Juxtapositions in Image

So after getting my CSS custom code sorted thanks to a commenter, I’ve been wanting to get up as many banner images as I can juxtaposing the more natural human life—that of the Animal—and the neolithic, central-authority-based life of a minion and a tadpole.

Just reload about every 10 seconds. I think there are about 2 dozen thousand-word pics, now. You have everything from African cat kills to church and state.

This one makes me laf the most. The facial expressions do not lie.

Bedfellows (click for the big version)

Have at it, because I will.

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  1. scafhunt says:

    thank god for Feedly– your actual site is 80% adtrash!

    • Well, then since you’re commenting, kinda makes you an adwhore.

      I don’t really care what’s in the ad spaces. Google treats me very well and sends 10s of thousands here monthly to click on ads, so I can pay bills and do what I like.

      It’s nothing like mommy’s basement on daddy’s compUt3rz.

  2. Jew Lee Us C Czar says:

    It’s not your fault, but the blog looks like TMZ!

  3. Daddy Cakes! (Not!)

  4. Fucking cocksucking cunt whore hypocrites.

    The Turd-in-chief (see Southpark: Dousche and Turd episode) looks like he just ate a shit sandwich from his grandmother.

    The pope has the best look, little like a mafioso in disbelief as his prey claims there is no money. “Look at me. Do you know what my eyes are saying? They are saying I don’t give a fuck about you. I will kill you. You are nothing to me.” Should have been on the Sopranos.

    Horse-face is just too stupid to comment on.

  5. Jon McRae says:

    To them: Every here the one about a Muslim, a Pope, and a Robot walk into a press conference.

  6. Jimmy 4 Jesus says:

    Old site was definitely better. New site is confusing – especially the images.

    • What a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that of my 200-230K page views monthly, about 80% come from natural search, i.e., not regular readers.

      Confusing can be good.

  7. Jimmy 4 Jesus says:

    I worry about you sometimes Richard. Spend less time worrying about the world and more time with your (wonderful) family.

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