Break Out The Popcorn: PaleoDrama Ensues


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  2. Comments are closed. As much as my personality yearns for another comment “Hate Circus,” it’s just not going to happen here (or on any other current comment threads). Looked back at some of the drama posts from last spring and those comment threads often ran to 400+ time-wasting, unproductive comments. No more.

Last evening someone alerted me to the newest in drama land involving Robb Wolf and Evelyn “aka Carbsane” Kocur on Twitter…so I poured a glass of milk—not popcorn—and sat down to watch it unfold. Here’s the deal for those who can never get enough.

I’m probably wrong, but my suspicion is that this backfired for Kocur big time (though not for McEwen, as this is her complete raison d’etre, now: stirring the pot), which is probably why, after reading Wooo and the comments there, Evelyn quickly put up two new posts this morning. I understand that completely. Been there, done that. And you know what that means? It means that the next logical realization is that Paleo Drama and the picking of ancient, obscure nits is a negative sum game in total, and that eventually, diminishing returns become so pronounced that you’re embarassed by your own self. Been there, done that too. Is Kocur capable of such introspection, particularly now that she has a speaking gig at the Ancestral Health Symposium 2013 (aka “Incestral Health Symposium”…as she continues to dis the very organization she signed up to speak at)?

Time will tell.

Update: Someone set up a blog to cover the continuing saga(s). She calls it CarbSaneR.

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