Getting Stoned On Peat For the Ultimate Rapid Body Recomposition

I've kept this latest self experiment under wraps for some months. In truth, it's perhaps what's most responsible for my reasonable body composition improvement recently.

It was some months ago I was up at my vacation home in Arnold, CA, and found myself driving by this encampment of bikers all sitting around, appearing to be smoking something. I stopped to inquire, admire the bikes, that sort of thing.

They were smoking Peat.

Peat (turf) is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation or organic matter that is unique to natural areas called peatlands or mires.[1][2] The peatland ecosystem is the most efficient carbon sink on the planet[2] because peatland plants capture the CO2 which is naturally released from the peat maintaining an equilibrium. In natural peatlands the "annual rate of biomass production is greater than the rate of decomposition" but it takes "thousands of years for peatlands to develop the deposits of 1.5 to 2.3 m, which is the average depth of the boreal peatlands".[2] One of the most common components is Sphagnum moss, although many other plants can contribute. Soils that contain mostly peat are known as a histosol. Peat forms in wetland conditions, where flooding obstructs flows of oxygen from the atmosphere, slowing rates of decomposition.[3]

But this wasn't just any Peat. First, these guys have a biker club (Sons of Peat) with a chapter in Scotland (Musky Original) where this very special Peat is obtained via—it's rumored—special ties with the Irish Republican Sphagnums. Second, smoking this Peat gets you pretty Stoned and it's tradition to sit around singing Scottish folk music while passing the Peatpipe. ...Yea, everyone lafs when you say 'Peatpipe,' especially if you do a Joaquin Phoenix impersonation.

But that's not even the most interesting thing about this secretive tradition. The Peat has to be harvested only after exposure to the proper Rays of sun, until it obtains a precise temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit—and you harvest immediately. While some wait until 98.7—or even what's commonly considered an irresponsibly crazy 98.8—this is not advised for inexperienced Peat-Stoners. This has been dubbed The Schwarzbein Effect. Now, you can hit it or miss it—some are known to just stab a thermometer into the peat at all hours in order to find just the right sweet spot by accident. But those experienced and in the know, understand that sprinkling crystalline refined sugar and salt on the Peat has a profound effect, such that the Rays of the sun magnify upon the Peat and the Shwarzbien "trigger" is reached much more quickly, uniform, and sure.

It's a far better Stoning.

But I have to tell you. I wasn't going to reveal any of this until a discovery last Sunday morning that just put the whole thing over the top for me. I whipped up a batch of pancakes, and added some of my Peat stash to the batter. The added effect was unmistakable. I still haven't sorted it out, but I think a rapid re-heating to something over 98.6 after it has been chilled may have some connection with the gut biome. Perhaps it interacts in ways with other gut foods, such as resistant starch, and so we come full circle.

Of course, more study is needed, but I'm quite optimistic.

Insane Clarity – Cholesterol, Ketogenic, and Low Carb Myth Busting

I was just going to leave it at that. And this one too, even though I had a follow-up post planned initially. Then I got this comment from "FormerBlogger."

A few of us quit blogging (fairly prominent sites) because we were tired of being associated in any circles with Jimmy Moore. You just could never win. If you didn’t affiliate with him, people thought you were a hater; if you did, you just didn’t sleep well at night knowing you were acknowledging a doughy dufus who made money marketing himself. At the end of the day, some of us chose to sleep at night, and put our sites to rest (we had a combined running total of well over two decades).

I asked recently why Jimmy Moore was so fat. I was met by the excuses of accolytes, from “his book writing made him gain weight” (funny, I wrote two and never gained weight), and “I choose to support Jimmy” (which isn’t even a response). People refuse to hold him to the standards we should hold marketers and salesmen to. Now that he’s jumped into paleo, it’s even more incomprehensible this new crowd is looking the other way. Why isn’t anyone calling this chubby guy out? Why are people funding a lie? Are we saying there are no better alternatives out there? And if not, why not? Where’s the common sense leadership?

And from "AnotherFormerBlogger."

There are many of us! Jimmy Moore is obese again, nothing new, I just won’t participate and haven’t in a few years. Not my monkeys, not my circus.

Along the way, there have been a number of mildly dissenting voices; that after years of supporting Jimmy Moore and standing up for him many, many times, I'd finally had it with him. And, I understand their dissent. The old "baby with the bathwater" thing.

Well, yea, but this has become Rosemary's Baby, now. It's high time for infanticide.

...I recall first getting wind of Jimmy in about early 2008, I think. It was also a time where he'd maintained his LC-diet weight loss for a decent while but was beginning to experience problems. As a guy on the decline from 245+ to an eventual 175 myself (then at perhaps 220), I overlooked it, largely because of the podcast. I never read his blog regularly—I have my own. But the podcast was quite something in those days. So much cool info that really helped me gain a wide perspective.

And, it was quite something to initially be a guest, then another appearance or two, and finally, guest hosting it about a year ago. Now, I see the podcast as an endless array of The Usual Suspects to prop up his sycodouche, peppered with the occasional dissenting voice to manipulatively lend a sense of integrity to people who are only looking for authority figures anyway. I choose to not feed into any sense of Guru seeking, going forward. Rather, I wish to declare open season on all Gurus, for whateverthehell reason you like.

It's difficult to regret any of it, however. I'm more of a life goes on kinda guy, and don't ever agonize over couldashouldawoulda. Humans are very bad at integrating the context of the time with actions at that time. Give yourself a pass, and just don't do that shit anymore once you come to your proper senses.

...Someone else pointed me to Jimmy's "I Will No Longer..." post, where he's going to let himself off the hook in terms of adhering to pretty much every standard that's logically, critically integrated into everything his Low-Carb Business is about.

I was talking to a trusted friend this week about what’s been happening in my life over the past year that has had a direct impact on my weight. I’ve been very open and honest about this and working diligently behind-the-scenes to create strategies that will help control the stress that is raising my cortisol and blood sugar levels making it next to impossible to lose weight right now despite faithfully eating low-carb, high-fat. With so many people writing to me sharing their own frustrations about the lack of weight loss despite everything being right in their diets, I wanted to offer up some encouragement to them and myself that all hope is not lost. Keep in mind there are so many non-diet reasons why your weight is stuck or going up, including stress-induced cortisol spikes (what I believe I’m dealing with), lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances, getting older, and more. I’m always amused by those who say the ketogenic diet must not work because people like me don’t have the “perfect” body and weight. Despite our cultural obsession with this, there are many other markers of health besides weight–triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, minimal small, dense LDL particles, A1c, fasting insulin, hsCRP (key inflammation marker), CT heart scan, and many other tests. The fact that these markers are still all excellent for me is what keeps me motivated while still working through the weight challenges.

Shorter Jimmy: I'm so stressed about not losing, but gaining weight instead, that I can't lose weight, only gain weight.

Do you even need to unpack that? It is too ridiculous; it is to laf. It is designed for his cadre of fucktard sycophants—who are now beyond excuse for their own selves. Read the bolded sections again. Essentially: it's got to be something else, and not that one thing we can't speak of, lest it tarnish the LC/Ketogenic magic appeal of gluttony.

Jimmy gained about 60 pounds AGAIN!, in a year or two—an incredible rate of gain in a SAD world where it typically creeps up on people 10 pounds per year—and it could be anything or everything except the one thing that actually caused it: he ate too fucking much, too fucking often.

The CICO guys are once again vindicated. You can't fool mother nature; you can't fool physics or thermodynamics. Now, WHY he ate too much too often IS a valid question, and it's my particular area of interest. In that, all of his excuses might play a role, and others, such as the gut microbiome. But, the role is contributory to making the conscious or unconscious decision to eat too much, too often: the absolute cause of his gobsmacking weight gain over a relatively sort period of time is simply eating too much over that period of time than he expended in energy over that same period of time—and even the Eadesian metabolic advantage of 300 kcal/d doesn't matter.

People get stupidly confused about this, because they weigh themselves every day and lose the forest through the trees. The bod doesn't work like that. Every long-term weight gain is comprised of a wave function with days of weight gain and weight loss, in an overall upward trend. Every long-term weight loss is comprised of a wave function with days of weight gain and weigh loss, in an overall downward trend. The difference is that in the former, it's higher highs and higher lows. In the latter, lower highs and lower lows.

So, you can count all the fallacious ways Jimmy got fat yet again, if you like, but there's really only one reason, you silly cunts. Nonetheless, he's going to let himself off the hook—that people are rightfully holding him to account for—because it's inexplicable and, "despite everything being right in [his] diet." That's called an A priori falsehood. You don't even need to get up off the couch to know and understand that virtually nothing is right with his diet.

...This is nothing new, though, and guys like Dr. Michael Eades paved the ad hoc way. They taught acolytes well in Atkinianity. Here's Eades' modus operandi:

  1. You haven't read the studies.
  2. Oh, you have? Well, you might want to look at the full text, not just the abstract.
  3. Oh, you did that too? Well, you need to understand how to interpret them.
  4. ...Oh, BTW, it's either observational, it's old, or the researchers don't understand basic biochemistry, or they're not serious anthropologists, or whatever.
  5. Oh, still not satisfied? Well, OK, then it's basic biochemistry. I'll post about it in a year or more.
  6. What? A genetic mutation that makes some people different? Dismissible. "Stef," and Basic Biochemistry.
  7. Oh, BTW, there are experts in the field. An expert is someone I think I agree with.

I don't hate Jimmy, though I can't bring myself to well wishes, anymore. I'm thoroughly disgusted by Michael Eades. I think he's a consummate liar, manipulator, and a fraud in terms of dietary advice—which is why I'm glad he went into the appliance business. I'm a sucker for redemption and even though you can do a decent sous vide on the cheap, his creation is cool and I paid for it, so he can't take it away.

Look here. It's but one tiny example of what The Duck Dodgers have been dealing with in terms of Eades' Intransigence for well over a year—though we started off in a very honest attempt to get him to come along with new discovery. Valhalla proved too enticing.

This is from Peter's blog, last November. The snark goes substantially up the thread, but here's where it gets funny. Eades:

No dishonesty on my part at all. You once again are getting confused by Draper's speculation versus what was actually measured.

It is true that Draper did write the above line in the paper in question. But here is where critical reading of the literature comes in. In Table II on page 314 (for those of you who want to follow along from home), in the far right column, it shows the glycogen content of the native foods (meat) to range anywhere from 0.1-0.9 grams. I averaged it to 0.5 grams. Remember, these are not speculative - they are measured. And measured in the native foods. Which is what, I have assumed, we've been talking about all along - the native Inuit diet of meat. [condescension emphasized]

Uh, oh.

LOL, so you are having trouble reading. You read it wrong!

Table II is not measured in grams. Table II is a measurement of percent of nutrients obtained from native foods.

In other words, each column is just the percentage of that nutrient that was obtained from native foods.

Try reading a little more closely next time, Dr. Eades!

Did that humble him in any way? Bitch please. He's Doctor Eades! And here's a more recent Dr. Eades (his blog doesn't have comment hyperlinks, so hit that link and do a Find on a relevant string). He still must assume—and show his congregation of blind-believing, cock-sucking, groupie-whore fucktards—that any interlocutor isn't aware of studies; only read the abstract if he is aware; or doesn't know how to "interpret" them if both prerequisites have been satisfied (rather like a Supreme Court interpretation of the plain English U.S. Constitution). In other words, the very only way that you and Mike Eades could ever see eye to eye on any study ever done anywhere, by anyone, at any time, is if you agree with him on its findings.

Your comments make it patently obvious that you have little understanding of the stable isotope literature. [...] you need the 15N studies for that. All of which you carefully ignore.

You’re interested only in promoting a specific viewpoint that bears little resemblance to scientific reality. And, like Team DD, you’re fond of cutting and pasting large swaths of text without really knowing what they mean or how to interpret them. And, like Team DD, you’ve drifted into repetitive troll territory.

So (BTW, his interlocutor was just another in "Team DD"):

Right back at you. You are apparently unaware that the 15N values are misleading for determining meat consumption:

“Nitrogen isotope values in particular can be misleading. First, because of the complex nonlinear relationship between food source and consumer, it is not possible to accurately estimate the proportion of meat versus plants in the diet, since large changes in the percentage of meat are indicated only by small increases in 15N values (Ambrose et al., 2003; Hedges and Reynard, 2007). Second, unlike herbivores that acquire all of their protein from plant leaves, foraging humans usually eat plants for their carbohydrate content, and therefore focus on the starch- and sugar-rich storage organs of plants, such as USOs and seeds (Lee, 1979; Marlowe, 2010). These storage organs may have higher nitrogen values (Hedges and Reynard, 2007), and in any case provide a smaller amount of protein to the body and are therefore relatively swamped by the meat protein signal.” –

Therefore, you won’t be able to conclude much about meat consumption from 15N values.

But there’s no need to be rude and terse with me. Do you always talk like that to anyone who disagrees with you?? It seems we are talking about different hominid species. I was referring to the dramatic shift from C3 foods to C4 grasses and sedges around ~3.5 million years ago, as explained by the National Academy of Sciences. Nowhere in any of the studies does anyone conclude that high-meat consumption was the most likely source of that shift for early hominids. You are inventing such conclusions if you think that’s what the studies said.

He published the comment, but it's crickets after that. I'm sure all his Usual Eades Groupie Fucktards took note of that. Not.

I'm not sure if you knew this, but rumor has it that Mike Eades has a Low-Carb, Fire-Breathing, Ketogenic Dragon in His Garage.

"A fire-breathing dragon lives in my garage." [...]

"Show me," you say. I lead you to my garage. You look inside and see a ladder, empty paint cans, an old tricycle--but no dragon.

"Where's the dragon?" you ask.

"Oh, she's right here," I reply, waving vaguely. "I neglected to mention that she's an invisible dragon."

You propose spreading flour on the floor of the garage to capture the dragon's footprints.

"Good idea," I say, "but this dragon floats in the air."

Then you'll use an infrared sensor to detect the invisible fire.

"Good idea, but the invisible fire is also heatless."

You'll spray-paint the dragon and make her visible.

"Good idea, but she's an incorporeal dragon and the paint won't stick." And so on. I counter every physical test you propose with a special explanation of why it won't work.

Now, what's the difference between an invisible, incorporeal, floating dragon who spits heatless fire and no dragon at all? If there's no way to disprove my contention, no conceivable experiment that would count against it, what does it mean to say that my dragon exists? Your inability to invalidate my hypothesis is not at all the same thing as proving it true. Claims that cannot be tested, assertions immune to disproof are veridically worthless, whatever value they may have in inspiring us or in exciting our sense of wonder. What I'm asking you to do comes down to believing, in the absence of evidence, on my say-so.

In this context, the ad hoc, goal-post-moving is a concerted effort by Moore, Eades, et al, to prop up a sense of wonder in the ability to fool mother nature by being a quotidian glutton—only just keep the carbs low. It does work for some, perhaps many people. It worked marvelously for me at 25-30. Doesn't at 54. But, perhaps the real reason it worked for me at 25-30 is that it satiated me, and I focussed on various active things that took time away from sitting around, wondering what was in the cupboard or fridge.

Again, WHY you eat too much—too often for your level of activity—is the issue you ought best be dealing with. Or, think of it this way: it's not eat less, move more. Perhaps, it's move more, eat less. Think about the difference.

Well, all is apparently right with the world. Jimmy wrote Cholesterol Clarity to explain away very high cholesterol numbers that normal people don't have and might want to be concerned about—this is way apart from the Cholesterol Con. Then, he wrote Keto Clarity to explain away his and others' dietary failure on Atkins. And since it's now Atkinianity, it can't be wrong. Explanations, qualifications, and interpretations are always needed to keep the catechism sound for all the children.

Mike: call your office. Childrens needs interpretations. 

Moving To Cabo San Lucas Diary: I Just Bought a DoodleBug

I'll be blogging about the process all along the way.

What happens is that initially, you come up with the protoplan, and it develops over time into the working plan. So, for instance, the initial idea was to haul my trailer down there as my initial outpost.

photo 4
Home Sweet Home — Mobile Version

Thing is, I can rent a place like this for $325 per month—less than I'd spend on self-medicating booze in my American Cage. Palapas Permanente.

Screen Shot 2015 03 30 at 10 22 44 AM
Screen Shot 2015 03 30 at 10 23 23 AM

WiFi included.

So, doesn't make sense to haul a trailer and pay for parking it. I'm selling it. Ought to fetch around $10,000. $2,500 of that has just been spent on a DoodleBug, so I can more easily tour the area by air, above the unwashed masses of fray. It's getting ready to be shipped to me from Everett, WA, now.

20140412 125759

What is it? Why, it's an extreme minimalist ultralight setup that you hook up to your regular hang glider. It's basically using a chainsaw engine with a propeller, to fly a hang glider under power. Weighs in at 50 lbs.

Here's another, some UK WankerDoodles.

For the more adventuresome: "Hang gliding is freedom from the penitentiary of everyday life."

So, with the other $7,500 from the sale of the trailer, I'm looking towards buying a small fishing boat once I get down there. If there's enough, a fishing boat and a jet ski.

Much more to come as I sort the adventure of a lifetime.

Escaping Your Environment Changes Your Paradigm

IMG 3096

Posting the pics of myself Thursday night was an impulse encouraged by Beatrice. When she saw me after five days she kept mentioning my appearance; and not just physical, but spiritual—for lack of better word. Sure, I'd been on "vacation," but it's also been a working vacation centered around a business I stumbled upon developing here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She knew something was fundamentally up with me about 10 seconds from this snapped moment.

IMG 3053

That last wasn't in any way posted to announce that I've Arrived! have all the answers, and now have the physicality and spirituality (feeling good in my own skin) to show for it. I just know I'm on the right path now. When that happens, things change fast. People notice, fast.

Beatrice put it best yesterday after a while observing me: "In San Jose you're a caged animal."

So, for many reasons I'll be writing about throughout the process, we've decided that the dessert "island" at the south end of the Baja Peninsula is probably the right place for us to relocate, and very soon. Research and planning are already in process. I might even be hauling my trailer down here very soon, as my initial settlement. 1,500 miles.

...So if, as Bea says, I'm a caged animal up there in California—in "The Land of the Free"—then seems to me—minding what words and concepts mean—that before I do anything else, I must escape, right? If being caged and feeling trapped is my paradigm—and there's absolutely no way to not experience the negative consequences—then haven't I to break free as just the first order of business? I mean, come on? How do you get right with a fucking cage? How do you get right in a fucking cage where you literally want to bite out the throats of most of your fellow inhabitants because you fundamentally loath them so?

It rings true to me. I hate America and I say that in truth. I have not the slightest sliver of pride in being an American (it got ruined—cool while it lasted), and I would not care a lick if it went the way of rapid exponential decay. Ruined social experiment, with cool digs. I do not care what happens to it, nor any inhabitant of it including myself while here. I stop short of actively wishing it ill, but at the same time, I'm a fan of natural justice. It will be interesting to see what might happen when people like me—or others for vastly different reasons—flee, and spend all dollars elsewhere—even while cashing in on social security or retirement paid by current workers—and that magnifies to the hundreds of billions in time, with those who remain being taxed to make up the difference.

Get your popcorn. I could care less what happens to America. It's only proof to me that you ought never let a bunch of Puritans get in boats.

Take your Social Security; your State, Municipal, or Federal retirement and move to someplace where you can rent a place with marble floors and an awesome view of the ocean for $800 per month. Lift a middle finger. Laf at the working stiff suckers still buying into the lie and paying your way. Laf at them. Make fun of them. Send them pics of you lounging on the deck at their expense. Spare no hubris.

I am getting my ass out of America and I'm telling you now: it's going to be a huge trend. America fucking sucks. Too many fucktards.

Escape is now my mantra and if you escape to a better place, then things change for the better because your entire paradigm is different.

Someone asked me in comments:

Richard – Have you cut out all booze?

"No, haven’t, but being busy most of the time on productive endeavors simply gives me better things to do. Hell, funny enough, but being here on vacation, I drink less than at home. First two days here I had a total of a beer, a margarita, and a Piña colada. Last evening, and most days, are very similar."

Someone else.

So Richard,

What have you been eating lately?

What is the food/diet of the week/month?

You see, assholes like Mark Finnegan are like Moore and Eades groupies. They've got to have The Diet that is Good For Everyone, forevermore (easier to sell books). Rather than experimentation and change—meaning you're dynamic, rational, thinking, skeptical—they see it as weakness...all the while, the fraudulent, dishonest, and manipulative intransigence of Moore and Eades is a sign of strength. But anyway, I can't really care about fucktard wankers showing up to jerk off in my comments, so...

"Basically, I try to always prefer whatever is cooked by hand from a list of real food ingredients. I eschew stuff in boxes, processed food, fast food. Bottled salad dressings. Especially, all deep fried stuff, even french fries, now. If I do opt for the fries, it’s always something like just a few bites of them, leave 2/3 of them. Probably, eating ANYTHING deep fried ought to go as the #1 don’t do it.

"Otherwise, no, don’t care much. Last night, Bea and I ate in the room here in Cabo. We shared a wonderful bowl of caldo de pollo (truly awesome) and a flank steak quesadilla with guac and fresh salsa. We split a can of Mexican coke.

"Soon, we’ll do the breakfast buffet. I’ll probably have a croissant, brie cheese, a big bowl of mixed fruit including papaya; scrambled eggs, refried beans, some potato, and a glass of either orange juice, or this cactus & celery smoothie they have.

"No doubt by the pool this afternoon, we’ll share grilled fish tacos on corn tortillas garnished with fresh red cabbage, fresh salsa, and fresh Mexixican sour cream (which is amazing and creamy not paste, BTW)."

Here's been an example of my Fuck Low Carb and Fuck Faux Paleo breakfast most days here. Not afraid of anything.

IMG 3067
Croissants, Brie, Mixed Fruit, Cactus Smoothie, Coffie, Eggs, Beans, Potatoes, Sausage, Bacon

But you may notice I don't have either two cubes of butter or, embarrassing, untoward helpings of sausage & eggs. And then, I never ever do seconds anymore, and I always leave almost a little something of everything. It's an ethic I've come to embrace because I believe I got fat because of wall-to-wall gluttonous relatives, and with rare exception. They're just gluttons about food, always have been. Occam's Razor. I was just taught that way. More is always better. Clean your plate. Then go back for more. Thank the cook.

All of them only liked "Paleo" while it lasted because it was a magic way to still be a glutton. Occam's Razor.

IMG 3068

Beatrice could tell you, because she's mentioned it a lot of times over months. I've become super critical of taste—I especially loath over spiced and especially, salty. I will not take more than a bite or two of stuff that doesn't please me, and if it does, only a reasonable amount and leave something.

It works better than anything and just as another commenter said, that I agree with:

Thanks in large part to your blog, I have also come full circle, and food is once again just food. This is after about four years of wandering in the desert through many different highly restricting diets (vegan, paleo, keto, “clean”, etc.). What’s hilarious to me is that I’ve started right where I began, with Brad Pilon’s “Eat Stop Eat.” The addition of resistant starch makes it that much easier to fast. And that right there is easily 98% of what I actually need to be healthy and lean. The rest is just over complication. Thanks man.

I had a sneaking suspicion way back when, and this is like 2009. What if Brad is right, and so long as you're not a total glutton, what you eat is less important than when you just don't eat?

Alright, I'll have more later. Right now, I've been using Google Earth to absolutely be amazed at what that drive down the Baja Peninsula in my lifted Beemer with big tires is gonna be like.

A Rare Picture of Richard

It's rumored that I'm afraid to post pics of myself, for any number of reasons, and I've heard them all (obese, diabetic, hypothyroid, alcoholic...a complete mess...even sarcopenia in a recent comment on Eades' blog). The fact is, I'd rather it really not be about me personally, going forward. On the other hand, some insist, so here's a rarity.

Greetings from Cabo San Lucas.

IMG 3059

But then again, it's a bit distant, poor lighting, etc. Well, OK.

IMG 3061

I'm sure it's imperfect for a formerly fat guy, now 54. But I found something curious. While a total omnivorous meat lover, the more I switch out some of that protein and fat for some carbs—and even GASP!—2 or 3 sugary sodas per week—the more favorable seems to be my weight and body composition. It doesn't hurt to almost never snack, either. Oh well.

And oh well here, too: fair game. Jimmy Moore started this whole issue at AHS12 by publishing an unflattering pic of me, sitting and hunched over.  Let me return the favor for the "thriving" king of nutritional ketosis.

It's All About the Thriving...And a Ketone Meter and Strips

...I'll tell you something else. I don't need to wear a girdle, because "TV makes me look" fatter than George Clooney.

Paradigmatic Juxtapositions

The other day I was approached by an older white dude in Cabo, as I was out and about and in a tank top.

"Sir, are you a veteran?" he asks.

"Of what?" I ask back politely, even though I knew what he meant—having a certain disdain as I do for the outright hijacking of a perfectly good word.

"Were you in The service?" hijacking another one.

"Well, I was a Navy officer way back in the 80s."

"...So you are a veteran."

"I didn't fight in any wars or anything, but it was a pretty cool job."

"Well thanks for your service," holding out his hand, which I shake politely. "I saw your flag tattoo and just wanted to thank you."

"Uh, it's a Black Flag," I say with a not uncertain level of emphasis..."you know? No Country?"

I wish I had a picture of the look on his face. And without a single word, he turned and scurried off. Nonetheless, nice guy. I understand his paradigm and the whole set of assumptions upon which it rests, for I advocate multi-paradigmatic thinking as part of an omni-centric mindset.

...Let's juxtapose that with Veronica, a 20-something, dark complexion, petite Mexican woman that works in the member services call center here at the resort I'm at in Cabo (she's 'in the service,' and I 'thank her for her [good] service' often). As I recount at that link, I talk to these bi-lingual girls almost daily (+ Hector, the lone wolf), sometimes several times per day but after three years, it was the first time meeting. Veronica sees me and exclaims excitedly.

"Is that an Anarchy tattoo!?"

"Yep, Order from Anarchy," I reply; "and that's not all," as I lift my short sleeve to expose the Black Flag.

"Yes, no country, right?" she asks.

Becky, her co-worker, looks over at me with a smile. "Veronica thinks different."

Indeed; different set of assumptions, lives in a different paradigm.

...Speaking of paradigms, how about the one where everything us humans are, we owe to meat; AKA, The Low Carb Paradigm? It rests on a whole bunch of assumptions now being knocked down right and left, to the general consternation of cocksure LC Diet Gurus with cadres of followers living in yet an additional paradigm: Guru Worship. Like Eades worshiper Marley Harris:

You may look like George Clooney but you think like Einstein which is why I’ve long been an Eades’ groupie.

Embarrassing. Over-the-top waymore where that came from, in metoo comments to a post that's so fucking ironic it's difficult to imagine straight faces—but such are paradigms with certain sets of assumptions. More on that in a subsequent post blast. Anyway, tons of Swedes took very seriously our takedown of the Inuit as a ketogenic society in general, as well as our exposure of Vilhjalmur Stefansson as an opportunist, lying, sac-of-shit fraud that literally stole money from investors based on falsehoods, and got people killed so he could steal more money.

Dr. Eades absolutely loves "Stef." Paradigms.

One thing cool about the Internet is its international foundation. But, that cuts both ways. Who can forget the jumping-up-and-down excitement of all the Swedes jumping on the LCHF bandwagon? Problem is, Swedes—though generally "commie" as hell socially—are nonetheless not your average Guru worshipper to the extent doG & Cunt-ry, Colorful Flag Waving 'Mercns are. They just aren't. Paradigms... Different sets of assumptions—perhaps that are taken more fundamentally than those temporarily adopted for the LCHF bandwagon.

Remember Per Wikholm? Got an email today, and he even runs a website called LCHF (low-carb, high fat). But apparently, they operate within a meta-paradigm where it's assumed that one must be honest and maintain integrity. Perhaps they even think that having a Guru status, bestselling books, and thousands of self-admitted "groupies" that tweet your every proclamation as word from Einstein, is probably a bad sign and a bad idea.

I´m really proud to have brought the RS revolution that you started on the FTA blog to Sweden. Now the train is really rolling and recently several people on Swedish LCHF for diabetics FB forums has started to test different forms of bean based pasta like blackbean spaghetti and other pastas made from green beans and soybeans. They all report only minimal post prandial bood glucose elevations, in the same neigbourhood as a stictly ketogenic LCHF meal would give.

Yea, you can get Black Bean Spaghetti.

Oh, my. Assumptions becoming too fucking stupid to continue to hold, on the right and just to the left. What are cocksure Gurus like Eades to do?

...And what of The LECTINNNNNNNNNS!!!!!?

Well, more assumptions that created paradigms are going to come crashing down and with any luck, many of the "Paleo" hucksters who built businesses on the basis of toxin-free "Paleo" living on brownies and cookies will come crashing down too, for I loath them the worst.

Perhaps you recall that The Duck Dodgers began a series on hormesis, which is a favorable biological response to low levels of toxins and stressors.

  1. The Hormesis Files: Chronic Ketosis and The Case of The Missing Glutathione
  2. The Hormesis Files: Who’s Afraid of Unrefined Sugar?

Looks like it's going to end up being about a 5-part series. Here's an official The Duck Dodgers update.

The next hormesis files post is going to shatter the Paleo™ toxins myth—since the very tribes / cultures (Inuit / Masai) that Paleo™ uses to justify a high fat diet were intentionally going out of their way to obtain the very toxins that Paleo strives to make people fear: a fear that is zero more than an opportunity to promote a low carb agenda with Gurus and their Groupies all on board. It has no basis when the eating habits of these cultures are examined more closely.

For instance, the favorite edible plants of Inuit were dwarf fireweed (Chamerion latifolium) and alpine mountainsorrel (Oxyria digyna) both of which are an antiscorbutic, and both contain a substantial amount of the same plant toxins that Cordain warns against. Plus, the Inuit drank lots of Labrador Tea, which is flat out poisonous in high doses. And the Masai ate even more of the same Paleo™ toxins than the Inuit did. So, modern Paleo™ will soon be proven as a lie for the promotion of Gurus and consumption of groupies.

Fuck that shit.

Eades derisively refers to The Duck Dodgers as Team DD, implying that it takes a whole group to challenge him when in fact, the pompous ass thoroughly basks in and takes advantage of argumentum ad populum by encouraging and cultivating thousands of blind-believing, sycophantic groupies. He loves surrounding himself with huge numbers of fucktard worshipers, which is really his greatest of many sins.

If you meet the Buddha, kill him. – Linji

Cabo San Lucas – Day 2 & 3 (So Far…)

Yesterday's Day 1 post.

A busy couple of days. It began with a flurry of inquiries via VRBO (listings here and here). The way I work those is to quickly answer any questions, if any, then tack on the boilerplate with all the rates and options. It's fire & forget. Never a follow-up, I don't add their emails to a list, and they'll never hear from me again unless I hear back from them with specific interest. When I do, I go to work to check availability, set them up with online booking, then lock it in and get their paperwork to them.

Ideally, I can have it all done in an hour or two, all online, zero physical paperwork. So, out of all the inquiries, perhaps 5 or 6, three got back to me, lots of questions, spoke with one woman in New Jersey, called the booking office and got confirmation on availability for all three, set them up with online booking via OwnerReservations.

Then I met Scott for breakfast. He's the sales guy I fist bought from just over three years ago and have since popped for two additional contracts, the latest one just three weeks ago. Part of the reason I'm here, as I said, is to experience the place myself after setting up 54 reservations for others over the last three years. The other part was to get the low-down on the new Solmar Co. resort HKS Architects designed: Rancho San Lucas Vacation Club, 4-5 miles up the coast. My Grand Solmar contracts will give me access to this property as well.

IMG 3008

Whereas, The Grand Solmar is a reasonably small property—locked in by a mountain, ocean, and The Playa Grande (another, older Solmar property)—that will have 250 rooms and suits when the final building is complete in July, this new property is enormous, like 3 miles along the beach, and will have 600 rooms, suites, and villas. It'll have a Greg Norman golf course, a road straight from the airport (already under construction), a salt-water lagoon, lazy river, and a wave pool. So, it's more like a Disney resort property in terms of all the family centric stuff.

Incidentally, in case you think Grand Solmar isn't world class, 1,136 of 1,373 reviews on Trip Advisor are 5-Star. Only 17 reviews are 1-Star—the sorts that would complain about accommodations in The Taj Mahal. Pretty much in line with my feedback. Out of 54 bookings, only 1 complaint over construction noise and an unavoidable power outage.

So, after all that, I had lunch for $7 including tax and tip, by the pool.

IMG 3015

Then, having been there a while and considering the idea, I sent emails out to the four sets of my guests staying here concurrently: "Hey, if you happen to see a guy with long hair, a black flag tat on one arm and a devil on the other, stop and say hi." I almost immediately heard back from George: "I saw that yesterday, see you soon." A couple of hours later, Michael and his daughter swam up in the Sunset pool and we chatted for a long while. I'd left the blog address in my signature, and he'd already read my previous two posts. It's really gratifying to see families so enjoying themselves.

I met Scott down at the lobby for dinner. He's lived here for 9 years, and this is his favorite place:

IMG 3017
Maro's Shrimp House

It's #7 of 388 restaurants in Cabo on TripAdvisor, with 2,703 reviews. Here's why.

IMG 3018
Grilled Butterflied Shrimp and Lobster Tails

That plate goes for a whopping $22. The lobster was firm & tender, like lobster should be and the clarified butter comes in one of those ramekin thingies with a flame under it. The shrimp was crazy good and the "cocktail" sauce? Slightly spicy, slightly sweet. Reminded me of chutney. So highly recommended. Can't wait to take Bea there. Scott insisted we go early, so we were seated immediately, by about 6:15. When we left about an hour later, there was a huge group waiting for tables.

Scott showed me around Cabo a bit, pointing out some other restaurants of interest, like Hacienda Cocina. Then he dropped my back and I stopped by the lobby bar to chat with folks which seems to come so naturally in a place where most are here for a week, Saturday-Saturday, or Sunday to Sunday. You keep encountering the same folks over and over, and it's quite nice.

Then I sat quietly by the pool for about an hour, marveling at how the ambient temperature was literally perfect.

IMG 3025
Via iPhone 6, no flash

Having fielded some questions for all three of those potential bookings during the day and getting them all set to finalize, I was a bit disappointed that nothing had come through. So, hit the sac. When I got up this morning at 7, there were two bookings, a 1BR Suite and a Studio Suite. That just paid for this whole vacation, times 4.

Jumped on the phone at 8 when the booking office opened, and Marta answered the phone—one of six bi-lingual call-center people (5 gals, one guy) I talk to regularly. She took care of both bookings promptly, like always, and I told her I had a surprise.

Two hours later, I walked the 5 minutes over to Playa Grande where their office is located and walked through the door. Total "Rock Star" moment ensues. Turns out that while a few members do rent their places out, nobody does it even close to what I do, or to this extent. Also turns out I get dispensation over a number of policies and procedures, such that I can get on & off the phone fast. It was really surreal and a total joy, to finally meet people I've spoken with dozens of times over three years, but never met face-to-face.

Lunch by the pool after wasn't really photo worthy, as I figured 'well, you've got to have at least one poolside club sandwich on vacation.' Obligatory. And I'm just a bit OD'd on fish and shellfish, so I believe I'll be heading over to the Ruth's Chris on the marina for that Big Filet, medium rare, and perhaps a Cesar salad. I'll chock it up to penance to the doGs of low-carb dieting for my wayward ways of late (...and I had a Mexican, cane sugar Coca-Cola with that sandwich, too).

Cabo San Lucas – Day 1

Here's the kickoff post from yesterday and the full set of photos of The Gand Solmar Land's End Resort.

First full day was spent getting a lay of the land, and lots of pool & sunshine. And, of course, lunch by the pool. $10, including tax and tip.

IMG 3002

Of course, some people come to Cabo for this:


...Or, this:


...For still others, me included, it's this:

IMG 3004
Sea Bass Stuffed with Shrimp and Scallops (though, a bit salty for my taste)

...And of course, "the real Mexico:"

Taco Bar!
Souvenirs and Tequila Shots

...Have too many tequila shots, and the signage becomes a redundancy.

All the photos were shot with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 12.1MP Micro Four-Thirds Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera with 14-45mm Lens. Everything, including the night shots, was on the auto setting—so no futzing with shutter speed or aperture, and only a couple photos came out too blurry to publish. The rest here, on Flickr.

Finally, got word that Beatrice got so jealous that she's book a flight for Thursday. Same Alaska flight I came down on, fling back Saturday on the same flight. More later. Enjoy yourselves out there.

Update: Days 2 & 3.

Los Cabos

Got in yesterday after a great flight experience, for once. San Jose - Cabo, direct, on-time 9:22 am departure, 2 1/2 hour flight, $50 upgrade to 1st Class. Then, an effortless $17 shuttle ride to The Grand Solmar Land's End Resort & Spa.

As I may have mentioned, I've been renting out my contract rights for three years now—about 50 sets of guests, and this is the first time I've stayed in it myself. Kinda over the top. I've stayed in Four Seasons that aren't as nice. But, it's a semi working vacation. My aim is to write a comprehensive travel guide to the resort and stuff within walking distance. Been shooting tons of photos.

Open Lobby

I'll be uploading all the photos to Flickr for anyone looking to check it out. ...Well, I just did... The Internet smokes here, even by the pool.

In the meantime, here was breakfast. When I go to tropical places, I pretty much eat only fruit & fish—some eggs & beans for breakfast is OK—breakfast meat not required.  So, here was breakfast. $13, including tax and tip; and including coffee, OJ, breakfast rolls and a pot of yogurt.


I was kinda laughing at all the people paying $30 for the buffet, when I couldn't even eat all I had.

OK, more later. I'll hit the Marina later. Suggestions for great seafood welcome. Just don't tell me Cabo Wabo. I hate Sammy Hagar, who ruined Van Halen, as far as I'm concerned.

Update: More from the first full day.

If You Can’t Buy Your Own Government, Migrate to a Place Where You Can

I like Mafia movies; principally, because it's just a form of alternative government and indoctrinated people make meaningless distinctions about it.

Everybody pays for government.

'Mercan fanboys and girls say stupid shit like, in making bad distinctions: "it's a protection racket." Well, what do you think the fucking US Feds are—with their endless election spectacles—dumb shit? They're objective, not for hire? Laf. The POTUS commands the highest payoffs in the history of planet earth.

Oh, I know: you live in a particular paradigm, resting on a set of assumptions. You learned it, were indoctrinated with it; and as such, mount resistance to any other paradigms upon which alternative sets of assumptions rest that are scary different from your assumptions.

Let me tell you my working assumptions:

  1. I have my own moral code
  2. I recognize that others have theirs
  3. I eschew forcing anyone, but I'd be delighted to blow brains on the wall should those others engineer to impose their sets of assumptions or corollary paradigms on me
  4. Don't want to be locked up
  5. I like to trade, where something I want less goes for something they want want less too, but each wants what the other holds, more

That's pretty much it, but you ought pay for protection if you're not isolated, and what fun is there in being isolated? Conundrum.

For me, owing to the logical conclusions of my assumptions, much "bribery" is pretty moral. Let's say a zoning commission stands in the way of you developing your property as you like. Pay them off, develop it. Win win.

...Or, because of some particular sort of social-political activism—where people waste their time trying to move society—suddenly, you find your business model that contemplates voluntary trade between you and the customers you cultivate in jeopardy because someone or a group has out-bid you in terms of payoffs, favors, political swag.

...So, imagine what you might be able to do if you moved to some island in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, whatever—or many places in south America on the continental beach. Imagine that for some Jacksons hand-to-hand, now & then, a Benjamin now & then—along with invites to your parties as notable guests—you could enjoy not only freedom to go about your peaceful affairs, but actual solid protection, the best money can buy?

But no, you want to CHANGE THE SYSTEM! Well, you're not much on balance sheets or P&Ls, are you?

Listen: Unless you're into the mega-millions here in the Good 'ol USA, you have been priced out of the market for 'freedom.' Don't buy into that fucktarded DEMOCRACY!!! shtick, where you spend your entire life agitating for what you will never, ever see. The only ones who see what they want in "The Land of the Free," anymore, are those who can pay to play. Do you imagine that the Corp executives of the 100 largest companies in America agitate about politics? No. They have a concern, they make a phone call, money flows, they typically get results. The only risk they really face is getting too exuberant or well known, because then they become a target for a takedown, just so everyone "knows" that what's always in play, is never in play.

Free the Animal means assessing the landscape. If its unsuitable for survival and well being and happiness, migrate to where it can be.

Only the human animal will spend its entire life—wasting it—on trying to change the minds of others, their sets of assumptions, their paradigms, how it shakes out and most importantly: the market over your personal agents of force.

...This is why I simply hurl insults, and typically eschew long winded philosophical essays. But in the end, I just like grabbing an idea and see what I can write about it.