The Thin Blue Line: Saluting Cops on the Street

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Professional cops with gold-standard pensions you pay for is only what’s it’s all about.

Watch this cop: on the scene, and not minutes away where seconds really count…it’s truly life & death.

I guess that cop was all plain clothes & fuckin’ shit.

Cheeses, if we could only build roadz.

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  1. SteamboatOperator says:

    My kinda guy. People just don’t get any more awesomer then this dude – from what I can gather from this interview. A dude who truly lives free, doesn’t fuck with anyone, has honor, and who doesn’t give a shit for established order. A chooser.

  2. SteamboatOperator says:

    Tragic? The dude had just attempted to murder someone and was in the process of repeating that same action – he needed to be put down by any means necessary at that point. Lol @ tasered/stunned, yea because nomad surfers carry around tasers. I also like how you pretend to know exactly what was or wasn’t going through the perp’s mind – and even drew a conclusion from it like the parasite you are. How do you know he didn’t actually rape someone? Furthermore, how do you know if Kai was or wasn’t stoned, and why does it matter? Does someone have to be crazy in order to have a pair and do the right, the correct thing, to act with purpose in a split-second?

    I hope you’re viciously attacked one day by mad man, that your life is in legit peril, and hopefully, as your screaming in terror, yelling for help, bystanders take the time to deliberate whether or not they should take lethal force to help you out (because none of them have tasers, lmfao). After all, the dude may be mentally ill right? And that hopefully no one there is insane enough or intoxicated enough to help you.

    Stop being a pussy. A guy tried to kill multiple people and as a consequence he himself was killed. Justice doesn’t get any better then that.

    • “It’s very likely 300 pound “I am jesus and I raped a child let me hug you” guy is totally normal when he’s not psychotic/manic/high on meth/acid.”

      I’m sure that’s a HUGE consolation to the raped child (if there was one), and the person who got smashed by the car, and the woman in danger being grabbed. I’m sure they were SOOOOOO relieved to know that — at some OTHER time, this was a nice guy. Wouldn’t you be?!

    • @Woo – “it is tragic they had to kill him” come on, really? You believe that shit you just typed? Please tell me you’re joking.

  3. the 3volution of j3nn says:

    Kai lives righteously!

  4. Need more Kais on the street. Guy seems so genuine

    • “Guy seems so genuine”

      Precisely. Not trying to please anybody. He saw a grave wrong being done and he put a righteous and permanent stop to it with no regard to any consequences other than putting a stop to it would end the harm.

      Definitely no hand wringer there.

      Plus, gotta love how he pronounces the word police. Far more clever than calling them pigs, like I do.

  5. “Need more Kais on the street. Guy seems so genuine”

    Oh, I dunno…. Seems pretty vacuous himself. His idea of life is hitching around and surfin’? Clearly someone had the raising of him and brought him up to know the basis of right and wrong. But he sounds a good bit mentally ‘off’ himself. Bravo that he stepped up and acted, but I’d REALLY rather not have more like him wandering the streets!

    Oh, hey Richard? Have you listened to Robert Sapolski about the biological basis of religious systems? O.M.G. Fascinating! He draws SUCH a amazing connection between the fanatical focus of the schizophrenic/ schizoid on cleanliness and numbers — and the same fanatical focus of the religions /religious structures on… you know… cleanliness and numbers!! I listened (I pulled the audio off the YouTube vid to listen to) and my jaw kept dropping. He discusses tribes handling a single schiz… person, but having two, they agree, is too many. And he presents how the ‘functional’ schiz… — the one who has the visions and fanaticism — is the one able to express those in the *right* time-and-place (religious ceremony, say) and NOT in the wrong place (hunting bison)… Fantastic amazing lecture!

    • Thanks Elenor. Sapolski is just about my favorite guy in the world. Very top of my list of who I’d like to have dinner with.

      I will listen.

    • “Oh, I dunno…. Seems pretty vacuous himself. His idea of life is hitching around and surfin’? Clearly someone had the raising of him and brought him up to know the basis of right and wrong. But he sounds a good bit mentally ‘off’ himself. Bravo that he stepped up and acted, but I’d REALLY rather not have more like him wandering the streets!”

      My touchstone is this: Is Kai likely to be hurting anyone? I have to say no, so how he manages his life otherwise is less than relevant to me.

      I’d sure like more Kai’s on the street than predators (cops) or drones (joe flag-waving citizen who wouldn’t know an original thought if it pinned him between two vehicles).

    • Eleanor I’d like to put your “vacuous” judgment in a different perspective. If Kai had corporate sponsors and an ESPN tour bus to get around the beaches would you still judge him? If he was on an Olympic or NFL team? He’s devoting his life to an art and a sport, obviously finds meaningful and made some sacrifices to do it. What else matters? Spend four years cheating thru some exams while binge-drinking and running up debt, get a diploma and it’s an achievement. Go to the desert, search people’s houses for weapons and kill insurgents, and you’re serving your country. Pursue your passion and as long as you make money it’s success. Other than the value our broken (and vacuous) culture assigns, none of these things are inherently worthwhile. Saving a stranger’s life while making the split-second judgment to use nonlethal force instead of the sharp end of the hatchet? That’s pretty impressive. That’s value.

      • SteamboatOperator says:

        Spot on. The fact that he’s a drifter and a surfer is irrelevant, and even so, what judgement is there to be had from those facts…other then, well, he chose to be a drifter and really likes surfing. How does that in any way shape or form lessen or amplify the value of his person?

  6. Looks like Kai got it right “Kai, who was sitting in the car, saw McBride assault Baker and sprang into action. “Like, a guy that big can snap a woman’s neck like a pencil stick,” he told KMPH. Kai grabbed his hatchet and battered the six-foot, 300-plus pound McBride with the blunt end, reportedly saving Baker’s life. “I f—ing ran up behind him with a hatchet — smash, smash, smash!” When first responders arrived on the scene, the PG&E worker was rushed to the hospital with two broken legs. McBride was also removed from the scene with non-life-threatening injuries. He is now in police custody and booked into jail on suspicion of attempted murder.

    Read more:

    • Ah, so he didn’t kill him. I’m going out on a limb and saying that’s probably unfortunate.

      • It’s not unfortunate for Kai anyway, although the trial would have been excellent “Reality TV”. It’s a win for Woo too, he’ll probably get a mental health evaluation now.

      • SteamboatOperator says:

        Yikes. At this point I don’t know how anyone here can take you seriously as an intelligent person. I’d say that anyone who doesn’t think you’re an idiot, is themselves an idiots just as well.

        Talk about connecting invisible dots.

        There is no evidence that Kai has stolen or vandalized property, so why would anyone believe him to be guilty of such crimes.

        Lol, is “ItsTheWooo” a regular troll around these parts that I’m just not aware of?

        And what does McBride’s employment status have anything to do with it?

        Lol, very strange.

      • Woo, you missed my point. My comment was written with the understanding that Kai had not killed McBride. Richard had commented that was unfortunate–it’s not unfortunate for Kai as he would have been in jail if he had killed him. My second point was not clear as written, but i was referring to McBride getting mental health evaluation as opposed to Kai.

        The fact that Kai appears to be a free man shortly after hitting someone in the head with a hatchet says alot more about Kai’s actual character than any speculation in this thread ever will!

      • Karl Young says:

        Suicidal? “Homicidal” is the adjective I would apply, based on the facts described here.

        I’m curious about the brain chemistry that causes you to give expression to such crazy ideas.

    • Too bad Kai didn’t have a concealed weapons license.

    • I didn’t pick it up from the interview, but if it’s true the jesus impostor had “non-life-threatening injuries” it is even more impressive. Cops supposedly need years of training to use lethal vs nonlethal force. This kid (like most folks with common sense might do) figured it out on his own in an instant: no need to spill his brains on the ground right away so hit with the blunt end instead of the blade, repeat as needed, maybe a little harder if the first stroke doesnt work. Sure he didn’t have a taser but he did exactly what a taser is for: temporarily incapacitate a human to stop a dangerous situation.

  7. ItsTheWoo : “but on the other hand, that guy he killed sounded psychotic (manic, schizophrenic, or maybe on drugs) and murdering him when he was clearly out of his mind/ not at all in control of himself to make choices is kind of tragic.”
    Kai did exactly the right thing.
    Save us from psychos and those who would protect them because they’re “temporarily ill”.
    Great video! Thanks for posting it.

  8. @Woo – Why do you think this? “Sandy hook freak knew what he was doing, made a choice to kill people.”

    I don’t think we’ll ever know, but most certainly he was not what most would call a normal, rational thinker. How dare you make comparisons like that as if the driver of that truck was simply mental and excused from trying to kill that person – or maybe because that person was black and just one and not kids and many. Murder is murder, makes no difference in my book unless you’re the one who’s going to be murdered and you successfully murder first.

    • But, psychotic-apologizer @Woo, you yourself state above in your quite lengthy explanation: “The therapist prompted: “and what happens if you stop taking your medicine?” and he replied “…I’ll get schizophrenic again” with this totally defeated voice. Truly horrifically sad. It was obvious the dude was about to quit those meds the moment they put him back on the street.”

      What I have noticed with the obviously psychotic people we have around town (we only have 3, so they are a novelty) is that is exactly what they do – they are forced to take meds and immediately quit and are all of a sudden in the middle of the street with an overturned grocery cart and all of their belongings strewed throughout and a full on small-town traffic jam has occurred.

      Ours do not seem to be violent, but what if they were. Are you to say that we continue to let potentially dangerous people out on the streets knowing full well they’ll stop their meds? Do you have levels of acceptance when it comes to murdering innocent people in the name of Jesus? Why not just lock them up for life?

      • @WOO – FIRST – our government DID NOT invent drugs to handle psychotic people – some person/people invented the drugs! Get that straight and that’s a very good start to understanding your hang-up with businesses/corporations.

        SECOND – I didn’t say shoot all psychotic people in the face! Speaking of our little town novelty, there she was in the middle of US41 with a pack of ciggies screaming obscenities to the figures in her head this morning. Quite an attraction, but then again, I do hail from the old stomping ground of Ringling Bros. circus, so maybe they left her 20 years ago as the train pulled out of town.

        THIRD – what happens at the end of the month when these people are supposed to go back in to get their depot shot and decide, well, hell, I’m a bit busy today; maybe I’ll go tomorrow.

        Quite a set of problems; however, if a person has “no rational mind at all” (your words) and they essentially turn into rabid pit bulls – it’s either that pit bull or a rational person’s life – a very easy choice to make for me.

      • Also, I think I remember reading you were for gun control and your previous mention of the Sandy Hook killer – supposedly non-psychotic – here’s a statement from one of our lovely politicians, I’m sure you’ll recognize him, currently representing our (I absolutely agree with this) “shitty bitch government”:

        Sucks when somebody uses logic and reasoning – the truth generally prevails.

    • Karl Young says:

      Indeed, Woo. People that you label as “psychotic” cease to be human beings, with no rights whatsoever. “Medicine” trumps law, and your degrees or training erase their liberties.

      Still, I have to wonder about the biochemistry that forces you to utter such lunatic views.

      • Annie Bernays says:

        Sorry, Karl, but I don’t think you need the vast knowledge of an RN to understand what’s going on in Woo’s brain.

        After twelve years of low carb living, she’s become a moron.

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