Channeling my Oma: Open Face Sandwiches

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Growing up very near my Oma and Opa, the only sandwich she ever made me was a plate of sandwiches, all of them different. Always open faced, always from a loaf of French bread she sliced by hand. Always butter, never mayonnaise…some had various cold cuts, some had liverwurst, some had fresh sliced tomatoes on top of cold cuts or the latter, and some were just the tomato; some had thin slices of onion, some both, and all with black pepper. It was a cornucopia of delicious open-faced sandwich heaven.

I used to do it myself, but never in years. Now, with gluten free bread it’s a cinch, and I feel absolutely great afterward. No heartburn, no coma. Plus, I’m very interested to know what levels of resistant starch might be in Udi’s Gluten Free White Bread (given potato starch and tapioca flour as primary ingredients…and that it’s frozen in distribution which ought form retrograde RS). I submitted a Q via their website, but typical fucking company: no response; not even a more typical bullshit response that begins and ends with “thank you for….and blablablablaBanalNoRealAnswer.”

Fuck you, Udi’s. You’re lame. You’re not paying attention to what matters, and particularly with a very legit sciency request, from someone who’s been promoting your product to tens of thousands—and I even gave you the links to that, dumshits. Hope you go out of business and get supplanted by competent people. Don’t put up a “Contact Us” link and invite inquiries unless you fucking intend to answer ever fucking contact, assholes. This was over six weeks ago.

…There, let’s see if Google alerts can do its job and we can get an answer.

So, 4 slices for Bea & I, lightly toasted.

IMG 2097
Half with a Kerrygold “Fat Barrier,” Half Aged Cheddar
IMG 2099

So that’s a sliced round of liverwurst or low-sodium bologna from Shaller & Weber. I rarely have bacon anymore, but my mom & dad dog sat while Bea & I were in Santa Barbara for the weekend, and she left some in the fridge. Bam! 2 slices longitudinally sliced further, and nuked just right.

IMG 2102

Then some thin sliced celery and thin sliced onion, and you’ve got yourself a deal. T’was wonderful. Don’t forget the liberal sprinkling of black pepper. No salt. Plenty in the food.

…My Oma’s diminutive for my Opa was Liebchen.

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  1. This hits close to home. My father is first generation American (Germany). I grew up eating Liverwurst, Teewurst, and Blutwurst at my Oma’s on Long Island. Always on rye or pumpernickel. Blutwurst with a smear of mustard is wonderful. Also, cut up and warmed in sauerkraut is fantastic.

  2. Unfortunate the people from Udi’s’s did not get back to you….jack-asses!
    Anyway, being the blood glucose monitoring queen lately I will tell you I tested Udi’s Hamburger Buns and my guess would be that they are maybe 30% RS and the rest fast-digesting carbs judging by the BS rise per amount of carbs for me. YMMV of course but I am interested to see if they get back to you.

  3. OMG richard is no longer paleo! Call the paleo police, there is a paleo crime in progress.

  4. Paleo is an open-ended template. Very valuable. Not a catechism.

  5. Check out Whole Foods Light White Sandwich bread, the wife and I like it better than Udi’s, and its a bit bigger to accommodate larger sliced cheese / deli meats. Close to the same ingrediants as Udi’s.

  6. I found the Udi’s Gluten Free to be a poor substitute for real bread, or the French Meadow’s Einkorn bread. The latter no longer made and perhaps the very best, most flavorful bread I’ve ever eaten.

    I thought so little of the Udi’s I started using Pepperidge Farms “Very Thin” white bread when I needed a bit of bread.

    Then one day a month ago the local store had replaced the Udi’s GF with Glutino. “Oh, what the heck, I’ll try it.” OHMIGOD! It is SO good! Most of the ingredients are starches, (PS #1), just a bit of grain flours. Looking it up on the internet, apparently Udi’s has recently bought Glutino.

    Only 10 grams of carbs per 1 ounce slice.

  7. Udi’s isn’t great for me as just white bread. It’s toasting it the makes the difference and transforms, and even a very light toasting will do it. I’ll look for the Glutino.

  8. @ Richard: I almost always toast my bread, so my observation about Udi’s GF is still pertinent.

    Since I’m not celiac and the dose makes the poison, I found myself preferring that very thin sliced real bread.

    Here in Florida, Udi’s and Glutino are in the frozen bread section.

  9. paper_clips43 says:

    I have read many many testimonials so far about losing weight and stabilizing blood sugar with RS. My question is about people that need to gain weight. Are there any experiences with this underweight type of person using RS? Or any studies done on this scenario?

  10. If it’s true that RS results in hormonal normalization via the gut bugs, then it’s plausible it could result in weight gain in those who need it.

    But, no studies I know of.

  11. Samantha says:

    I make the perfect health diet muffins with rice flour, tapioca starch and potato starch. They taste more like biscuits. Awesome buttery biscuits. I freeze them after I bake, then pull some out as needed. I’m creating lots of resistant starch with this method I believe!

  12. Greg Midzak says:

    I almost grabbed a bag of Udi’s white bread the other day, but noticed te canola oil in the ingredient list. Is this negligible? Do I just need to be up-and-up on my cod liver oil and other anti-oxidant rich supplements?


    • greg

      certainly not ideal, but there is only 3.5g total fat in 2 slices, 20% of which is n-6 and 10% n-3. Canola, in terms of the grain oils is one of the better ones in terms of total n-6 and 6/3 ratio (2:1).

      I eat a total of about a loaf or two per month. In fact, haven’t had any in two weeks at this point since the last loaf ran out.

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