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...There's still something else in draft I haven't published yet. So, just a rather pathetic 'it's Friday, what's a bit weird to post about?' deal.

How about my hair?

Again, it's rather pathetic at 53 yoa. And while I've not yet bought a Corvette (I had one in my 20s, shipped it to France and a GF totaled it while I was at sea—but that's a different story) nor a gold chain (I did have a 1 Baht chain (24kt) from Thailand, once, sold it to pay rent in 1992), and I have never had hair on my chest....


Six years of water only. Not a drop of soap or "conditioner."

You be the judge.

Nonetheless, since I have so many followers, I'm determined to Go Full Jesus!

The Last Supper will be sous-vide, and I'll do it myself.

Robb Wolf: Call Allan Savory’s Office (Urban Forests)

Damn, I've had a draft of a post going for 2 days, but something always comes up and derails me, like yesterday, about how cop killings are a a good thing: one could say, an economic value—to go all consequentialist Austrian and Chicago School onya.

I beat you readers up so much, so here's something I don't imagine anyone can not find so fucking cool! But, I'll temper that with commentary you'll surely find offensive, at the end. :)

The TED is like 5 minutes or something: How to grow a tiny forest anywhere, Shubhendu Sharma. Lot's of pics. Lots of wonderful. I WANT ONE!


So, now, allow me to go a little public policy on your asses.

When are you going to begin lafing at pip-squeak and clown religious activists? No, I'm not talking about people who believe in sky fariries—that's beyond lafable and really only worthy of uniform ridicule in 2014. No, I'm talking about most activist environmentalists...and vegans.

Sustainability Sushmainability: Hey Vegans, How Does a Dozen Grassfed Cattle Per Person on Earth Sound?

You see, the only people on the face of Earth more fucktarded than ISIS are the vegans. Shit, they can't even make a proper meal. If you puruse that link, above, you'll see a few of them condemning Allan, or whatever.

This is how fucktarded they are, in a nutshell: 'not proven to work in all places, all of the time, in any circumstance; so meat is murder. SO DON'T EVEN TRY!!!!'

I told you. Hands down, vegans in general and as a group consensus, are the most brain deficient, retarded people on Earth.

They would chop off heads and put it up on YouTube if they were anything but a collection of 70% weak-white-skinny-fat bitches; and 30% guys, who like to get into the panties of weak-white-skinny-fat bitches.

Moral Compartmentalization: How Every Cop Killing In America Ought To Be As Cool As Japs And Krauts Biting It In WWII

The State (and the Church) exist as agents of moral compartmentalization.

Allow me to explain. It's simple, though less than obvious. When something makes you wince or gives you visceral repulsion as a normal human, but you then later become to accept it by means of stuff written in law books or sacred texts, what you've been conditioned to accept is a categorization of compartments of rights and wrongs; rights and wrongs based, not upon your own authority and senses, but upon authorities external to your own conscience—who either have means of coercion over you, or have managed to drive authoritative wedges between you and those you hold dear.

...And those who coerce, and those who drive those wedges, often have something to gain. Moreover, so do many of your loved ones. They've been "paid off;" often enough, through jobs their livelihood depends upon.

...How else could you get young, blond haired, blue eyed German young men to load Jewish families into boxcars, knowing the fate awaiting them? How do you override a human conscience like that, and so efficiently? The Chuch and the State—the prime institutions of the Neolithic—is how you do it. Or, most fundamentally, a substitution of their external authority over individual autonomy.

It must be done at a core level. Not mere philosophical ideology. This is why hard communism has largely been a failure. Hard Soviet-Chinese Communism made a separation between church and state far more profound than the "Land of the Free" ever did—with its cartoonish Constitutional amendment, interpreted as separation. Separate but Equal is more like it. They were serious; the former, outlawing it, in fact. In the Western democratic world, making a church-state distinction—especially in America—is rather meaningless. Making the distinction in America is rather like trying to make meaningful distinctions between family members, when all outward signs are of a family in total harmony (all the while knowing they have their spats). America was veritably founded upon religious antagonism that was brewing in Europe. Like I've always said: America is the lesson about why you ought never let a bunch of Puritans get into a boat together.

America: For God & Country. One in the same, essentially. Individual autonomy need not apply. Just another of the many contradictory, consonantly dissonant things 'Mercans live with and smile about, as an eternally irritating matter of course—all the while displaying a level of hubris that's had me embarrassed, as a passport holder, for 20 years.

Mind warp, because you didn't see this coming. Take a 6 minute break and listen to Einstein. Yea, that's right: 6 minutes for Einstein.

Here's what I posted to Facebook when I saw it.

Yes, this is dead on. It's the institution. That said, I'd have a hard time bemoaning dead soldiers (police) strewn about. I love every cop killing, no matter the circumstances, just like in any war.

Do you imagine that among all the enemy combatants in world wars, them laying mutilated on the battlefield, that there were no tender, loving souls among them, cherished by friends and family? And still you celebrated their deaths because they were an enemy of the State to which you are allegiant?

Well, I'm in league with rational, free people, and police in America are against them, institutionally; and thus, every dead cop is a blessing, in my book.

Homework, another Facebook post:

To me, the quest for understanding the human condition is one of differentiation and integration. Anyone who's ever graded well in a class in calculus ought to understand that there is eternally space between function and absolute.

Do you explicitly understand? If not, perhaps you require more study.

So, are you really, actually thinking for yourself, or are you just paying it down from mommy bird?

baby birds feeding
Feed me; Tell me that everything's gonna be alright.

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If you hate what I do, then never shop at Amazon. :)

Starving our Microbial Self: The Deleterious Consequences of a Diet Deficient in Microbiota-Accessible Carbohydrates

The post title is the same as that of an 8-page paper to be published in the October, 2014 issue of Cell, containing about 80 references to the literature. Luckily, I was provided the full text from a benefactor. Since it's a subscription journal I can't rightfully put it up, but I can quote the abstract since it's online at the link provided.

Erica D. Sonnenburg and Justin L. Sonnenburg, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Stanford University School of Medicine.

The gut microbiota of a healthy person may not be equivalent to a healthy microbiota. It is possible that the Western microbiota is actually dysbiotic and predisposes individuals to a variety of diseases. The asymmetric plasticity between the relatively stable human genome and the more malleable gut microbiome suggests that incompatibilities between the two could rapidly arise. The Western lifestyle, which includes a diet low in microbiota-accessible carbohydrates (MACs), has selected for a microbiota with altered membership and functionality compared to those of groups living traditional lifestyles. Interactions between resident microbes and host leading to immune dysregulation may explain several diseases that share inflammation as a common basis. The low-MAC Western diet results in poor production of gut microbiota-generated short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which attenuate inflammation through a variety of mechanisms in mouse models. Studies focused on modern and traditional societies, combined with animal models, are needed to characterize the connection between diet, microbiota composition, and function. Differentiating between an optimal microbiota, one that increases disease risk, and one that is causative or potentiates disease will be required to further understand both the etiology and possible treatments for health problems related to microbiota dysbiosis. [emphasis added]

My three takeaways from the abstract.

  1. You may be a "healthy person," perhaps due to good behaviors and practicing good lifestyle choices (abstaining from smoking, alcohol, high levels of processed foods, etc; while engaging in good low-stress, exercise, and sleep habits). But if you're not inwardly minding your microbiota then it might not be as healthy as you'd think it is, setting you up for the "diseases of civilization" as you get older.
  2. The best way to ensure a healthy, balanced gut microbiome is to feed it properly, and the only way to do that consistently is via carbohydrates in the diet. Leafy greens isn't going to cut it. You need fermentable fibers, including those from starchy storage organs and those resistant to digestion (resistant starch) by gastric acids and enzymes.
  3. Eat as many cubes of butter as you like, raise your LDL sky high, crowd out other micronutrients you'd get from more dense sources of plants and protein, but that butyrate and other SFCAs aren't getting to your colon. They need to be generated by the guy microbiome itself and that = appropriate, non-processed carbohydrates.

Looking into the full text, here's some interesting observations I'll summarize.

  1. A single human gut can contain upwards of 60,000 carbohydrate-degrading enzymes...compared with the human genome with about 17 glycoside hydrolassss and no polysaccharide lyases involved in carbohydrate digestion in the gut.
  2. Due to differences in gut composition among humans, some carbs are metabolically available to some, but not to others. This is why it would be important to make dirt-based probiotics part of your lineup, so as to increase the number of available enzymes in (1). For example, for most Japanese, the algal polysaccharide porphyry in seaweed is metabolically available to their microbiome, but not to the vast majority of North Americans or Europeans, because they lack the strain that can make use of it.
  3. It used to be hypothesized, back in the 60s and 70s that the importance of lots of fiber was more of a mechanical thing, like a scrub brush, and this is why the emphasis on roughage. But we now understand it's the fermentation within our intestines that provides both compounds for our own tissues and food for co-feeding organisms. And this is what supports a healthy immune system that doesn't go haywire, causing hosts of auto-immune conditions in individuals.
  4. Further to (3), the defining of "fiber" is fraught with lots of confusion by use of the terms soluble, insoluble, fermentable, and non-fermentable. What we're really interested in are carbohydrates that are accessible to the microbiota in some biologically active way.
  5. In the simplest terms, these microbiota accessible carbohydrates (MACs) lead to greater microbial diversity, which leads to increased metabolic output, both of which lead to protection from western diseases. Conversely, a low-carbohydrate diet leads to less microbial diversity, less metabolic output, and greater susceptibility to western diseases, particular of an inflammatory or auto-immune nature.
  6. A study comparing Western children in Italy with children in Africa (De Filippo et al., 2010—full text) showed greater microbial diversity, ratios less associated with obesity, and largely increased SFCA production—including a 4-fold greater butyrate and propionate production in the latter, African group. The Africans consumed nearly twice the daily fiber as the Westerners.
  7. Two independent studies (Cotillard et al., 2013 and Le Chatelier et al., 2013) revealed some interesting findings for Westerners. "The 341 combined participants from both studies were comprised of obese, overweight, and healthy individuals and exhibited a bimodal distribution of microbiota gene content: some individuals exhibited low gene count (LGC) and others high gene count (HGC). The LGC group was more insulin resistant and had higher fasting triglycerides, higher LDL cholesterol, and higher markers of inflammation relative to the HGC group. Dietary intervention of 49 obese or overweight individuals (18 from the LGC group and 27 from the HGC group) resulted in loss of fat mass and was accompanied by improvements in clinical markers such as lipid and insulin values, insulin resistance, and measures of inflammation for both the LGC and HGC groups (Cotillard et al., 2013). However, improvements in these clinical markers were most pronounced for the HGC group, indicating that microbiome richness was a predictor of response to diet-induced improvements. Dietary intervention did result in an increase in gene richness in the LGC cohort that approached but still remained significantly lower than the HGC. Together these independent studies indicate that metabolic disease clinical phenotypes are associated with gene content diversity of the gut microbiota and that diet can directly impact this diversity."
  8. Wow (7). The hypothesis about the foregoing is that it mostly comes down to 1) diversity, and 2) the SFCAs produced. Of course, since diversity is the result of a greater intake of fermentable fibers that come from a variety of carbohydrate foods, including starchy plants and legumes, more non-processsed carbohydrates = more SFCAs being produced in the colon. Eating sticks of butter gets you nowhere. These gut-generated SFCAs play a number of diverse regulatory roles in the colon: histone acetylation and signaling through G protein coupled receptors; anti-inflammatory effects; increase the pool of regulatory T cells in the gut; protective of allergic airway inflammation; energy homeostasis; broadly influence metabolism and circulating propionate signals via the afferent nervous system to influence gluconeogenesis in the intestine; protection from diet-induced obesity; and more.

The paper opens its concluding section thusly:

Whether the ancient microbiota is a better microbiota is debatable; however, at least two arguments support this idea: (1) our human genome lacks the plasticity that our microbiota possesses and therefore has not been able to keep pace with the recent profound changes brought on by our modern lifestyle, such as the consequences of a diet very low in microbiota-accessible carbohydrates (e.g., low diversity microbiota, less SCFA production); and (2) traditional societies typically have much lower rates of Western diseases (Wirsing, 1985).

All in all, a nice read and reference chase if you can get your hands on it.

Update: New by Chris Kresser, based on a great comment he posted on his blog the other day. It dovetails quite nicely with this post. 7 Things Everyone Should Know About Low-Carb Diets.

Democracy, Labor, Unions: An Exercise in Fucktards, Plebeians, and Noobs

The world has been built on labor. Just ask any mother.

Labor DAY? What? Labor is 24/7/365/250,000, in one way or another. I'd characterize my sleep last night as somewhat laborious. Life is a labor of love. Self love.

But that's just H. sapiens, 250,000 years strong. Of all the Homo species, sapiens are still the shortest survived. So, we'll see. Can we survive ourselves?

...The "Labor Movement" began in the 1800s, but gained steam only after "laborers" were comfortable that there was consolidated, exigent State power to loot the founders of the capital means of the production that made their jobs possible.

It's pretty simple: Resentment. They didn't have the wherewithal, foresight, smarts or gusto to create, invest in, risk, etc. The capital means that allowed them to do more than scratch at dirt—that allowed them to have a  real cut, and "opulence"—like a toilet and running water—better than a 17th Century King—was not enough. That dirt-scrathching, poor immigrants to America going a ways back—before it was largely regarded as The Land of the Free—built kingdoms of jobs that paid out millions...It's just a lucky accident. We'd have done way better with 4.5 million, top-down, federal employees—all LABORING to LOOK OUT FOR YOU!

Important wages are thanks to unions, and not individual value to an enterprise. My goodness. It's such a tough row to hoe: go it alone, vs. gang up, get allies, and loot. LABOR DAY! Fortunately, the Division of Labor reaches to all markets. It's remarkably resilient where people don't want to take the risk of doing their own looting and have immunity-dispensation via law, by means of an euphemism called voting.

...But, by doG, when someone else did risk their own accumulated capital, Laboristas going to go all gift horse on it because they're a "union," now backed by guns, coercion, force. And it will be politically popular, because H. sapiens have replaced the ancient, natural jungle with an asphalt one...and that's "the fault" of those who accumulate capital and risk it, too.

It's so fucking, lafably pathetic.

I make fun of "Labor Day," always have.

  • “Labor Day:” Doing Soviet Better Than the Soviets. Note the charts that show how private sector labor unionism is a pathetic limp dick, compared to how the public-sector has a far more effective hardon for looting from you until your great, great, great, great grandkids pay the bill you voted for them to pay and not you.
  • Labor Day Remembrance and Appreciation. Note how the labor movement began as a way to keep the chinks, dingos, n*ggers, wetbacks, waps, krauts, spuds, etc. out, all safe for WASPs. It's reminiscent of Caesar Chavez, who began his hilariously dumb farm workers union (you can't organize unskilled labor) as a means of keeping out "illegal" wetbacks.

How about Democracy vs. Monarchy?

Before I get to that, let me ask you to ask yourself whether, if presented the question as an experiment in thought, you don't just do this.

baby birds feeding
Do you actually think and consider, or just eat regurgitate?

While I'm an anarchist and support no ruler at all, I've said for many years that I'd take—any day—Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or any number of others as absolute Monarch, to pass down an owned legacy, over the democratically elected pip-squeaks and clowns we have now, as temporary caretakers who loot it because there's nothing to pass down, and all "balance of powers" is a sham that equates to consolidation of looting powers—and if it's to be consolidated, I'd prefer it be one with some measure of human, prideful accountability...and not a fuckatarded committee who literally couldn't design a candle, if they needed to.

...I've known of Hans-Hermann Hoppe, former UNLV professor, for long times. But, just as with Murray Rothbard, I never paid very much attention—just as I eventually decided I could think on my own and didn't need Rand-Jesus, or others, from about 1995ish, onward. That said, this is prescient.

The Failed God: Democracy

...I lafed out loud when I caught Hans-Hermann speak at things that you might find interesting:

  • Confirmation bias and confounding variables at 1:25.
  • How Jean-Jacques Rousseau, one of the stanchest fathers of democracy, though it would only work in small "commune" circles. At 2:00.

Have at it, fucktards, plebeians, and noobs. But, in terms of the latter point of Hans-Hermann's, see my AHS presentation at EXACTLY 13:00. What did we evolve to account for?

I ask you: who's thinking, and who's just regurgitating their bullshit?

...The "Labor Movement" is a silly, whoring thing. It exists only as a downstream consequence of fascism. That's "capitalism" lite, where the State fools you into thinking that those who accumulate capital and risk it are those necessary-evil bad guys that just need to be controlled: with endless reams of regulations and stacks of paperwork that you pay every penny for in the cost of your goods and services if they turn a penny of profit, a prioi.

..."Coolest" thing is that the best capitalized have legions of lobbyists, making all you union members and voters even more pathetic and foolish. It is so laf. You're such fucktards, plebeians, and noobs, you'll spend a freely-earned dollar to protect a State-penny.

That penny is very valuable, even though it comes at the expense of your soul as a human animal. You got it for free: via nightsticks, guns, long black robes, painted cars, GI Joe fashions, jails, edifice, marble, oak benches, and wannabes that are your favorite people on earth. They're looking out for you, and you believe it.

But it's OK in America, Land of the Free. Your grandkids will pick up the tab. Just enjoy the fact that you LABORED; bemoan that someone got MORE THAN YOU; forget that you didn't accumulate capital and risk it. Just get someone to grab it for you in SOLIDARITY! What a pathetic standard to bear: "I'm going to be as much of a fucktard as the lowest common denominator." SOLIDARITY!

You lived paycheck-to-paycheck, despising those who did otherwise and created the means of your paycheck. You jerked off in public, voting to loot them.

You even wore a sticker on your lapel: "I Jerked Off!" But it's OK—not only because that's your personal business—but because its background is an American Flag, trumping all introspective thought and reflection.

"Voting" — A Big Whopping 1/300 Millionth Say In Your Own Affairs

It's not your fault and neither is it the fault of "capitalists" (none really were, they were just looters using Division of Labor effect). They sought political power to gain advantage over competition in myriad ways, and you did the same to gain political advantage over them. You are both pathetic: false capitalists, false human animals.

Capitalists blame you, you blame capitalists; and the State garners its vote, just as surely as the poker dealer takes a spiff for the house.

...But everyone understands the poker dealer, and they understand the other players in the game.

Only fucktards, plebeians, and noobs don't understand—or outright ignore—the State's interest.

...We live in an entire world of State Enterprise, while we live also in a world of Anarchy that makes literally everything possible—simply because you don't need an executive order—or even one from the city council—to get up every morning and produce a thing or two...whether on your own behalf, or on the behalf of a social circle euphemistically referred to as  a "company."

Or, to nurture an offspring—not yet, anyway...The State has an important interest in the education of its subject zoo humans.

...I can't really say I'm bullish on the prospects of H. sapiens.

Probiotic Fibers And Flatulence; My N=1

Way back in the beginning of experimenting with resistant starch via supplemental potato starch the most common side effect by far was rather impressive amounts of gas, or "fartage," for most people.

Some couldn't tolerate it while others, like myself couldn't help but laugh uproariously. Unless you've experienced it yourself, it's tough to describe the volume and frequency it can induce—and often for a solid day or more. A couple of times, for myself, it was also accompanied by more than mild intestinal discomfort.

But I persisted and over time, it just went away, even with large doses of potato starch. Later, I even added things to my "cocktail" like inulin and fructo-oligo-saccharidesglucomannanbanana flourplantain flour, and took them with my go-to, dirt-based probiotics (Prescript-AssistAOR Probiotic-3, and Primal Defense Ultra). And everything was pretty cool, as relayed here.

A while back, I relayed my experience of being in moving upheaval and eating crappy for about a month. That was in conjunction with taking absolutely no supplements at all, including any of the aforementioned.

Yesterday I got curious. If I supplement the probiotic fibers again, will I be back to fartage square one?

Went and got some raw milk, fresh squeezed orange juice, and some organic apple cider vinegar from a local whole-food co-op here in Placerville, CA. First, I took a shot of the vinegar and chased it with the OJ.

Then I made a cocktail with raw milk as the base and a handy stick blender:

  • 4 TBS Potato Starch
  • 2 TBS Banana Flour
  • 1/2 tsp Inulin/FOS Powder
  • 3 1g-caps Glucomannan

I took it with 1 capsule each of the three probiotics and waited for the fog to roll in. But it didn't. In fact, it never did at all. No foghorn required. I felt fine, clear, and it seemed that I was breathing easier from my nose. The only "negative" I experienced is that I guess I must have been unwittingly retaining water, because from about 9PM, and for the next 12 hours, I must have pissed out a gallon of water. So, here I am, having detailed, lucid dreams (as has been widely reported by others with PS supplementation) about having to take a piss, trying to find a place, having to stand in line, etc. Luckily I managed to wake up (about 10 times) before my turn came up. Incidentally, this was accompanied by absolutely no thirst at all.

So, bottom line is that the bugs that co-feed on the various gases produced by the ones eating all those fibers seem to have taken up long-term residency in my gut. Very interesting indeed, though somewhat disappointing on the entertainment front.

Anyone have similar or different experiences?

Update: Supplemental reading: Does Dirt Make You Happy?

My First Post Is Up At Liberty.Me

Greetings, Fellow Anarchists.

If you'd like to join the gated community with a discount, use FREETHEANIMAL as your coupon. You'll get a discount and they'll hit me with a Hamilton if you do.