The Numbers Matter and Only The Numbers Matter

I didn't need to look far and wide to find the usual hysterics over this post: How Eating Heaps of Safe Starches Cured My “Diabetes”. It's good enough, though. Hate still = passion, and I prefer a mix of both just to keep things real.

Nowadays, I only just skim that kinda stuff, looking for something actually helpful—maybe a valid criticism I can correct—that goes beyond the very boring "Richard is such an asshole" stuff. Kinda duh, really. This is news? I know of no other way to get valuable information across effectively, overcoming the background noise that's everywhere, now. Some people seem to think I don't love being seen as 'his royal highness, the asshole,' perhaps unfamiliar with the 10 year history of 4,000 posts here, where being asshole in noise as best I can be—so as to avoid John Doe vomiting on me for general banality (bonus to the 1st commenter who gets the ref)—has always been paramount; accepting, even embracing the "adverse" consequences.

It's almost embarrassing to see people anguish over my choices as they do, as though I ever saw what I do differently, or wrung hands over how other fingers might type! in reaction. I simply have the self trust to do it my way, daily. Sorry if some lack the confidence to trust in themselves as much as I trust in me, 53 years and running. Not sorry if that bugs the living shit out of some. That part I love, actually. Here.

99% of human problems boil down to an absence of self trust, combined with an obsessive compulsion to seek the approval of the very ones who'll suck the life and joy out of you. It's a recipe for failure and unhappiness. Detect it. Dump it. Let them fend for themselves. Hope they starve to death for the attention in the demolition they always seek, as building values is not their forte; that requires talent and conscience.

Yea, I wrote that, so it's true. Trust me.

...I'm not seeing a lot of numbers in these elsewhere places, in the context of normal or improved glucose regulation—nor any other thing, really. Just sour, dripping resentment—high perturbation (rhymes with masturbation) that the project Tim and I started, and Dr. Grace joined, has gained so much traction all over the place. And now, Mark Sisson has a Definitive Guide to Resistant Starch. I'm betting that Mark doesn't make a Definitive Guide until he's certain it's something that merits permanence as a part of the diet, or Primal-styled health.

I posted numbers, a lot of background, and I think the logic flow makes some sense:

  1. A way better gut biome (prebiotics and probiotics) helps a lot and affords other benefits that have been tossed around by LOTS of people.
  2. Safe starches that have been prepared to maximize prebiotics help a lot. Exercise metabolic response, or go with a limp-dick metabolism. Your choice.
  3. Together, they're synergistic. That should be no surprise. Right, Grace?
  4. The numbers don't lie.

Perhaps it's a trust issue, so next time, I'll have to eat my 80g starchy meal in front of a USA Today, on video, then show my postprandial glucose numbers with the time & date of the meter visible. Because, some of the stuff I see out there, I have to conclude that it's from people who simply think I'm lying, and their assessment of my untrustworthiness is so profound that they don't seem to care about looking like fucktards when it becomes clear and obvious they're wrong, which of course they are. The numbers are the numbers, and it means something. News flash: I and my wife both had unacceptably high fasting and post-meal glucose readings, caused by chronic glucose starvation, and adding in lots of starches fixed it right up. That's the truth, those are the numbers, and I'm an asshole for rubbing it in faces. You really have to love it. OTOH, they're on safe ground in that what they type with their fingers! will never be seen by anyone but the Richard haters. It's got to be in the hundreds, by now. Don't worry, I'm working on it and we'll get those numbers up there to more respectable levels.

...So, I'm just seeing squirming and temper tantrums, because why else would anyone care?

  1. Do I care that some people (and lots and lots of very young people) do great on LC? No. I did fabulous myself in 1991, at exactly 30 years old, first time I tried Atkins. Quickly dropped 10-15 pounds, heartburn went away, etc. Bee's knees. It's like "Ha, I have found the secret!"
  2. Do I laf at 20-somethings who scoff at people like us, with 20-30+ years more dietary and metabolic experience? Of course I laf, because in this context, they're adorably ignorant and it's a bit reminiscently sweet, if you ask me on a good day. Hell, I used to be way smarter and more knowledgeable about everything at 30, the last 23 years being a downward spiral of increasing levels of ignorance on all fronts. At this rate, by the time I check out, I'll think I don't really know anything at all.
  3. I've not only my own experience, but that of my wife, other family members, hundreds upon hundreds of blog commenters in over 90 posts on resistant starch with about 10,000 comments; and even, various forums where people are figuring this all out on their own—including ulcerative colitis and a bunch of other stuff. This has grown far beyond Free the Animal, now, and I see everything. The Launch was over with almost a year ago, and it is more popular than ever.
  4. It's not going away. Plus, it's just delicious how it so puts the 24/7/365 very low-carb and ketogenic catechism peddlers in bunched panties under short pants.

Sure, a relatively small percentage of people have had some adverse issues with RS—especially autoimmune from leaky guts in the first place—but many tweaked that with the unique, soild-based probiotics and reported back with improvements, just as predicted by Dr. Grace—someone with actual clinical experience, not just fingers that type! Now, the probiotics are actually sold out in some places. Reports coming in daily, mostly positive.

...The very first post on resistant starch was over 90 posts ago, April 24, 2013, with a prophetic title: Prepare for the “Resistant Starch” Assimilation; Resistance is Futile [emphasis added]. See, I actually did lots of homework on this with Tim, prior to sticking my neck out—while admonishing him that he'd better be right. It's naturally going better than according to plan and I simply intend to keep at it. The numbers tell the story, and it's a way to live in a natural, fed mode of being, rather than an unnatural, simulated starvation mode in chronic VLC or ketogenic fad dieting, typing LOLS with their fingers! at people who point out that even the Inuit were never producing ketones above the normal. post was targeted at the low carb gurus and promoters who wrote books, websites and articles claiming that the Inuit and other carnivorous cultures were ketogenic. I have three different studies here (one from 1928, one from 1936 and one from 1972) and in each case, there were no ketones in any of the Inuits’ blood. None. Zip. Nada.

In 1972 they even used the fancy “strip paper technique, which is sensitive to concentrations of 1 mg/100 ml or greater and all serums were negative” for ketones. (The only time ketones were ever found in the Inuit was when they fasted).

How did these low carb fanatics miss this? How did they dismiss it? And why didn’t they investigate it further? Why did they bastardize what these cultures actually did (eating raw, fresh animals)? Think of how many people went low carb and got sick because of those misleading suggestions.

So, if you want to eat low carb, great! Do it. But, don’t go around telling people that the Inuit were a ketogenic culture. Don’t go around telling people that homo erectus didn’t eat carbs. The evidence just isn’t there to support those statements when you consider what these cultures were actually doing.

You have websites [that] want people to believe that carnivorous hunters were always ketogenic. What [they] don't seem to understand, or don't want people to know, is those carnivorous hunters who chased down animals and slit their prey’s throats would plunge their fists into the carcass of their kills and pull out the glycemic equivalent of a giant cupcake…and eat it as quickly as they could.

All I’m here to say is that the ancestral-based justification of permanent ketosis is complete bullshit. That has nothing to do with the efficacy of LC, for those who absolutely need it.

Chronic VLC and ketogenic dieting as somehow ideally healthy for most people is utter bullshit and hurts many people, documented about anywhere you care to look, with actual stories. That it's not actually harmful for most people—especially as they get older—is also utter bullshit. Sorry, but some fat loss—until you stall—isn't worth any of the problems I had, my wife had, and that I've seen reported thousands of times over more that five years at this Paleo blogging gig. And I was a big LC advocate way back too. I'm betting that I and a couple of human collaborators, and 100 trillion micro-friends are not going to let me down; and that most folks will gradually take a very different view of VLC and ketogenic dieting, not even close to the panacea pitched. I've been doubling down on this bet for over a year—even before RS, when I saw what The Potato Hack did for stuck LCers—all while others have been shorting me.

Chronic VLC and ketogenic dieting ought come with a huge warning label and ought only be performed under medical supervision, kinda like chemotherapy. OTOH, probably 100g of starchy carbs will be fine for a lot of folks. Just look at all the health benefits from eating 100-200g of starches daily, on Paul Jaminet's Perfect Health Diet. Seriously, do take a look at the list of conditions. They might ring a bell as exactly the stuff reported in the comments of this blog all the time, resulting from years of chronic VLC and ketogenic dieting where elsewhere, these sorts of complaints were always met with the same answer: your carbs aren't low enough! Or, the most laghably ridiculous one of all: oh, you have the 'low-carb flu' hahaha!

Or, stuff like this comment that came in just a few minutes ago, a daily occurence mutiple times, on multiple of the 90 posts going all the way back.

DeeNH // Mar 27, 2014 at 13:46

I just want to report that I read AnimalPharm’s superb 7-part series on how to cure SIBO back in the Nov/Dec 2013 time frame where the details of how-to RS, etc. were nicely laid out. And then I found great reading here on freetheanimal. In early February I finally started twice daily doses of Organic PS + ORAC green powder + psyllium + Primal Defense to awesome results (thank you). Fasting blood glucose finally dipped from above 100-120 to 80-90 and SIBO/IBS symptoms almost vanished (excretion almost back to normal). Great to know you are working on a book together now. I will purchase it for sure. [emphasis added]

I think that due to the popularity of VLC—combined with the marketing hype and willingness to cherry pick everything that tends to support it—while finding fault with any study that has other findings—it's going to fuck up a lot of young people. Unfortunately, many, especially women, won't realize it for a long time—and maybe not until it's too late. Unlike the popular low carb proponents, I could no longer stand to see stories of problems over stories of problems, blithely repeating over and over, "well, carbohydrate drives insulin drives fat storage. You need to lower your carbs even more. And, you need to get a blood ketone monitor to make absolutely certain your carbs are low enough and your 'nutritional' ketones, high enough."

I'm an asshole, but with a conscience.

Adding in the range of 100-200g daily of safe starches while eating otherwise very nicely (paleo/primal), it's my bet that this is going to help the most people and minimize the individual need to try endlessly to tweak every little thing.

...Because, you know, when you go out in nature, all you're seeing is animals tweaking their diets.

Indian Gooseberry “Amla” vs. Diabetes and Cancer

I typically don't go in for "superfoods." I typically make fun of the idea. While I'm sure a lot of them have their benefits, the marketing hype is just always beyond the pale. Remember Goji Berries? How about Acai?

A few weeks back, and I don't recall where, someone sent me another video by Dr. Michael Greger, my favorite vegan, I suppose. You may recall that I devoted a whole post to him concerning Beans and the Second Meal Effect: Resistant Starch. Offhand, I love many of his videos, all of which are a brief 1-3 minutes, typically, right to the point, packed with info...and so far as I've seen, always well referenced. He's an excellent communicator.

So here's the short video I got just a while back (2 minutes) about a rather impressive antioxidant value.

I'd just published my probiotics post and its smoothie recipe, and based on the above, decided to order up some Amla Powder aka Indian Gooseberry or Phyllanthus emblica. (I'm not recommending a specific product. There's tons, so once you click in, feel free to pick another one. I'll still get credit for the purchase.)

Turns out, it's been used in various Eastern medicine traditions for centuries. I used to scoff at such things, but you'd be surprised how often, when some of these herbal remedies get put to the test, they perform in terms of nutrients and anti-oxident value, and so it's obvious why it was such a tradition. Millions of n=1, adding up to obvious. Moreover, consider that likely there are a far greater number of herbs that are not in such current use because they didn't get results. So, careful of the bias against, too.

So, I went over to Greger's site and searched Amla, turns out he has a number of short videos about it. This one is pretty dammed amazing, about how even a pinch goes a long way toward helping with high fasting blood glucose.

Amla versus diabetes

With all respect to the good doc—and I mean that sincerely—I think I'll stick with an omnivorous diet, targeted to high density animal foods, as well as safe starches including resistant starch. But here's a couple of other short ones in terms of cancer cells, and why it's probably a good thing to take regardless of your diet.

Amla Versus Cancer Cell Invasion

Amla Versus Cancer Cell Growth

Pretty damn compelling stuff, and there's way more at that search link. So, looks to me like Amla, Indian Gooseberry, is a plant truly deserving of the superfood label. So why haven't you likely heard anything about it until now? Probably because it's so damn cheap.

Here: Amla Powder

You Heard It Here First Update

The number of posts here are over 90, now.

The body of research is is 30+ years old, encompasing thousands of studies and I and my book collaborators—the amazing Tim, who just did an update with Angelo, and Dr. BG, "Grace", who just recorded with Dave Asprey (Tim & I are scheduled to go on Dave's show jointly on May 2)—have been uncovering it, writing about it—and not only here, but in a book (RS is a mere part of it) that now busts at 450 pages, into the thousands of references, and three appendices. Accordingly, we are now facing a luxurious problem of too much.

Resistant starch: a promising dietary agent for the prevention/treatment of inflammatory bowel disease and bowel cancer.


PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Resistant starch represents a diverse range of indigestible starch-based dietary carbohydrates. Resistant starch has been investigated in the past for its effects on bowel health (pH, epithelial thickness, and apoptosis of colorectal cancer cells); reduction in postprandial glycemia; increased insulin sensitivity; and effects on the gut microbiome. This review highlights advances as resistant starch gains clinical relevance as a potential treatment/preventive tool for diseases such as colorectal cancer (CRC) and diabetes.

RECENT FINDINGS: Recent articles have evaluated the comparative physiological effects of different types of resistant starch and investigated the effects of resistant starch on blood lipids, body weight, and defining resistant starch-induced changes to the micriobiome that may be important in health and disease. The most novel and relevant recent data describe a role for resistant starch in ameliorating inflammation; the use of resistant starch for optimal bowel health and prevention of CRC; and, further, that the systemic effects of resistant starch may be important for the treatment of other forms of cancer, such as breast cancer.

SUMMARY: This review describes advances in resistant starch research highlighting the gastrointestinal effects that are now being linked to systemic, whole body effects with clinical relevance. These effects have important implications for overall health and the prevention or amelioration of various chronic diseases. [emphasis added]

Remember how all the paleos and LCers dismissed it out of hand, 99%, back in about 2011 when it seemed to hit the "news" big time?

Screen Shot 2014 03 23 at 11 52 46 AM
Resistant Starch - Looks Like We Have LOTS of Work to Do

As you can see, I'm no match for the MSM, but it'll be interesting to see how that chart looks in a year or two, and I suspect you suspect how it'll look.

“Life is Ours, We Live it Our Way”

Typically, I use my Facebook to post my randomness, including a selfie now & then. Today wasn't any different, in the joy of deleting 212 comments from someone who insists on being a disvalue to me; insists that I enjoy it, or tolerate it, or that I take her seriously because she has fingers. Those 212 comments go all the way back to August 11, 2009, four and a half years ago. All to the trash. Like that. Click. Type search term. Select all. Click delete. It was a delight, and none of her life draining sycodouche will ever see the FTA comment section again.

It's not important, of course. What's important is the meta-lessons one derives from such actions that, simply, occur to do and then get done instanter. So, I thought about a half second and wiped it all away—just as I did for the other one and her 800+ comments.

Then I Laf.

I've maybe listened to and watched this performance two dozen times in the last few days (old fav from Metallica; though, I'm not much of a general fan). It's a wonderful source of inspiration and strength as I reengineer my life at 53, rooting out every little needless distraction in minutiae. I blogged about part of that just a couple of days ago. It's a very small part, though. Religion, in itself, is minutiae. In a perfect Richard, He'd never even think of it in 2014, on Planet Earth.

The simple fact is, qua social animal, you need only a few good people in your life that add value to it. You need not a single worthless fuck that sucks value from it, distracting you from being as much of a value to yourself as you can be, primarily; and giving back value to those precious few, just as they have given to you.

Or, get up and go vote. Proudly wear a lapel sticker signifying that you got your 1-in-300 millionth say in your own affairs. Get agitated daily by the quotidien cable news stream, or any other equally worthless thing that doesn't mean a fucking thing. Or, listen to all the worthless, life draining fucks that so admonish or shame you. They simply don't matter.

Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
...Forever trusting who we are
No nothing else matters

99% of human problems boil down to an absence of self trust, combined with an obsessive compulsion to seek the approval of the very ones who'll suck the life and joy out of you. It's a recipe for failure and unhappiness. Detect it. Dump it. Let them fend for themselves. Hope they starve to death for the attention in the demolition they always seek, as building values is not their forte; that requires talent and conscience.

Resist paying attention to pip-sqeeks and clowns. Message.

Trust in who you are, but make sure and earn your own trust. Love & cherish those who understand.

High middle finger and a Laf to everything and everyone else.

That is truly all.

Update: Well, not quite all, because I immediately put in to practice what I'm preaching. Story here and here with pics.

How Eating Heaps of Safe Starches Cured My “Diabetes”

I'm almost reluctant to post this because I get a perverse pleasure out of seeing myself diagnosed as an "obese diabetic," in caps, on the Internet. Both are lies, of course. Eventually, all will be revealed but for now, let's dispense with the "diabetes" claim.

As background, I was occasionally getting high morning fasting BG reading going back to 2008, though my fasting BG tests performed by my provider have never been higher than the 90s, right up to 2011, the last one done. A1c also has been between 4.5 and 5.0, also going as far back as they go, right up to 2011. My strips went out of date probably around that time, never got them replaced.

I got a new meter and some test strips some months back and became a bit alarmed. Fasting BG was always above 100, usually above 110, and every now & then in the 120's. One and two hour postprandials were often high as well—depending on the kind and size of the meal, of course. The highest I ever measured (though I can't recall the meal) was 194 on May 8, 2013, just about the time I began to ingest Potato Starch and Plantain Flour. But, just like with a lot of very low carbers, I was seeing some improvement from all the resistant starch supplementation in terms of improved BG, but not nearly as much as I'd hoped for. Call it maybe a 20 pt improvement on average post meal, maybe 10 on average fasting.

At the same time, the stuff Tim was posting in comments about his BG history sounded even worse than what I was experiencing, at its worst, yet he was posting outstanding BG results, with meter pics. Hmm. The final clue came with this post: Resistant Starch Ingestion Has No Effect on Ketosis But Blood Glucose Blunting Effects are Highest in A Normal Diet.

So, I need more carbs, specifically starches in the form of legumes, rice, and potatoes, ideally cooked and cooled, which ups the levels of resistant starch. But I was just so damn used to eating pretty low carb on average. I just wasn't used to eating these foods daily. So, what happens? When I did eat them I'd get alarming BG readings. I liken it to a couch potato who knows he should exercise by, say, climbing a lot of stairs every day. But instead, he still takes the elevator most of the time. Every now and then, he forces himself to take the stairs and of course, gets a heart rate of 220.

This then reenforces his reluctance to take the stairs. This is what happens to many very low carbers. They have physiological insulin resistance in order to ensure glucose is available for vital functions like the brain. So, what happens when they eat a starchy meal any normal person with a well-exercised metabolism handles with no problem? They have an abnormally high response, reenforcing their belief that they can't handle starch and that if they eat it, they'll become diabetic. Similarly for diabetics. Why not simply eat a normal amount of starch and be your own pancreas?

How and why insulin has become so ridiculously demonized, I have no idea. The poor stepchild of all hormones, I guess.

Alright, so a little over a month ago I did three things at the same time:

  1. I got soil based probiotics. Probiotics: The Genetic Component of Obesity.
  2. I began forcing myself to make and have on hand the cooked & cooled starches (it's ok to reheat them) and to eat them with every meal, starting small and working my way up. I also had a sandwich or two per day, on Udi's Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread, about 25g carbs per sandwich.
  3. Put the damn meter away for a month so I wouldn't freak myself out.

I began testing again a few days back (did cheat a time or three and tested during that month), and here's what I got: Sunday Starchy Breakfast: Beans, Potatoes, Eggs and a Side of Insulin Sensitivity. In addition, fasting was now usually in the 90s and when over 100, just slightly. This was so encouraging that I began to eat more and more starch, more and more often; doubling, sometimes tripling the amount.

So let's take a look at a few of the meals and readings.

IMG 2243
Plate of Fried Potatoes (lots!)

Those were leftovers from the corned beef & cabbage, cooled overnight, diced and wok fried in my favorite Juka's 100% Organic Red Palm Oil from Africa.

IMG 2245
With Three Sunnys on Top
IMG 2246
One Hour - 139 mg/dL
IMG 2250
Hot Turkey Sandwich with Mashed Yukon Gold and Chicken Stock Reduction

Ha, the turkey was some TJ's roasted I had bought, along with Swiss cheese and the fixin's, in order to make classic turkey & Swiss sandwiches. Utterly tasteless, so I soaked the turkey in chicken stock overnight, then strained it, added more stock, reduced it and thickened with potato starch. Of course, no RS value. The Yukons have sane amounts of butter and half & half. That was actually Bea's plate, as mine was less photogenic, having even more. I actually didn't take a reading here (just checked my meter to make sure, since it saves a history).

IMG 2251
This Morning's Fasting BG

That's the first time under 90 that I recall in years and years.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of this morning's breakfast, but it was two full cups of refried beans (in leaf lard) with a slice of Swiss melted on top, 2 eggs o/e in grassfed butter, and two thick slices of beefsteak tomato with lot's of sea salt and finely ground black pepper. The carb count is 75 whopping grams!

IMG 2252
One Hour - 125 mg/dL
Two Hour - 116 mg/dL

Interestingly, Beatrice had about 1 1/3-1/2 cup of refried beans with Swiss, one egg, and 2 slices of tomato. She measured higher at 136 at one hour but lower, at 105, at two hours.

So, if you'll pardon me, I think I have this puppy figured out, and you zealots are right: IT'S THE CARBS!!!!!!!!! Yep, I wasn't getting enough of them, particularly in the form of cooked & cooled (reheated if you want) safe starches.

One final note is that I also have not taken any supplemental resistant starch (potato starch, plantain flour, or banana flour) in about 3 days. After that hot turkey sandwich, I fasted for 39 hours.

Be careful out there. Be skeptical of low-carb and ketogenic diet zealots. In time, I'll speak to the "obesity." You can probably guess, though.

Good Religion. But, I Still Want to Go to Hell

Good Religion:

554736 900044490025005 1273988216 n

A small handful of mind worms:

  • Is there a God? No. Is there a god? Yes.
  • If you see The Budha, then kill him.
  • Is the Bible true? No. Is the Bible the truth? Yes.

They're all basically equivalent, so up to you to connect the dots and figure out what I mean, metaphorically. You're on your own, with the help of D'Lama, as quarterback. Fundamentalist Christians, Islamists, OT Jews will be totally lost, as they always are. Dumbest of the dumb literalists, just like 3-4 year olds, who wouldn't understand metaphor if it knocked them out. I know; I grew up around them (the funnies) and they're hopelessly stupid, strutting around in ignorant hubris, too, unaware of the fact. They're dumber, more deep-Apalatia-ignornat and far more evil than...fuck. Trust me. ...Eventually, I got over my embarrassment by association, and it's just something I deal with for some family peace and what can pass for love, now. At the same time, there are elements of some individuals that I enjoy a lot. Life update. Is what is. But, I just do it while I kinda hate and loath it at the same time. Life update. I hope it's mutual.

...I'll digress. Further. I have female fiends from back in the teen-years-days, who were abused on levels—and I've been on the iPhone lately: so, fundamental Christianity is a bunch of limp, micro-dick "men," afraid of AWESOME female sexuality, even as it was burgeoning. It's really a complex sexuality that puts men to shame. Rather than embrace its awesomeness as a gift from God, they—Islamists, Christian Fundamentalists, and General Influence Seekers (I make no meaningless distinctions)—have chosen to set themselves up as authorities that other "men" will pussy to, in order to keep the masses of "offending" women in check.

But, we don't do black Burkhas. There's that.

My young life was a life of witnessing so-called men, afraid of women, setting in place circumstances to make women as dependent, subservient, and submissive as possible. My young life was an exercise in pussy study; only, I had to wait long to learn about real female pussy. That was once I'd had my fill of so-called men, the pussies of my youth. Thank God for a choice few women. I hope they know who they are, beginning in the early 80s. You sweethearts played it totally cool, logical, and real; by the cards, and in spite of my insuperability. I leaned a lot, and not just between your legs. More importantly, between your ears. I could have stayed broken. Instead, I learned of the wonder of females who haven't the shame they're somehow supposed to have. So thank you, all of you. I was so lucky, ladies, to have you save me, 30 years ago. By being Women.

...The propensity of men to suck cock of powerful men (like the nobodies who watch Fox, CNN, the Blaze all the time—sucking cock) is bad for women. Women want honest and forthright men who want them so bad they can't help themselves. Pretty simple. But men prefer to suck the cocks of other, more powerful men who get the women they can't. Is there a better explanation, Animals?

What drives men to be such utter pussies, undesirable by women? I mean, why wouldn't any woman simply suck the cock that pussyboys themselves are so enamored of, rather than yours, "man?"

Let's shift gears.

...Everyone ought to know a Buddhist, and a Hindu; or, hell with it: a few of each. Everyone ought deny themselves the hubris that's rooted in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic ways for a week, or two. A lifetime would be just fine. Everyone who likes going to church ought take one Sunday and go to a Unitarian church. You might be surprised. They'll welcome atheists and literalists alike, and teach you what worship might be better being. Better. Being. They might, in worship, emotionally channel your passed father, or grandmother, and make you weep deeply all over again, for the love you've lost; but just as well, for the wisdom you might yearn to teach so you can know God. Yin. Yang, Deep sorrow. Exuberant elation. Life. Death. Yin. Yang.

Call that God, or some shit.

Or, go to an Approved Institution, such that others finally clap when they finally let you tell them. And, you can genuflect over a silly, imaginary friend, unlike a child. And, exactly like a child. You'll have more than enough company. There's that.

I call myself an atheist but I think I'm a strange breed; for, I love Christmas carols and Christ-child Nativity scenes. Please: put one on my front yard and I'll cry, because that's God. I'll never, ever hassle you about the one in the town square. I might even get emotional over it, but it will be over the humanity of the whole thing and not some moron belief in happenings that never happened, and that people take stupidly literally...such as to miss the whole point; yet they'll delight to get in your face about, in league with the righteous of state: those with whom, and of whom, you'll enamor to enjoy the company of, and with, in "Heaven."

Ever go to a party and you hated the people present? Ever"Heaven."

I simply don't believe in a Sky God; never will, and middle finger and lafs, with as much hubris and ridicule as I can muster, mostly because it misses the point and fucks everything up. I'm willing to live and let, but everyone who doesn't believe the general catechism is adversely affected in the next and current American Theocracy, that even Obama is too much of a little pussy boy to go against—though The Choom Master himself doesn't really believe a lick of it, and anyone with a gram of a brain knows it.

Accordingly, I want to go to Hell. That's right. Let's take your schtick literally, moronic as it is, and just go with it.

Let me ask you, in 2014, given the currency of life on planet earth: you want to go to Heaven with the righteous, worshiping at the foot of a needy God for all eternity, at his feet? Or, you want take your chances and see if you can get Satan to party with you? Carlin, Thorogood...Pinocchio? Lots of fucking cool bands. Surely, makers of booze & smokes. Pimps & fine whores too, of course.

Or, wear a white robe & sandals and sit at the feet of Jesus. You'll get to tell him about 6 times per day how much you love the fact that his all powerful father sent him to suffer brutally and die over his own failed plan; how all of them are so fucking amazingly disciplined about their omniscience when it comes to lots of people suffering and dying; then, thank him again that you're such a special, tender, and privileged flower out the 100+ billion that have ever lived on the planet, just because you had the foresight to utter MAGIC WORDS!

Jesus, please give me Hell. Want nothing to do with those insufferable, pretentious fucks; and especially any family members. That would cause me embarrassment.

Nothing Else Matters

So close no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters

Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I don't just say
And nothing else matters

Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters

Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
But I know

So close no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters

Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
But I know

Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I don't just say
And nothing else matters

Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters

Never cared for what they say
Never cared for games they play
Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
And I know

So close no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
No nothing else matters

Sincere credit to my forever dearest friend in the world, Paul Stiles, who asked me a simple question in email this morning, and this was the only way I knew to answer it. I've loved Paul since shortly after he presented himself as a new Ensign in 1988 in my office on the USS Blue Ridge, in advance of going to flight school at Pensacola. Oh, the times we had all over the southwest pacific, about 6 countries. But I won't titillate you. Use your imaginations.

He's the author of two books: Riding the Bull:: My Year in the Madness at Merrill Lynch and Is the American Dream Killing You?: How "the Market" Rules Our Lives

Public Service: Anal Fistula and How Resistant Starch Cured It

Well, you learn something new everyday, I hope

I was weighing the propriety of putting this up. Not because of any reason other than "do many people suffer from this?" but then co-author of our forthcoming GUT BIOME book, Tim Steele, gave me a clue that reminded me of an experience and it became necessary to put it out there.

The email from a non-anonymous source, name withheld by request for obvious reason.

First, I would like to thank you for popularizing the phenomenon that is resistant starch. Second, if you chose to use this story, please withhold my name.

In my early twenties I was eating SAD. A strange tumor, an abscess, formed near my rectum. After a lot of trouble it was diagnosed as anal fistula. Nasty condition. They said that the only form of treatment is an operation with some chance of success, but also with some chance that I would not be able to hold my bowels normally. So I decided to live with it, because I could live with it—and it would be better than involuntarily making a nasty mess someplace. Pain was there—blood and pus as well. But it was manageable.

10 years later I improved my diet and lost some weight, but the fistula was still there. I decided to check in with the doctors as new methods of therapy for resolving fistula had appeared. They started with an MRI scan and a colonoscopy.

...In the meantime I tried to lose some more weight with the help of The Potato Hack. I don't have a microwave at work so I ate them cold.

Imagine that, in two weeks, all symptoms of anal fistula disappeared, and AFTER 10 YEARS OF SUFFERING. JUST LIKE THAT: No blood coming out of it, no pus, no pain.

I was familiar with the topic of resistant starch, then suddenly connected the dots.

The doc, when he saw this, was really surprised. Me too. Now I'm taking Potato Starch religiously and not a single event from fistula. That never happened before. It was sometimes better, sometimes worse, but an absolute clean state was not achievable with any other approach (and I did try everything, trust me).

As my wife is a biotechnologist, she dug up a publication called Resistant Starch: Promise for Improving Human Health. Well, it certainly improved mine! I'm planning to show it to my doc. Perhaps he'll understand that this is not "alternative" medicine, but pure science.

RS healed me so far. It is now almost three months without problems (after ten years of suffering!) And that's for a condition that according to wikipedia is curable only with an operation.

So thank you, and for any chance that somebody with fistula will read this and this will help them also. That is the sole reason why I am writing this.

So after the story and that last line, I pretty much have to put it out there, right? Can you imagine the displeasure? What a quality of life improvement, if it works for anyone else.

Here's what Tim had to say:

Dogs get this all the time—usually diet related. Sled dog kennels in Alaska are notorious for feeding their dogs the cheapest, shittiest dog food they can find because sled dogs eat a lot. Try feeding dozens of big, hungry, cold dogs on a limited budget!

One of the common jobs that needs done at a sled dog kennel is "butt milking."  They need to go and squeeze the pus out of the dogs asses (anal fistulas) so the dogs can poop.

Sled dog kennels that feed their dogs fish and raw meat don't have this problem, only when they feed them the crap in a bag that is $10 for 50lbs at Sam's Club. Makes sense that a diet change favorable to gut microbes would clear up anal fistulas in humans, too.

Human Anal Fistula: Looks dire; requires surgery and antibiotics!

Dog Anal Fistula: Just switch to better diet!

I truly believe that humans ought to start going to veterinarians for health problems. Free the Animal. But yea, one time the cute bitch started scooting on her ass a lot, so Bea had me take her in and the anal glands were the first thing the vet checked. Turned out to be a Mark I, Mod A itchy butt hole only. Poor things, lacking the easily available tools to deal with it. Now, knowing that, I just turn the garden hose on it.

...BTW, after about 4 days with Beatrice living at the dog hospital all last week, sometimes not getting back until 4am (out by 9), it was over about 1pm last Friday. In the end, it was renal failure that got my 10,000 mile walking buddy.

Here's my public Facebook posts about it for anyone interested, and thanks so much to all for the outpourings of sympathy on all channels. You people are great. Life is certainly easier. It's not any better. And being so sorrowful is silly. Or, it's not. Dogs aren't people...

Praise doG.

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Killers (Credit: Alessandro Rugge, PhD)