Another Option: Fuck BOTH Israel and Palestine

Holy doG shit, but am I sick of this stinking dispute going on decades?—all my life, really…chewing up so much productive energy for the sake of Biblical and Dead Sea Scrolls masturbation. …Nobody outside of either region ought give a runny shit and ought, in my view, let them war it out on their own dime. …With zero care over which set of 14th Century, dirt scratching savages win. Let them work out how the prayer wall works on their own. Front, back. Holes, no holes.

The reason this wasn’t settled long ago is obvious to me: American Fucktards; a couple hundred million strong, who read Mother Goose by doG, who anoint gooselogians with PhDs—90% honorary. They teach that Jews are The Chosen People (non Semitic people, except Arabs, are bastard stepchildren of the doG)...and since they fear their own mortality to the extent of being willing to live a fantasy, they make damn sure that America has a geopolitical policy of supporting their favorite character in the fantasy book.

This is entertaining on its own weird merits.

My conclusion: let them fight it out on their own dime, with no support in terms of the biggest military power on Earth, in service of the Jewish people first and foremost: because doG chose them as favorite.

You pathetic puppies.

I don’t give anymore of a shit that Israel gets bulldozed into the eastern Mediterranean than you give a shit about: The Decades of Genocide in the Real Birthplace of Humanity: Africa. Or: Indigenous peoples of the Americas. This, above all, exposes 200-300 million Americans as complete, fantasy loving, death fearing fucktards…not worth a wasted fuck—because they fuck everything up globally based upon their fucktarded Mother Goose delusions.

Now, all you Christians, Jews, and Muslims: Go Fuck Yourselves.

Nobody has fucked up Planet Earth more that you have, with your competing storybooks.

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  1. Or we could support them because that’s what democracies do–support each other. Never mind the religion.

  2. Newt Gingrich said a few years ago that “the Palestinians are an invented people”. I waited for the sh#tstorm to ensue but it never happened. About all i heard in response was something like “well, that’s not helping things” by Christianne Amanpour so i suspect Newt was right.

  3. Mycroft Jones says:

    Everyone knows Americanism is the true religion.

    From Wikipedia:

    Americanism: A group of related heresies which were defined as the endorsement of freedom of the press, liberalism, individualism, and separation of church and state, and as an insistence upon individual initiative, which could be incompatible with the principle of Catholicism of obedience to authority. Condemned by Pope Leo XIII on his letter Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae in 1899

  4. “they fuck everything up globally based upon their fucktarded Mother Goose delusions.”

    interesting point. i wouldnt really like to touch this one with a barge pole. but yeh it does rather seem even to the uneducated viewer such as me that theres quite alot of fighting for no apparent reason.

    even if there was some kind of higher being, how do religious people figure that their humble selves are the ones who are 100% right about it ?

  5. CharlesQ says:

    U.S Gov’t has given Israel $230 BILLION in taxpayer money over the decades.

    There are over over 100 elected democracies in the world. I’m still waiting for checks from these democracies to help us after 9/11. I guess they are lost in the mail because that’s what democracies do they help each other out.

  6. CrosslakeJohn says:

    Finally someone said it.

  7. I’m Lebanese, atheist, and grew up outside of the middle east before settling in Canada. I criticize the Israeli government and military for their heavy-handedness (half of those dead are civilians), but I criticize Hamas more for giving the Israelis no option but to react that way. The Palestinian authority is insipid, the Israeli citizens indifferent and smug, and the general Palestinian population reaping what they sowed when they elected these assholes called Hamas. As for America, can we once and for all get these rich evangelical pricks out of the whole “support Israel for the end times” business, because some fucking book at the end of a bigger fucking collection of books said 144,000 Jews need to survive to be taken up to heaven during the Rapture? (oh yeah, I was also evangelical christian for a while…said stupid shit like AIDS is a punishment from god)

  8. Remnant says:

    I’m no fan of Noam Chomsky, but this story does bring a smile to my face, and it does make the point perfectly:

    “Noam Chomsky books his globe-spanning lecture tours on current events months and even years in advance. Organizers often ask him for a title for the speech he’s going to give on whatever will be in the news in a year or two. He always suggests “The current crisis in the Middle East” and it hasn’t let him down yet.”

  9. Israel though not perfect, is a veritable oasis in the Hell hole called the Middle East. So yeah, back a civilized country surrounded by barbarian zombies? Sure, that is in fact what we do.

  10. Logical says:

    Holy “goG” shit? You mean doG shit right?

  11. Hi Richard,

    Unfortunately I think you’re confusing the symptoms with the disease itself. Jews, Christians, and Muslims (and even other religious groups) have been coexisting in this area for a much longer time than the Israeli state has existed. The conflict itself is much deeper rooted in colonialism, empire, and regional resource control. Religion has always been the excuse, not the cause.

    I have several friends from the area and I’ve been there myself, so I’m speaking from some experience. The Palestinians I know could honestly care less about what religion people follow. But you know what they hate? The Israeli state. Honestly they don’t even care about their own government, fully aware of how corrupt they are. They’d much rather live in peace with some modicum of freedom; they just simply don’t have that option.

    To even call the situation a conflict is a laugh. It’s a conflict in the same way Rodney King had a “conflict” with the LA police dept. They literally cannot drive a within a 30 minute radius without running into a checkpoint and a machine gun pointed at their face. They can’t go anywhere, especially in Israel, without a passport, and yet Israeli settlers can come in at their own will, set up communities, and secure resources with the full backing of the military and financed with 0% interest loans from the government.

    The biggest problem though is that, like with most global political issues, we’re constantly looking at the situation under a microscope. So like many people have said, it doesn’t make sense, and it makes it easy to blame religion as the cause. But if you take a step back, and look at it within the context of the wider regional conflicts, the picture becomes a lot clearer. Here’s one of my favorite videos that is probably the only one I’ve ever seen that puts Israel/Palestine in the right perspective.

    This has very little to do with doG, but it has very much to do with the State.

    • All fine and good, mcsack, I understand the geopolitics, resources, world runs on oil, etc.

      But ask the average Christian American why we back Israel. Then ask why American politicians are more than happy to have the supporting populous invoke doG.

      Sure, it’s about the state, but also church and their centuries old expedient bedfellow alliance.

    • I agree with the whole religious-political symbiosis. There’s definitely shared influences and manipulation between both. But to me the religion really is the lipstick on the pig. Yeah, between some groups genetically modifying cows, to others banging their heads against a wall over a 2000 year old slaughter, it’s all very strange. But it has less to do with why the fighting is happening. These same strange people would be there regardless of who runs the place. Most of them would just do it right next to each other as they have done for millenia.

      What bothers me is that it almost always distracts from the real issue. Berating people over the weird beliefs that they have is fine but too many people conclude that it is the real source of the problem when it isn’t. By doing so, they can easily just throw up their hands and dismiss the whole thing as random absurdity.

      I honestly think that if we can’t in terms of the bigger picture, we just end up focusing our emotional energy on the wrong villan. It’s about the state. It’s about the blind faith in the true “religion” of nationalism. And it’s about who is paying who to carry out their dirty work. If we can’t identify and attack those interconnections, we really are screwed.

    • See, we have a fundamental disagreement, mcsack.

      Belief in stupid shit is always the source of all man made problems. Now, we all believe in stupid shit at times. We’re human.

      But what’s supposed to happen is that when your belief in stupid shit results in adverse outcomes, then you critically examine your beliefs. How do you think the human mind evolved over eons, prior to centralized, institutional (no church/state distinction here) hierarchical, top-down control with bread and circuses as carrots?

      Church and State are, fundamentally, institutions that exist to purposefully get people to “keep on believin’.

    • the phrase “bread and circuses” caught my eye here. id seen it used before but wasnt sure what it means so i googled it. this is what came up on wiki:

      “Roman politicians devised a plan in 140 B.C. to win the votes of these new citizens: giving out cheap food and entertainment, “bread and circuses”, would be the most effective way to rise to power.”

      woah. now i can understand the angle of this blog a bit more.

    • Heidi

      Believe it or not, but I see a red pill addict with every comment you make. There you go, something else to Google. :)

    • thanks 😀 its all very interesting to me. not just on a theoretical level but also to somehow get myself out of the amazing balls-up that i have made of my life so far 😛

      so now i will wait to be “forcibly ejected from the liquid-filled chamber” 😀

    • Better now than later, Heidi.

      No guarantees, live your life in natural risk, embrace it, take your chances but always, always try to minimize the consequences of your adverse outcomes and critically examine the thinking that led to those outcomes, in cases where they’re not just natural phenomena.

    • cheers :)

      im going to have to examine that bit of advice carefully later on. will save it to my notepad.

  12. If Pearl Harbor didn’t convince you that we can’t ignore the world, 9/11 should have. We need the Israelis to take out Iran’s nukes before one lands on New York, or (from Mexico) on you in California.

    • beans mcgrady says:

      So, people really still think that way.
      Mexican Nukes, uproariously funny.
      If you believe that the US govt is out to protect you and believe the official 911 story(or the pearl harbor one for that matter), Then all of your opinions, present and future, on world events are irrelevant.

    • The intended meaning was that smuggled Iranian nukes would be launched from Mexico, or more likely Nicaragua. I don’t know what your view of Pearl Harbor or 9/11 is, but I suspect I would find believing it harder than believing in God.

    • Yep, Clem, the world is such a dangerous place. Ironically, the more nation states “struggle” to make it “safe for Democracy” the more dangerous it seems to become.

      Funny, that. And the quintessential definition of irony.

      I’m neither interested in an artificially “safe” world, nor peddling lies. I am interested in living as freely as possible with all associated risks and responsibilities. IOW, I’m happy to take my chances. In essence, this is the fundamental disconnect in modernity. People have bought into the notion and lie that they can live risk free and just relax because someone’s always looking out for them–rather like a terrestrial version of the guardian angel myth.

  13. Jon McRae says:

    It is so easy to take the “blue” pill, dammit I am tired of all the blue pills. I want to root for Israel vs Hamas like the Mongoloid in the stands at the arena, just so i can pretend to forget about this place that I have walked to on my own device. Keep it coming Richard, this horse needs to learn to drink the water.

  14. “With zero care over which set of 14th Century, dirt scratching savages win.”

    If you are referring to Israel with this sentence you are exhibiting some serious ignorance. Israel is right there at the top, advancing technology.
    Intel, Microsoft have a big presence there. They have their own version of Silicon Valley.
    There are making huge medical advances.
    Amazing new tech comes out of Israel daily.

    Regarding the United States’ investment in the country, they get very substantial returns in tech, tactics, and intelligence.

    Are you seriously equating Israelis and Palestinians as savages?

    • “Israel is right there at the top”

      No doubt, backed by the US with its 200 million fucktards who, because of their imaginary fried, believe they Just Should.

      “Are you seriously equating Israelis and Palestinians as savages?”

      Yes. Israel is a theocracy, masquerading as otherwise, because it can get away with it and because, in the eyes of American Christians, Israel can do no wrong because it has doG’s dispensation.

      I’d like to be polite, but you’re a fucktard taking to me about iPhones. Sorry.

      Do they run on time? That’s all that matters, of course.

    • So according to you Richard nobody who is religious nobody who believes in a deity can be civilized? They can’t value human life and rights, establish law and order, they are automatically a savage.

      You want to dismiss technological achievement, the entirety of scientific pursuit with iPhone. I’m sure all that advancement in South Korea and Japan is principally due to Christian support as well. Nothing to do with smart people and the importance of education in a society.

      You joke about that possibility of you being polite while calling everyone with whom you disagree a fucktard. How very honest of you.

      Do they run on time?
      Does what run on time? Are you talking about the choo-choos Richard?

    • “So according to you Richard nobody who is religious nobody who believes in a deity can be civilized?”

      Sorry, I don’t deal with fucktards who, rather than quote my actual words of which there are ample, erect a strawman to knock down just like jerking off.

      BTW, why do you need a “deity?” On that score, I don’t see you fucktarded as much as I see you as pathetically impotent.

    • Same shit you’re doing Richard, hypocrite.

      I asked you if you equated Israelis and Palestinians as savages to which you replied that Israel was a theocracy masquerading as otherwise. So according to you (you made no additional arguments), that somehow defines Israelis as savages.

      You are unwilling to have an honest discussion, Richard.

      Still wondering what that comment “Do they run on time? That’s all that matters, of course.” refers to…

    • I don’t care about either side’s Mother Goose arguments, don’t care what happens to either of them. Don’t care if Israel wipes out the entire Arab world, don’t care if the Arab world bulldozes them into the Med.

      Ideally, they just destroy each other and leave the rest of the world in relative peace, finally.

      Fuck the both of them.

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