The Power to Beg for the Whip

What’s Billy Beck spewing venom about now?

In other words, you can all have your stupid opinions, out there. You get to have your ridiculous say. You can gang-up as you please and see what you can gouge and scratch out of each other. And then, we’ll all get to deal with the increasingly disastrous consequences for a couple of years until the next Great Public Conspiracy after the next Peak of Cannibal-Pot Hysteria.

You rotten assholes. Americans. I used to really admire you. And if I came across a bunch of assholes at the end of your driveway getting ready to take a vote on whether to violate your rights, I wouldn’t be telling them that we’d have to agree to disagree or any such weezily rot, like I hear all you bastards equivocating all the time while you’re excusing yourselves for getting ready to gang-up and violate each others’ and everybody else’s rights, this November.

[bah] What on earth could be the point? They’re all going to do it again this year: they’re going to line up at the polls and endorse this rule of their lives, just like animals suddenly come upon the power of begging for the whip.

You can read the whole post here.

The reason I no longer participate in the vote has nothing to do with any individual’s vote being relatively ineffectual. I don’t vote because I don’t believe in unjust coercion. The fact that you gang up with others in your effort to force your will upon those who do not see things your way—when they’ve done nothing to harm or threaten anyone—does not make your act of voting any less coercive. To the extent that such coercion is initiatory, i.e., not in legitimate self defense against unjust aggression, it is immoral.

I wonder if any who subscribe to the sanctity of the vote stop to realize that in all national elections to date, the non-vote has always “won.” There are about 210 million eligible voters. For national elections, about 110 million votes get cast nowadays; and they’re cast in roughly a 50/50 split for President. So, that’s 55 million votes for one Godfather, 55 million for the other mobster, and 100 million for nobody at all. None of you ever looked at it that way even once in your lives, did you? You can just barely claim majority support for your “right” of voting. What will you do when the turnout drops from 55% to under 50%? Talk about self-contradictory. I used to call it the tyranny of the majority, but upon realizing that the “majority vote” calls for nothing and nobody, I’ll need to just call it the “tyranny of a mob” from now on.

Hey, Citizens! Step Right Up!…I’ve got a great deal for you: for today only; become a voter and you can have an entire 1/210,000,000th say in what values will be available to you throughout your life. BUT WAIT! If you act now, you can also spend up to 50% of your time and money in the service of the ideals decided upon by you and the other 209,999,999 people from here out! NOW WHA’D’YA SAY!?

This is the bargain you’ve purchased with your God-given liberty, Mr. & Mrs. Voter. Yes, you’ve been swindled and should indeed feel quite foolish about it.

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