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~ Photos of School lunches from around the world. Actually, many of them don't look nearly as bad as I would have thought and by and large, the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese appear at a glance to have the best lunches, with perhaps a slight edge to the Chinese. (Thanks to reader DR Zinn for sending that)

~ Reader Jon Winchester says says that with regard to Trotter Gear: "there are endless paleo uses for [it] and it's an amazing thing to keep a few quarts in the freezer."

~ Vitamin D deficiency is associated with accelerated atherosclerosis in those with type 1 diabetes. "Dr. Naik presented study results indicating that although vitamin D (25-OHD) deficiency is not increased among type 1 diabetes patients, a deficiency in this patient population is associated with the initiation and acceleration of coronary artery calcification."

~ Another happy "customer." From the comment, "…I just couldn't seem to make the vegan, raw diet stick. I obsessed about food and gorged on fats at night. Only recently have I learned about the paleo diet, and convinced of its merits, gave it a try. I started eating meat and eggs and bacon. I can't believe how LIBERATING this diet is. I don't obsess over food anymore."

~ Part 2 of Stephan's review of the Lyon Diet-Heart Study is up. "After five years on their respective diets, 3.4% of the control group and 1.3% of the intervention group had died, a 70% reduction in deaths. Cardiovascular deaths were reduced by 76%." You'll have to head over there to find out how.

~ Frequent commenter Don Matesz has posted problem number 8 in his Top Ten Problems With Applying The Paleolithic Diet Principles. He's doing them in countdown fashion, and in case you missed 10 and 9, they're right here and here.

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    Very Interesting site. I learned a lot of facts that i did not know. Just trying to learn all I can

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