Robin Williams

 It is truly heartbreaking. For me.

...Just another one in the million or so blog posts about him, but I'll make it brief. I wasn't going to say anything at all, but then I heard an interview with a "mental health professional" on NPR just a bit ago during a round-tripper to the market.

"Nobody should feel they have a right to commit suicide."

Juxtaposed, when I shared the news on Facebook two days ago, I said: "Damn. Well, everyone gets to do what they want to do."

But, you see, "mental health professionals" are "troubled" about the "discussion." Suicide—especially of high-ranking humans with access to everything these "Pros" have to "offer"—exposes their utter impotence and fraud. Fuck 'em. The sorry state of modern mental health is at their doorstep, number one; and number two, almost all they ever wanted to do was make money in perpetuity at your expense. Fuck 'em for a second time.

Suicide is every human being's rightful option 100% of the time—wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. In fact, humans are the only animal in nature—that I'm aware of—with the capacity to consciously commit suicide.

Beached whales are probably just confused.

My take? A very complex man, an incalculable soul. They don't so much fit in in a McDonald's world where there's 20 menu items that you can order by number.

He probably witnessed the intransigence of human, rat-race-banality way up closer and for a lot longer than I.

That is all.

Don’t Tread On Me

Woke up to a funny comment this morning.

Your system of everybody being left alone is a utopia. It presupposes that all human beings are completely rational at all times and that no one ever imposes force on anyone else. Seeing that there are people that are irrational and would love to kill you and steal your stuff, there must exist an entity that would protect you from the threat of such people. Your stance is merely you blanking out to reality.

Well, there was just too much mishmash to deal with. For one, I presuppose that of all predators—certainly not the ones with guns, jails, execution chambers, badges, uniforms, robes, high benches in hardwood, marble columns, edifice of all sort...and elections from hundreds of millions of willing stooges who long for 'please them, not me,'...along with monopoly adjudication over the use of preemptive force—the random ones can more often be dealt with by my .45, .38. .22, 380-tiny, a shotgun, and my Model 12 (that's Winchester, lever action, 1912). I am more than happy to take my chances, rather than live under your voting (an euphemism for public masturbation) schemes of who's the bigger mob.

The cannibal pot: who goes in, who gets to feast. 

The point is, 99.999999% of AMERICANS are the most pathetically fearful people on the face of planet Earth.

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. — H.L. Mencken

What's most pathetic—and this goes to Europe as well—is that most people in the first world actually live in mortal fear that they will have to pay their own way in life if shit hits fan. It's true. Watch the news. Virtually everything is about someone having the burden of  paying, when someone else could pay more easily. First worlders go to insane lengths to make sure someone will be there to change their diaper if they've run out of money.

Your could is a mortgage on your life. Do you understand? That you could is, at first, a suspicion. But if you can but won't, it's an indictment with faux-moral undertones. Jump in the cannibal pot. People are hungry. Lazy and feeling entitled, too, but hungry. And, you have to feed the masses. Otherwise, there will be unrest and unrest means lots of things. Shit, Kings' heads can go up missing when there's unrest.

So, here was my basic answer to my interlocutor.

I didn’t say that, Daniel, so you’ve torn down a nice strawman of your own making in your blanking out of my long held position.

Nowhere have I said “system,” nor “everybody.” That is not anarchism.

What I do say is leave me alone. And I am taking steps to leave to someplace where I can actually be very free by comparison. Previously this would have been impractical for a number of reasons but now, I can make the same money anywhere in the world with a laptop and WiFi.

I’m not trying to save the world, merely reach one mind at a time and all it requires is for any individual to simply not buy into one jot or tittle of the State fraud and scam. Ever.

Let the rest of the world go to hell and laf when it does. Like I always say, I hope to see Armani suits in soup lines in America in my lifetime. I’ll be on a quiet beach near the equator, with popcorn.

Life is not only about opportunities, but also limits; and I’ve found that while I loath all limits placed on me by any other entity—and would happily raise a black flag and slit throats—I’m rather fond of the ones I place on myself that emerge from 53 years of experience in living a human life for the very first, and the very last time.

Hit & Run: When Will We See The End Of Kings?

Is it just me? I only got this because, owing to flying airplane stuff, I get email alerts from my local peeps.

Hello everyone,

We have VIP movement in the area tomorrow in case you are flying. Please check the TFR's and take caution.

Obama the Choom Master—probably with his Stupid Bitch in tow (that post is from 2007)—will be gracing our presence in their Public/Private B-747 tomorrow evening. Ever asked yourself why, since it's "public property," you couldn't get within 100 yards of the thing—much less get a ride—even after a lifetime of paying your taxes, getting cancer, and it was your dying wish?

The answer, of course, is that it's not "practical"—because then, everyone would want to be King, or minimally, graced by his presence—which is my point. Nobody ought ever be President. Or King. And nothing has changed in hundreds of years, materially. You are still a pawn subject, albeit with more stuff. Are you also a whore, whose mind can simply be bought with stuff and comforts?

Bread and Circuses, animals?

Our Presidents kills numbers of innocent folks around the world, and imprison numbers of domestic citizens over peaceful activities such as to make the Kings of the past blush so envious, they'd probably lock themselves up for 2 days and emerge with a very swollen member.

...So this is the state of The Land of the Free, now? If you intend on doing a Hundred Dollar Burger tomorrow (this is where you fly somewhere for lunch—uh, bikers do it too, only I think they call it the $100 coffee) just know: there's an euphemism afoot. What do I mean by that? Remember when it went from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC? Well, VIP means: Very Important Person. Since you are more moral and upstanding than any President or King ever in the history of the planet—since I presume that you live your life in a voluntary, give-&-take dynamic with your fellow human animals the vast majority of the time, eschewing violence and force to get your way—doesn't it seem ironic that you are not a Very Important Person...while those who kill, torture, and imprison the most are so Very Important? ...Plus, you fly your own airplane if you got one...

What does that make you?

Is it that we live in this upside-down world where most people are just subjects, subject to domination by other humans, and that's just the way it is? The VIPs used to be anointed by some things called sovereigntyThe Divine Right of Kings, and whatnot. Since then, there's this new App called Democracy. You get points for voting one way, and having the King do the other. Cool App. It's amazing; because, while it's wholly predictable, 0% of people who play it ever predict correctly. Now: that's one killer, successful App. Best of all, it costs America, currently, about $1 Trillion in added National Debt, such that every person over the age of 18 gets to play it and be wrong every time, challenging them to play it again and again—because it's NOT insane.

...President Barack Obama (and his Stupid Bitch) is scheduled to fly into San Francisco International Airport tomorrow for a short fundraising visit in the South Bay.

Obama is slated to arrive on Air Force One around 9 p.m. ahead of a Wednesday reception and luncheon to raise money for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee at the Los Altos Hills home of Judy and George Marcus.

George Marcus is the founder of the real estate brokerage firm Marcus & Millichap.

Other dignitaries expected at the 10:15 a.m. fundraiser include House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto, and DCCC chairman Steve Israel.

According to an event invitation, ticket prices started at $10,000 for lunch and a photo with Obama. A $32,400 ticket includes entrance to a VIP reception, lunch and a photo.

Protesters supporting net neutrality plan to demonstrate outside the presidential visit between 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. Wednesday.

The group, organized by, is urging Obama to support unrestricted, equal access to the Internet.

Organizers have said they are demanding Obama keep his promise to preserve the "open Internet" and publicly state that he supports the Federal Communications Commission treating the Internet as a public utility.

Net neutrality advocates have been rallying against FCC chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal to create a two-tiered system that would allow service providers to offer faster connection speeds for fee-paying content providers and a second, slower speed for others.

Obama will continue onto Los Angeles on an early Wednesday afternoon flight from SFO to end a three-day West Coast fundraising trip.

He will be in Seattle today before flying to the Bay Area.

At my old, getting cantankerous by the day, 53, I am really getting to loath privilege, per se.

I get treated like royalty by friends, family...everywhere I go. Somehow, I get away with writing scathing rebuke as you see in the foregoing while still being treated as I would like to treat most others. Golden Rule.

I'm but one anecdote, but I've been doing this for 22 years and have no intention of letting up.

Have you ever considered that when you read my balderdash and get a visceral rise that makes you uncomfortable—unless you either lash out at me, dismiss me, or whatever—that you simply lack my experience? Do you understand that when I see some of you doing that, I remember what it was like to think like that 20-30 years ago, and I've received judgement ever since, daily?

Do you live your one and only life in fear and trepidation over what others might think or feel? Do you recoil at the fear someone might have the temerity to JUDGE you? I judge people every day, and I'm anxious to take in the judgements of others, for 22 years, and it's nearly daily. In this way, I get to practice the dialectic of Thesis --> Antithesis --> Synthesis. Those who judge and criticize me are ultimately far more valuable than those who applaud me.

After all, if there is a Heaven and Hell, I most assuredly want to go where all the cool cats are going to be. At least I'll get lots of schooling on how I could have been cooler.

...My idea of eternal torture is waking up with an awful hangover every morning. It's quite a lot better, in my view, than waking up and having to don robes, to go sit at the feet of some VIP in worship.


Everywhere you look, discrimination. So disheartening.

Black, brown, yellow, red. Ha! WHITE!

FEmale. Ha! Male. Just male. WOman. Man.

ANTarctic. Ha! Arctic. Just arctic.

Antarctica sets new record for sea ice

The sea ice surrounding Antarctica, which, as I reported in my book, has been steadily increasing throughout the period of satellite measurement that began in 1979, has hit a new all-time record high for areal coverage.

The new record anomaly for Southern Hemisphere sea ice, the ice encircling the southernmost continent, is 2.074 million square kilometers and was posted for the first time by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s The Cryosphere Today early Sunday morning. [...]

Walt Meier, formerly of the National Snow and Ice Data Center and currently of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, has previously said that Antarctic sea ice, which has little ice that survives year to year, is less significant than Arctic sea ice to the climate system.

“While the Arctic has seen large decreases through the year in all sectors, the Antarctic has a very regional signal – with highs in some areas and lows in others,” Meier said in 2013. “And of course, the Arctic volume is decreasing substantially through the loss of old ice. The Antarctic, which has very little old ice, hasn’t much of a volume change, relatively speaking.”

The new Antarctic record anomaly was more than 10 percent greater than the previous record.

The steady growth of Antarctic sea ice and its influence on global sea ice appeared to provide a public relations problem, at a minimum, for those warning of global warming’s menace. According to Meier and some other climatologists, global sea ice area is simply not a metric to consider when examining the climate system.

“A plot of global sea ice is just not informative or useful,” Meier said.

Global sea ice, during the course of the last year and a half, has seen its most robust 18-month period of the last 13 years, maintaining, on average, a positive anomaly for an 18-month period for the first time since 2001.

Phil Jones, of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, waded into the global sea ice analysis in 2013 as well.

“Adding the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice extents doesn’t make that much sense as the two regions are at opposite ends of the world, and the seasons are opposite,” Jones said at the time.

As I also reported in Don’t Sell Your Coat, the temperature at the South Pole has been declining during the past four decades as well.

Earth pole bias? All ice is not created equal? Or, is it really just too fucking complex to understand? Seems to be a heads I win, tails you lose deal: increases in antarctic ice are dismissed as irrelevant, while decreases in arctic ice are highly relevant.

Oh wait...didn't Jones say, “Adding the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice extents doesn’t make that much sense as the two regions are at opposite ends of the world, and the seasons are opposite.”

Wow, is it worse than I I even imagined?


Let's get this straight: CHRISTMAS BELONGS IN WINTER!

Update: Jesus, it's so easy—because we're so conditioned—to miss forms of discrimination. Meier says:

“And of course, the Arctic volume is decreasing substantially through the loss of old ice. The Antarctic, which has very little old ice, hasn’t much of a volume change, relatively speaking.”

Now, tell me that's not reverse age discrimination.

Medium Anarchy

Some months way back I became a bit intrigued by a new social blogging platform, kinda having lost interest in Tumblr.

It's Medium.  As a platform that just gets out of the way and let's you blog from a web-based editor, it's pretty great. It achieves—for me—a level of plain pleasure in just easily crafting a cool post, using images to convey metaphor...that's just plain fun.

I put up a post back then: Do Something So Crazy You’re Afraid to Tell AnyoneAnd then tell everyone anyway.

Then I set it aside.

Needing something of a diversion, something different today, I ended up reading a post by some Aussie girl over her failed startup. Quite interesting. Take a girl who just got out of high school, started an Internet clothing business with no money and no knowledge, manages to handle getting everything sorted—including a visa to the US—gets Angel and Seed funding. Tanks anyway, but there's a million tidbits of good info: My startup failed, and this is what it feels like…

...Don't let the word "feel" in the title dissuade you (laf...women...). It's a pretty good post for young folk and entrepreneurs alike.

So I got a bit inspired and decided to revamp my 9-part Anarchy Begins at Home series. A bit of editing here and there, a few different pics, banner pics and all of a sudden, I'm working on part 4.

I'll pump 'em out every couple of days or so. For now, Part 1 is up: Anarchy Begins at Home ,  Pt. 1 — The Quality of Paleolithic Knowledge.

Refining the Resistant Starch Story – Part 3 (RS3 Content in Food)

Part 1 of this 3-Part series dealt with incorporating a diversity of fermentable fiber in the diet as more ideal than isolated RS alone. Part 2 dealt with the difference between raw RS2 resistant starch and RS3 retrograded resistant starch. In this final post in the series, we cover what sources of foods you can use to up your RS3 intake.

Much of our frustration in reviewing hundreds of studies conducted over 30 years on Resistant Starch was the observation that there was not much dietary recommendation—beyond silly stuff like eat more cold potato salad! But, early on in our experimentation, we discovered how easy it is to work your food food into a form more in line with the ways our ancestors ate their food, e.g., cool-reheat-recycling. This creates RS3 (retrograded resistant starch) from staple starches.

Many studies of diets around the world show that most westerners are getting 3-5g/day of RS, another 3-5g/day of inulin (mostly from wheat), and less than 15g/day of total fiber. This is a far cry from the 80g eaten by poor, rural, modern day Africans subsisting on stale maize porridge, or the 135g+ fiber eaten daily by Paleo-Indians of North America. 15g/day of total dietary fiber probably ensures a person can form a stool and break occasional wind, but this is also the gut of the Pepto-Bismol generation. At any rate, you'll find that shooting for 20-40g of RS3 from real foods also gets you a good bit of other fibers. Here’s a list of international RS3 rich foods that are low glycemic index carbs, to feed both your muscles and microbes.

Most people will be getting their RS3 from potatoes, rice, and beans. Of the three, beans have the most total fiber in various forms. But many folks eschew beans, due to their demonization by The Paleo Diet™...and perhaps also, their propensity to reward flatulence in unaccustomed gut biomes. We assert that this is a monumental blunder that persists unchanged, largely unchallenged, unedited, un-reconsidered—now, a Catechism. A Doctrine. But beans or legumes have a long history of feeding some of the healthiest, longest-lived populations on earth. Unfortunately, "science" is often unmoved by real world observation. Oh, well. You get to decide anyway.

...Moreover, we're far more concerned with what's actually healthy and beneficial long-term—for both the 10% of you, and 90% of them—than in adhering to catechisms and doctrines about how much protein and fat ancestors ate to the exclusion of the other foods they could have, in many cases, more easily gathered and eaten. It doesn't make sense on even more levels than health claims.

Certainly, many of you know the pain of counting calories. Many of you have also counted carbs, fats, or protein (excepting proteins like snake venom and others of the most poisonous substances on earth). It's fine to do so, to count and account, to gain insight into what you're eating—much like tracking your money to see why you're a dollar short at the end of the month. As a long-term strategy, though, it never works as planned for non-OCD people.  For most, it's better to just learn to recognize the foods that are rich in RS and other fibers, and include them in your diet regularly. The last thing we want to do is create another program that requires meticulous tracking and counting.

...Here's another tidbit we've discovered along the way, while researching RS: Approximately 10% all all ingested starch, resistant or not, escapes digestion in the small intestine and serves as fuel for gut microbes. Some foods even contain natural amylase inhibitors. Might this be an evolutionary adaptation to feeding our critical gut bugs? So, just eating starchy foods will feed your microbiome a reasonably healthy dose of fermentable fibers.  So, alas, rather than spend valuable time counting RS in the foods you eat, just include beans, rice, and potatoes in your healthy eating patterns to various degrees, including from hot off the stove to frozen, thawed and reheated—or eat them cold, sometimes. (To maximize RS, you pre-cook and cool them. This not only increases the amount of retrograded resistant starch, but makes these time-consuming staples almost a fast-food. Can it get any easier than that?)

Some other tricks to increase your RS intake: use parboiled rice, like Uncle Ben's Original. In theory, it contains higher RS as it's been pre-cooked and cooled. If you don’t care for Uncle Ben's, choose long-grain pigmented rice, i.e., brown, red, or black types, for more RS (and antioxidants) than your typical long-grain white rice.

Potatoes are a bit higher in RS content, compared to rice, but also contain 10g of fiber (not counting RS) per pound; and again, the purple varieties of potatoes have more RS and antioxidants than standard varieties. Beans of all sorts contain about 10g of RS per cup, but also 20g of other fiber. Also, consider the myriad other sources of RS3-producing foods like plantains, quinoa, lentils, and yams. Corn can be a wonderful source of RS—but many are (rightfully so) opposed to corn due to GMO concerns. Eat lots of foods that contain edible seeds: blueberries, strawberries, bananas, etc..

Did anyone catch the important insights left by DuckDodgers in a comment last week:

I've uncovered evidence that traditional cultures all over the world have been creating lots of RS3 for a very long time.

Biology and Chemistry of Jerusalem Artichoke: Helianthus tuberosus L., by Stanley J. Kays, Stephen F. Nottingham

"Precooking the tubers has been a culinary practice for many years and is mentioned, for instance, in the 1633 edition of Gerard's Herball and in the 1738 edition of La Varenne's le Cuisinier Francois."

Indian tribes actually made RS cakes!

Tuber & Root Crops

"Elephant foot yam chutney with or without dry fish is [a] common dish among the tribes of Tipura and Meghalaya...Cooking the elephant foot yam in bamboo shoot ash water and after decanting water, the cooked tubers are made in to paste and dried in the form of a cake. After drying, the cake is again cooked in bamboo shoot ash water and dried in sun after decanting ash water. This dried cake can be stored for 30-45 days without any quality deterioration."

And my personal favorite...

North American Cornucopia: Top 100 Indigenous Food Plants, by Ernest Small

"Duck potato was in fact a staple food for many Indian tribes. On boiling or roasting, the tubers became pleasant in taste. Some Native North Americans sliced boiled tubers and strung them on twine to dry and store for winter use (dried tubers store about as well as potatoes)...The dried tubers can be ground into a flour."

And then we have the "Blue Zones" where people tend to live exceptionally long lives for a number of reasons. But, it turns out, most of those "Blue Zone" cultures have one thing in common that nobody really notices. They were all relatively poor [Grace: and have soil exposures via gardening and farming!]. And what do poor people do?...

Why do sardinians live so long?

"Sardinians were poor for most of their history. And so their diet is incredibly simple and frugal. Their traditional dishes are about using up leftover pasta, bread, meat and cheese."

Yep. They were saving all their foods and inventing ways to reheat them because they didn't have the resources to waste their food.

The Nicoya (another "Blue Zone") in Costa Rica had their Gallo Pinto, a leftover rice and beans dish. In Panama and in El Salvador, they call it Casamiento. In Cuba it's known as Platillo Moros y Cristianos.

Tuscans have their Ribollita. "Bubble and Squeak" is a famous leftover potato/meat dish in Europe, and just about every European culture had their own version of it.

Wherever we look, we see a long tradition of saving foods and dreaming up new ways to reuse them.

There were also societies that utilized isolated, raw starches (RS2) in a variety of interesting ways, but never as a main source of calories and nourishment.

  • Horchata de Chufa, a tigernut starch drink that is still enjoyed by many around the world today;
  • Fufu, a starchy dough made from cassava root eaten in Africa;
  • Chicha, similar to Horchata de Chufa but made with corn;
  • Chuno, a dehydrated potato staple of the Andes;
  • Tororo, made of the Asian yam Dioscorea opposita, often eaten with Natto;
  • Nuts and Seeds. Probably every single culture enjoys munching on raw nuts and seeds. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia, flax, and all manner of tree and ground nuts are universally enjoyed by people around the world and contribute to a healthy gut.


Looking back at our original set of parameters, we still have a ways to go, but here's the progress we've made:

Unanswered Questions

  • What is the optimal dose? Approximately 20g conventional fiber and 20-40g per day RS (RS3 or mix of RS1, RS2, RS3);
  • What is the optimal source? Real foods that provide a combination of RS and other fermentable fibers;
  • Will it make a difference in the grand scheme of things if implemented on a world-wide basis? Undoubtedly, and we're quite fucking sure about that!
  • Is it contra-indicated for anybody?  Rather ironically, those who need it most are the ones who will have the most trouble tolerating and getting up to speed with these recommendations. Various levels of gut dysbiosis leave people unable to ferment prebiotic food, or it is fermented by pathogens. On the bright side, there are a number of people in that state, figuring it out and passing on their knowledge.


  • RS supports a healthy gut microbe population.  ...But only if the healthy gut microbes are present;
  • RS exhibits undeniable effect on glucose control and satiety. Glucose, yes; satiety, mixed results;
  • RS in amounts of 20-50g /day are well tolerated. ...Unless the gut is already compromised by pathogens or disease;
  • RS can come from many sources including real food. Absolutely! It's the point, now that we've seen so many thousands of positive anecdotes even on less optimal isolated RS, like potato starch.

So far in 2014—less than 6 months in—there have been 51 papers released on PubMed with resistant starch in the title or abstract. Interest in RS is not waning but increasing—and we're gratified to be a collaboration of leaders in the RS popularsphere. What a marvelous opportunity that has rewarded countless improvement in real lives...and in so many cases, correcting problems from faulty popular errors that involve starving the gut; i.e., very low carb and ketogenic diets in chronic, rather than episodic practice.

The most recent paper, released just this week, is an RS3 animal study with human implications:

Effects of resistant starch on behaviour, satiety-related hormones and metabolites in growing pigs

The study concludes:

Possible underlying mechanisms for RS-induced satiety include increased 24h plasma SCFA levels, and decreased postprandial glucose and insulin responses. GLP-1 and PYY seemed not to play a role in RS-induced satiety. Low blood serotonin levels in RS-fed pigs suggested a difference in intestinal serotonin release between treatments. Increased postprandial plasma triglyceride levels corresponded with increased SCFA levels, but it is unclear whether triglycerides may have signalled satiety in RS-fed pigs.

So you see, it's not just us with unanswered questions, it's everyone. When you consider the interactions of RS and 100 trillion gut microbes in up-to 1,000 species in snowflake diversity per individual—and its effect on the brain-gut connection—it becomes massive. Eventually this will all get sorted out. Or not, and we'll just toss our hands in the air, seed and feed.

Until then, we’ll keep an eye out for even more daily revelation...whilst others focus on only 10% of you, trying hard to motivate you—day after day—to starve and maltreat 90% of the cells within the borders of your skin. Good luck with that.

We assert that they—from VLC to trademarked Paleo (unchanged since 2002)—will lose. We're looking forward to it, because it can only mean healthier guts in the context of quality foods, and healthier people—free from the unintended consequences of VLC and meat-fat-non-starchy-vegetable "Paleo" diets.

Charles Richardson Smears a Reddish Tint of Orange on Your Face. A Resistant Starch N=1 With Bloodwork

Oh the hater howls last mid-February, here and everywhere. Gotcha!

See, I dared to publish Charles Richardson's facial before and after, because having seen many of the same over the years, I knew exactly what I was seeing; no shadow of a doubt, and in an instant. Visceral. Hugely reduced inflammation, and where that always seems most remarkable is in the face.

sidebyside 2014feb
Mr. Charles Richardson, 62. See the Original Post Here.

Instead of caving to the haters, who would never bother to look into Resistant Starch anyway—merely look for a gotcha—I doubled down and posted Michelle's similar facial recomposition.

me two times

Basically same hate around and about. Still obvious to me. To many others as well.

So anyway, the problem here is that Charles Richardson is no dummy. While I'm not certain of his background, he emails Tim and I full-text studies that aren't open full-text access. You speculate. Moreover, he's been on a low-carb and often ketogenic diet for about 40 years, he tells me. It was beginning to ruin him, he also tells me, and "Stupid Fucking Potato Starch" changed his life.

Sly as he is, he did before and after bloodwork, so let's check it out, shall we? The only thing he changed was adding RS via Potato Starch to his otherwise LC diet.

CRP (C-reactive protein - marker of general inflammation)


Triglycerides (fat in the blood)


Total Cholesterol to HDL Ratio (lower is better)


Triglycerides to HDL Ratio (lower is better)


OK, so while not every single thing is optimal, most are, and he was otherwise moderate and high risk after 40 years on an LC and often Ketogenic diet. This will immediately be dismissed by 100% of LC Doctors, guaranteed. GUARANTEED! You see, most LC doctors operate on the premise that a chronic LC and/or ketogenic diet is the most optimal and healthy. Therefore, if bloodwork is "adverse," it's because there's something wrong—either the tests don't matter, there's no basis for them, or in some cases, bad is actually good (such as in high cholesterol driven by eating as much butter as you can).

I advance the bizarre notion that while there is nothing in the world wrong with natural fats in plants and animals, that the optimal way to get at them is to eat the food they come in, and to not go overboard processing them to extract the fat portion, eating them supplementally while beating your chest. Crazy, I know. And, I'll still dress my salads in EVOO.

So I've come a little full circle. Love all the natural fats. I try to minimize added fat, above the fat that's in the foods I eat.

There's one more chart, and this is a test I knew zero about. I love to learn new things, so those who know, please do elaborate in comments.

Monocytes (middle is better)


Wikipedia says:

Monocytes are a type of white blood cells (leukocytes). They are the largest of all leukocytes. They are part of the innate immune system of vertebrates including all mammals (humans included), birds, reptiles, and fish. They are amoeboid in shape, having clear cytoplasm. Monocytes have bean-shaped nuclei that are unilobar, which makes them one of the types of mononuclear leukocytes (agranulocytes). Monocytes constitute 2% to 10% of all leukocytes in the human body. They play multiple roles in immune function. Such roles include: (1) replenishing resident macrophages under normal states, and (2) in response to inflammation signals, monocytes can move quickly (approx. 8–12 hours) to sites of infection in the tissues and divide/differentiate into macrophages and dendritic cells to elicit an immune response. Half of them are stored in the spleen[1] (except in people who have undergone splenectomy). Monocytes are usually identified in stained smears by their large kidney shaped or notched nucleus. These change into macrophages after entering into the tissue spaces.

So pretty cool, eh? There's a comment somewhere I just saw where after significant time on Resistant Starch, the guy's cholesterol shifted from pattern B to pattern A. Chris Kresser:

Researchers working in this area have defined what they call Pattern A and Pattern B. Pattern A is when small, dense LDL is low, large, buoyant LDL is high, and HDL is high. Pattern B is when small, dense LDL is high, HDL is low, and triglycerides are high. Pattern B is strongly associated with increased risk of heart disease, whereas Pattern A is not.

And on the other side, someone I saw in comments had a higher particle number of cholesterol after some months.

For me, Charles' numbers suggest an hypothesis that 1) LC diets might be metabolically great for human cells, but they starve the other 90% of cells in your body, leading to adverse outcomes; and 2) that the gut biome is of such tremendous importance (recall, the only thing he changed, and he's a 4-decade-long practitioner of LC) that we're only beginning to scratch the surface.

A few closing notes:

  1. I keep getting these emails and other confirmation bias messages, where a chronic LCer uses potato starch, gains a couple of pounds, and says Ha! Dealt with. "Now I can speak with AUTHORITY!" You should gain weight: in biomass (lean), in colon wall width (lean), and also in your own lean tissue (lean): Resistant starch and energy balance: impact on weight loss and maintenance. So laughably, the LC Shiites are doing what the LC Shiites always do: operate from the premise that anything counter just has to be wrong a-priori, and all they have to do is figure out a way to show it.
  2. If you're new to all this: A Gut Microbiome, Soil-Based Probiotic, and Resistant Starch Primer For Newbies.
  3. The soil based probiotics are critically important. This mimics what you might have received living in the dirt as Paleoman: Probiotics: The Genetic Component of Obesity. The idea here is rather one of a unification. Perhaps obesity is genetic—but the genes in your gut microbiome outnumber those of your human cells by over 100 times. Think about that. And think of the brain-gut connection, and all the synthesized chemicals they give off that influence your desires, urges, hungers and in-turn, behaviors.

In terms of the SBOs in #3, they are pricey. What I suggest is to pound them for a couple of weeks, then back off to 1 pill, once per day, of one of the brands, rotating through. So, each bottle should last you almost 6 months, but you're getting the widest range possible.

People have asked, "well, once the microbial population is established, can't you just stop, but continue to feed via Resistant Starch?" Maybe, but we know that ancient man got a regular supply of dirt via his environment and on the food he was eating, particularly in dug-up roots. So, it'll always be a part of my regime, but I think one pill every three days or so—and periodically going with no supplementation at all—is what's currently on the table for me.

...The book is going crazy. we're aiming to get it to the publisher in time for a Holiday release. We'll see. Lots and lots to do still. Sitting at about 400 pages, over 2,000 references, with a substantial number of references having been published in 2013 and 2014.

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