Anarchy is an Ancient Reality, But a Modern Idea Born of Primitive, Primal and Paleo Undertones and Realizations

At a point in life, you must ignore everyone else you can’t help but pay attention to.

Stop trying to be like those you ignore. Never care about pleasing them. In fact, piss them off to your best ability.

Seek counsel and communion with that handful you adore.

Stop noticing that so many see your different ideas as alien, weird—or whatever else is out of their box, comfort zone, catechism, or whatever…that’s none of your business.

What you think of me is none of my business; the corollary—in exchange—is that what I think of you is none of yours.

Just go with your very own ideas and ideals, not giving a runny shit or wasted fuck about anyone else’s “concerns.” Fuck ’em, and…

Laf about it when it suits you.

…I’m an an anarchist and I never mince words.

Over 20 years, and going fine enough to suit me. I hope to die with a hardon and raised middle finger.

Fundamentally, all laws—even laws against murder, kidnap, rape, fraud, theft and various other bread and butter—are an imposition to largely wonderful and good people.

Who are wonderful and good people going to rape and murder first, given a law vacuum?

Laws make all bad things more sure to happen; and often enough, by those authorities you trust to keep you safe, sound, and on the leave-alone side of the don’t-ever-fuck-with-me equation.

The power of socially sanctioned, comforting force against the various marginalized—from dirty immigrant to white collar CEO and all in between—is only that; the rest is banal, like evil and shit.

The banality of evil exists as bromide because people allow so very much evil to take place, so long as they comfortingly feel assured of being safe.

But don’t worry about white collars anyway. The lighter your skin and the more suburban you are, the safer you are. There’s that.

Yea: there’s that. So take hubris. Get out the vote.

I see no reason for any default ruler over anyone…in any circumstance.

Just deal with adverse circumstance as you will, as circumstances arise.

Lots of things are dealt with in in competent finality when wonderful and good people have a hand in it.


Kill, when necessary; but do it yourself, if you have the stomach for it.

Don’t ever do it by vote or proxy, which wastes souls and worse, all accountability. Always kill by your own hand, or in a small enough group so there’s enough blood for all hands; no wonderful and good person ever forgets the gravity of the act even if they’d want to, but they won’t.

Kill everyone you really want dead. But do it yourself. Never allow yourself to kill like humans like to do, by vote and proxy. You must do it yourself, because that’s really that only way to keep it in check.

Or, let them live.

Your choice.

More cops on the street, qua political bromide, is euphemism for: vote for me and I’ll show you dark skins with bashed in heads.

Remember that the subject is anarchy.

It’s not this:

baby birds feeding
Thing is, they eventually become free as birds…

Over 20 years I’ve endeavored to convey human independence in my own way. But see paragraph 1.


So, 9-part series: Anarchy Begins at Home: The Blog Series Part 1 – The Quality of Paleo Knowledge. The links to the the subsequent 8 are there.

Here’s an 18-minute presentation, of which I’m most happy with as it stands, and in the context of AHS12 at Harvard:

Richard Nikoley—Paleo Epistemology and Sociology from Ancestral Health Society on Vimeo.

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  1. Sounds good to me. Then again, I’m a closet anarchist.

  2. Well, Richard, I have to say….I liked your take on resistant starch, experimenting with food, always keeping an open mind. However, I REALLY like this post and the video on anarchism! I guess I am anarchist also, came in through the pathway of the FDA and USDA “cracking down” on raw milk producers, artisan cheese producers, and Joel Salatin’s stories. The system is corrupt through and through. Military/Industrial/Pharmaceutical Complex.

  3. La Frite says:

    Being an anarchist with spiritual awareness is a sure way to bring the current corrupt age to its end (nicknamed Kali Yuga by the Hindus, sounds rather poetic and it is nice to put a name on this). The more the better.

  4. I’m not going to get into a long dialogue or battle of wits, but you are so very wrong, Richard. We are by our very evolutionary and paleo nature INTERpendent. Just like our primate cousins. Every HG society observed, extinct or extant, are egalitarian and interdependent. Food and resources are shared. Selfishness will isolate you, you will be voted off of the island, to use a modern context.

    Surely, you know this. If ancestral diet is a good indicator of how we should eat, why not ancestral social structures?

    I read something a few weeks ago about a pre-hominid skeleton and because of this and that (sorry, no, I don’t remember the details) they could tell that this individual, wounded or sick, was fed by others to keep her alive. A million years ago we were taking care of each other.

    Nature doesn’t care about you. Only what you might do to keep the specie’s DNA moving into another generation. That, mundane as it is, is what life is all about. It’s why we take care of each other, even at the possible destruction of one individual. It’s the answer to the “mystery” of altruism, why first responders are driven to help despite danger to themselves.

    Selfishness is not a virtue, despite what the Marxist of the right wrote. (I read her book of similar title many years ago; I thought, “Is she nuts?” Answer, as I’ve studied more and more anthropology and sociology: “Yes!”

  5. pzo

    You obviously have no idea what I’m talking about. Moreover, read the series and watch the video which might give you a clue, or shut the fuck up.

    And drop the “I’m not going to discuss it” pussy bullshit. Then don’t post a comment.

    • I’ve read bits and pieces, Richard. It makes my head hurt, it is so opposite to what I believe. We will never agree on why governments exist in lieu of a council elders around the fire. I do pick up your frustration at people who don’t think for themselves, as do I. But don’t fault them, even that is deeply paleo, too.

      Even chimps learn chimp culture, which provides the answers for them on how to survive, even if the result is sometimes wrong. That’s why we are animals that are informed by mythology, and most of us, even you and I, live our lives by the myths of 21st century America. Ninety five percent of everything most of us believe, or accept as “the truth,” are social constructs.

    • “of a council elders around the fire”

      Laf. You make yourself unqualified to even discuss matters. You have an inability to make the simplest of critical distinctions.

    • What’s hilarious, not to mention unjust (see WPs talk about being scum by choice) is that not only have I not said anything like what you ascribe in your fist comment, but the exact opposite. I essentially tell you this, and your stupid response is that it makes your head hurt to learn that you’re wrong.

      Guess where these came from, and who wrote them?

      “What’s interesting to me is that contrast or difference is only possible by virtue of society, and we’re social animals. Sure, if anyone wants to be Mountain Man, have at it, and you’re guaranteed to take the Paleolithic quality of knowledge as guide, should you wish to survive.

      “As social beings, we live our entire lives in a give-&-take scenario, by nature. So, in a hyperbolic sense, we’re “socialists” and “commies” at heart. That’s the root of the problem…no; actually, it’s not. The root of the problem is that the vast majority of human beings who have ever lived are of good heart morally—which is to say that they have distinguished between right & wrong generally, and in the vast swath of history, have willed themselves to make right most of the time. We would not exist, otherwise. Unfortunately, that essential virtue gets turned inside-out and is a bad combination with the foregoing socialism.

      “It does not scale beyond the evolutionary norm. Now let’s see why.

      “What happens when, as most people do, you treat a domesticated dog or cat as it ought to be treated? They’re universally lovers, in exchange for the love and care you bestow upon them. What happens when trailer trash morons take a pit bull and punish him, deprive him, and intend him to be mean?

      “You get a politician, except one more honest and direct. My point? We’re domesticated as well, being treated as trailer trash treats pit bulls. Fortunately, most humans are still of good heart virtue in spite of all catechisms…from holy books to federal statutes, all admonishing you to be a thief and murderer, by proxy. …Yep, you can put your claws and fangs away. God & State have it covered for you.”

      Well, there’s lots and lots more, but I’m done tossing pearls before swine. No go fuck off.

    • “i think the chinese are anarchists.”

      It’s funny, but I agree with you, v. I’ve had my many travels and the very cool thing about communism is that it pretty much cures a lot of people from illusion.

      But I think you’re saying more than that. From way back, I noticed the way Chinese and Asians in general pack themselves together.

      Anyone with some smarts can pretty much hide in plain site?

      Did I get you right?

  6. It is irrational to seek the conversion of others. Self-professed altruists posture as to seek conversion of others, but always default to initiating force against individuals. Such is found in the words of Auguste Comte whom coined the word altruism.


    Altruism Ethics from Wiki:
    Altruism (also called the ethic of altruism, moralistic altruism, and ethical altruism) is an ethical doctrine that holds that individuals have a moral obligation to help, serve, or benefit others, if necessary at the sacrifice of self interest. Auguste Comte’s version of altruism calls for living for the sake of others. One who holds to either of these ethics is known as an “altruist.”
    The word “altruism” (French, altruisme, from autrui: “other people”, derived from Latin alter: “other”) was coined by Auguste Comte, the French founder of positivism, in order to describe the ethical doctrine he supported. He believed that individuals had a moral obligation to renounce self-interest and live for others. Comte says, in his Catéchisme Positiviste [1], that:
    [The] social point of view cannot tolerate the notion of rights, for such notion rests on individualism. We are born under a load of obligations of every kind, to our predecessors, to our successors, to our contemporaries. After our birth these obligations increase or accumulate, for it is some time before we can return any service…. This [“to live for others”], the definitive formula of human morality, gives a direct sanction exclusively to our instincts of benevolence, the common source of happiness and duty. [Man must serve] Humanity, whose we are entirely.”


    “[The] social point of view cannot tolerate the notion of rights, for such notion rests on individualism.” – Auguste Comte

    This is the core exposed by present day despotism in the U.S.S.A. as manifest by the mixed economy model which exists solely to farm up corruption fertilized by moral hazard. The mixed economy model is not capitalism, it is socialism. Capitalism is laissez faire capitalism, and has never existed anywhere at any time in history. The mixed economy model (socialism) has always, and continues to be called capitalism by altruists whom maintain aversion to principle, and act in fath and denial to attempt to avoid accountability for their collectivist initiation of force against individuals. No amount of historical empirical evidence of the insanity and unsustainability of civilization(s) is enough to pursuade collectivists to abandon their initiation of force against individuals. Their ego-misidentification produces intolerable emotions of fear and hostility when challenged. The horror of facing the irrationality of their “story” translates to the greater horror that if the story isn’t real, perhaps they are not real. When (always) reality isn’t vulnerable to interpretation, they invoke faith and denial and blame their every evil outcome on “capitalism” which does not and has never existed anywhere at any time in history. They cling to collectivism because they hate freedom. They hate freedom enough to perform every mental gymnastic necessary to retreat into unconscious behavior.

    It matters not what demographic you filter the socialist collectivist herd through. They all cling to the mixed economy model for the sole purpose of initiating force against individuals. They don’t give a rat’s ass for anyone else. 99.99% of the human race is pure scum by choice. Consider just two sectors:

    Senior citizens collect socialism security checks and swear they are not practicing socialism. Of course what should one expect from a generation whom facilitated the USA departure from the gold standard thereby defaulting on the national debt, and continually elected politicians to perform deficit spending beyond every socialism security dollar collected, to accrue a national debt in excess of 120 trillion dollars with unfunded socialism security promises all in. Pure scum by choice. Criminal psychopaths, screaming their demands of entitlement. No collectivist is conscious and practicing interconnectedness. A conscious person is incapable of initiating force against individuals. Socialist seniors are preying on the unborn. I will not lift a finger to save any of them from the fury of the mob. No innocence found.

    Hardcore punk rockers in majority numbers have offered countless numbers of album covers depicting Reagan or Bush as evil monsters, and remain silent regarding the NSA and drone murders facilitated by the Obama administration. Of course what should one expect from an army of hardcore punks who wore the anarchy symbol while collecting welfare checks. Pure scum by choice. Poseur socialist psychopaths, screaming their demands of entitlement. Certainly no better than the self-righteous shitboomers now huddled in church pews Sunday mornings processing their guilt through altruist based religion culpable for atrocities ’round the globe throughout history of all “civilization”. The young do not give a rats ass for anyone else. They simply scream demands for a larger share of stolen loot. I will not lift a finger to save one of them from the fury of the mob. No innocence found.

    No gods, no masters.

    Anarchy is not a campaign.

    Those that hate freedom always initiate force against individuals. They don’t even have the respect to show you their gun as they rob you and enslave you in cowardice through government.

    There are always lies about the money trail, but the money trail never lies.

    Love does not imply pacifism. If you choose to initiate force against individuals you deserve to have your face bitten off.

    “Behind a locked door, the sleeping dog you beat. I hope I see the day, she satisfies her teeth.” – Greg Keelor Blue Rodeo

    This one’s for you PZO :

    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  7. Richard, I’ve been reading your blog, on and off, for 3 or 4 years now (it’s where I got my first taste of “paleo” eating/lifestyle info – thanks for that). I have to say that sometimes you sound like a raving lunatic – on paper. That is, when reading your screeds. Your writing style makes you come off foaming-at-the-mouth angry! “In person” (watching this presentation) you sound so much more reasoned and reasonable!

    Enjoyed this clip – thanks!

    ( Yeah, I know – what I think of you is none of your business! ;^) )


  8. Jim,

    Your translation of the word “reasoned” appears to mean “pragmatic” in that you internalize aversion to principle and do not accept that a valid philosophy can be practiced to the nth degree. Is aversion to principle irrational? Or are you most conditioned to seek out the appearance of reason at the opportunity cost of others?

    I’m most conditioned to recognize 99.99% of all human lifeforms as pure scum by choice, and of course their appearance is postured with homogenous conformity while their collective outcome is characterized by clinical insanity with brief moments of lucidity. I’m not deceived by appearance as a half century of experience reveals that if a human is breathing it’s behavior will be 99.99% pure scum by choice. There is no more homogenous utility in the written word than to indict the herd by ther own hand(s). Such is the nature of infinite truth wasted upon the conformity of sheeple. Freedom is hated and evolution is replaced by devolution. But then as long as it looks homogenous on paper, devolution goes unchallenged, humans return to frogs boiling in their own pot. Idiocracy.

    Enjoy your day. Beware polite raving lunatics, especially those in costumes.

    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  9. Just posted this to Facebook with a laf, not to mention a fart in pro’s general direction.


    The principle reason I love doing a post like this is that it always gives me a clue into the parasite readers who take me as their guru, and they are disappointed to learn that I rather think their ideas are merely described by the photo below.

    Since posting that, I’ve had 2 dozen rants in either email or comments (that were deleted) from people who can not even read and heed the very first sentence of the post.

    I truly live in a world of mostly abject morons.

    We’re at a point in society where lack of simple reading comprehension is arguably the most critical harbinger of doom. And, I explicitly made the post easy enough to understand by trailer trash, with paragraphs typically no longer than one sentence.

  10. Anarchism has a very long history in China. Taoism and many branches of Buddhism are essentially anarchist in their socio-political outlook. Many Taoists in particular were explicitly anarchistic, and most promoted limitations of government. During the T’ang Dynasty, for example, a free market economic policy was promoted explicitly in the name of efficiency and morality. Confucianism and Legalism were always the primary opponents of Taoism/Buddhism, and were always the ideologies used to justify coercive action. Legalism is explicitly coercive, but Confucianism, the more prevalent of the two, is open to interpretation. There were periods of Chinese history during which Taoists in particular were persecuted as anarchists and a threat to the established (Confucian) order. Off the top of my head, this happened during the Han Dynasty, but it also happened later as well (I would guess at least under the Ch’ing as well).

    Arguably, the so-called East Asian tendency toward “communism” is not a tendency toward communism or statism as such, but rather is an openness to the value of association, bred in their cultural emphasis on peace and prosperity. Western history, with its dogmatic and domineering ideologies, has tended to sour people to social contact, rendering many “isolationist” or “sociopathic.” In other words, the Western tendency to *enforce* ideology has sickened us to social interaction, whereas the East’s emphasis on harmonious, peaceful, and educational ideological improvement has bred a people far more trusting of the values of association.

  11. Gordon,

    Have you cast your mind’s eye upon Chimerica? When the Chinese tanks are rolled onto the shores of the U.S.S.A., what “openness to the value of association” will you pontificate while you are delivered as a bancruptcy asset unto China?

    It appears the phrase “educational ideological improvement” is akin to castration except the latter would have been far more effective in satisfying the government’s central planning goals. But then they have time left to invade and attempt genocide in the west prior to culling their herd. Hmmm, and what do you suppose these collectivists are unprepared for? The academic weasel indoctrinationists patting themselves on the back, or the noble brutes that need and want nothing from them? Parasitism always runs its course without the benefit of external interruptions. I’m happy to hand you all the rope you want, and you can call that harmony too.

    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  12. gabriella kadar says:

    Woodchuck, I’ll agree that there exist a high percentage of persons who don’t cultivate the capacity for individual critical thought. I don’t think this is quite as high as 99.99%. But that’s my experience. ‘Your mileage may differ’ of course.

    I think pzo misunderstood what Richard wrote. He should read it over slowly instead of reacting to the impressionistic result on scanning. He appears to be reading what is not there. And consider Richard, whom we, for good or bad, know quite well as a human being. LOOK at what he’s been doing and sharing. What he does speaks volumes.

    • gabriella kadar,

      In the interest of clarity I’ll disclose (as I often do) that I live in chronic pain. This manifests many insights, oversights, and reinforcements of inclination towards finite conclusions. There grows an increasing appreciation and comfort for the promise of an inevitable rescue by death. The pace of every day-step toward death is fashioned by age. I have less days left to endure than I have already burned through. In contrast to the paradigm building skills elected by others, the brevity of my time left as a human life-form is good news; getting better all the time.

      To witness the ungrateful masses taking every blessing for granted, while menacing the very minimum utility that could be left to the unborn, reveals a culture purged by obscenity. The question for pzo and every individual is not special. There is no collective answer. Accept freedom or diminish consciousness and inflict harm upon others. Life, existence, truth is infinite. That which is maintained only through aversion of principle is not worth pursuing. Such pursuit manifests the obscenity a conscious person shuns and departs from.

      Someday never comes. I will not withhold the respect due to any individual that chooses to continue to initiate force against individuals. Neither age, gender, intellect, or any other human characteristic determines their action, and in keeping with reality neither should the consequence vary. It seems certain to me that Richard has invoked reason and implemented his withdrawal of consent and participation with those that seek his death.

      From my neck of the woods, the cannibals draw nearer, and the stench of their rotten path rises exponentially. I have a daughter with cerebral palsy whom I struggle to leave an estate to. Meanwhile Obamacare effects revised laws under Obra 1993 that targets folks in the age range of 55 and 64 for estate recovery. This seems to be within pzo’s agenda of purposeful and enlightened government to be forced upon individuals sacrificed to the collective. And how should this Woodchuck Pirate respond to those whom attempt to transform me into a socialist with a stroke of a pen? There is none more suitable than pure and finite rejection. The posture of altruism is revealed as brute force of government auto-enrolling citizens into medicaid with no opportunity to “opt out”. The stage is set, there remains no element of my lifespan (including the future) that has not endured a parasitic claim by altruists. However they will not win, as they pursue me grasping only ashes.

      We have reduced our gross income to six thousand dollars in 2013 and will no longer file income tax returns. I have purchased land off the grid and continue to exchange excess currency for durable assets. All deferred income accounts have been drained and closed. Cash ordered out from all regular bank accounts. Strategic implementation of simple living strategies continues proactively assembling voluntary relationships with free men and withdrawal of participation with collectivist parasites. It remains a war of attrition and I’m winning.

      Here are two links to detail the war they have set upon me.

      Someday never comes, today will have to do.

      May we live in interesting times.

      Enjoy your evening.

      Woodchuck Pirate
      aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  13. because we don’t really know that much about the range of diets in homo species over time why don’t we acknowledge this with a humility prefix?
    pseudo paleo
    sim(ulated) paleo

  14. bornagain says:

    I have been asking jesus in my prayers to cure your potty mouth. I thought it was working for a while but alas, I see today that my prayers have gone unanswered. I shall just have to pray harder.

  15. A post by Greg Swann, who gets it.

    If you want or your ailing Grandma dead, kill her yourself.


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