Larry Hincker

That’s the moron so roundly put down and kicked about yesterday by every rational person with keyboard, blog, and righteous rage.

Well, it seems like the moron himself feels qualified to write on these matters. The only real difference between his screed and the thousands of imbecilic screeds like it is that he bet against the odds of being proved stupid, and lost.

Guns don’t belong in classrooms. They never will. Virginia Tech has a very sound policy preventing same.

Well, mutherfucker, your "sound policy" and $3.50 will get you a latte at Starbucks, you brainless and dangerous shithead.


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  1. Gordon on April 18, 2007 at 09:05

    So, what's Mr. Hickner's e-mail addy?

  2. NickT on April 18, 2007 at 13:46
  3. Richard Nikoley on June 4, 2007 at 11:31

    "so do you think guns belong in classrooms and on campuses nationwide?"

    Let me put it to you this way, Amanda. I think that it's wrong to use guns (i.e., those possessed by the state and its police) to preemptively prevent someone, by force, from taking reasonable and adequate means of defending him/her self and other peaceful people in his/her vicinity.

    The question, I guess, is why you would think that peaceful people ought to be prevented from adequately defending themselves from non-peaceful predators? Do you have trouble differentiating between good people and bad people, or are they all the same to you?

    And by the way, the fact that there are now 40 states where peaceful people can get concealed carry permits as easily as a driver's license and can go virtually anywhere packing completely disproves your baseless (indeed, pathetically ignorant) assertion that guns in the hands of good and peaceful people would promote more violence.

    Indeed, it not only acts as a deterrent but in the case where it's used, those sorts of uses beget more violence — the beget more violence of a righteous nature. Having guns for self-defense in the hands of peaceful people who know how to use them relies on the sincere hope that violence begets more violence. Get it?

  4. amanda on June 4, 2007 at 11:10

    so do you think guns belong in classrooms and on campuses nationwide? don't you imbeciles understand that would just PROMOTE more unleashed violence?? get a grip on reality…

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