Got Ground Lamb? Then Make Keema Matar

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I did, and I did, after searching around a bit. I picked this recipe; because everything is better in fixed-width font. Sometimes, you just can’t improve on that which is sufficient.

It popped up in search because for some reason, I was looking for something to do with ground lamb and tomatoes. Bingo.

IMG 1927

…Provided, you’re not deathly afraid of green peas killing you. Personally, I just lied by omission all along—because I ate them with some regularity even after receiving the blessings of Paleo God. I particularly like a nice ground beef patty alongside green peas swimming in melted butter—but that’s just me.

IMG 1926

Bea noted that it was better than any of the numerous Indian curries I’ve done. What I noted in particular was the floral arrangement of the ginger, juxtaposed with just a bit of spice.

Be guided accordingly, and to your best wishes for yourself.

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  1. “Put onion, finger, and garlic into container of food processor and chop

    Ha ha! Too much protein there.

  2. I actually chopped manually. I’d already soiled the FP the day before doing another batch of Pan De Higo from backyard figs, and I wasn’t about to revive it from its pristine, clean place so soon.

  3. Oh my God! Is that rice? How dare you!

  4. ….And BEANS!!!

  5. Kate Berger says:

    Is there a recipe or is this a secret?

  6. Beans? Eek!

  7. Kate Berger says:

    I’ll just say duh on my part. Yes, I’ve been here before, under another name. You have always been civil…almost. The recipe looks great. Gonna try this weekend .

  8. Kate

    I’m pretty much just a mirror in comments, so you must have been pretty OK. :)

  9. Kate! Thank goodness for pictures (well, I can only hope I’m seeing right, my mid-forties have their indignities!)
    I’m so glad to see you are here again, are you resigned yet to buying me that wine? 😀
    I noticed some time ago that your blog went static, let me know if you plan to start another one some time please.

  10. Richard, forget about the Paleo God, you’ve offended the Greek gods! Minced lamb?! And how dare you cover up the ambrosia that is lamb with all that curry? Whole cuts, just grill, or better yet, a side on a rotisserie. Touch of lemon to finish.
    No reason to drown it in spices unless you been slaughtering/transporting in really hot weather, m’kay?
    Besides, I shudder to think of the TMI effects of curry when taking daily potato starch 😉

  11. Saw this in my RSS feed and had to come comment. Am from India and good to see you eating what I eat sometimes (minus the rice) :-)

  12. rodger says:

    You need help refinishing that sorry looking picnic table? Step outta the kitchen and grab some sandpaper, and a bucket of finish. Watta way to make a good meal such a downer.

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