Monday Morning Laf & Mok

1. The United States, once considered a bastion of economic freedom, now ranks 12th in the world.

Either get by, get your asses out, or whatever. I don't really care. Well, the only thing I do care about is abject moron fucktards spouting that 'land of the free' meme. I don't even bother to capitalize it, anymore.

Question: would it be possible for cannibals to ever be #1 in economic freedom? Or, how about a people for whom voting (forcing others to pay for your shit) has become their greatest Super Bowl?

I understand that I am repeating myself.

2. I can die now. I've been exampled in an article—writ by a "syndicated journalist"—with Tucker Max.

Screen Shot 2014 10 13 at 10 53 15 AM

Well, with BOTH a twitter feed and a website called BodyForWife, it's just kinda too delicious to ignore for at least a few hours of Laf & Mok. I must stipulate, though: Both Tucker Max and John Durant advised me against this.

But, I'm a shameless whore.

Screen Shot 2014 10 13 at 11 09 27 AM
Shameless Whore

The fun is limited to Twitter, and this. No need for any further, with Laf and Mok. Plus, at least one pussy male in league has already given the "adult conversation" admonition. Aaron Fuller's Twitter profile (@AndreYoungPhD) indicates that he's a "Future NBA coach." So, perhaps I'm out of bounds.

You can see the poking, laf, & mok  beginning here for me. My favorite:

Richard Nikoley ‏@rnikoley 3h3 hours ago
@TuckerMax @johndurant @BodyForWife I cook for my wife: "FEED THE ANIMAL!"

Here's Tucker:

@johndurant @rnikoley @BodyForWife scrub toilets for wife, save a ho for wife, be a barista for wife, icy hot stunnaz for wife

And John:

John Durant ‏@johndurant 3h3 hours ago
@TuckerMax @rnikoley his handle and website is @bodyforwife, Hahhahahhahahaha

Alright, time to get back to work. Plus, I need to walk the dogs or, Free The Animals.

Sunday Random Hit & Run – Health & Fitness Edition

Just another mishmash of links and commentary

1. Am I imagining things, or did Dr. Mike Eades just dismiss by implication, a few dozen arctic and Inuit researchers going back over 100 years as "lack[ing] an understanding of basic biochemistry?" 


After all, it's quite clear, if one actually reads the post, that it's almost entirely a review of all the research literature going way back, including the research of August Krogh, winner of the 1920 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the capillary motor regulating mechanism—nothing to do with biochemistry. Duck didn't assert anything. He merely quoted the literature, demonstrating that it was all reaching the same conclusion: that it either directly or by implication contradicts Stefansson's Friendly Arctic Fairy Tales and thus, contradicts Eades as well.

2. In contrast to Eades' confirmation bias and intransigence, here's Denise Minger's AHS14 presentation.

Lessons From the Vegans: What the Paleo Movement Can Learn From the Success of Plant-Based Diets

The paleo diet has a growing reputation for assisting in weight loss, managing or treating chronic disease, and boosting quality of life for those who follow its tenets. Yet low-fat, plant-based diets -- which are also gaining popularity in the mainstream -- appear to produce similar successes using a vastly different approach. How can such a dissimilar diet have health effects that mirror those of paleo? This presentation examines the reasons behind the success of plant-based diets, and discusses what the paleo movement can learn from them. In doing so, we'll gain a new perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of the paleo philosophy and question some common paleo "truths" that may not be as solid as we currently believe.

Had I not directly seen for myself and in my comments what the potato hack can do, I'd probably be highly skeptical of Denise's presentation. But I have, so I'm not.

3. What kids around the world eat for breakfast.

I had to find an excuse to post a pic of this adorable kid-face.

japansese girl
Natto is her favorite food

Saki Suzuki, 2 ¾ years old, Tokyo

The first time Saki ate the fermented soybean dish called natto, she was 7 months old. She promptly vomited. Her mother, Asaka, thinks that perhaps this was because of the smell, which is vaguely suggestive of canned cat food. But in time, the gooey beans became Saki’s favorite food and a constant part of her traditional Japanese breakfasts. Also on the menu are white rice, miso soup, kabocha squash simmered in soy sauce and sweet sake (kabocha no nimono), pickled cucumber (Saki’s least favorite dish), rolled egg omelet (tamagoyaki) and grilled salmon.

Check out the rest. Most of it puts most of what typical American kids eat to shame.

4. "This Video Of Second Graders Being Treated To A $220 Seven-Course Tasting Menu Is Utterly Delightful" (Digg)

Well, I find it depressing and sad, though their behavior is generally exemplary.

As part of their Food issue, the New York Times Magazine sent six second graders from Brooklyn's PS 295 to dinner at Daniel, one of New York's fanciest restaurants. Each kid was served a seven-course tasting menu that goes for $220 a person.

Now, imagine all the kids featured in #3 in the same setting.

5. Is eating behavior manipulated by the gastrointestinal microbiota?


Microbes in the gastrointestinal tract are under selective pressure to manipulate host eating behavior to increase their fitness, sometimes at the expense of host fitness. Microbes may do this through two potential strategies: (i) generating cravings for foods that they specialize on or foods that suppress their competitors, or (ii) inducing dysphoria until we eat foods that enhance their fitness. We review several potential mechanisms for microbial control over eating behavior including microbial influence on reward and satiety pathways, production of toxins that alter mood, changes to receptors including taste receptors, and hijacking of the vagus nerve, the neural axis between the gut and the brain. We also review the evidence for alternative explanations for cravings and unhealthy eating behavior. Because microbiota are easily manipulatable by prebiotics, probiotics, antibiotics, fecal transplants, and dietary changes, altering our microbiota offers a tractable approach to otherwise intractable problems of obesity and unhealthy eating.

That about says it all and has everything to do with my approach to all of this. Now, when I see all this 'metabolic, hormonal pathway' masturbatory stuff out there that doesn't contemplate the astounding complexity of the gut, I just laf. It's like watching a bunch of people strut around showing off their candles, while LED floodlights are now available. Here's what the paper covers.

  • Evolutionary conflict between host and microbes leads to host manipulation
  • Evidence indicates many potential mechanisms of manipulation
    • There is a selective influence of diet on microbiota
    • Microbes can manipulate host behavior
    • Microbes can induce dysphoria that changes feeding behavior
    • Microbes modulate host receptor expression
    • Microbes can influence hosts through neural mechanisms
    • Microbes can influence hosts through hormones
    • Mucin foraging bacteria control their nutrient supply
    • Intestinal microbiota can affect obesity
    • Probiotics are associated with weight loss
  • Predictions and experiments
    • Changing the microbiota composition will change eating behavior
    • A consistent diet will select for microbial specialists and lead to preference for those foods
    • Cravings should be associated with lower parasympathetic (vagal) tone, and blocking the vagus nerve should reduce food cravings
    • Microbial diversity should affect food choices and satiety
    • Excess energy delivery to the gut may reduce microbial diversity
    • High gut diversity may inhibit density-dependent microbial manipulation
    • Interrogation of host and microbiota genomes should reveal a signaling arms race
    • Food preferences may be contagious
  • Alternative hypotheses for unhealthy eating and obesity
    • Lack of willpower is not sufficient to explain unhealthy eating
    • Mismatch with scarce resources in our ancestral environment is not sufficient to explain unhealthy eating
    • Nutrient deprivation is not sufficient to explain unhealthy eating


Modern biology suggests that our bodies are composed of a diversity of organisms competing for nutritional resources. Evolutionary conflict between the host and microbiota may lead to cravings and cognitive conflict with regard to food choice. Exerting self-control over eating choices may be partly a matter of suppressing microbial signals that originate in the gut. Acquired tastes may be due to the acquisition of microbes that benefit from those foods. Our review suggests that one way to change eating behavior is by intervening in our microbiota.

It is encouraging that the microbiota can be changed by many interventions, hence facilitating translation to the clinic and public health efforts. Microbiota community structure changes drastically within 24 hours of changing diet [14, 115] or administration of antibiotics [116]. Fecal transplants have shown efficacy in treating a variety of diseases [117]. The best approaches to managing our microbiota are still open questions. Many studies of the effects of gut microbes on health have focused on identifying individual taxa that are responsible for human diseases, an approach that has been largely unsuccessful in generating predictive hypotheses. Studies have identified conflicting different groups of microbes associated with various diseases, including obesity [118, 119]. In other domains, it has proven useful to shift the level of analysis from properties of the individual to properties of the population, e.g. diversity [120]. Until we have a better understanding of the contributions and interactions between individual microbial taxa, it may be more effective to focus interventions on increasing microbial diversity in the gut.

Competition between genomes is likely to produce a variety of conflicts, and we propose that one important area, impacting human health, is in host eating behavior and nutrient acquisition. Genetic conflict between host and microbiota – selecting for microbes that manipulate host eating behavior – adds a new dimension to current viewpoints, e.g. host-microbiota mutualism [11], that can explain mechanisms involved in obesity and related diseases.

[emphasis added - keep it in mind when reading some of the stuff I'm seeing now that I consider far too clinically focussed for most people, far too deconstructed and reduced. Shotgun is going to be best for most people most of the time.]

...Of course, I'm sure all the microbiome researchers 'lack an understanding of basic biochemistry.' ...

Update to #1: Here's a follow up comment from Eades in response to the same person pointing out:

The article quotes over 20 different studies on the Inuit—spanning a century—including from a Nobel prize winning scientist August Krogh.

You don’t seriously expect anyone to believe that all of those scientists don’t understand “basic biochemistry” do you?

Well, I guess he does expect everyone to believe it. Eades:

They didn’t understand about glycogen degrading back then. If you want to believe the Inuit weren’t on low-carb diets, be my guest.

Wrong again. Here's Duck—someone who actually digs up research—in comments below:

I'm disappointed that Eades is still stuck on the minimal glycogen the Inuit consumed, rather than the fact that every study on the Inuit shows they were too high protein to be in ketosis. Nevertheless, he seems completely uninformed about what researchers knew about glycogen, at the time. I'm beginning to wonder if Dr. Eades is even bothering to read any of the scientific literature on the subject. Yesterday, Eades wrote:

mreades wrote: They didn’t understand about glycogen degrading back then. If you want to believe the Inuit weren’t on low-carb diets, be my guest.

Well, first of all, nobody said the Inuit weren't low carb. The scientific literature states over and over again that they ate very high quantities of protein and weren't ketogenic. Second of all, it's patently false that researchers were unaware of glycogen's rapid degradation at the time. In fact, its rapid degradation observed in 1865 was how Bernard discovered glycogen in the first place.

From: Claude Bernard and The Discovery of Glycogen Discovery of Glycogen At this time Bernard's estimations of the sugar content of extract of liver tissue were made in duplicate by titration with copper reagent of Barreswil, a modified Fehling's solution. He relates (Bernard, 1865, pp. 2291-295) how one day he was pressed for time and was unable to make his duplicate determinations simultaneously. He made one estimation immediately after the death of an animal and postponed the other until the following day. The second estimation gave a value very much higher than the first, and the difference was so great that Bernard investigated the reason for this discrepancy. Hitherto he had not ascribed significance to the length of time which elapsed between the death of an animal and the determination of the sugar content of the liver tissue. He now found that time was of great importance. Immediately after the death of an animal the liver was found to contain very little sugar, but within only a few minutes the amount of sugar had substantially increased, and at the end of two hours a large quantity had usually made its appearance.

So, from day one, glycogen was known to degrade rapidly. But, Eades has so much confirmation bias running through his blood, he refuses to recognize that glycogen in marine mammals was observed to degrade differently.

From: Observations On The Glycogen Content of Certain Invertebrates and Fishes Until recently very little information existed concerning the presence of glycogen in the fishes. That some at least is present in the tissues of marine fish had been shown by Cl. Bernard, Pavy, Brucke, and others. It was stated by Bernard that this glycogen is unusually resistant to the influence of post-mortem changes, and that it does not readily disappear during hunger. During asphyxia, however, the glycogen rapidly disappears.

Even in 1970, researchers found high levels of glycogen in some species of fish after 7 days on ice, at 0ºC.

From: Postmortem Glycolytic and Other Biochemical Changes in White Muscle of White Sucker (Catostomus commersoni) and Northern Pike (Esox lucius) at 0ºC "...Glycogen content of pike was found to remain relatively high even after 7 days of storage in ice. This is in contrast to the findings with several other species, including white sucker, where the muscle glycogen is practically completely degraded in 3–4 days."

Eades is wrong on just about everything he stated in his "confirmation bias" post, but doesn't have the decency to read anything that might enlighten his biases. What a joke.


Well, I guess I can be thankful I wasn't imagining things. I'd expected to get hand-waving over that—HE WAS ONLY TALKING ABOUT "DUCKS DODGES!" So, thanks for clearing that up, Mike.

Random Monday Hit & Run

Yesterday wasn't enough.

1. William F. Buckley, Jr.

Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.

2. Bill Maher and Sam Harris demonstrate in excruciating detail just how much of a Fucktard Ben Affleck is.

This is painful to watch. Revisit #1.

It's literally easier to talk to 3-yr-olds. Feel sorry for Jennifer. Here's a story in print.

3. The Olympics is all about The Nomenklatura,* now.

* The nomenklatura (Russian: номенклату́ра, Russian pronunciation: [nəmʲɪnklɐˈturə], Latin: nomenclatura) were a category of people within the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries who held various key administrative positions in all spheres of those countries' activity: government, industry, agriculture, education, etc., whose positions were granted only with approval by the communist party of each country or region.

FATSIS: Well, you have to consider the International Olympic Committee is this weird assemblage of aristocrats and sportocrats. They have tremendous leverage thanks to sponsorship and TV contracts. Now at least some cities are saying, enough, enough with the costs and the corruption and the voting scandals in groups like the IOC and soccer's FIFA. The past winter games in Sochi, Russia - $50 billion and a lot of that was slipped into pockets unknown. Spending on the Athens Olympics in 2004 pushed Greece into economic peril. These are all red flags for potential bidders. [...]

Yeah, the IOC doesn't take rejection well, we learned here. It issued this passive aggressive statement saying it is a pity that Oslo will miss out on this great opportunity to invest in its future. Poor Oslo. Norway's also going to miss out on a few other things, some demands that the IOC made. They were leaked to a Norwegian newspaper. And they read like a David Letterman top 10 list - cocktail party with the king, with the royal palace or the local Olympic organizers picking up the tab, separate lanes on all roads for IOC members - and I think it's important to point out that there are 105 IOC members - ceremonial welcome for the IOC president on the airport tarmac, meeting rooms set to exactly 20 degrees Celsius at all times. And number one of my top 10 list, IOC members shall be greeted with a smile when arriving at their hotel.

4. More evidence that a diet deficient in Animal Parts rots your brain.

This is as equally painful to watch as Ben is, above. Just remember: her name is "snow."

...More 3 yr-olds.

Random Sunday Hit & Run

I'm thinking this will be a regular Sunday deal and I may even do a "hump day" random as well. Let's jump right in. I'll start doing it in numbers instead of bullets for easy referencing in comments.

1. Deleting all Facebook: Enormous Relief.

Note that 100% of the 48 comments are supportive. One thing of interest is that since deleting it, my posts are no longer getting hardly any Facebook likes or shares. So, this must have been coming from FB fans predominately before, and since no more, they must not even have been engaging with the blog, but only on FB. But I really had no interest in separate comment threads for my posts on FB, so fine.

Has all this narcissistic, hyper-socializing jumped the shark? Will social media end up being "so 2000-teens?" Anyway, happy for the additional mindspace that allows me to focus my time on writing a blog and engaging real people on my blog.

2. I Deal With Dunning and Kruger Every Day. Every Where.

The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias manifesting in unskilled individuals suffering from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than is accurate. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their ineptitude. Conversely, people with true ability tend to underestimate their relative competence based on the erroneous or exaggerated claims made by unskilled people.

I'll take the latter. I'm happy to undershoot. I grew up around D-Ks in fundamentalist fucktardism ("born again" fucktards). Last weekend, I spoke with a young 20-someting niece and her friend (raised similarly, slightly more liberal). Listened to them laf and scoff at what their parents taught them about being a subject to a doG: to satisfaction and high salute on my pat and even, smacks on the cheek. It's just as I laf and scoff at my similar experience. It began crumbling for me in 1979 once I drove cross country and was on my own. How come I need to learn so many things from condemned heathens going to hell, if I know the TRUTH, THE WAY, AND THE LIGHT? Friar Occam suggests I was scammed by D-K types.

I told all my family 25 years ago that they were going to be lafing stocks. Glad they are, from the up-and-coming kids, now. Sow. Reap. And I get to have the intellectual, patriarchal stature. This will only get worse for all of them over time, as they become increasingly irrelevant unless they stop being fucktarded about Sky Fairies and after-life fantasies.

3. Gut Bacteria Always Get Fed.

Well, of course. If you aren't an HG who feeds them in spite of any knowledge on your part, they'll get fed anyway. it's a starvation adaptation, just like ketosis.

A team of scientists, led by Alexander Chervonsky from the University of Chicago, has now found that mice deal with this problem by manufacturing molecules that feed their gut microbes during bouts of infection.

The cells of their intestines glom a sugar called fucose onto fats and proteins, which the bacteria can yank off and eat. The sugar is an emergency currency, used to pay off microbial employees when the usual coffers are empty, to keep them from quitting the firm.

I told you the gut microbiome is very important. We actually have evolutionary adaptations to preserve it. Amazing what can happen over hundreds of millions of years.

4. Thanks San Francisco.

I watched that whole 6 1/2 hour game in DC yesterday, Giants. I love baseball because I see thinking men with serious work ethics. I love to watch them chewing, thinking, spitting.

49ers. That's serious, disciplined football. Few flags, no turnovers, decent stats roughly equal to those of your opponent. KC and Alex—who Left His Heart in San Francisco—you lost but put on a good show.

4. Janet Bloomfield got raped in college (she probably raped, too).

Turns out, according to current California law, we all did. We should all look up our college squeezes and apologize for raping them.

Do you have the heart to apologize for raping?

Do I need to add that privileged feminists who were unpleased are perfectly happy to dilute the meaning of rape, such that their displeasures can be 'herd'?

5. I adore Perez Prado.

That 2nd one, I blogged about here in 2011. Voodoo Suite. Good herb music.

6. Really funny stupid shit I saw.


...I could go on.

California Enacts ‘Yes Means Yes’ Law, Defining Sexual Consent

One fucktarded, regurgitated story, here.

"Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent," the law states, "nor does silence mean consent. Affirmative consent must be ongoing throughout a sexual activity and can be revoked at any time."

So, is "yes, Yes, YES, YeSSSSS safe haven?

...Close to the most anti-animal, ridiculous fodder for jilted cuntfmales and adventuresome prosecutors I've ever heard of. Because it's basal, and putting legal distinctions on intimate human animal behavior is something only The Land of The Free would dare to do.

No worries. Someone else will care for the kids who get chewed up up in this femiNAZI cunt adventure. It's so...motherly.

...I haven't read the legislation but what I'm primarily interested in is how a judge's decision tuns on the distinction between a raging hard cock and a swollen, dripping wet pussy. Just guessing, but I'd guess that few black robe types, perched on benches have ever experienced a swollen, dripping wet pussy.

May you live in fucktarded times.

Quick Open Memo to Jimmy Moore and Nora Gedgaudas

Laddies and Gentlemen:

By now, you've seen this post and read it because you couldn't resist: The War On Tastebuds.

Should you actually take a close look and study the references, then surely you'll know that you lose and I win. I can keep doing this for years, with every new study, while you rely upon outdated observations of old studies that never change.

Otherwise, I get all of your smart-thinking people, over time, and leave you with only sycophants and digesters of your increasingly stale regurgitate. If that's all you want, carry on. No prob.

If not: evolve!


PS: No personal attacks required

Hint: Way Easier To Change What You Think Rather That What You Believe

 Dary Pino Rose is a buddy. She calls me "dude."

IMG 1724
Lunch With Kevin Rose's Wife :)

You know how I know she's legit? I pitched her a totally fucktarded idea in email last week involving the general food-health-gut-o-sphere, and she called me on it. I lacked perspective she had; I had to agree, once I got a whiff.

...I first met Darya via her blog some years ago (originally published 2010). I have just always liked her style, and she's up in SF, goes to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market, etc. For me, she has always been the most decent check on my Paleo exuberance. Yes, I actually like to keep some people close who think I'm wrong, so long as they aren't fucktards.

...I've been on Darya's email list forever and usually, it's run-of-mill. Not this time. Grils learn, yo! I loved it so much. I gave her a silly barrage of emails as I was reading. This is true blogging. Many can write. So few come to be able to let you see their beating heart.

The No.1 Thing That Prevents You from Changing Your Habits

When I first went to college the last thing I cared about was learning to cook. Neither of my parents had a degree, and by the time I was in middle school it was clear to me that higher education was my only ticket to salvation.

I remember running errands with my mom one afternoon and seeing her bump into an old classmate she knew from high school. “Oh, hi! Wow, I haven’t seen you in 20 years.” They exchanged pleasantries and parted ways. It was obvious the two of them had no real desire to keep up with each other and that they were just being polite for etiquette’s sake. We were all glad when it was over.

The school they both attended was only a few blocks down the street and I knew it would be my fate to go there as well. Class of ’97. Go Vanguards.

I adore getting better glances into the souls of folks who endeavor to write and convey. I've always known there's a lot of submerged material lurking—as it is for moi meme.

So, if you've a mind, encourage Darya in comments for the added insight.

Could A Good Gut Microbiome Turn Lectins, Phytates and Saponins Into Nutrients?

Well, it seems to turn some poison into food for some mice.

Poop Transplants Let Pack Rats Eat Poison

Can’t eat poison without dying? Maybe your gut microbes are to blame. Rodents in the Mojave Desert have evolved to eat toxic creosote bushes with the help of specialized gut bacteria. Although scientists had long suspected that bacteria might be key to the rats’ power, they proved it by feeding the rodents antibiotics and ground-up feces.

The desert woodrat or Neotoma lepida lives in dry parts of the western United States. (You might know woodrats as “pack rats”; they build elaborate nests out of debris they’ve hoarded.) In the southern part of the desert woodrat’s range, a bush called creosote grows. Its leaves are coated in a toxic material—the key ingredient, nordihydroguaiaretic acid, normally damages the kidneys and liver of rodents. Yet desert woodrats that live in the creosote bush’s range can eat it without any trouble. In fact, the amount of creosote a desert woodrat eats in just a day would kill a laboratory mouse.

...Honey Bagger Don't Care. Honey Badger Don't Give a Shit.

Oooowzers. Watch out for those LECTINS!

Robin Williams

 It is truly heartbreaking. For me.

...Just another one in the million or so blog posts about him, but I'll make it brief. I wasn't going to say anything at all, but then I heard an interview with a "mental health professional" on NPR just a bit ago during a round-tripper to the market.

"Nobody should feel they have a right to commit suicide."

Juxtaposed, when I shared the news on Facebook two days ago, I said: "Damn. Well, everyone gets to do what they want to do."

But, you see, "mental health professionals" are "troubled" about the "discussion." Suicide—especially of high-ranking humans with access to everything these "Pros" have to "offer"—exposes their utter impotence and fraud. Fuck 'em. The sorry state of modern mental health is at their doorstep, number one; and number two, almost all they ever wanted to do was make money in perpetuity at your expense. Fuck 'em for a second time.

Suicide is every human being's rightful option 100% of the time—wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. In fact, humans are the only animal in nature—that I'm aware of—with the capacity to consciously commit suicide.

Beached whales are probably just confused.

My take? A very complex man, an incalculable soul. They don't so much fit in in a McDonald's world where there's 20 menu items that you can order by number.

He probably witnessed the intransigence of human, rat-race-banality way up closer and for a lot longer than I.

That is all.

Don’t Tread On Me

Woke up to a funny comment this morning.

Your system of everybody being left alone is a utopia. It presupposes that all human beings are completely rational at all times and that no one ever imposes force on anyone else. Seeing that there are people that are irrational and would love to kill you and steal your stuff, there must exist an entity that would protect you from the threat of such people. Your stance is merely you blanking out to reality.

Well, there was just too much mishmash to deal with. For one, I presuppose that of all predators—certainly not the ones with guns, jails, execution chambers, badges, uniforms, robes, high benches in hardwood, marble columns, edifice of all sort...and elections from hundreds of millions of willing stooges who long for 'please them, not me,'...along with monopoly adjudication over the use of preemptive force—the random ones can more often be dealt with by my .45, .38. .22, 380-tiny, a shotgun, and my Model 12 (that's Winchester, lever action, 1912). I am more than happy to take my chances, rather than live under your voting (an euphemism for public masturbation) schemes of who's the bigger mob.

The cannibal pot: who goes in, who gets to feast. 

The point is, 99.999999% of AMERICANS are the most pathetically fearful people on the face of planet Earth.

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. — H.L. Mencken

What's most pathetic—and this goes to Europe as well—is that most people in the first world actually live in mortal fear that they will have to pay their own way in life if shit hits fan. It's true. Watch the news. Virtually everything is about someone having the burden of  paying, when someone else could pay more easily. First worlders go to insane lengths to make sure someone will be there to change their diaper if they've run out of money.

Your could is a mortgage on your life. Do you understand? That you could is, at first, a suspicion. But if you can but won't, it's an indictment with faux-moral undertones. Jump in the cannibal pot. People are hungry. Lazy and feeling entitled, too, but hungry. And, you have to feed the masses. Otherwise, there will be unrest and unrest means lots of things. Shit, Kings' heads can go up missing when there's unrest.

So, here was my basic answer to my interlocutor.

I didn’t say that, Daniel, so you’ve torn down a nice strawman of your own making in your blanking out of my long held position.

Nowhere have I said “system,” nor “everybody.” That is not anarchism.

What I do say is leave me alone. And I am taking steps to leave to someplace where I can actually be very free by comparison. Previously this would have been impractical for a number of reasons but now, I can make the same money anywhere in the world with a laptop and WiFi.

I’m not trying to save the world, merely reach one mind at a time and all it requires is for any individual to simply not buy into one jot or tittle of the State fraud and scam. Ever.

Let the rest of the world go to hell and laf when it does. Like I always say, I hope to see Armani suits in soup lines in America in my lifetime. I’ll be on a quiet beach near the equator, with popcorn.

Life is not only about opportunities, but also limits; and I’ve found that while I loath all limits placed on me by any other entity—and would happily raise a black flag and slit throats—I’m rather fond of the ones I place on myself that emerge from 53 years of experience in living a human life for the very first, and the very last time.