Get Nacho Rubio a Cooking Show, Please

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I Put up his first two hilarious Paleo / Primal Cooking videos just over a year ago here: He “Woks” the Talk and Talks to the Wok. If you didn’t see those, go watch. They’re a few minutes each. The first is Mediterranean Chicken Curry and the second, Tuna Tataki with Gazpacho.

Here’s his next two. Spanish Omelet with Caramelized Onions and Baked Vegetables. ou have to watch the previous two two follow some of the references and jokes in these two.

I hope he does more of them, more often. Here’s his YouTube Channel in case you wish to subscribe.

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  1. Wordless… I am… Thank you!

  2. I love them!!! Great job Nacho!!!

  3. Kevin C says:

    Thank you for posting these. I was just thinking about making a tortilla in the next few days. Hilarious video

  4. Did the tortilla yesterday for the 10th time or so. Turns out great every time.

    Also added spinach and bacon to the whole mix — tasted fucking awesome!

  5. Since you didn’t include the petition for me to sign, I did the next best thing. Shared the shit out of this post!

  6. Thank you all, buddies!

  7. ladysadie1 says:

    I love the videos. More, please!

  8. I’m surprised to say that I actually enjoyed his omelet video.

    * The editing made the video fast enough to keep my attention. Typically, I get annoyed with screwball presenters because they drag on and waste time. I just want to see the recipe! So, while Nacho’s humor might not appeal to everyone (over-serious bastards like me), it’s not a deal breaker because the video moves quick.

    * I am interested in his use of baking soda. I have never seen that before. I will use a google search to find the science behind it. Nacho has made the Spanish Omelet interesting to me, again. (I went through a Spanish Omelet phase a few years ago. I feel another one coming on. Crap.) I will try this recipe very soon!

    Thank you for posting these videos

  9. Thank you, guys! I really try to edit the videos so they are enjoyable though easy enough to understand de cooking process.
    And yes: baking soda is amazing, apart from caramelizing onions I use it to wash my hair, sometimes my teeth, as a deodorant and to rise the dough of the paleo pizza too…

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