Tuna Fish Salad Tacos

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The small, quality, simple ingredient corn tortillas for some lunches (typically breakfast/lunch) work well for me. While a simple English Muffin can send me into heartburn and discomfort for hours, a couple of corn tortillas: nothing.

Sorry, that self-observation is simply more important, relevant and applicable to me than any paleoish catechism of: Don’t Do It!

I don’t often make tuna salad but when I do, it’s always quite varied. Beatrice says I make the best in the world. She’s KBAY’s Teacher of the Month, too, so any sort of dispute will simply not be tolerated, summarily dismissed out of hand.

Here’s my basic tuna salad that forms the basis of tons of variations I typically do on the fly, often not even knowing which way I want it this particular time. In this case, the principal variation was just enough Indian yellow curry to engender curiosity—but more over the color than the flavor.

OK, heat the tortillas over your open gas flame on the stove—and if you don’t have that, get a new range or move your ass to someplace suitable to proper cooking, caveman, breeder of teh firez.

After, in this case, half a shmear of mayo, half a shmear of mustard.

IMG 1650

Totally new twist for me: a bit of kraut, uh-huh.

IMG 1651
I made Kraut!

The rest is elementary, including a blurry fucking pic. 

IMG 1652
Just trust me.

Shredded romaine, the actual tuna salad, and a spear of celery and dill pickle. Clamp down and chow down.

Incidentally, that celery is more than a week old and is as firm, snappy, and crisp as ever…when after all these years I always hate buying celery because what I don’t use, after a couple of days, reminds me of things males best never think about. I’ll blog about that soon (here’s a hint).

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  1. Justin says:

    so whats your theory on corn tortilla being okay to chow on… it just doesnt make you feel like sh*t?

  2. That’s basically it, Jason. I have the experience of vibrant parents-in-law who grew up with and fed a family of six kids (including my wife) on beans, some rice, tortillas and cheap meats like pork chops and liver. I have come to the place over the years where my own experiments involving high fat, or high protein, or low carb, and fasting and such may not all be the best for my wife who has never had a problem with energy, leanness, or feeling good.

    I wonder if you have had any similar data points with your Indian wife (as I recall).

    I’m probably evolving into more of a “friend of paleo” real food person. I can guarantee you will never see a “farewell” post from me, like its some big event. Love paleo, forever, but I agree that we have no idea what that is (for the best evidence, look at coprolite studies).

    Anyway, nope, I do fine on rice and corn, and legumes properly prepared and in small portions. Wheat fucks me up big time, even in small portions–unless I’ve gone maybe a month with zero.

  3. Bobert says:

    I am with you brah. I think corn gets a bad rap because of all the nasty stuff being done with grade 2 corn. Well if you are eating tortillas or corn on the cob, that is grade 1. I am not surprised the people at BIG CORN dont point this out, the corn added to processed food is barely animal feed. Plus for the low carb addicts, what is 2 tortillas? 20-25 carbs?

  4. Justin says:

    Richard, I think you are mistaken me with someone else. I’m not low carb, eat a lot of white rice, sweet potatoes… Been scared of corn and corn products to be honest.

    How do you properly prepare the legumes? Soak em in water for a while?


  5. Yea, Justin. I realized after I commented an noticed your email.

    There’s tons of info on the internets about soaking legumes. It’s basically as simple as soaking them in water for 24 hours, rinsing them and then cooking as normal, but you can then use stock to cook them in, beef, chicken, vegetable or mushroom. I like Kitchen Basiscs. Made it not wort doing my own, anymore, which was always pretty much a pain in the ass.

    In terms of corn, indigenous people’s in s America are known to soak their corm as well. Then grind. Sometimes, I buy the organic, soaked/sprouted totillas at whole foods. One other indrediemts are lime (the mineral, not the fruit) and water.

  6. Kraut – impressive. That’s next for me. I’ve mastered (like it’s hard?) the raw milk kefir with the second ferment. How long did that kraut ferment?

  7. Oh – Kefir is absolutely fantastic. It really is a feel good drink. I like it best with chopped berries and a little stevia. I’ve started to eat the extra grains for added germs.

    Kefir cheese is on the list too.

  8. EF:

    I let it ferment outside the fridge about a week, and then tossed it in. It’ll last for many months. I dont cook with it. Always raw, a few bites art a time.

    I like my kefir plain, mixed in various proprotions of 1/3 – 2/3 with milk, and also: orange juice. Remember Orange Julius? It’s like that. You could even add an egg or just the yolk.


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