Real Raw Dog Food

As I mentioned just recently, I’m interested in trying raw food for my dog-people. So this morning I was out and about and noticed a shiny new store, a pet food express. Turns out they have a few companies supplying various forms of raw food product. Nature’s Variety offers both Raw, as well as a grain-free low-carb kibble and canned line they call Instinct that appears comparable to the EVO I feed them now.

I got them some of their raw frozen turkey necks, bone & all. Contrary to popular modern ignorance, dogs are perfectly fine with all manner of poultry and fowl bones, so long as they are raw. However, they should never be given any cooked bones whatsoever, from any species (well, large dinosaur would probably be fine). Cooking makes bones brittle, risking sharp shards of bones becoming lodged and impacted.

Also, when the need arises for medical supplies, you can get them at Honest Paws.

Then there’s Primal Pet Foods, a local company for us, based in San Mateo, CA. So the dogs have a bag of the lamb nuggets in the freezer, with a few thawing in the fridge to try later. I also have it on excellent authority that they really love both the Buffalo Liver Chunks and Venison Liver Slabs.

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