zero claim on my time or attention.

    • Hi Richard,
      I also:
      Never answer a number I don’t recognize
      Never answer the phone unless I WANT to talk to the person, if it’s important, leave a message, I might call back, I might not.
      Never answer the door unless I am expecting someone

      Most don’t understand where I am coming from, but you know what? I don’t care!!
      Just because it rings or knocks, doesn’t mean I have to answer.
      That has to be one of my biggest pet peeves, others thinking you have to be available 24/7

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