An Old Acquaintance Rekindled

I recently got wind of a new Blog via Billy Beck.

Well, turns out that I also know Bruce McQain from way back, ’95 or ’96. Bruce and I once teamed up on Usenet in thread called “Taxation is Theft.” It was us against a slew of lawyers and tax professionals. Their claim: that taxation is not theft because it’s a “lawful taking” (fancy words that mean it’s Ok, because Uncle Sam says so).

Ok, fine, that’s what the law says. But is that what morality provides? Are not laws [supposed to be, at least] a mere imperfect reflection of our moral sense about things? And, did we need laws hundreds and thousands of years ago to tell us that theft and robbery were wrong? And, was not one of America’s founding moral principle that the government is subject to the same morals as individuals are?

Believe it or not, the lawyers maintained against all reason that the concept of theft exists only because it’s a codified legal principle—as if primitives in caves didn’t understand that it was wrong for the next guy to take their stuff. Bruce has a good grasp of anthropology, and that certainly didn’t hurt.

Needless to say, it was very easy to make them look stupid.

Here’s his Blog.

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