My Off The Cuff “Taquitos” as a Sunday Night Football Pizza Alternative

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Just now. For two of us. Still two left!

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Just a silly idea. Not a lot in the fridge, didn’t want to go to the store.

Chopped up carrot, pinto beans, rice cooked in chicken stock, some bacon bits, BLUE CHEESE CRUMBLES, and cheddar.

Mash it all up, roll ’em up in a corn tortilla. I fried them all in a wok…in pure, lily white leaf lard.

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  1. Hi , you do a great job on here ,Thx . Would to ask you about your corn tortilla , Did you find a brand that’s not GMOs ?
    Thanks again .

  2. Yea, several at whole foods, and I think Trader Joe’s. You might search the internet, perhaps amazon.

  3. Dr. Curmudgeon Gee says:

    1. no beef?

    2. do you render your own lard? my grandma used to . but it is pretty tedious.

  4. It was just a toss together of what I had around. I get leaf lard from Prather Ranch. Great stuff, not worth doing yourself, plus the leaf fat is probably not easy to get.

  5. Dr. Curmudgeon Gee says:

    the only lard i can find locally is farmer John’s (it’s 100% lard, no hydrogenated or other stuff added; WAP says is OK, not great)

    there’s an Oregon ranch in the weekend farmer market that sells leaf lard (+ some other unusual parts) from pasture animals.

    but for those who work full time + have small family, it takes too much effort.

    saving fat from baking bacon or making broth is all i have ever done.


  6. Yea, bacon drippings are cool and saving the baked stuff is great because you control heat. You can find leaf lard online, maybe even Amazon.

  7. golooraam says:

    Hi Richard,
    Can you share your thoughts on corn? I know you eat it and don’t think about it a lick. I bought these fresh tamales (just organic corn masa, organic corn, olive oil, lime, salt) and I’m sitting around fretting about eating them…
    ugh – reading that Perfect Health Diet book scared me… then again because of that book and reading your blog I am also having cooled potatoes for dinner with 3 tbs of RS

  8. Corn simply doesn’t bother me that I can tell, and I pretty much take it only as tortillas. While I love peas, don’t like cooked corn that much or creamed corn. Does not seem to matter whether they are supermarket tortillas or the pristine, 4 times the price ones at Whole Foods. That said, I probably eat only 2-3 of them per week.

  9. Dr. Curmudgeon Gee says:

    corn may not be so friendly for those who’re gut challenged.

    (if i over do corn, it gives a mild indigestion)


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