Ultimate Wellness with Dr. James Carlson

Man, ever since I heard the first Jimmy Moore interview with Dr. James Carlson, I’ve liked this guy’s frank, in-your-face style. But, who is he? Well, he’s a doctor with quite a set of credentials in terms of education.

…degrees in biochemistry and cellular physiology from Cornell University. Medical degree from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. Chief resident at Delaware Valley Medical Center in Pennsylvania. MA in business, emphasis on healthcare economics and physician practice management from Regis University in Colorado. Juris doctorate in healthcare law from Concord University School of Law in California. Currently a family medical practitioner in New York, and weight loss expert.

What I like best is that he really knows his biochemistry and metabolism. In fact, he came to see the validity of a low-carb approach when things he was reading about it reminded him of what he’s learned in college, so he dug out his textbooks, and there it was, right there. As for his style, see for yourself.

While his book — Genocide: How Your Doctor’s Dietary Ignorance Will Kill You!!!! — is a bit rough around the edges, clearly written rapidly (and self-published), it’s very good on the information front. I recommend it.

Now, as the video mentions, he has a streaming internet TV show that’s just started. You can see the first episode on Jimmy Moor’s blog.

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  2. Aaron Blaisdell on November 5, 2009 at 15:01

    I just read his book a couple of weeks ago. I agree with your assessment about being “rough around the edges” but being “very good on the information front.” Very easy, quick read and I was especially fascinated with how he completely did not see the disconnect between what he had learned from his biochemistry texts to the nutritional advise he was giving out when he first started practicing medicine. I saw an undergrad the other day in a campus coffee shop reading her biochem textbook. She’s premed. I told her to never lose sight of what she learns from her biochem text and what she should know about human nutrition. Hopefully it will stick.

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