The Scientific Method For Dummies and Frauds, Like Richard Dawkins

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This post is dedicated to the memory of Christopher Hitchens, a remarkable man; not for any idea he ever held, but that he was honest enough to change his mind and tell eveyone why.

This is a prelude, a foundation to a later post, where Tim Steele and I will call into serious question the value of 16s rRNA sampling of the gut microbiome, after some time of both of us being “fanboys.” See, we did science and changed our views accordingly.

What the fuck is science, anyway? In today’s politicized world, it’s a bludgeon. It’s too often what one invokes in order to smear, dismiss, assert, or otherwise look the other way. It has—in modern use for too many—become a sort of “authority” one references in order to lay claim to legitimacy. And too often, it’s motivated by laziness, or a reluctance to dump a bad investment in shit that’s just wrong or in need of serious critical evaluation.

Good science is hard to do. Few are up to the task, and that may simply be for the reason that, having solved a huge number of plaguing problems in human quotidian history, we’re quibbling at nipping at heels. I don’t know, but I do know what science is:

Observation and experiment.

That’s all, fundamentally. But unfortunately, today, the lion’s share of what’s touted as such turns on ad hominem, ad verecundiam, and ad populum. That is, a focus on the man, the institution(s) with whom he or she is aligned, and public opinion. This is not science. In fact, science done right and with discipline is such a value that its history is a vaulted one of slicing through such fallacies like a cold knife through super-cooled nitrogen under vacuum.

There are important additional elements. Perhaps most fundamental is that observations be re-observable, and experiments be reproducible. That’s no too much to ask, right? ‘Let me know what you observed and what the results of your experiments were. I’ll do the same, so will a lot of other guys & gals, and if we do the same and find the same, then the hypothesis you have derived has more confidence that it may be true.’

But if we can’t, that’s a problem, a BIG FUCKING RED FLAG.

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One Picture Depicting the Uncivilized, Wantonly Ungentlemanly Trough of Pig Vomit Islam Is

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A barefoot Syrian woman, carrying two babies, third child holding on to her, whilst 7 young men with shoes & rain gear couldn’t care less.

What a contrast from the immigrants—the huddled, poor, tired masses—of old. You are being stupid.

Here’s what I’ll go for: Carte Blanche for all women and their dependent children. And fuck all those virgin-until-rapist males.

Donald Trump. Are you listening? There would be a very cool way to send the media into another crazy frenzy.

The “Blame America First” Crowd Lacks Historical Perspective on The Muslim Menace

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I got a comment in a post from a couple of weeks back.

Hey Jackie, my point being that this wouldnt be a problem if it wasnt for the US gov involvement. But for you two to ignore the US Gov involvement is unbelievable to me.

You and Richard…are you both saying that our involvement has nothing to do with how big of a problem isis is today? If yes, then i say youre both fools. But hey, who im i to question you two…..after all you’re both on the ground witnessing it, and interviewing the people of the land first hand? Oh wait, you probably read internet articles like i do.

There was a time when Muslims weren’t fooling anyone.

Just for instance, see what John Quincy Adams and Winston Churchill had to say on the matter. So, no, U.S. meddling didn’t turn 20%+ of Muslims into 7th Century, goat-fucking, virgins-until-rapists males, all under a pig-vomit ideology.

They’ve been that way for 1,400 years and counting. The true and pure Muslims. And they admit as much, and multiculturalists refuse to believe they mean what they say and vow, which is just about as fucking stupid as you can get—particularly since it’s not like they’re vowing to only give you a manicure.

How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity.

The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property—either as a child, a wife, or a concubine—must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen: all know how to die. But the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science—the science against which it had vainly struggled—the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”

— Sir Winston Churchill, The River War, 1899 (before he was Sir Winston, obviously…it’s free in the Kindle Store so fucking go get it)

John Quincy Adams:

’The natural hatred of the Mussulmen towards the infidels is in just accordance with the precepts of the Koran. […]

‘The fundamental doctrine of the Christian religion is the extirpation of hatred from the human heart. It forbids the exercise of it, even towards enemies.’ — John Quincy Adams

“In the 7th century of the Christian era, a wandering Arab … spread desolation and delusion over an extensive portion of the earth. … He declared undistinguishing and exterminating war as a part of his religion. … The essence of his doctrine was violence and lust, to exalt the brutal over the spiritual part of human nature.”

— The annotated “John Quincy Adams: A Bibliography,” compiled by Lynn H. Parsons (Westport, CT, 1993)

In the context of history, nation states have always jostled and messed with each other, often resulting in wars. This is neither surprising, nor new.

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The Wife Unit Really Goes All Out To Give Me a Very Special Day

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So here’s the final post—and I had no idea I’d be doing it—of the 2015/16 Holiday Season. Vacation ended today and Beatrice went back to work, via a 6am session at the gym with her new personal trainer.

I’ve done a couple of other posts on this 2-week whirlwind, here and here, but this was all about me. Bea’s brother is a long time San Francisco 49ers season ticket holder. Way back, we took in a couple of games at Candlestick Park when he wasn’t going to be there. This time, it was for the new deal, and Bea thought: early birthday.

Wow, did Robert really up his game when he shifted his membership positon to the new Levi’s Stadium.

…Before I continue, allow me to wax digressive on the Keynesian-esque nuclear bombing of well-established urban delight that grew up organically from the  20’s through the 50s, destroyed in the 60s and 70’s, into the 80s. It was the idea of “multi-purpose stadiums” for football and baseball.

They were uniformly aweful.

Baseball takes place in a ball park, along with all the traditional trappings and meanings only fans know, which assemble to make it a summer park of a flavorful delight that’s especially prescient for young boys and their fathers, who want them to know all about it. Football takes place on a gridiron, ought always be outdoor—because this is a fall and winter game, and the elements ought test both fans and players alike.

Who but a bunch of economic theorists, bean counters, and “urban planners” could manage to suck every ounce of essential delight out of two things at a time, and ignore all important distinctions? Fuckin’ commies always strike again.

Levi Stadium is quite a wonder. No, I don’t care all that much about the rent seeking that surely took place to get the deal done. At least they came to do good, and did very well, as the Hawaiians say incessantly of the Baldwin’s. Pick your battles.

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Tim Steele Vegetable Pharm Wisdom

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Just popped over to Tim’s place (you remember ‘Tatertot,’ right?) to catch up and had to share these three bits of wisdom, which I agree with wholeheartedly:

Gut Microbiome – I have been quite disappointed that the research and discussion still revolves around identifying the bacteria responsible for different diseases and less emphasis is placed on the diet. I think it is becoming apparent to all that each person is unique and carries a unique set of gut microbes. Fecal transplants get little mention anymore, despite the great promise shown. For each of us, I think all we can do is experiment with the foods we eat and try to find a great mixture of fruits, veggies, fungi, nuts, seeds, grains, etc… foods that keeps our digestive system working well. I have not lost my passion for using potato starch and inulin as a supplement when fiber intake is low, but they should not be a sole source of fiber. I keep trying to expand my repertoire of fibrous foods as I come across new sources (my latest is spelt).

Yep. You are either feeling good, sleeping well, performing well and pooping well…or you’re not. All this fixation on special “boutique” strains some people stress, is pure bunk. BTW, two of three of my American Gut test results came back and I have significant AngelAkkermansia! So there! You can click the image for the readable version.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 8.10.10 AM

Fine print: “Your sample contained 90 rare taxa, including the following: Unclassified Class ABS-6, Unclassified Order iii1-15, Unclassi- fied Family Acidobacteriaceae, Genus Edaphobacter, Unclassified Family Koribacteraceae.”

Speaking of gut tests…

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Let’s Start The New Year Right. With Food.

Those who’ve been around for years recall some of the more elaborate stuff I used to do. I haven’t managed to get a lot up on Pinterest (a project that’s a few minutes here, a few there), but a good bit so far, including some fairly creative though simple stuff.

Remember when KFC came out with the Double Down sandwich? I did it way better.


I love this completely whacky creation, an “Over-Easy Omelet,” in honor of warm, runny egg-yolk lovers everywhere.


So here’s the last few days. The theme? Stop going to restaurants all the time. Dump the fast food. Get decent stuff and make it at home. Simple is usually better for most. Keeps you in the game.

So here’s some recent stuff.

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Eric Vercuryssen Unwittingly Discovers Gut Bugs Help in Weight Loss

Well, I did have to tell him.

It’s lovely to deal with ignorance. First, you have the cowboy I gave mention to in my end-of-year post. Apparently, those who just take other people’s word for stuff don’t fall far from the tree and so Eric posted this:

I was 250lbs. 1 year ago, now I am 190….my secret….a blendtec blender. I never ate my greens and did not get enough fruit and i was relying on meat as my only good source of protien. Ate too much dairy and cruddy sugary snacks.

Well…I cut dairy down to rarity and I cut out cane sugar all most completely , and than replaced 1 to 2 meals a day with 60 oz. Fruit and or veggie smoothie, with legumes or nuts.

Worked great. People even say I look younger, my complexion cleared up and I don’t look pasty anymore. I have muscles where I didn’t have muscles before. And I actually have abs….I did not for this, they just came out of nowhere…I have read that abs and or muscle in general is mostly created by your diet… (scientific stuff told me so). And take that to the bank……fresh food.

So in conclusion, I call BS on elixa.

Bold words, but unwittingly, he only demonstrated how feeding the gut microbiome (which Elixa and other things do too) is very important. Of course, it’s also important to focus on real food, cut out the crap; so admittedly, there is confounding variables here. But, since he and his apple tree saw fit to attack me, Elixa, and my promotion of a great product, I have no problem pointing out how they are being plausibly hoist by their own petard.

My reply:

Oh, so now you want my critique. OK then.

First of all, there’s no need to call BS on any high-end probiotics, ones that actually get to your gut. But they can, depending, be beneficial. For example, for people not as fed-up as you got to be (my weight loss from 240 to 175 is similar), they can really help smooth appetite and cravings (gut-brain connection, and do realize that you are being dismissive from pure ignorance).

You toughed it out. Me too. I used Intermittent Fasting and very heavy lifting for my age and lack of experience (i.e, 325# deadlifts for reps at near 50 yoa, squats 250#, etc). Lots of stuff works and as a fairly prominent “Paleo Diet” blogger since 2008, who has changed position many times due comments from my own readers in my own posts (how elegant is that?), I’m kinda almost left with only the fact that it’s the “spirit” that counts.

You’re missing a piece of the puzzle. Gut bugs feed primarily on fiber, from fruits and vegetables. The sorry reality is that so many get themselves into a false dichotomy where it’s either a high meat/fat, or vegetarian.

Both is better. Animal foods are very nutritionally dense (4 oz of beef liver = 5 pounds of mixed fruit & berries in terms of micronutrient density; and oysters, mussels, and clams are crazy dense with low calories on the ocean front), but generally lack the stuff that feed gut bugs, and they actually synthesize many vitamins, given proper substrate. They also influence hormones, pre-hormones, and can even synthesize fatty acids like butyrate, a principle food for colonocytes.

So, long story short, you stumbled on a great strategy. I’m presuming you didn’t stop eating highly nutritionally dense animals, but you made the gut-bug food more palatable and wow, you demonstrated that the gut is hugely important, because your enzymatic digestion doesn’t get tons out of fruits and vegetables. It’s your 100 trillion bacteria, 10 times more than your human cells, in upwards of 1,000 species, in perpetual chemical warfare with each other, who do.

Basically, we’re all arms suppliers.

Cheers, and great job. I love success stories like that, where a person’s own level of outrage has been reached. I have tons and tons of them on my blog, in pictures, always unsolicited.

So, as always, I will absolutely use anything I think might help people with their struggles and in point of fact, I’d never really totally connected the dots (never really thought about it…I have many faults too) that if you find an important quantity of gut food unpalatable because whatever (there is no shame in being a meat/fat addict), then just tossing in the towel and asking “will it blend,” just might work for you (do note he didn’t add dairy or sugar—could be a critical variable)

But, please understand how. I followed up in a subsequent comment.

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The Important Science of Probiotics Revisited

Most people who have been paying attention to the important and rapidly emerging science of the human gut microbiome (see draft Chapter 1 of my book here for a primer on its enormity: The Great Gut Bug Book, Chapter 1: Meet The Whole You) have some understanding the the role diet plays, and beyond that, both probiotics and prebiotics.

My journey began by means of over 100 posts on prebiotics (foods that feed beneficial and commensal gut bacteria, with an emphasis on Resistant Starch). Those who have appropriate Google Alterts know that there’s now articles coming out daily on resistant starch. PubMed indexes 2,409 studies that mention Prebiotics, and 1,785 studies that mention Resistant Starch.

While I also did a number of posts on probiotics (supplemental bacteria in colony forming units to seed your gut), the focus was mainly on HSOs (homeostatic soil organisms, or “spore formers”) for one simple reason: much of the probiotic supplements on the market don’t escape the digestive process, so offer no colony seeding or forming benefits. However, HSOs can and do, because the very purpose of a spore is to survive inhospitable conditions, such that they can re-emerge when conditions are ripe, such as in the colon or large intestine. PubMed indexes 13,487 studies with a mention of probiotics. Hardly a fringe fraud.

But, that doesn’t mean that HSOs are the only viable probiotics. For an extreme example, a fecal transplant is a probiotic intervention with an over 90% initial positive response rate, still over 80% at 18 months followup, for the treatment of C. difficile infection—that kills 15,000 Americans annually. But this introduces the bacterial colonies directly into the colon via rectum, or via a tube down the throat. However, there’s another technology using encapsulation where the capsule itself resists digestion long enough to break apart in the colon. And this is where Elixa Probiotic comes in. Indeed, purchasers in comments here have attested to seeing the two undigested capsule halves in their stools.

The other reasons I work with Elixa are:

  • It’s a very small company in the stringent legal atmosphere of the U.K., with an inventor-founder-principal-operator, Karl Seddon, who answers all emails and is active in all relevant comments here. He never dodges anything.
  • He has invested all capital himself for all manufacturing equipment. He himself calibrates the sensitive equipment  (some bacterial strains are very sensitive to oxygen, for example) and oversees all manufacturing personally. It’s essentially manufacturing in a laboratory. This is unlike a multitude of labels on shelves that are, essentially, just that: different labels on the same bulk stuff available from a catalog that a supplement marketer orders and has packaged, labeled, and drop shipped, then spends 80% of revenue on marketing.
  • Elixa and Karl are in complete control of the entire process until it leaves in a package addressed to you.

Since I began working with Karl early last year, I see a total of 1,554 separate sales. I have never personally received a single complaint for touting it. There have been a small handful of reports in comments in the posts I’ll link to (you can see yourself) where people either noticed no change, or had some mild adverse side-effects, such as headache or nausea (and Karl has addressed each of these reports personally). Searching all 1,154 rows of the spreadsheet, I find 27 rows with a ‘-‘ by the sales figure. I’ve not asked Karl (I’m sure he’ll be happy to enlighten us in comments) but I assume these are returns, so that’s 27/1,554=0.017, less than 2%. Pretty decent, I’d say.

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Last Post of 2015. My Big Blogging Focus Change for 2016: A Little Civilization; a Little Science

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve done more thinking than writing, since they’re mutually exclusive :) What very little I spew has been primarily done on my Facebook profile. While it’s merely an outlet—a pressure relief-valve—ensuring that I don’t just litter this blog with each of a dozen outrages per day, it has proved somewhat useful.

It helped me to flesh out fresh meat on land, and blood in the water. I am by nature an iconoclast. I’m not happy unless you’re not happy. I see the world as a vast wasteland of bullshit that needs proper sanitation procedures and the fact that so many 2nd-handers lap up so much of it is worrisome…because they vote and otherwise influence public policy, which harms lots of people. …And not on the basis of discovery, facts, enlightenment, reason…but rather the opposite: alarmism, entrenchment, turf protecting, rent seeking, prestige, influence, grant whoreing, consensus driving, privilege, punishment and retribution for “deniers.”

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” — H.L. Mencken

I think the dietary wars, generally stated, have peaked. Average folk are enjoying their meat and fat again, obsessing less about cholesterol, and butter now trumps shelf space over whatever it is they call that fake crap. Perhaps I played a small role in that, going back to 2008 when I took it on and built a respectable readership; or perhaps, I just encouraged and promoted others who had more long-term designs on the project. I made many missteps along the way, got obsessed a few times too often, went after some targets I regret going after as I did. In the end, I guess I was bored and began looking inward to cure deficiencies I perceived within the general ranks, when I had always made a point of focussing my energies outward.

I didn’t even blog a word about that recent “study” that said bacon is worse than cigarettes (or was it cancer, or both…I forget). To me, it’s pointless. It’s like trying to take down a study that warns against weekends in Vegas. Bacon is about the dumbest target ever.

At any rate, I’m probably done with bothering to synthesize stuff having to do with saturated fat, cholesterol, high fat vs. low fat, low carb vs. high, etc. What I will do is blog about the joy of real food, and with treats being treated like treats—as everyone used to seem to understand, and so named them. It’s not “moderation in all things,” it’s presence of mind in all things, and that means you use your brain, get good food, usually cook it at home, relax, enjoy a life.

So, to sum that up, I really have no dog in the fight anymore over what particular style of real food you like best and work with the best. High fat or protein? Some of my meals and days are like that. High carb, low fat? I like the potato hack for a few days now & then. Ketogenic? I fast now & then. So I think the “war” is perhaps nearing an end as all-out war, and continuing battles are a distraction, for me.

There’s also the microbiome, of course, and a hopeful eventual book. But that science is pretty damn decent, has few detractors, and is moving along fine without my help or hindrance. I’ll touch on it and work behind the scenes mostly.

So what’s next as a primary focus, while I continue to hit on diet, food, microbiome, and iconoclastic metabolic science from time-to-time? I considered three targets, all rich in bullshit, but with plenty of red meat and the potential for blood squirting from slit jugulars.

  1. The Social Justice Wars
  2. The Climate Change Wars
  3. The Civilization Wars featuring 7th Century, goat fucking and virgins-until-rapists males, all under a pig-vomit ideology

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More Happy Holidays In Pics

I guess I’ll just pop up another picture theme post rather like the last one. Last Wednesday we left the river house in Guerneville, CA for a ranch house on 5 acres in the hills a few miles east of Placerville, CA to spend the Christmas with my brother’s family and parents.

Here’s the view from the front porch, a nice little find via AirBNB.


Now just some random stuff featuring last meal up in Guerneville, Christmas decorations, elk liver & onions, Christmas dinner featuring prime rib, Yorkshire pudding, et al. And et cetera.

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Kinda Different Off Grid. Holiday River House.

Sorry. We’re in the midst of a week away…four nights here on the Russian River in Geurneville, CA, in a classic river house Beatrice found and rented on VRBO.

I’ve intended to blog a dozen or more times since we arrived Saturday afternoon. There are good reasons I haven’t.


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I was all ready to do a blog about what a waste Yale University is, but lots of genius interrupted me.

The eventual bog about this has to be right. I owe it.

I’m submitting the proposition, for falsification, that I perhaps have the highest concentration of genius readers of my blog than most, or maybe anyone. It is confounded, and self-selected, so let’s get beyond those criticisms and chew on what it is, really, and why.

It’s happening right now here, but you have to read the comments and click on their test results links.

I’m just guessing, but if Jimmy Moore did something like this, his range of commenters would be 90-130. Not 125-152.

Intelligence fucking matters, and I’m fucking sick of fucktards pretending as though any old shit counts. Some are firm, others are runny.

A Minuscule, Less Than 1% of Earth Population Truly Understand What Makes America The Greatest

It was the very first establishment in the history of planet earth to attempt to submit the government to a moral code.

Oh, I can hear the fucktards, already.

I said moral code, not legal code.

Anarchy Begins At Home, So It’s Not a Suicide Pact: Integrations on Preemptive Violence

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I guess this is the day for blogging about comments. Those “ten followers” are really putting in overtime. Multiple accounts & all.

Here’s Sean II, which I take to mean he has at least two accounts, so as to help me look more important than I really am.


I’m still perplexed by the ambition of non-violence. In nature there are storms and there are calm seas.

In the case of MLK and Mahatma Gandhi I see two different reasons non-violence worked. In the US you had one side of the equation already accepting that violence is not the answer so the civil rights movement was not gunned down. In India, there were just too many people to mow down.

We have examples in history of populations that have been disseminated through force either by choice or by lacking the technology to overcome their opponents.

I agree with much of your philosophy but I keep getting stuck on this Vulcan fantasy. We are human and we will get violent when resources are stake.

There is an interesting take on Bonobos vs Chimps. Bonobos live in an environment where food is abundant and therefore strength plays a small part in securing food. Their society is run by the women. Chimps live where you have to work hard for your food and hence the stronger men run the society.

Technology has basically guaranteed food is on the table of every family without they having any idea of how it got there. Are humans in developed societies becoming more Bonobo like? If so, what happens when a Chimp thinking society spots that as a weakness.

When an Arab ship was lashed ashore in a storm in India, the crew got help from the locals to get back home and was able to report that India had no navy or fighting army to talk of. They came back in fleets and the rest was history.

Besides the reliance on high IQ to maintain peaceful anarchy, what do you see as the check valve for violence on a global scale?

I have another, far more detailed post in draft about some other nuances of Anarchy, but this is specific enough that I think I can pop something off in short order as a sort of mind-un-fuck. I’m specifically going to address his last sentence.

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Why The Left Must Be Destroyed As a Political and Social Ideology

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Woke up to a question in comments this morning.

Hear hear.

My question is… Why? Why are governments letting potential terrorists in? Are they simply scared into it by not wanting to look racist on the international stage? Or is there money to be made somewhere along the line?

Any thoughts?

I replied:

“Are they simply scared into it by not wanting to look racist on the international stage?”

Rasist, misogynist, anti-multiculturalist, anti-socialist, anti-dependency, pro-white male, politically “incorrect,” etc. etc.

The left rules the narrative, even as a rather smallish minority in terms of its most activist radicals. They will show up and shout you down, try to destroy you. And in terms of more moderate, or the right, they’re also afraid of the more left leaning politicians because they know how easily they can demagogue the troops into a frenzy.

The left needs to be utterly discredited and destroyed in terms of an ideology that permeates everything political, now.

Then, immediately following, this fabulous whopper of a comment.

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There’s No Better Time To Proclaim That You’re a Culturist

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After some years of batting it around in my head, bouncing it off folks here & there, I finally wrote a post about it just over 10 years ago (May 6, 2005). At base, its intent was to give people a legitimate means of reconciling thoughts and feelings that maybe seem racist—or just dis-preference of anyone not like them—but really aren’t. Deeply thinking people actually try to do this kind of shit, rather than just blather on about what everyone’s supposed to think and say.

I’ll give you the intro, then juxtapose it with some comments I’ve received lately. This is from 10 years ago, on this blog, in a post I titled Culturism. The intro.

Some years ago, I came up with that term (ask my wife), and according to Google and Merriam-Webster Online, it doesn’t exist as an English word. So, I’m claiming it and defining it; here and now.

What I mean by it is:

Culturism: 1. The judging of one or more cultures as superior to one or more other cultures; 2. The establishment of a hierarchy of moral standing from ideal to evil with respect to human cultures.

It’s nothing like the prejudgment inherent in racismculture does not depend on race. A person of any race can be born into any culture, but can later leave and adopt any other culture.

Here’s some comments I got on a post from a few days ago: Let’s Make No Mistake About What I Really Think About 7th-Century, Dirt-Scratching Savages AKA Muslims.

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Pat Condell: We Want The Truth

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Every single damn word.

Let’s Make No Mistake About What I Really Think About 7th-Century, Dirt-Scratching Savages AKA Muslims

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I really don’t like having any part of my art and audacity of self-direction be in any way ambiguous. Of course, in areas I write about often, it’s not. People pretty much know where I stand, and to their credit, follow along with my forever-evolution; because where I stand, now, changes over time…like…evolution. We have minds, so we don’t have to wait the time for the glacial paces of nature.

But there’s a pernicious undertone that I detest. People who love what I do in one area make assumptions about me in others for their own benefitspecifically in order to avoid the discomfort of confronting a complete contradiction. I get it all the time. I’m good at this and that, but completely off the wall in this thing they’re regurgitating conventional “wisdom” to me about; and what gobsmacks me the most is how they don’t understand how saying something like that completely exposes them as fools who don’t truly understand a damn thing in terms of fundamentals, self-direction, thinking for themselves, or developing themselves to such a point where they have a more sound and complete confidence in their self-directing than they do in anyone else in the world, bar none.

Basically, they’re taking my word for something when it sounds right, taking the word of others for other things, and giving me a backlash: blaming me because everyone whose word they take for various of most or all things aren’t all consistent. See, that’s how they expose themselves as fools. A fool is any adult who doesn’t think for himself or herself in all matters.

I’ve earned my chops. I change focus, views, and conclusions all the time. And it’s usually always over the same fundamentals, essentials, and principles. You see, fundamentals, essentials, and principles can underly vastly different conclusions or hypotheses, given new data and perspectives that demand WIDER INTEGRATIONS. Take note of that, and note how much that passes for “thought” these days in so many areas—where there is an explicit seeking of the most narrow integration of facts and understanding necessary to advance a narrative, or just plain propaganda.

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The Lovely 70-yr-old Helen Mirren on Reflection and Regret

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See, I told you: The Art and Audacity of Self-Direction.

Why wait until you regret not just doing it? I’ve been telling people to fuck off regularly for 25 years and often enough, it’s even been friends and family.

That’s not to say that it has always been justified, but I prefer to ere towards fuck off, because I hate having regret over not doing so when justified, even the next day, much less decades later.

Self-Deviation Here at Free The Animal: “The Art and Audacity of Self-Direction”

I suppose it’s in my blood and genes to do the same thing the same way for only so long.

Substantially before I began blogging about Paleo stuff, the whole saturated fat and cholesterol wars, dissing vegans and whatever else I could think of that interested me enough to write a bit about, I still blogged about lifestyle and “thoughtstyle,” in various ways, and always from the perspective of someone who’s self directed and loves to tell hand-wavers to just to go fuck themselves.

I woke up around 4 a.m. last night wondering two things. What is it in this that truly differentiates me from others? Well, perhaps in the general sphere, only my style, if that, even. In the Paleosphere, I think I’ve been around long enough to know and understand that it’s now pathetically hopeless (for me, doing as I do). You have 90% of “CAVEMEN!!!” basically being followers of dogma and narratives being exploited for profit by those clever enough to keep the narratives tight and trademarked.

…You even have monkey wenches out there waving hands over stuff—like resistant starch, raw potato starch—that has the support of thousands of positive anecdotes on this blog. Nope, the vicious wench will ask you for tests, “find something,” tell you it’s the potato starch, and take your money to “fix” you when you were already doing just fine, even better than before. That’s evil. Of course, such things come with the ever-enthusiastic Jimmy on the Spot podcaster to mainstream the confirming bullshit.

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