Q: Why Do Dogs Lick Their Balls?

A: Because they can.

...I've been waiting for over 4,000 posts in 13 years of blogging to use that in a prescient way. It involves light reading, from The International Journal of Surgery, 1916:

Autotherapy is a subject the importance of which is bound to be generally appreciated when its principles are better understood. Its remarkable efficiency, simplicity of technic, and economy should appeal to the medical mind, and have already attracted wide attention. The results obtained by a host of physicians who have employed it in the treatment of localized infections, in both men and animals, surpass anything medicine or surgery has yet offered.

In its simplest form autotherapy consists of licking the wound, as animals do. This procedure has demonstrated the important fact that pus by the mouth, in wounds not connected with the alimentary tract or the respiratory system, acts therapeutically at once and the results tend to be permanent.

Physicians who have used it on themselves claim that it acts magically in boils and other purulent infections. Others, who have administered the exudate from the cervix in treating deep infections of the pelvis, assert that they are afraid to publish their results for fear their veracity might be doubted.

At the inception of autotherapy the writer employed exudates containing live pathogenic microorganisms as a therapeutic agent. Later, in an effort to make a more elegant autotherapeutic preparation, a dilution of pus was passed through a Berkefeld filter and the efficacy of the filtrate tested thoroughly both by the mouth and hypodermatically. This was found to be equally effective when given in the manner described. Here was a second medical fact or stepping-stone in the development of autotherapy. Filtering can be done by any family physician at the bed-side, and the filtrate is applicable to all localized infections. It contains the toxins from both the causative and complicating micro-organisms in the same proportions as they appear in the locus of infection. Let us remember that the antitoxins of commerce are obtained in response to the action of injected toxins. With autotherapy the patient is auto-immunized, i.e., immunized to his own toxin-complex.

The consensus of medical opinion of the many who use autotherapy in daily practice is tritely expressed by Dr. J. C. Parham, Past Assistant Surgeon of the United States Navy, who says: "I am convinced that once your method of treatment is generally known its advocates will be legion; Surely, the theory is sound, and still mare surely sound are the results."

The autotherapeutic remedy is the only strictly autogenous agent at our command in fighting disease. It is quite generally admitted that the therapeutic effect of autogenous vaccines is superior to that of stock vaccines. Yet even Wright's vaccine is lowered by every step through which it passes in the laboratory. Its therapeutic effect is altered by growing in foreign culture media, by heat, by chemical preservatives. We may not be able to grow the infecting micro-organisms outside the human body; under such conditions an autogenous vaccine cannot be prepared. It takes time to prepare Wright's vaccine and meanwhile the patient grows worse, passes the crisis, or often dies before the remedy is available. If Wright's vaccine cures, this is not due to laboratory manipulation, but in spite of it.

There is no certainty of cure with any heterogeneous toxin or set of toxins; experience for upward of a century clearly proves this. Administering stock conglomerate vaccine has been frequently termed shot-gun therapy [I've called it "carpet bombing," but we're reading from 1916, pre-WWII metaphor - Ed] pure and simple, and considered unscientific. What is new today is often old tomorrow. With the advent of autotherapy our ideas of the treatment of infections have changed, for the autotherapeutic remedy is Nature's remedy. Self-therapy or self-preservation is the fundamental principle of life. Natural therapy is the culmination of vaccine therapy. The autotherapeutic remedy will cure an acute localized infection in a thousand years from now as quickly as it does to-day, for the principle upon which it rests is everlasting and immutable.

The condemnation of autotherapy is usually in direct proportion to the ignorance or bias of the critic. The main criticism of autotherapy is that it is crude. With those who prefer so-called scientific to effective treatment of their patients, we have no basis for discussion. Natural methods may appear crude and simple. The fault is not with nature; but lies in the fact that we have moved so far away from her that we fail to appreciate or perceive the truths she holds out to us in all their bearings. This accounts for the endless speculations, controversies and uncertainties that have characterized the study of medicine through past ages. In spite of all of our vaunted knowledge, it is, perhaps, humiliating to be told that the patient brings his natural remedy with him in his body to the physician, and that it often can be obtained.

That was in 1916, and Duncan's warnings are only more prescient 99 years later, still unheeded in the name of carpet-bombing antibiotics that can make huge profits for drug companies.

When I was forwarded that by one of the many collaborators who copy me—because they never know that when something becomes of serious interest to me on many levels of health—including drug company profits and their bedfellow functionaries in positions of power—it goes on out here to thousands in form of payment for their efforts.

...You'd never know, unless I told you, that it began days ago as a thread between about 5 people exploring the idea of urine-drinking therapy, which the consensus is still very undecided and skeptical about, as indistinguishable from placebo, basically.

As well, how is pee drinking (comes down to like "homeopathic" in the stuff I've been asked to read—like just a drop on the tongue) differentiated from modern proclivities involving sucking cock and eating pussy? To me, it's a human-animal proclivity to enthusiastically exchange bodily fluids. ...A 10-second open mouth kiss transfers about 80-million microorganisms.

And mamalian mom's transfer kagillions of stuff to their infants, for another dot. But yet another dot: infants may transfer back pathogens for mom's breasts to create antibodies. Whoa, eh?

Maternal and infant infections stimulate a rapid leukocyte response in breastmilk

Breastmilk protects infants against infections; however, specific responses of breastmilk immune factors to different infections of either the mother or the infant are not well understood. Here, we examined the baseline range of breastmilk leukocytes and immunomodulatory biomolecules in healthy mother/infant dyads and how they are influenced by infections of the dyad.

In addition to maternal infection, a small but significant breastmilk leukocyte response was observed when the infant had an infection, but the mother was asymptomatic. This finding is supported by a recent study from Riskin et al. that also reported a response of breastmilk leukocytes to active infection of nursing infants.

While the mechanism behind the leukocyte movement into the breast during an infection of the infant is still unclear, exposure of the mother to the infant's infection may stimulate an immunological response in the mother that is manifested without evident symptomatology, but which influences breastmilk leukocyte content.

A potential way for this to happen is during breastfeeding. During a milk ejection, duct pressure increases, milk ducts dilate and milk flows toward the nipple / baby's mouth. As oxytocin wears off, duct pressure decreases, milk ducts reduce in size and milk flows backwards, likely together with saliva from the baby's mouth. This is a time when it is possible that microorganisms from the infant could be transferred back into the breast, most likely during a pause in suckling, stimulating a local immune response.

Or, go to any of thousands of "Paleo" sites now, and order up your "Paleo" brownies, and take sweet pleasure that you know it all while reading the same things you've been reading for years. Go read Cordain, whose known it all since 2,000 and spends all of his time asserting that he's known it all, since 2,000.

Did you catch it though? Mammals created biological WiFi eons ago in the form of both beneficial and potentially pathogenic microorganism transfer via tits.

No wonder society worships them (I like small-rockets, just so you know).

Oh, any microbiologic horizontal gene transfer going on? I don't know. But I know who to ask. :)

Let me tell you why I jumped off my ass and created this post:

I have always licked my wounds I can reach, for one; and, to admit to it, if I missed something like a bit of wood from a splinter and it festered, I'd always pop it, lick up the tasty puss, and keep licking the wound. Since I was a kid. All my wounds healed remarkably fast and the way I spent my childhood on my grandfather's 10 acres next to the Truckee River outside Reno, NV, I was always sporting wounds as a function of natural environment.

In follow-on collaboration, I was admonished to emphasize that it's not just licking fresh wounds that's important, but perhaps more important, festering ones, where you take up the pussy antibodies.

It's the very first time I ever told anyone: because, y'know, I got "socialized," too.

Free the Animal.

Dot Connecting: Glenn Greenwald And Journalistic Mench

Glenn Greenwald has pissed me off at times. That's good and healthy.

I'll not get into how, what, or why; and plus, apparently, we're both moving targets in terms of what we think about some thing, TODAY. I operate from my playbook and he does too—very important for a biased journalist and 101% are.

This 45-min long Reason TV interview took me several sessions to watch—admitting that I'll watch a similar-length episode of Sons of Anarchy straight through (or Deadwood, my latest flings). How pathetic are we, in our various forms of opium over wholesome food? Guilty. Me.

Here's the deal: Glenn Greenwald's Plan to Poke, Prod, and Piss Off the Powerful.

I began pausing the video to jot down uber-prescient quotes and ultimately, tossed the paper in the air because there are just too many. Way too many.

Then, I got angry over all the fucktarded duplicity exposed, over and over and over. Democrats and Republicans, both and several.

...I get very impatient with meaningless distinctions over media, which is why I no longer waste my time on any of it. Some in my own family even...who inexplicably seem to think Fox News or CNN, depending on who, is some special case of virtue. They're all just smoking opium with general antagonism being the high; having their fantastical biases confirmed so they feel good about their ignorance and unwillingness to critically think for themselves.

It's pathetic. I know people who literally have Fox News or CNN running throughout the day. Hilariously, they believe they're being informed rather than indoctrinated. Idiots. ...To stupid to know how stupid and uncritical they're growing daily.

Fox and CNN (and MS-C-NBC) are both voluminously fucked—from top to bottom and wall to wall—and that they're fucked up differently is the equivalent of liking someone's pretty marbles more than another's, thinking it's somehow important on a global scale. It's fucktarded.

These mega media companies are all super profitable big corporations whose principal aim is to make money by enticing people to watch—and they don't care how lazy, stupid, or incurious you are. In fact, they take great aims to keep you lazy, stupid, and incurious. Fox is more pernicious, actually—probably because more of their audience can read, but I digress—in that they give all sorts of pretense about how you can check the facts yourself, knowing on the one hand that lazy, stupid, incurious people generally won't and on the other, they'll go "check facts" at approved outlets of "facts."

To make matters worse, both Fox & CNN sycophants will spurn the slightest pretense of a more wide reporting of facts, even in the midst of the bias that always exists. In other words, these people are so indoctrinated that any source that has the barest smattering of a challenge (even if a biased smattering) is tantamount to suborning blasphemy.

Do I need to even get into how all the major media is in bed with the State at so many levels that when they do "rough it up," it's the equivalent of Bread & Circuses entertainment, just so that The Usual Morons will go on believing the myth that they're watching Hard-Hitting Journalism Speaking Truth to Power!

What a helenahandbasket piece of crap.

I can't help but think Greenwald is very serious, though. With any luck, CNN Fucktards will run away, accusing them of being a right-wing outlet and Fox Fucktards will run away, accusing them of being a left-wing outlet.

That's when you know you might be getting actual journalism. And as often happens, eventually it takes the actions of fools to expose foolishness.

Prayer To Darwin: Deal With The Celiacs, Please

As a Paleo-ish guy, I've always had mutual value to exchange with celiac folks. There's much common ground.

But as sure as the sun rises, "disabled" people will eventually try to pick your pockets:

P.F. Chang’s is Sued for Extra Charges on Gluten-Free Menu Items

See, just like any "disability" that's significanty apart from the very socialized norm, we must socialize costs for outliers. Way back, see, it was all about socializing income: Social Security. Now, all fucktards believe that because they "invested" in a government Ponzi Scheme—where those who do it privately go to jail for fraud—are entitled to get a paycheck for life—even if they never again produce anything in the general social market.

That werk is done; now, it's time to pretty up the P&L by focussing on costs for an ultimately more important black-number bottom line for the disabled, crippled, handicapped, retired. The fact of their existence is your mortgage on living your own life and trumps your values—no exceptions. To complain about it is to be tagged.

...Ironically, P.F. Chang's was my first experience with a gluten free menu section. No good deed goes unpunished. I was just happy to see it, didn't really notice that perhaps they were charging a premium for special, outlier service. I also understand that when in many restaurants and my wife and I split a plate, we're taking up a table that could be more profitable, and since they give me double the plate and flatware, a surcharge for that extra, outlier SERVICE is reasonable. We don't own the place, nor do we pretend that "society" does. ...Or, that irrational laws apply, just because: a bunch of fucktards voted in a bunch of fucktards only smart enough to know their own fucktards.

...I'm guessing that in light of this lawsuit, lots of big chain restaurants are going to be signing up to include gluten free menus. The whore-lawyer involved is no surprise. They're all whores—though some whores are more service oriented than others. The plaintiff has to be either the equivalent of a welfare mom in the projects with six dads for six kids—living on your dime while daddies are in prison or rapping—or, she's a lilly white stay-home, helicopter mom whose worldview is formed by afternoon talk shows. Or, she's the wife of the lawyer-whore in the top-left-hand corner of the filing. Or, just typical lottery whore, dime per dozen, who spends far more on lottery tickets or other ridiculous proclivities than the premium she'd pay at PF to serve her interests. Unfortunately, she can't yet sue people for her random fucktarded proclivities.

Or, maybe I'm wrong and she's just a fucking quotidien cunt. Lots of them. ...Shit, I just had to check to make sure. Yes, as usually 100%, a bitch-with-a-cunt filed the lawsuit, with the whore-lawyer for bitch-cunts (they're just as numerous).

...Some days, I observe snails and remark at how true to their nature they are. That never happens with humans. I'm absolutely never, ever surprised. No amount of human slime-trail ever surprises me.

I will never, ever champion the Celiac cause, again.

I say that with much confidence; because, I know that the vast majority will not be able to resist paying less than 2-3 bucks at P.F. Chang's for special service for a whole meal as a result of a lawsuit (you watch: either PF "settles," or it becomes precedent and everyone falls into line—all the while recognizing that "settle" in this day is euphemism for going from hands up to hands in pockets, while a gun is still pointed). All the whilst, I'll just observe a 12-car line in the drive-through at a Starbucks and nod about the disproportional human decay and depravity I deal with.

The society that undeservedly calls itself American, now, is so fucked up, the rest of the world ought to be taking away its keys; and yet, the opposite is going on. The entire world's opium-antagonism now is focussed on these United Fucktarded States; and far, far too many people are giving it a pass. Forget the past. This is not the America of Ellis Island, anymore. you're far better off finding someplace else.

...It was at least good enough to promote longevity. Now, everyone over some age wants you to pay for their perpetual non-productivity after some age—as though there's a natural way humans get to fuck off for the rest of their lives at the expense of stranger others. And that sort of cancer is a candy that grows. The idea of retirement that's not 100% on your own dime or a gift of close loves is completely fucktarded and will always result in Roman-Empire-esque collapse. Or, just retire to Greece: the embarrassing bed of western philosophy, since gang banged like a cheap whore.

...Arguably, in WWII, America was the right and proper geopolitical entity to dispose of the matter, and it did so resoundingly. It's so fucking historical now that all hubris on this ground is ridiculous—it's literally no more relevant that when the Romans did cool shit. The people who did that were not at all like any of you, either still alive and indoctrinated, or new and smarter.

Toss Jury Summonses in the Trash; Never, Ever Sign for Certified Mail

Dumbshits: this is 1+1 shit

First of all, I'm no slave, so jury duty is an impossibility for me. My fee to serve on a jury is $250 per hour. Otherwise, you'll have to compel me. But, I don't make an issue of it. For over 20 years, the dozen or so "summonses" I have received went straight to the round file.

I'm absolutely certain they were sent by people who hate me and want to fuck with me. Unless I'm personally served by a Sheriff of the County with proper identification, I will continue to know that anyone can send me mail, and some people are fucking with me.

I also refuse to sign for all certified mail.

What good news comes in certified mail?

Don't be a fucking stupid fucktard, behaving like the 99% of stupid fucktard pawn servants inhabiting planet Earth.

...Whose very first big thing is to bend over for "authorities" and sign that you got their commands. Fuck them in the mouth, deep throat like.

(Inspired by just having a Federal Mail Official knock at my door. It's always the same: I won't sign for it. I don't sign for anything wrapped in paper and you're not being a proper human animal if you ever do.)

That is all, for now.

Is Intermittent Hunger The Most Profound Paleo Shortcut Ever?

Michael Mosley really grew on me as I watched his documentary about fasting yesterday. It was a steer courtesy of a commenter on my recent fasting post.

Here's what's covered in pretty decent depth:

  • CRONies (caloric restriction with optimal nutrition)
  • Fasting periodically for four days
  • Alternate day fasting
  • Intermittent fasting for 2 days per week (5/2)

Also very important in this documentary is that while plain metabolic markers are definitely part of what's being looked at, the biggie is IGF-1, the thing essential for making us grow from infants to adults, but then, high levels can be associated with various cancer and other bad stuff (yin yang).

The punchline is that Dr. Mosley achieved all needed benefits in terms of metabolic markers and a profound lowering of IGF-1 using the 5/2 method. That's five days of eating whatever the hell you want, as much as you want, and 2 days of only 600 calories.

Eat, Fast & Live Longer HD by limoslight

Now, I'm a bit of a fasting purist and it annoys me when there's calories taken in, and 600 seems like a lot for a fast. OTOH, five solid weeks at it and his numbers were his numbers, and he lost 14 pounds.

Mom Cooked Me Rouladen For Birthday

I don't know how many times since I was a kid. Very many, and it's my favorite dish my mom makes. I was too anxious to eat Saturday night to take pics, so this was Superbowl dinner, leftovers for Bea & I (still up here in the cabin). I like to reheat covered, in the oven at 200 for about an hour.

IMG 2918
With mashed potatoes and red cabbage

Red cabbage is basically German sweet & sour.

The other sour bit in the dish is the gherkin pickle in the middle.

IMG 2920

Here's a bit of history and development of the dish.

Reflections On The Apparent Demise of The Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS)

Here's the post that came across email yesterday.

After four years of successfully staging annual Ancestral Health Symposiums, we regretfully announce that AHS15 will not be held. We were looking forward to it so much that we began planning for it before AHS14 took place, but despite our jump on the process, we hit several speedbumps along the way that eventually contributed to the event not coming together.

Apparently, they're looking to ramp up their Journal of Evolution and Health which, frankly, with a single published issue in 2013 is a journal in name only.

I can't say I'm surprised and moreover, I'll be surprised if this isn't really the prelude to the eventual end. Having an ancestral health symposium is a decent idea and I thought AHS11, the inaugural, was really great. I still recall Stephan Guyenet commenting "this is like being in the Internet."

I also attended AHS12 at Harvard and am particularly proud of my presentaton at that event. It turns out I came within a "cunt hair" of being disinvited. I can't divulge the source, but long after those events, someone forwarded the entire email thread between those board or committee members charged with the decision (I'd called some women, including Melissa McEwan, a very bad word on Twitter). Ironically, it was Seth Roberts and Melissa McEwan herself who intervened to keep me on the schedule.

That knowledge gave me a bit of added perspective on why, after this post slamming comments by an AHS12 volunteer, McEwan launched a Tumblr campaign against me.

I did not attend the last two symposiums, nor did I submit a proposal for a presentation. Many reasons, but I guess primarily, it comes down to my observation that it was increasingly becoming a giant exercise in lots of confirmation bias, or, simply a get-together where the same speakers, year after year, offer up essentially the same general narrative.

At AHS11 there were really no vendor tables I can recall—just the kind souls at Grassland Beef offering up endless free samples of their wares in the form of beef jerky and pemmican.  Contrast that with AHS12 were there were a dozen vendor tables—a good percentage of them were for various "Paleo" treats and bars—along with the embarrassing irony of conducting a "safe starch" panel in the other room (hosted by Jimmy Moore) were its tantamount to a potentially taboo subject. Go get your "Paleo" bars, but be very careful not to get taken with the idea that our ancestors ever ate a starch granule.

In retrospect, the iron grip control the LC community in general has exercised over AHS is possibly what's killing it now. And if that's the case, justice is served.

I looked closely at the program for AHS14, hoping to see lots of presentations exploring the rapidly burgeoning science on the gut biome. Nope, just a few tokens, the rest largely the same old LC schtick that generally ignores the biome.

In short, the ancestral community has evolved past the Ancestral Health Society. Hopefully, Keith and Michelle Norris will integrate whatever lessons they perceive from this in going forward with their Paleo f(x) Conference. I wish them well and in fact, months ago began hearing whispers that lots of people were seeing more value there.

Catching a Nouvelle Vague For a Week

No Idea outcomes, but it's my birthday tomorrow; just arrived up here today, will be here for 5-6 days, depending on when I feel like leaving. Family is coming up starting tomorrow. Lots. Haven't seen my long haul truck driving baby bro in almost a year and I get weepy when I think about seeing him.

...In a manner of speaking.

I'll blog when I want, absolutely and only what strikes my total fancy. No sun much here, so I'm not likely to get any blisters in it.

Perhaps though, you'll dance along with me. In my world of fantasy.

...Just know that we'll eventually take different roads and love will tear us apart.

But we'll be in peace, and in the name of love. Right, Bono?

I'll see you later.

The Ominous Duck Dodgers Comment Grace Liu Deleted

She doesn't want to you to see it in her Jan 23, 2015 comment thread.

Duck Dodgers has left a new comment on the post "Lose Weight, Body Fat, Improve Blood Glucoses and ...":

I'll try again, P1, and hopefully Grace won't censor me this time. [The cunt did - Ed].

P1 said: "Duck, can you share some of the points about honey that you have learned?"

For starters, see: Honey as a Source of Dietary Antioxidants: Structures, Bioavailability and Evidence of Protective Effects Against Human Chronic Diseases (Free Download)

P1 said: "I think you are not giving Grace's points their due. She is just objectively pointing out which types of fibers feed known good families of bacteria, and she is also pointing out that RS2 largely feeds bacteria that are harmful."

I'm sorry, but the evidence that's been presented has been extremely weak and was mostly conjecture if you read it closely.

P1 said: "No one is really responding to or denying the truth of those claims, and she does provide links to research."

I suggest you read the evidence she presented more closely, and with a critical eye. The studies often do not reach the same conclusions being presented here.

P1 said: "If you accept those claims"

I'll stop you right there. Saying that something feeds "bad" bacteria or "good" bacteria is mostly marketing speak. Just about any food feeds "bad" bacteria. And there has been no discussion as to what levels of "bad" bacteria are helpful.

Raw honey often contains spores of some very pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic yeasts. Is that a reason to avoid honey given that is seems to provide significant benefits to those who consume it?

P1 said: "I think it is pretty fair to ask what would be the presumed health benefit of taking large amounts of RS2? And I think it is quite appropriate for her to evidence that question by further pointing out that recent human trials of RS2 fail to meet good endpoints."

The evidence in those studies is rarely as conclusive as it's been presented in Grace's posts. Again, it's mostly conjecture. Secondly, nobody advocates "high doses" of RS2 anymore. So, I fail to see what the point of these posts are about.

P1 said: "The dose makes the poison in all things, but the fact that everything has a toxic dose isn't really a response to her post."

Actually it is. You could literally write the same exact series of posts using any food, fiber or liquid.


What a laf. That's too much for her, even after she tried—in Fake Doktor ways—to claim Duck has chronic fatigue syndrome and how's that going in light of PS consumption (both are actually false).

Tell you what, go leave respectful, critical comments but copy them. If they get deleted, email to me and I'll post every single one, so long as they meet the respectful criteria. Slinging shit is my job, so don't encroach.

I'm still working on another post about honey that will be up soon.



Let Me Go All Homophobe On Your Butts

Ha, just realized the title has an implicit contradiction in terms. Oh, well.

That Chick-fil-A post yesterday was off the cuff, stream of conscience...just a nagging itch, really. I got a pretty reasonable comment from a person who happens to like different genitals than I (assuming male, since 'gay' and not 'lesbian' was used).

It’s good to hear that there’s a decent fast food establishment in existence. Due to the owner’s homophobic comments, I would never give them any of my business (although, to be completely honest, it’s probably more out of orthorexia than my coincidental affinity for the same sex… I never eat fast food) but I fully support free speech and am grateful to live in a country where you can express yourself freely, no matter how ignorant or hateful the expressions may be. I have friends who eat at chick-fil-a and it doesn’t offend me in the least. I vote with my dollar. They can vote with theirs.

But regarding the workforce: Nothing like robots to keep a well-oiled machine functioning without kinks. Keeps the novelty and creativity at bay. Even Stalin would be proud. Can’t wait to give ‘em a chance as soon as I start eating fast food and stop being gay.

My reply:


Well, first of all, I think the “homophobe” label has become as meaningful as “racist,” “feminist,” “misogynist,” et al…where nothing contra the Official Agenda can be uttered or written without being tagged with it.

I didn’t look at any of the comments made by C-f-A, but I’m generally against using neologisms when words like “ignorant” will do just fine. In this case, it’s probably religulous-based ignorance.

Anyway, I hesitate to relate this—’cause it’s not at all that I have gay friends (like a token I wear around my neck or pet I walk on a leash). We have lots of true, longtime friends who happen to be gay and lesbian (we used to own an urban loft).

So, this runs the gamut of me being the handyman on call for two old dykes (one now past—we attended the Unitarian funeral) to house sitting, pet sitting, mutual dog walking with Mark almost every night…trading saltwater aquarium tips with Ale (and tending to each others tank’s while on trips), innumerable dinners at their places and mine, visits once they moved away, and even a couple of them flying up from Gay WeHo to surprise me for my 49th bday. And much more.

Here’s the thing though. Once you know them as friends the “gayness” or “lesbian” stuff is irrelevant and so, I’m sick to fucking death of hearing about it. Hell, in Mark’s case, in his bag of profound idiosyncrasies and eccentricities, being a single gay man is the least of his queerness. If he didn’t exist, you’d have to invent him.

And neither does “marriage equality” interest me. Sure, I suppose they have the right to be just as miserable as everyone else in that regard, but the state has no business in marriage contracts, and certainly not to change terms on you after you’ve signed up. Marriage should be strictly a social institution where traditions are determined by those sharing like values (religious or secular).

I’m tired of the requirement, now, that virtually every show on TEEVEE has to have a token homosexual and oh, even if it’s a cooking competition, it’s somehow relevant and has to be alluded to over and over.

Finally, not everything in the world has to be comprised of people “expressing themselves.” Sometimes, perhaps a business wants to express ITSELF to clientele in a way that jives with THEIR values, and they seek employees willing to jump on board with that.

OK, that's all. Doggies and I are headed to the cabin where family is joining me over the next couple of days for my 54th. Beatrice heads up tomorrow straight from school.