Looks Like Dr. William Davis Was Right in Wheat Belly

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Well what do you know?

I’ve been following Dr. Davis for a long time and have really applauded a lot of the work he was doing over the years getting really good results for people, primarily by getting them off wheat and getting their vitamin D levels up. The results often showed up in significant reductions in heart scan calcification scores. Davis is a cardiologist. Since I was pretty hardcore Paleo at the time, it made a lot of sense, but I attributed that success mostly to the removal of grains period.

Then comes his book—Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back To Healthand while I didn’t trash it, as did quite a few others, I just wasn’t interested in his theory that the chief problem with wheat was how it has been selectively bread over the centuries in order to produce varieties that render a greater yield per acre, are more resilient to pests, adverse weather, drought, etc. And besides, hadn’t we been reading how bad things were for the Egyptians, et al, with grains in their diets? So I just shrugged and thought well, nice theory, but the important part is to just get off the wheat and of course, that was the message he was sending overall.

Well, now it’s been put to the test. Hot off the presses in the British Journal of Nutrition. A double-blind, randomized crossover, which is basically gold-standard science. Basically, this means neither the research team nor the subjects know which wheat products they’re getting, they were randomized into which would be getting what when, and then after the fist intervention period, crossed over to the other wheat products while still not aware of which was which. What’s subtile but of super importance is that during the trial, some would be getting modern wheat and others, ancient, so as not to give any clues; such as, for instance, had they all been on one kind, then all on the other.

Effect of Triticum turgidum subsp. turanicum wheat on irritable bowel syndrome: a double-blinded randomised dietary intervention trial.


The aim of the present study was to examine the effect of a replacement diet with organic, semi-whole-grain products derived from Triticum turgidum subsp. turanicum (ancient) wheat on irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms and inflammatory/biochemical parameters. A double-blinded randomised cross-over trial was performed using twenty participants (thirteen females and seven males, aged 18-59 years) classified as having moderate IBS. Participants received products (bread, pasta, biscuits and crackers) made either from ancient or modern wheat for 6 weeks in a random order. Symptoms due to IBS were evaluated using two questionnaires, which were compiled both at baseline and on a weekly basis during the intervention period. Blood analyses were carried out at the beginning and end of each respective intervention period. During the intervention period with ancient wheat products, patients experienced a significant decrease in the severity of IBS symptoms, such as abdominal pain (P< 0·0001), bloating (P= 0·004), satisfaction with stool consistency (P< 0·001) and tiredness (P< 0·0001). No significant difference was observed after the intervention period with modern wheat products. Similarly, patients reported significant amelioration in the severity of gastrointestinal symptoms only after the ancient wheat intervention period, as measured by the intensity of pain (P= 0·001), the frequency of pain (P< 0·0001), bloating (P< 0·0001), abdominal distension (P< 0·001) and the quality of life (P< 0·0001). Interestingly, the inflammatory profile showed a significant reduction in the circulating levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, including IL-6, IL-17, interferon-γ, monocyte chemotactic protein-1 and vascular endothelial growth factor after the intervention period with ancient wheat products, but not after the control period. In conclusion, significant improvements in both IBS symptoms and the inflammatory profile were reported after the ingestion of ancient wheat products.


Translation: modern wheat (the control) rendered no significant change in reported IBS symptom discomfort; whereas, for the ancient wheat products the ‘P’ numbers are off the scale. The “worst” one is a 4 in 1,000 that it’s due to random chance. In general, anything under 1 in 20 is considered “significant” and not due to random chance. Finally, to bring it home—since they are relying on self reporting of symptoms here—they did blood work which showed significant reductions in the inflammatory profile on the ancient wheat products but not the modern ones.

I’d say that’s pretty convincing science and really explains one hell of a lot, if you ask me. Well done, Dr. Davis. Looks like you’re vindicated, though I expect the interests that be will find some way to either trash this study or bury it.

So now, I guess the only question remaining is that for those who simply can’t resist their baked goods, any companies out there using the ancient wheat? Also, where does barley and rye fit into this picture?

Update: In getting wind of this yesterday, among the emails was one Afifah’s Blog, which I put out on all my social media at the time. I just wanted to mention she may have been the first blogger to actually write a post and so go have a look. Really delightful blog design too, so browse it and if you like what you see and what she writes, give her some eyeball support, couldja? Here it is again.

Just Look at the Pictures. Big Agra, Corporate Profits, and Grant Whore Collusion

I’m not beyond putting up a post that simply links to someone else’s work that’s so dramatic everyone needs to go take a look right now.

KRIS GUNNARS: These 11 Charts Show Everything That’s Wrong With The Modern Diet.

You literally don’t even have to read a word, beyond the x-y indices and chart titles.

Do it now.

Photographic Evidence: Bird-Brained Birds Are Smarter Than Vegans

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A few weeks back there was a sprinkler problem. It was all about vegan vegetation, in jeopardy of browning.

The low-IQ, dumb, browned-skinned Mexican gardeners come every Thursday to tend to my vegan bounty. But they aren’t vegans. And while they may certainly be undocumented—PC speak for illegal—I’m at a loss to understand why me or my browning lawn should care about that. I told the Chief Illegal, “It’s probably a broken wire, since the sprinkler station can be activated manually, and all other stations work fine when activated manually from the timer.”

That dumb, brown-skinned wetback Mexican somehow knew. He nodded; went to his truck for a Power Meter—likely assembled from discarded San Diego tires and bubble gum from under the tables in Tijuana bars—to measure for resistance in ohms, or absence thereof (I’m sure every white person on earth knows all about that, given their relative high IQs—so I won’t take the time to explain it; IQ is everything). Upon his confirming my suspicions…by means of chicken bones tossed into a bowl and dancing around naked in my backyard (embarrassing), he got dressed, went back to the truck for wire, a ladder, tools and supplies—like “twist caps” (I’m sure you all know what I mean, to a man & white high-IQ woman). He had it fixed in a jiffy.

Thank Quetzalcoatl.

He also reprogrammed the digital controller (divine guidance…since his dark skin color has surely caused him to be incapable of such things as rudimentary ROM programming—and I’m sure all you whities know all about ROM programing, so I won’t explicate).

He changed the sprinkler start timing, from 1am, to 7am—without telling me. I’m sure 7am has some cosmic, mystic significance, but Google has been balls in terms of figuring it out! …Probably some ignorant superstition not even documented enough to be picked up by our new White God Google. If so, I’m sure it has roots in the totally idiotic cosmological fantasies of the Inca and Aztec civilizations. We can surely rest assured it’s not rooted in the valid cosmology represented by white, European Catholicism—colonial cultivators of language and culture worldwide—or Christianity in general…or anything you might have seen in late night infomercials.

I was just about to change the sprinkler timing back to 1am, when I noticed something.

Bird with Worm
Early Bird with the Worm(s)

That pic’s highly cropped, because our daily deal—Me and, Mrs. J…uh, Robin—is that I don’t get too close to her. She keeps catching the dozen or so earthworms I see her catch every single morning from about 10am to noon—with astounding jab-to-ground precision, eating them to later regurgitate them for cat food, I assume. After that, I presume she’s off hunkered down for the hottest part of the day before she comes back for some late afternoon and evening gathering. After all, she does have a bird brain the size of a filbert nut.

Oh, shit! I just realized that Ive gotten highly digressive over many paragraphs and even a pic! This post is about birds & vegans, and I’ve only just got started. It was certainly not to be about dumbass Mexican illegals, or any dumb people suffering the dumb disease of dark skin!

But oh, wait. Isn’t it really about normal birds who happen to be smarter than vegans? …Isn’t it just that the dumbass brown-skinned Mexicans got my sprinkler system working and modified, mystically bringing forth this whole mystical scenario—like perhaps a shit smear that looks of an immaculate conception apparition, of an unmarried little Jewess mixen who got feisty—then self conscious, masterminding Planet Earth’s biggest coverup of all time in her Jewish shame?

I’m so confused!

In truth, I have zero idea whether any of these quirky references or totally fucked up juxtapositions resonate with anyone. It’s merely that thinking of totally off the wall shit makes me laugh, and when I think of that which makes me laugh, I get motivated to write it down. And guess what? I have an App for that!

Welcome to my app.

…I do wonder, on a slightly more serious tack: Doesn’t Mrs. Robin know that she’s the one animal on earth perfectly adapted to heartheathywholegrains & seeds? I’ve no doubt she knows this, given birds have to eat upwards of body weight in food every day. Then, give ‘er a nest of wiggling, chirping cat food to raise, and you end up upping the ante in daily requirements. I’m sure vegans know all about all this, incidentally. Most are white….High IQs… That so many have come up on charges worldwide for their inability to properly nourish just one single human offspring, things are certainly looking up for the prominence of birds who manage an entire nest…so long as the cats don’t come and cuddle up, in between eating their salads.

OK, ok, let’s just suppose that birds are vegan at heart. Really. They just really want to scratch around for grains & seeds. They loath themselves when they just can’t help themselves…and sneak into my backyard in the early hours over temptation…desires of the bird-flesh, engineered by dumb and evil illegal Mexicans changing sprinkler watering timer shit.

…It’s as scandalous as a B-12 deficient vegan sneaking a couple of raw oysters per week, then telling everyone else who feels like shit that they just aren’t doing it right.

A little secret. …A bird told me: They’re worried about B12, too. That’s why they eat worms. “No CNS,” she chirped…wait! She tweeted that.

Man is the only animal that can sink below his nature — Ayn Rand

I’ve always been a bit reluctant to use that quote, that I first read 20 years ago…even though my blogging is all about animal nature, especially including humans. I’ve found the quote to be always used by statists (fans of Rand) who think their form of statism is exemplary, while others sink below their pro- and prescriptions of how they want everyone else to conduct their lives. It’s always, however, merely another form of statism. Rand made me an anti-statist within weeks of reading her in spite of her own ignorance and intellectual dishonesty in the matter, which I recognized quickly.

Why else might I shy away from employing that quote? Because of Francis Bacon, whom Aynstein actually quoted in this, quite a few times:

Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed — Francis Bacon

I’ll only ever quote them together.

Aynstein never got fully integrated, but I’ve always given her a pass for that. She hated libertarians and anarchists, but basically made me one in spite of herself, and it happend very quickly. I simply looked to the logic, principles and completely honest integration of her writings. Her personality and celebrity was but a mere curiosity. I wonder if she’d have wished to be worshiped and revered unquestioningly as she is by so many, today.

I’d love to do as well over the next decades of writing but won’t. The world won’t change enough in my lifetime. You still have to court intellectuals, and all I want to do is speak to plain smart people.

…Like people who fix your sprinklers and bring birds, to illustrate that vegans can’t even muster the essential animal intelligence of a tiny animal with a brain the size of a filbert nut.

And you get to write a whole entire blog post about just that.


  1. My Mexican wife approved this post.
  2. I’m white.
  3. No animals or vegans were harmed in the drafting of this post.