Up, is Down; and Etc.

For starters, I’m no Great Big Fan of the U.S Constitution, on principled grounds. That said, I coincidentally agree with a number of the general legal principles espoused therein, as well I understand the underlying basis and logic for it and respect the integrity of conservatives who strive to keep it and abide by it.

In the quest for a new Associate Justice, it seems to me that you want someone smart. Someone who can separate fact from fiction and can follow a line of reasoning to its logical conclusion, and by logic, I mean: without any hint of inherent contradiction anywhere. Now, square logic and the plain language of the Constitution with what the federal government has become, in all of its "magnificence."

So it rather seems that what the Court has not received are those of clear and simple reasoning, but rather, those given extreme bouts of obtuse mental masturbation. As such seems to be the case, I have just the candidate for them in police Cmdr. Paul Watkins.

Lynnwood police concede they engaged in "rarely used" tactics during
an undercover investigation into a suspected prostitution ring.

Those tactics, which included officers allowing prostitutes to
masturbate them in exchange for cash, have raised questions among
law-enforcement officials, legal experts and the Snohomish County
Prosecutor’s Office.

Lynnwood police Cmdr. Paul Watkins said he spent a great deal of time
justifying the officers’ actions to prosecutors to prove that the
officers themselves weren’t breaking the law.

He’ll be perfect. He’ll even "spend a great deal of time" to "prove" that up is down. As backup, Bush can check the "legal experts" who are "raising questions." There might be some candidates there. After all, it’s a rare mind who can "prove" that a law banning masturbation for hire applies to both the masturbator and masturbatee, except if the masturbatee is a "law enforcement" person who is engaged in enforcing the law banning masturbation for hire. Yep, indeed, we need some "great legal minds" on the bench.

Bunch ‘a fuckwads. Don’t think for a second that I don’t see clear through every single one of you self-important assholes, and that includes you, Watkins.

Via Balko. And just so I don’t get email, prostitution — or handjobs as part of a massage "package" — are issues between consenting adults and nobody else’s business. It’s not a question of "legal" or "illegal" (those pricks can all just fuck off, every last one of them). I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy, and what miserable scum they all are. As Radley points out:

So they get a nice body scrub, a handjob, and they get to push around some immigrant women doing their best to make a living.

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