Diabetics Going Nuts Over Blood Glucose Regulation on Resistant Starch Supplementation

All while there are some posting stuff like this, from some curiously imagined perch of "authority"—by which I mean: delusional—...

“Cannot wait for the resistant starch fad to pass. Oh by the way, know what a huge cause of IBS, GERD, etc… is in the SAD way of eating? Wait for it…. resistant starch!”

...I have serious business going on in actually helping real people—by the hundreds, including Type 1 and 2 diabetics. Reports flowing in hourly and daily (see below). I understand that it's very unfortunate I've sucked what little Mt. Everest-esque blogair this commenter had, out of this Little Shiite LC Blogger's existence...(still zero comments on his December 12, 2013 post, 12 days ago). Laf. Nope. Won't link it. You can figure if you like (don't bother / not important / object lesson). I really only mentioned it for a good laf and ridicule...because I'm kinda asshole like that...and...I'm only happy if he's not happy.

I gloat, and am prepared to be subject to uproarious gloating! ...If that's not a Monty Python line somewhere, it should be. Moreover, it ties right in with farts in your general direction; which, of course, brings us right back to the subject at hand: resistant starch. New slogan: "Amuse yourself managing your own fartage over time! Impress you friends while you toot for 30 seconds at will! Enter farting competitions!" The winner gets a Bic lighter.

...All that shall pass. I probably shouldn't have ragged on him, but I'm broken and helpless—the RS/PS cure at about 1/3 to 1/2, now, pour moi. He really doesn't matter in the slightest. And more, his actual assertion is wrong. I'll close with why. In the meantime: this comment in, just this morning.

OK, time to come clean for me. I read your website in private—to avoid ridicule from my contemporaries. They already think I’m a bit off the wall for my dietary habits.

My background: I’m an MD practicing traditional medicine, 32 years. I’m 56 yrs old, fit, 5’6, 120 pounds, exercising 40 years, and more recently practice HIT, HIIT, and IF. Eat my own private blend of paleo and primal.

No metabolic issues to deal with.

Your RS series has been a game changer for me. Can it be that the increased energy and better mood is just placebo? [my emphasis added, Duh!]

I doubt it, unless hundreds are channeling their own private placebo over 8 months. Moreover, glucose meters may be inaccurate, though they don't outright lie, it's the trend that's important, and in which case: they are dead on. Observe. This is via a private message, name withheld, but you'll be learning all about it soon on his blog, because everyone knows him.

Richard... I have a special relationship (just close friends) with a T1 that you will get to know via my next post or two.

This RS has totally changed her outlook, her diabetes management.... everything. She is strict Very Low Carb Primal.

Her numbers have been staggeringly AWESOME... rivaling mine.

I can NOT thank you enough for 'dragging' me into this kicking and screaming.

The ridicule and dismissals feed me, though I am prepared to be taunted for a second time!

...I was going to tell you why the little wanker at the top of the post was wrong, but it just seems pointless.

Let him suffocate in the thin air, with my last regards.


  1. DuckDodgers says:

    Pardon my ignorance — I don’t know much about Diabetes — but isn’t Diabetes technically diagnosed as a fasting glucose that exceeds a threshold of 126 mg/dl (or, alternatively A1C at 6.5%+ or Oral Glucose Tolerance Test at 200mg/dl and above)?

    So, if diabetics are seeing test numbers that are way better than those limits, with RS consumption, wouldn’t that mean…

  2. Cool stuff, man. Gotta feel good to see this help people! Amazon is delivering my PS today…will report back with my experiences.

  3. “”Amuse yourself managing your own fartage over time! Impress you friends while you toot..”

    Ahh this goes far beyond just amusing friends, new job opportunities, as in the past. Peace.

  4. I remember well junior high locker room antics. No Bic, it was Zippo then. “I gotta fart!” Someone would grab their Zippo, light it, and then came the blue flame.

    The biggest problem was that if the coach caught “wind?” of this party, the Zippo owner got shook (???) down for presumed cigarettes.

    Yeah, we need to make farting socially acceptable. Neutral. No problem. I had a GF push me out of her life, many years ago. “Carol, where will I find another woman who doesn’t fart?” Oh well, we still email a bit decades later. No replacement, but now I might have to start seeking a farting woman.

  5. James Howell says:

    It ain’t no placebo effect fer me, bubba.

    I have been doing resistant starch therapy (RST?) for several weeks (http://freetheanimal.com/2013/12/dramatic-resistant-success.html ). Yesterday I ate a bowl of fried rice (I love fried rice). My four-hour BG measurements were:

    Before meal: 72 mg/dL
    Hour 1: 103 mg/dL
    Hour 2: 75 mg/dL
    Hour 3: 72 mg/dL
    Hour 4: 70 mg/dL

    I agree glucose monitors are unreliable compared to a laboratory test but the trend is undeniable. After a couple of months of RST, my (almost) T2 Diabetes has apparently vamoosed, gone, disappeared. And I’m losing weight again.

    This morning my Fasting Blood Glucose was 81 mg/dL, down from the 105 mg/dL area.

    Skepticism is a good thing, always, but to the denial of the efficacy of a resistant starch there can be only one response: “Please, go fuck yourself. And your dog.”

  6. Le Petomane’s diet was rumored to be high in RS… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tixKopGjn5s#t=55

  7. @ j. Howell: I’m jealous. While my FBG has plummeted, my post-starch consumption is still way high. Last night I consumed about 2/3 cup of rice with quite a bit of olive oil in it. (Cuban yellow rice,) and two hours later I was still at 137. Yikes!, But less Yikes! that it would have been some months ago.

  8. sootedninjas says:

    “Cannot wait for the resistant starch fad to pass. Oh by the way, know what a huge cause of IBS, GERD, etc… is in the SAD way of eating? Wait for it…. resistant starch!”

    Ignorance is bliss.

    Here is a quote from Bruce Lee that he quoted on his home page.

    “Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, and add what is uniquely your own” ~ Bruce Lee

    and is highlighted too…

  9. Spanish Caravan says:

    Pzo, are you a diagnosed t2 diabetic? If so, I don’t think it works as well. You will see lower FBG but post prandials are controlled by insulin release and if you aren’t producing much, then it may not go down much. Just like those in ketosis do not see BG benefit as much as those in insulin-secreting diets.

    If you’re prediabetci or a recently diagnosed t2, that’s another story. Both your FBG and post prandials might benefit. Check your fasting insulin or C-Peptide. If they’re low, then there isn’t much insulin to work with.

  10. James Howell says:

    @ pzo:

    I have read that once you are a full-blown T2 your pancreas has almost blown its wad. Perhaps you won’t get as low as I am but my strictly uneducated guess is that if you stick with the resistant starch you can make life a hell of a lot easier for your pancreas.

    Good luck.


  11. Yeah, and I’m still waiting for the Low Fat fad to pass. At least Resistant Starch is rooted in real science with lots of real world confirmation.

  12. I like his pose on the picture!!! awesome!!!

  13. Took my first two tbs of Potato starch with water this morn..Looking forward to great results

  14. @caravan: While I never heard the words from my doctor’s mouth, we both knew what my last (January) FBG meant. Through my Aetna plan, I get the glucometer and supples for free. He’ll be astounded when I see him next month! I’m going to ask about an insulin test.

    @James: Yes, that’s my understanding, too. The pancreatic beta cells are just plum tuckered out. That didn’t take long, I was doing FBG two years ago at about 99 or 100. There are experiments going on for transplanting good beta cells, but if I just control my diet, I’ll be OK.

    After a big pot of black coffee I had three eggs, three strips of thick bacon, and 9 ounces of turmips (Much lower glycemic index than potatoes) with a TBL of butter on them. Chew, wait one hour, I’m at 113. Now, that’s pretty darned good except it is still 23 points over my FBG of 80 today with only 18 grams of carbs.

    So, at least if potato starch keeps things in line, and I eat right, I’ll stay below that 140 BG line in the sand postprandial.

  15. @pzo,

    I’d be curious to see how you do down the road because if a T1 diabetic who produces no insulin is having “staggeringly awesome” results (the woman Richard mentions in his post), I think that bodes well for you. This is absolutely HUGE!

    I can’t wait to read her full story.

  16. MsMcGillicuddy says:

    Bob’s Red Mill is employee owned, not publicly traded. Any idea as to any other entities that may pick this up and run with it? The Hi-Maize manufacturer (can’t recall the name at the moment, need to go check them out)…but wondering about the names that may pick this up? looks like an opportunity.

  17. The Natural says:

    You said you were hovering around 99 – 100 FBG only two years ago. Any idea what might have pushed you into full blown T2D so quickly? That seems a rather dramatic regression.


  18. The Natural says:

    the manufacturer of Hi-Maize is National Starch I believe.


  19. Spanish Caravan says:

    Pzo, I’d be curious to know, along with your FBG and HbA1c, whether your fasting C-Peptide and/or insulin went up since the RS protocol. If they did, then this is truly a breakthrough. That would show that the gut microbiome can affect pancreatic capacity and reverse insulin resistance. I don’t expect a diabetic cure. But I think improved blood sugar control and reduced insulin resistance is possible via more insulin secretion.

  20. @”all”: Yes, I agree that my FBG changed awfully fast! Just glad I caught it sooner rather than later. I will observe that it came on when I regained a lot of weight, some 35 pounds lost again, almost that much to go.

    If doc approves testing my insulin next month, unfortunately we won’t have a baseline. But I’ll push for another A1c, for sure. By the time I get in there, I’ll have at least two months of consistent PS consumption, which should give me a good “look back” period.

  21. Allan Folz says:

    If I may quote myself…

    “For diabetics, RS might be the biggest news since Eli Lilly discovered a way to mass-produce insulin. Really. It is that big. Bigger, actually, since RS frees people from insulin injections.”

    Just don’t look to Big Pharma to mention it. And don’t look to Big Ag, either; that is, unless they can come up with some GMO rework to run-up the RS content of corn & soy to more interesting levels, which is doubtful given the high bar the lowly potato has set.

  22. (T1D here) 4th day on RS, I’m having the best digestions since I was diagnosed, but really not feeling a great improvement in my insulin sensitivity since the first day. Maybe it just takes some more time.

  23. Congrats James! Those are fantastic numbers after any meal… but rice? Extra special.

    Re: Dog Sex… ABSolutely agree! :)

  24. James Howell says:

    @ Eloy:

    It took two months before I saw any real improvement in BG levels. It may take you as long. It ain’t a quick fix.

  25. Saw this today from the Canadian paleo fellow who said “cannot wait for the resistant starch fad to pass.”:

    “So far this is working well for me and as of today thought I would try the potato starch since it does not seem to impact ketosis I dont see it hurting at least.”

  26. Denise Baxter says:

    I am a health coach and some of my clients are diabetic. One 71 year old woman had made enormous changes to her diet, dropping her insulin to less than 1/4 of the amount she had needed when following her doctor’s recommendations. One problem that had not resolved was nightly let cramps and even some cramps in her hands during the day. Not only have her blood sugars dropped even further since starting potato starch, her nighty leg (and hand) cramps are almost completely gone. They used to wake her many times every night.
    I have another person, non-diabetic, who would get severe leg cramps for 8 or 9 hours if she fell away from Paleo eating into sweets even for one occasion. Now, using potato starch daily, this simply does not happen, even if she gets into something such as cookies. She even gave it a serious sweets/starch challenge with no suggestion of a cramps. She had experienced these cramps for 8 years, and had tried other fixes such as minerals, hydration, stretching, less exercise, more exercise, etc.
    Since you have done so much to let us all know about the benefits of resistant starch, I thought this was the right place to suggest other who are troubled by nocturnal leg cramps may want to see if it works for them too.

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