OMG! I Ate BEANS….and, AND…A CORN TORTILLA! Call the Paleo Police

I told you I was going to do it. Well, I left out the part about the corn tortilla, fearing some zealot might try to stop me.

photo 2

Pinto beans, soaked for about 36 hours, a slice of New Zealand grassfed cheddar, a free range egg fried in Kerrygold butter, and a corn tortilla.

Here’s my go-to recipe for pinto beans. After the soak (I use a standard small bag of beans), I rinse well, plop them in a large stockpot. I lightly sprinkle the whole surface of the beans with garlic powder, then black pepper, then dried onion flakes, then real bacon bits (I almost only ever use bacon as a small addition to other foods, or on a salad, etc. I don’t just eat bacon anymore. Way too “Paleo” for me.). Then I cook it in a quart of Kitchen Basics beef stock and however much water I need to cover the beans enough. With the soak, should cook to soft beans in 1-2 hours. Bring it to a boil, turn down to a light bubbly simmer, uncovered, adding water (or stock if you like) as needed until tender. Reduce to the point you like it. Sometimes I like it more soupy, sometimes thick.

Did you see my post about the 60th wedding anniversary of my parents-in-law?

Sam and Lucia2
He’s 84 and she’s 80

Yep, 84 and 80, and they look pretty damn good to me. And guess what? They grew up eating Mexican pinto beans every single day of their lives—and plenty of corn tortillas, masa, and Spanish style rice too. They were poor. It was inexpensive and nutritious.

And they still eat all that stuff regularly and beans are a mainstay around the house, along with the other real food they consume.

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  1. gabriella kadar says:

    Hey Richard, do you think tostadas contain resistant starch? Those tortillas reminded me of how fabulously addictive tostadas can be……..I haven’t bought any for a couple or three years now because once I open the bag, I can’t stop crunching and crunching. The spicy ones are even worse: pain and pleasure simultaneously.

    I can pass on chocolate, potato chips, and all the other snack foods, but those tostadas just kill me.

  2. Gabriella

    Not sure at all about RS, but see my upcoming post later about my go-to fast food now, when I get the urge.

  3. DuckDodgers says:


    Have you seen this video about how traditional tortillas were made, way back when?

    Sounds quite nutritious tortillas — particularly from a WAPF perspective.

    My guess is that most store bought tortillas overlook the ancestral Nixtamalization protocols that were passed down from generation to generation.

  4. All the tortillas I get have the lime in them, so I think that’s covered by most brands.

  5. ChocoTaco369 says:

    Richard if you are unaware, the absolute BEST corn tortillas I’ve found are the yellow corn tortillas at Whole Foods. They are actually a good deal for a Whole Foods product – 12 for $1.99. The ingredients are:

    Corn, water, trace of lime.

    Organic and as “non-GMO” as corn can be. Damn cross-pollination.

    The thing that’s great about them is how thick and flavorful they are. Those corn tortillas you have in your photo – I can tell by looking at them – are mostly flavorless. The WF ones are an order of magnitude more flavorful than any kind of wrap I’ve ever had. WF puts them in the refrigerated section, usually near the cheese and weird tofu-shaped meat.

  6. Yep, I get the one from WF quite often. My wife had picked these up, just one of the standard brands.

  7. Thank you for this post. It goes to show you that our parents knew what to eat. I saw in your other post that your parents are Deutsche. So are mine. My mother is turning 80 and can still kick my ass. I can’t eat this strict Paleo stuff of bacon, bacon, and more bacon. I can’t wait to go to wholefoods and stock up on corn tortillas and pinto beans! I think I’m also going to make some potato pancakes in bacon grease, cool them off, and sprinkle some potato starch on them!

  8. Thanks for this post! Thanks to you, I’ve been eating lots of re-heated potatoes with great benefits. I love adding beans (Bush original actually) to the potatoes to make them more palatable and I still feel guilty every time I eat them because I still continue to read paleo books that talk about how bad they (beans) are because of the phytates and also that they (apparently) lead to leaky gut. I came to your site again specifically to re-read your posts on beans. I feel a little better. Your parents looks great! Crazy how upright and awesome they look in their 80s compared to my in laws who are 62 and 68. Mother in law is very obese with MS and in a nursing home. Father in law is very obese with strokes and heart disease. He is one who said he would rather eat his piece of cherry pie than to eat to be healthy. Love your stuff Richard!!!

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