So America, When Are You Going to Kick That Trojan Horse Barry Obama In The Ass?

I had something far different in mind and hundreds of words in draft. When it gets trumped, it gets trumped. I’ll just post the whole damn thing, with apologies to HotAir. But do click on the original, click on an ad or too. I do something like this very rarely, but I scanned the background reportage and it’s legit.

While we fight over Trump, France closes 3 mosques, finds hundreds of weapons

The French have adopted what is clearly a no-nonsense attitude toward radical Islamist terrorism since the Paris attacks and they’re not taking their foot off the gas. As the United States continues to debate over “tone” and how to balance religious liberty and tolerance against domestic security, Francois Hollande’s forces have “cut a few corners” on those subjects and just begun shutting down mosques. At least three of the Muslim houses of worship have been closed already and law enforcement has found a trove of disturbing items among the haul. (Speisa)

Police investigating the Paris terror attacks have shut down three mosques in a series of raids to close the net on Islamic extremists, the Express reports.

Police in France also arrested the owner of a revolver found during Wednesday’s raid, France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.

Security officials found jihadist documents at the mosque where yesterday’s raids took place.

They have placed nine people under house arrest. Another 22 have been banned from leaving the country Mr Cazeneuve said.

In additon to the mosques, the French have kicked in the doors on 2,235 homes and taken 232 people into custody or placed them on house arrest. More than three hundred weapons were discovered at the mosquesTom Porter at the International Business Times reports that the trove included 7.62mm ammunition, Kalashnikov rifles and terrorist propaganda videos. And they’re only just getting started. (See edit below)

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Physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Derails My Post About Barry Obama the Trojan Horse

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Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.05.30 PM

It’s true. I have a post in draft about how our president is an unwitting Trojan Horse. Now, you’ll have to wait for my astute insight into that meta-meme I’m going to float.

This got my boxers in a bunch: Instead of arguing about guns on Twitter, Neil deGrasse Tyson just laid out the numbers.

As a world-famous scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson is known for his dispassionate embrace of cold, hard facts…

…which makes him the right person to address a controversial topic: the abnormally high number of Americans who die from gun violence.

Yesterday afternoon, he composed three tweets where he laid out the numbers.

And they’re sobering.

Oh, they’re sobering, alright.

1.4 Million: Americans who died in all Wars fought since 1776.

1.4 Million: Americans who died via household Guns since 1968

400,000: Americans who died fighting in World War II.

400,000: Americans who died by household Firearms since 2001

3,400: Americans who died by Terrorism since 2001

3,400: Americans who died by household Firearms since five weeks ago.

I’m not going to quibble with the numbers as presented. Because it doesn’t matter. It’s a scale thing, because Neil left off a statistic, see. He cherry picked the data in order to advance the narrative he wanted to advance. I guess it was his day off as a scientist.

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Endless Leftist Bullshit. Up To The Eyeballs and Beyond

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I’ve been relatively quiet lately because in the immediate aftermath of San Bernardino and beyond, I’ve been watching the left get unraveled while exposing their core modus operandi to the astonishment, even, of plain salt-earth Democrats—to levels of amusement on my part I don’t ever recall seeing in my life. I’m not bright eyed, though. After all, the most disgusting, lying piece of shit in the entire history of American politics—that keeps turning up on the bottom of shoes—is still loved by many.


So I have to take every perceived advance toward righteous—not-politicized-sweet-lies—truth with a grain of salt. There’s still a lot of fucktards out there, and lots of them like to vote the most, and it’s the means to ends we’re stuck with.

Deliciously, we even have Obama being called the pussy he is, right on national TV. I’m informed that, ironically enough, Fox has suspended Peters from any further appearances for two weeks because of it. Never underestimate America’s penchant for being the land of maternalism.

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Chef’s Choice 14-Course Tasting Dinner at Michael Mina, San Francisco

Alright, something to blog about that’s lot’s of fun and very life affirming; just like it should be most of the time. It’s too bad there’s so many distractions caused these days by people who literally don’t value this life and what’s possible in, and everywhere, around it.

We celebrate nonetheless. This was a family event of 11, including my parents. My brother—with important business ties to one of the partners in the  Mina Group of high-end restaurants—made the arrangements.

Beatrice and I have done tasting menus before, wine pairings as well, but this was so damn over the top we talked, laughed, and re-celebrated how damn amazing it was over and over, today.

We got to Michael Mina in the San Francisco financial district just after 7pm last night, after a 90-minute drive in holiday traffic on a Saturday. Kettle One—up & dirty—martinis for Bea & I and the tasting commenced. Here’s their standard tasting menu, but we were served far more & way different (brother arrangements). This is how it went down, in order. Click on images for higher resolution and larger size.


Caviar, potato cakes, creme fraiche. Champagne.

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I’ve About Had It With Leftist Activist George Takei

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I do like Officer Sulu, and I phrase it that way out out of a deep respect for him and his accomplishments. And, I appreciate a number of things he tries to do now. I overlook his gay activism because I get it; and usually, he’s not too untoward about such fringe, evolutionarily dead-end, who fucking cares? behavior qua wholesome lifestyle. I do not begrudge anyone their preference in other people’s genitals or masculine/feminine mannerisms, but I do object to making fringe, almost fetish behavior the new celebratory, prideful centerpiece of an already naturally evolved culture.

I’ve followed his feed on Facebook for a long time, both before I deleted my account some time ago, and after I created a new one last summer. I do so because he is a smart man with a somewhat quirky/clever sense of humor and he posts some decent mind puzzles and fartwarming shit. I like he’s reserved—I’m not—but it’s also why I regard his political overtones and innuendo and whatnot with a gimlet eye.

But lately, I suppose given the political climate with the Left Narrative crumbling just about everywhere (Islamic Terrorism, Insurance co-ops and even for-profit companies bailing from Obamacare, Gun control as a limp-dick measure when those who mean to do harm will get them anyway, Climate Change is the cause of terrorism, 1,000 + pipelines in the US, but this one is “dangerous,” and I could go on). You see it as you like, I see grasping at straws.

Doesn’t mean I’m embracing the right.

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How and Why I Changed My Position and Focus Towards US Immigration Policy

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I’ve always been kind of an open borders guy. The ideal of it seems to have always precluded me from analyzing it closely, while by the same token, making it easy to dismiss even cautious arguments as xenophobic, racist, or both.

In a nutshell, I’ve always held that the problem with immigrants—”legal” or otherwise—sucking from the social teat is a problem with the social teat, and not immigration per se. If there weren’t all these “free” social benefits, then what’s the problem? Problem is, there are, and they’re not going away any time soon.

So now I find that my argument is quite bright eyed, superseded by numbers and proportions. Mathematics, basically. It took all of 6 minutes to completely change my view and also my focus. It’s a video, but it’s not an anti-immigration video. Rather, it’s a factual presentation of what amounts to pissing in the wind on US immigration policy—the implication being that the problem of vast poverty must be tackled at home, not here, and not Western Europe.

The scale of it is so ridiculous that in the four times I watched the video I just shake my head. What the fuck was I thinking?

Now, understand that I don’t see it as any individual’s duty to stay put and work for greater prosperity where they are. It’s their life and I can’t begrudge anyone for trying to improve their lot in it. However, the immigration policy here and elsewhere in the developed world seems to have gone from poor, hungry, downtrodden to relatively best & brightest, and what does that do?

Well, it removes the best people from the worst problems so they can come here and contribute to our economy, leaving those from whence they came worse off.

So, I began chewing on what to do that might be effective. I mean, our fucking, pathetic leaders have been dumping “aid” money at our expense into complete and obvious kleptocracies for decades. So do some of the big “charities” whose executive staffs rake in millions in compensation. All a big wink-wink, nod-nod scam.

But you can do something individually if you care about the problem and its massive scale. And guess what? You can make money doing it.

I’ll tell a little story first.

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Take A Vacation; Snowy Mountains or Cabo San Lucas

Time for another quarterly update. We all have to make a living and my principal one now, is putting people in great properties for lots of fun. Several readers have taken advantage, they’re welcome to tell you about it in comments if they choose.

This is an email out to those who’ve inquired and booked over the last few years—1,243, to be exact.


You’re receiving this email from me because at some point over the last few years you’ve inquired about or booked and stayed at one of our vacation rental properties in the California Gold Country or The Grand Solmar Resort & Spa in Cabo San Lucas.

I’m writing today just to let you know that these properties are exceedingly popular and we’re ready to book your next stay.

This is the perfect time of year to book a 5-star resort stay in Baja, Mexico. Band new, recently completed construction. It’s been so popular with the 75 bookings I’ve placed so far since the summer of 2013 that I’ve increased inventory to 30 open weeks. I have two unit types: the 740 sf Grand Studio and the 1,250 sf 1 Bedroom Suite. Both units sleep 2-4, both have full kitchens, both are ocean view, include all resort amenities, and housekeeping service twice daily.

Grand Solmar Land'd End Resort & Spa
Currently, I have a few weeks left for 2015 bookings, including a special 7-night deal on the Studioup through 19 December.

For the mountain cabin in the California Gold country, click here for availability, rates & deals.


So, that’s it. Just letting you know. Click on the links above to investigate and you can inquire via the VRBO portals, or simply reply to this email.

Happy travels and vacations.

Richard Nikoley

Blog Marathon Called Off Due Extreme Temperatures, Diuresis, Ketosis, Loss of Appetite

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Post #7 of my 12th Anniversary Blogging Marathon, post #4,265 of my dozen years of daily blogging.

This will count for my last post touted as a “blog marathon.” Seven posts in three days is way above average, but nothing at all like the 12 posts I did the first time, or 20 posts the last time.

I’ve been defeated, so no feats for me!


Bye-bye “blog marathon”

Last week I did a laudatory post on chronic but mild cold exposure, which we really just happened upon. It’s not by any design; it’s simply a tradeoff. But, we were looking at the forecast for this week and saw that temperatures were going to go from mid-40s in the mornings to mid and low-30s. For example, this morning, 5th day in a row like this:


So let me tell you the story of how I failed at this blog marathon. I’ve been trying to work it out in my malfunctioning brain since like 2 am this morning when I had a few hours of sleeplessness. It’s still all a muddle, but I’ll try to tell the story and organize my take on the n=1 data, sloppily filtered through my malfunctioning brain.

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Understanding Paradigms and Narratives is the Key to Enlightenment.

Post #6 of my 12th Anniversary Blogging Marathon, post #4,263 of my dozen years of daily blogging.

I doubt Robert Bidonatto has any clue of who I am, in terms of when I took some note of his writing back in USENET in 1994-96, on alt.pholosophy.objectivism and later, humanities.pholosopy.objectivism.

These days, he appears to be doing well. I recently got wind of his Faceboof outlet, and I’m anxious to read his two books: HUNTER: A Dylan Hunter Justice Thriller; and now, the sequel: BAD DEEDS. I’m also anxious to see if they’re Ragnar Danneskjöld-esque. Apparently, the first was a Kindle best seller.

I commented on an introduction to a post he did this morning, like this:

Bidinotto is spot on about this and it’s something I rarely see from the libertarians who basically often strike me as bean counters in the historical/philosophical realm, an obsession with the nuts and bolts of cause —> effect, but never addressing the real story line or explaining it in terms of a true story or narrative. It’s the “tragedy of the intellectuals.”

It’s weird when, someone you don’t even know—I only read some of his posts—comes back and “bites you” over 20 years later.

My narration, above, was over this introduction to a link he was sharing…and let me just say that I stoutly appreciate a man who actually takes a bit to substantially introduce something he’s sharing. I don’t do it all the time, but perhaps I ought to share less and frame what I do share, more.

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While Girls Are Out Shopping For More Shoes, Here’s Two Things Guys Must Have On Black Friday

Post #5 of my 12th Anniversary Blogging Marathon, post #4,262 of my dozen years of daily blogging.

Go audacious or go home!

Guys, everybody is out shopping for the latest deals. Why? Because they have a tough time selling all that crap normally. But if you don’t tell the laddies that this is a liquidation sale, they won’t be any the wiser and you just go ahead and smile when they come back home with a car full of shopping bags.

Nonetheless, there are indeed things nearly every man truly needs. I’ll give you a couple of examples.

First up, the Icon A5.

The price tag is $250K, but if you lock up your wife for about 5 years in the dungeon so she can’t shop, I think you’re a pencil sharpening away from amortizing that purchase without having to earn any more money.

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A Ridiculously Short Anti-Shopper’s Guide to Black Friday

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Post #4 of my 12th Anniversary Blogging Marathon, post #4,261 of my dozen years of daily blogging.

Some may have noticed that I have a handful of “Black Friday” images in the banner rotation of about 100.

When I checked email this morning, the lion’s share were from every merchant list I must have managed to get on in the last 20 years on the Internet. Like my cell phone number from 1993, I still have some very old email addresses.

I must confess that I don’t get it. I’m not a “SALE!” person any time of the year and for some reason, the prospect of being able to by 35% more stuff with the same number of dollars on this one day of the year simply doesn’t entice me.

Two reasons for that. First and foremost, when I want or require something, for whatever reason, I demand to have it NOW! Sure, I don’t mind discounts, good bargains, whatever, but the bottom line is that if I have determined I truly want or need something that is within my means to acquire, even at full retail, then price takes a back seat. Second, my buying behavior is demand driven, not supply.

I’ll elaborate.

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Reflections On Food, Paleo, and The Revolution

Post #3 of my 12th Anniversary Blogging Marathon, post #4,260 of my dozen years of daily blogging.

We used to laugh uproariously and poke fun at the articles and authors tagging Paleo as a fad.

“Well, it’s a 2 million year old fad, then.” HaHaHa.

There were right; they are right. It is. I’m not sure it started out that way. I certainly wasn’t trying to make it so, but rather, was participating in what seemed to me like a food revolution based on a really sound foundation…human evolution. And it was powerful. Myself and many others lost much weight. We achieved improved health markers from whatever baseline.

Sometime back I stopped putting my posts into categories or tagging them, and I collapsed all my categories into “No Particular Category.” I have a queer visceral distaste for SEO bullshit and all that stuff. I just want to write and hit publish. Google treats me pretty damn nice in spite of my SEO incompetence.

I don’t recall the exact number, but it was something like 300 or more posts of my cooking in my Food Porn category. Haphazardly, I published some few dozens to Pinterest along the way.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 2.54.29 PM

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Free Flight, Bird of Prey and Space Tourism Coming Soon

Post #2 of my 12th Anniversary Blogging Marathon, post #4,259 of my dozen years of daily blogging.

Well I’ve given away the theme. But rather than one of my now-&-then, watch me fly a hang glider, I have three interesting instances to cover.

Let’s get the hang-gliding out of the way, first. Saw it this morning. Guy on a rigid-wing Atos in Montecucco, Italy, having a blast flying backwards in the strong laminar ridge life and probably, Venturi effect. Unfortunately, it seems to only be on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 11.46.37 AM

This might seem scary to you but in fact, laminar flow on a ridge from either prevailing winds or a pre-frontal condition is probably the most safe, predictable flying. Nothing like “bullet thermals” in high-summer desert conditions, landing just as a dust devil is kicking off.

Here’s me flying the exact same rigid wing (#53 off the German assembly line) some years back in pre-frontal storm conditions here in San Jose, off the peak at Ed Levin park, near Mission. In case you think you might not want to watch this 1:30m, know that I bonk the landing and everyone laughs at me, as they should. Justice!

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Happy Thanksgiving. A Celebration Of The Ensuing Bounty From Abandoning Communism

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Post #1 of my 12th Anniversary Blogging Marathon, post #4,258 of my dozen years of daily blogging.

The idea of communal-style living has captivated audiences ever since people began accumulating assets. It’s rather intuitive. In any population, there exists a spectrum of very capable people down to complete wastes of flesh.

It happens. It’s mother nature, and mother nature usually improves the genetic stock by allowing the least capable to perish. Human society, while laudably compassionate, often seeks to remedy that natural situation and depending on your view, does too little or way too much. Doing way to much comes with adverse consequences in that it tends to encourage parasitism.

The idea goes that if everyone simply produces for the good of everyone else, then things even out—to each, according to his need; from each, according to his ability—and everyone’s happy as clams. Paradise perfect.

The problem is, while we’re social animals to be sure, we tend to mind who we associate with. Moreover, we tend to eschew freeloaders. In that regard, it’s interesting that in advocating free markets, one of the chief arguments against all-out free-markets is the free-rider problem and the tragedy of the commons. Both are similar, but in essence, both are about disproportionate distribution of goods, services, and resources (such as water and mineral rights, etc.) on the sole basis of biology (we’re human), and not on things like merit, intelligence, ability, contracts, property, capital investment, risk tolerance, etc.

But the thing is, no social system more highlights the problems with free loaders and free exploiters than does socialism and communism. In practical fact, it’s a system that breeds both the best.

There’s lots of stuff you can Google about the experiment in communism that was Plymouth, MA, 1620, so pick one and read. I chose this one.

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12th Year Anniversary Blog Marathon Begins Tomorrow

I’ve done it twice before. the first time was way back in 2008, when I pumped out 12 posts on December 31, 2008.

Two years ago, I did 20 posts in three days, beginning with Black Friday.

This time, I think I’ll begin tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, in honor of all people “home alone” for Thanksgiving as I’ll be myself, this year. Then, I’ll continue into Black Friday and perhaps even Saturday, until Bea returns from down south with my doggie organisms.

So yea, 12 years blogging. First post went up November 3, 2003. Or, 4,256 posts ago. There are 4,380 days in 12 years.

Beginning tomorrow, follow along if you like. I have no idea yet in terms of any plan or even particular posts. If you’d like me to spew forth on some particular topic, drop a suggestion in comment or contact me by other means.

Accidental Cold Adaptation For Fun

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I recently blogged about this topic here. It was actually a bomb of a post (it happens). Little to no interest, which kinda mystified me, since it has been such a big deal in times past. But it also happens that I sometimes miss the mark in blogging what might interest me, but not correspond elsewhere (it happens).

Stalwart I am, I’m going to try again, a bit different angle, more experience, and some pics. And, a big qualification to render this as something of curiosity, not something you necessarily want to do.

To recap, Beatrice and I took on a project to live off grid, guard a large property where a fire took place in August, and I may be managing the rebuilding project on site, 24/7. But the important thing is that the view is astounding and it’s 3 miles down the hill to her work. We love it, 4 dogs and all, all camping out in an RV. We regularly laugh at how crazy we’ve allowed ourselves to become.

For instance, when she’s head down, cleaning up the RV, I like to joke that she’s going to tarnish our trailer trash image. We have so much fun poking fun at ourselves, the dogs. It’s a crazy life. Being all together in a 30′ RV every night lends a special touch to simple human contact and closeness…and canine contact, with 3 of the 4 of them playing musical bed & covers periodically throughout the night. Scout (“butt hole”) growls if you change position while sleeping. I could go on and on. We laugh all the time—unless we both tipped a bottle a little too much, and we have a little mini shit-talking fight.

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“Terrorism is to do with everything except Islam.”

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Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, Al Haram Mosque and Kaaba Saudi Arabia
There are two essential errors of thought that stand in the way of eradicating terrorism—or, simply relegating it to the back of the bus, as just part of the low-level, incidental evil that will probably always measurably unsettle humanity.

  1. The idea that’s it’s somehow not ideologically tied primarily to the religion of Islam.

  2. Hand wringing over collateral death and destruction, leading to the tying of hands in terms of effective and lasting action.

I aim to give you reasonable cause to dismiss both of those.

First of all, understand that the entirety of the schtick that goes ‘terrorists aren’t true Muslims’ is actually an informal logical fallacy known as No True Scotsman. Definition:

No true Scotsman is an informal fallacy, an ad hoc attempt to retain an unreasoned assertion.[1] When faced with a counterexample to a universal claim (“no Scotsman would do such a thing”), rather than denying the counterexample or rejecting the original claim, this fallacy modifies the subject of the assertion to exclude the specific case or others like it by rhetoric, without reference to any specific objective rule (“no true Scotsman would do such a thing”).[2]

In practical parlance, it takes this form:

Philosophy professor Bradley Dowden explains the fallacy as an “ad hoc rescue” of a refuted generalization attempt.[1] The following is an example of the fallacy:[3]

Person A: “No Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge.”
Person B: “But my uncle Angus likes sugar with his porridge.”
Person A: “Ah yes, but no true Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge.”

You can find it all the time, even amongst communists who assert that the USSR and China weren’t truly communist countries, or even libertarians who assert that we don’t have true capitalism. The latter charge has merit, and has been well differentiated by decent libertarians and anarchists, but I’ll save that digression for another post someday.

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How Stupid American Foreign Policy Still Isn’t Responsible For Muslim Radicalization


It’s the philosophy, stupid. And women.

Now, I know some are asking ‘what in the fuck is anarchist, State-hater Richard doing?’

Simple. I’m picking a side and setting aside a side, for now, because as I opined previously, Anarchism is a political philosophy for civilized people, inapplicable in large measure, now. In other words, we have an organized and determined anti-civilization that presently requires utterly obliteration and destruction—without mercy or pity; without reservation, or purposes of evasion—and then and only then can we have beers in the pub where we solve all the world’s problems again, go to a stripper bar after, and end up in a curry house at 2 a.m. Then we move on.

It’s the left that stands in the way of this, and that includes their libertarian allies, I’m sorry to say. They stand in opposition to doing anything truly effective, on so many levels it’s almost a situation where the anti-civilization problem is far more pronounced than just the radical Muslim primitivity might suggest. It’s a two-front war.

Let’s get down to brass tacks. The Muslim Brotherhood formed in 1928.

The Brotherhood’s stated goal is to instill the Qur’an and Sunnah as the “sole reference point for … ordering the life of the Muslim family, individual, community … and state.”[13] Its mottos include “Believers are but Brothers”, “Islam is the Solution”, and “Allah is our objective; the Qur’an is the Constitution; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; death for the sake of Allah is our wish.“[14][15][16] It is financed by members, who are required to allocate a portion of their income to the movement,[17] and was for many years financed by Saudi Arabia, with whom it shared some enemies and some points of doctrine.[17][18]

A little bit before GWB’s time, wouldn’t you say? Even, shall we say, a bit before Middle Eastern oil became a geopolitical football? That was 1928, right around the time of the flapper era, the Great Depression, and the eve of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Coincidental timing, I’m sure. But girls just wanna have fun.

Even 25 years later, in the early 1950s, they were uncompromising in terms of the inexorable advance of such modernity that was “brazenly assaulting” the Muslim world, just like everywhere else.

Here, you can understand it in just 2 minutes and 12 seconds. This is a video of an Arab leader—president of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser—speaking to a crowd concerning his 1953 attempts to compromise with the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s damn remarkable to watch him mock them while the crowd cheers.

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Brigitte Gabriel: “The peaceful majority were irrelevant.”


“Those who know history are doomed to watch others repeat it.”

Over and over, in less than 5 minutes, watch Brigitte Gabriel cite five documented historical references to explain why the peaceful majority were always irrelevant, utterly laying waste to the fucking bla-bla of some abjectly moronic law student in her fancy hijab.

No need to add anything to that.

…Along the same lines, a commenter from yesterday emailed this article, thinking he was making some point about painting with broad strokes, or whatever, just like that stupid emphasis on the peaceful majority, above.

What I Discovered From Interviewing Imprisoned ISIS Fighters They’re drawn to the movement for reasons that have little to do with belief in extremist Islam.

Yea, like what, 72 Virgins or some other equally delusional thing? Dominate wives and rape their daughters, perhaps? Just bored? Long for attention with a chance at hero status? Unemployed? No real future? Can’t afford an iPhone? What, exactly is each fighter’s specific “motivation?” Do they fucking lie? I know that’s a strange concept for a pissant leftie “thinking” moron to grasp … that people who vow to kill innocent people are capable of lying.

It doesn’t fucking matter.

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The Walking Dead And The Metaphysics of ISIS


Further to my previous post, So Europe, Paris; America: What Now? there was part of the underlying idea that I set aside for later; i.e., for now.

It’s a conflation of our ethics with their metaphysics. Recall from your general understanding of philosophy, if you have one, that the hierarchy flows from metaphysics (the study of the given; reality), to epistemology (the study of knowledge of reality), to ethics (the study of moral right & wrong), and then finally to politics (the study of man’s social organization). There’s also esthetics (the study of art, which is basically an integrated reflection of the foregoing branches), but let’s just deal with that latter branch by noting how ISIS has been busy destroying ancient cultural artifacts and art. This should count as a clue, because art generally reflects a philosophy that in various ways celebrates the value of life and the many corollary values that humanity pursues towards it being a happy and fulfilled life.

My heightened awareness came about when, in a short comment thread with Billy Beck in the aftermath of the previous evening’s Paris massacre, he drew an important distinction that sent me down rabbit holes of reflection. The idea is that suicide in a military context (e.g., Kamikaze) is a matter for ethical analysis in that context whereas, the actions by ISIS and other sects or organization of Muslims are not applicable to anything resembling our ethics, since their ethics are based upon an entirely different metaphysics (see foregoing paragraph). As I quoted him yesterday:

These animals are acting from flagrantly anti-human metaphysics: even more evil than socialists of all stripes. At least the socialists make a claim to valuing human betterment, even so horrible as they are at it. These vermin are not like that: all their values lie beyond death.

They will not be demoralized by their own deaths, that of their families or anyone else. Death itself, is the value to them.

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