Thanks Sports Fans. All Time Record for Free the Animal

There are many who just hate it when I tout this sort of thing and they mock me for doing it. So, that’s why I’m posting it. I love hate. …Perhaps more than I love love.

Here’s what you’ve gone and did.

All Time Record
All Time Record

Unfortunately, owing to a freak WordPress fart Thursday afternoon that took until Friday morning to resolve (Thanks Alec and Karol of Foliovision, in Bratislava), there’s about 5,000 visits and 10,000 page views not accounted for, so call it 165,000 visits and 307,000 page views. Absolute unique visits were about 85,000. That means: 85,000 unique individuals read stuff here in January, most probably on resistant starch. You might note that if one Googles ‘resistant starch,’ that tag link is the top entry, even above Wikipedia. Hey, if I can best my old USENET and email friend Jimbo Wales on something in Google, it’s a good day.

Prior to the surge that began in November, the previous record was about 120,000 visits in Jan of 2010, which was a surge from Dec 31, 2009 links from boingboing & FARK, where my monthly average was 40,000 visits. Took down the server and Alec, mentioned above, left a New Year’s Eve Party to get me back up and running.

In other news, my Alexa Ranking is back to better than ever. Back in 2011, it was at about 90,000 (out of 650 million websites in the world). Then—perhaps because of a change in algorithm—all the Paleo sites (including Sisson, Wolf, et al) lost about half their ranking almost overnight. So, Sisson went from 3K to 6K, Wolf 30K to 60k, etc. I went to about 160K and it declined to about 180K at its worst. Happy to report it is now back to its best ever, about 83K.

In terms of a Misogyny Update, I’m fine with the fact that guys are underrepresented here (probably jerking off to Internet porn) while the ladies are overrepresented, based on Internet averages. Also, that I don’t appeal much to the uneducated, quitters, nor the hoity-toity…but just right—people with some degree of degree, in something, and got it done.

Thanks Ladies
Thanks Ladies

Thanks in particular to:

  • Tatertot Tim Steele,who gets more credit than I. The credit that accrues to me is that I heard him out and took a risk that he was right. Arguably among the top 5 best decisions of my life, and neener-neener to those who had the opportunity but didn’t take it. None of this would be like this, without him. Very special dude. I chatted with Jackie, his wife, on the phone last night and there’s upstream credit there, too.
  • Robb Wolf, who is basically mentioning resistant starch on every podcast he does, now, saying it has given him his best digestion in 15 years.
  • Chris Kresser (New book, BTW: Your Personal Paleo Code: The 3-Step Plan to Lose Weight, Reverse Disease, and Stay Fit and Healthy for Life), who has mentioned this blog and resistant starch in numerous blog posts, tweets, and podcasts.
  • Dr. Paul Jaminet, the sweetest and fairest man “in” Paleo. He has been so kind to me over the years, and while he has some reservations about RS (and me, too :), he is open to it and regularly alerts his followers in various places to evaluate for themselves. Paul would never behave as badly as I do, but I suppose he has an intuitive sense of where my heart really is. He’s the epitome of a Good Christian Man in that regard.
  • Mark Sisson, who has not only included resistant starch in a post with a link here, but provides a forum for his readers from which links to posts here happen daily.
  • Dr. Norm Robillard and Dr. Mike Eades. Neither are sold on the benefits of RS, but both listen. Mike forwarded my stuff to Norm, a microbiologist and researcher, proprietor of the Digestive Health Institute. He, Tim, and I have been exchanging email ever since. He looks at everything we do, listens to all the podcasts and just recently expressed increased interest in RS.
  • Dr. Bill Lagakos, Calories Proper. Bill has been quite active in both Twitter and his blog in helping promote (with reservations) the work Tim and I are doing. Bill and Tim are collaborating on a separate project, but it’s Top Secret.
  • Jimmy Moore, everyone’s favorite low carb advocate. I took Jimmy to task, he showed what he was made of; not fear, and I can have any level of disagreement with a man but honesty and fearlessness overshadow that always. Jimmy walks that talk, with me.
  • Dr. BG (Grace), Animal Pharm (link removed). Grace worked behind the scenes for months on RS potential, emailing out to various PBWs (Paleo Big Wigs), trying to get them to take a look. Tim also collaborated with her in a 7-Part series on her blog dealing with SIBO (link removed). Grace has now been incorporated into the book as Science Editor. I just now got an email from Tim about how well they’re working together.
  • Steve Cooksey, Diabetes Warrior, who is single handedly leading the charge with diabetics who are having the best blood glucose control of their diabetic lives, having to reduce meds, helping them to keep from going hypoglycemic when they don’t.
  • All the many bloggers, podcasters, forum frequenters and commenters from other blogs who send people here to check it out, daily.
  • All the FTA commenters who have done so much to supplement posts with your n=1 self experiments, answering newbie questions, creating various diversions and all you do to make my posts far more of an experience for those who like comments.
  • All the readers from all the above sources and in particular, those native readers who’ve stuck around through thick and thin all theses years, some even way back to the 2003 beginning 10 years ago or, about 3,700 days and 3,700 posts ago. All of the foregoing is impossible without you.
  • Such a list wouldn’t be complete without thanking the haters, the envious, the mockers and jokers. Some of you probably end up sending more traffic my way than most fans, who just open their browsers and read. I’m so glad I’ve gotten under your skin! I hope to do better in the future and give you even more to stew about, hate on, and lose sleep over. So, thank you, lemons, for my lemonade.

Alright. The times they are a chaingin’ and obviously, predictions of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Don’t some of you just hate that? I’ll bet you do, and make no mistake: I’m rubbing your faces in it and lafing.

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  1. gabriella kadar says:

    Congrats on the stats. You’ve earned it.

  2. You’ve earned it indeed. You and team really setting the standard for the impact one blogger can make. Is there any precedence for someone in the paleo/health/food movements cracking open an issue like this?

  3. bornagain says:

    Nice work. Let’s hope things get even bigger with the new book!

  4. bornagain says:

    Btw, dropped another 10 pounds on RS. Been Paleo for 6–7 years but only just starting to see muscle definition since RS supplementation. The powder seems to work better than the food RS sources.

    • just speculation: this could be due to the highly variable and significantly lower quantity of RS in whole foods compared to RPS.

    • Thanks Bill. I want to be very circumspect on any weight loss anecdotes and I avoid like the plague, any touting of RPS as such. I think that the best we can reasonably hope for is:

      1. If that 10lb+ per year gain starts in your late 20s, early 30s, and IF, it can eventually be linked to an increasingly bad gut biome, then:

      2. if you take steps to rectify that root cause, if it is a root cause, it would be cool to see people loosing 10+ pounds per year eating basically ad libitum, but targeting healthy gut feeding.

      Thanks again, Bill, for your objectivity.

  5. big john says:

    Richard been a follower for a long time and it is so easy to see what kind of person you really are. A damn good one!

  6. Thank you for putting in the effort and bringing resistant starch into the limelight (to me, at least). I’ll join the chorus and mention that I too have seen greatly improved blood sugars, satiety and overall digestive health. Also looking forward to next lipid profile to compare pre / post RS usage. And i am willing to hand over a few dollars once that book is complete as a sign of my gratitude.

    Question though: how is that demographic info gathered? How do you know gender split and education levels etc? You have contacts at the NSA helping with profiling/blog stats?

    • Robert, it’s probably better than NSA. I’m assuming they have access on some level to cookie data, and cookies will tag you more than anything.

      I’ll bet the ads that pop up from Google and Ligit networks on the sidebar and different than they are for me. It’s kinda wild. I visit some website selling something, don’t buy, and then when i click into my own blog, there’s an ad from that same website.

      Some people wring hands over that. I think it’s fucking cool.

    • gabriella kadar says:

      That’s kind of odd given I was seeing those men’s penis pouch underwear on the sidebar for too long. I’ve never googled gay guy gear. Mostly I get Dr. Oz related bullshit and I can’t stand that dude. Avoid him like the plague he is.

    • bornagain says:

      I use ad blocker. Works a treat.

    • Now Gabriella, Your’e the one who first came out about x-rated dreams, so you sure you want to give away so many dots to connect? :)

      In terms of OZ, so far cookie data comes with no love/hate record data. So, if you have gone there recently only to laf and spew hatred at your monitor, if it placed a cookie, and other cookies look like you’re a women 40+, you’re getting a Dr. OZ add.

      Look at the bright side. Got about $360 from Google a few days ago for last month.

    • gabriella kadar says:

      My friends and I have decided potato starch is ‘cheap Viagra that works for women and men’.

  7. Kate Berger says:

    I have not commented in awhile, but way to go, Dick. Where’s Marie? Marie, I miss you.

    • Kate:

      Marie and I were on the phone for like 2 hours last night. Bea is out of town attending to some issues with her mom, so Marie stood in as surrogate (at appropriate distance) and we had a million lafs, spoke some Fench, etc.

      She is well, though the mom & dad in Greece are a trying issue for her.

  8. Richard – I’ve been with you from the start. Well, at least since April. I’ve been supplementing RS daily, & the results are outstanding. It’s no longer an experiment, but I do plan to keep tweaking things up. Thanks to you & Tim!

  9. I LOVE the fact that you go back to the USENET days! Far too few people know what that is, sadly. And in so many ways it was/is far better than the bullshit that passes for web forums today!

    I’m one of those uniques who started coming here in January because of RS, though I’ve been following you for quite a while on and off. The RS thing is good stuff, though I haven’t seen any dramatic changes in anything but a much deeper sleep. But I’ll take it, since I wasn’t getting great sleep before!


    • “USENET”


      How did we possibly survive, it, Paul?

      I used a newsreader client made by this Chinese guy in Hong Kong and it was such a nice piece of software for Windows (at the time…I’m Mac for years, now). I set it to dump all my posts into a file. I checked periodically and from about ’94 – ’97 when I got too busy in business and only went in now & then, I had over 10,000 pages of my own posts.

      I frequented:


      A few others. What days. What I liked was that literally everyone knew what they were doing in terms of tech, how to properly write a post, quote replies, etc. Know what I mean?

    • I totally know what you mean! And today, the intertubes have been over-run by techno-illiterates who can’t even figure out how to point-n-click on dumbed down interfaces built especially for their brand of stupidity.

      Sigh. Bring back USENET!

  10. Kate, I miss you too. It’s been a difficult couple of months for me, I have both parents ill and/or injured. Been only able to pop-in randomly here and there online, just a bit to maintain sanity. I was glad to see you back!

    I’m so happy my favorite blog is doing so well, you deserve it in spades! And am I ever happy that controlled RS experiment I did with Tim last summer/fall managed to reach so many people, diabetic, keto and not!

    You guys uncovered something very valuable in RS and the “easy solution”, potato starch. Not to mention the massive references and all the education on gut biome and its health effects. Really tremendous work.

    But “surrogate”? Surrogate?!! Oh what I could do with that… it’s going in my back pocket, chéri 😀

    • “Surrogate?!!”

      Oh, did that sound like a dis?

      I’m sorry. My uncleverness gets ahead of me sometimes, and I just say something dumb that creates another comment on this blog, devoid of thoughtful and intelligent reprise.

      Let me put it this way: That phone convo was a pleasant experience, tainted only by your troubles that are completely natural, no less arduous and troublesome. And yet, you still managed to bring me many smiles. Had Bea been here, we’d have talked about her troubles with her mom (why I dropped her at the airport Thurs night), but she would have equally womaned up at times, making me smile.

      Women are amazing.

    • Ahahaha! I’m laughing to tears and I didn’t think it possible these days. Your uncleverness resounds, from Prague to California 😀
      Je t’aime toujours.

      And of course, Vive la différence.

    • Kate Berger says:

      So sorry for your troubles, Marie. I know that’s hard. So I gather you were the first to do a RS study? Did Richard steal the thunder? From Richard, and talking to others, it looks like something I’m going to try. Had that bag of potato starch in my hand at Wholefoods, but put it back…chickened out. I’ll go back and get it.

    • Kate, no, that’s not it at all.
      I learned about resistant starch from Tim and Richard, like everyone else, last spring. It just so happened in those early days that I thought I could particularly use it, for my dad, if it really behaved as reported.

      So I did a controlled, long-ish n=1 experiment with Blood Glucose readings and Keto-strips, looking at the effects on BG control of various dosages/timings and of the starting metabolic state, in some cases in ketosis/fasted for 48hrs.
      This was with Tim’s help last summer and we reported the results here in the fall. Richard did a few posts on it.
      I tried to answer some commenters’ questions, that sort of thing.

      It did help my father terrifically. After a combination of deep ketogenic dieting as adjuvant to chemotherapy and followed by Potato Starch supplementation, his colon for the first time in 4 years was clear of tumors and very surprisingly, the lining looked exceptionally healthy. Even if we can’t unequivocally pin the healthy lining to PS, it dramatically helped his digestion during and after treatment.
      Unfortunately, we’ve now learned it was essentially ‘too late’, the cancer has metastasized aggressively to other organs. Still, that treatment bought him a lot of time and quality of life.

      I owe Tim and Richard a great deal of gratitude and my only way to ‘repay’ was to contribute any information I can so that perhaps others can benefit as well.

    • Kate, this last one in October has the full report and works as a summary for previous links too, I think :)

    • Kate Berger says:

      I’ve really been hesitant to try this. Getting into ketosis is a chore for me. I have to basically eat all fat and greens to get into it. But it could very well be my gut isn’t right. I will give it a try. Will update.

    • I think you’re misunderstanding, Kate. There’s no need to do into ketosis and in fact, the consensus around here is don’t. Better to have a reasonable level of safe starches in your diet (potatoes, rice, beans). Basically, PHD with the addition of properly prepared legumes.

      The ketosis experiment was to demonstrate to the die hard LCers that potato starch won’t knock them out.

    • The ketosis was only to simulate my dad’s required diet. There’s no reason to do that.
      Resistant starch actually shows the biggest Blood Glucose effect in ‘normal’ diets, whether in healthy people or diabetics, where it moderates BG after meals.

      Meanwhile, it works to repair and maintain the gut lining in anybody (by feeding the ‘good’ bacteria that maintain gut health). That’s what I was interested in and why I continue to take it.
      Along the way it aids digestion, bowel regularity and immune function, to name the measurable basics.
      All of the above have a lot of published research behind them.

      All kinds of secondary, not easily measurable, effects have been noted by people, like mood and sleep improvements, but of course they vary individually.

    • Kate Berger says:

      I really am attempting to get back into ketosis for a little while. I’ve put on some weight and need to re-boot, as it were. That’s why I avoided the RS. If it not knock me out, and improves my gut…I wanna try.

  11. Congrats, even though you banned me. :)

  12. Robbie O says:

    I was googling about kefir last December around the time that you put up the post on resistant starch for newbies so a bit of a fluke for me but totally serendipitous. I started on the PS in early January and there is NO TURNING BACK for me. I can really feel the difference. I have been making and eating loads of probiotic foods for the past couple years – kefir, cultured veggies of all types. All with great health benefits – but the dial just gets turned up by an order of magnitude with the Resistant Starch supplementation.

    I have really enjoyed reading up on all the RS posts and all the commenters. Very educational to say the least. ANd I must have listened to the podcast on Latest in Paleo 4 times now. Plus I have sent that link along with the Resistant Starch for Newbies link to everyone I can think of hoping they will try it for themselves. Ive got two people at work on RS now and my sister who is an early stage T2 diabetic.

    I love it that I found your blog! Im a regular now. THANKS!!

  13. I started my PS (4 tbs/day) in early January. I wasn’t experiencing any gut issues but I’m battling severe insulin resistance (tested through fasting insulin and NMR). Been doing LC diet (except for post-workout carbs) and heavy lifting for a year now and I’ve managed to gain 26 lbs of lean mass and lost 20 lbs of fat (36% body fat to 25% using DEXA scan once a month). What’s exciting is that over this last month (during PS supplementation) I gained 8lbs of lean mass and lost 1.5 lbs of fat. Unfortunately I can’t necessarily attribute the muscle gain to PS because I started a hypertrophic training program (Body by Science style) during this month. At the same time, I’ve never seen dramatic results like this since I started doing my body composition scan and I will continue to monitor my progress. It does feel nice to have 2-3 solid BMs (instead of my skimpy once-a-day BM in the past) and I just started on Prescript-Assist to see if I get anymore benefits in terms of treating insulin resistance. Can’t wait to do my next fasting insulin/NMR lab test in a few months. I really want to move to the PHD way of eating (with PS) when the whole LC thing stops working for me.



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