Richard Nikoley Interview 2: Free-ing the animal; at Being Primal

In case you missed part 1 of my interview with Dean Dwyer of Being Primal, or missed out on all the wonderful things he wrote about me, you can catch it here.

Part 2 of what will be four parts is now up and ready to watch, with even more wonderful things written about me. Click here to catch it.

Here, according to Dean, is what we discussed

  • how and why he stumbled upon paleo in the first place
  • he introduces me to the phrase “stroke out”
  • we learn the three key aspects he used and continues to use to keep off the 60lbs he lost
  • he demos (on 2 occasions) his workout face
  • see how I throw him under the bus by promising to edit something out and then leaving it in
  • discover what resistance training did for him (and could do for you as well)
  • the benefits of fasting
  • he actually reveals his tender side. It got so intense we were close to hugging it out
  • why he wasn’t comfortable at his lowest weight which was 175lbs
  • how he “unknowingly” rips me (I won’t reveal it here, but it has to do with something on my site.) [Post in the comment section if you figure out what the rip is and feel free to coddle my battered ego]
  • who inspired him
  • his RANT on the idea, “fat is beautiful”
  • his mention of the word junk and how I never fully recovered from that line

Here’s 28 seconds of trailer tease, from the full 14 minute’s worth. Yea, that’s Dean to the left, cracking up.

Again, as with the last installment, standard disclaimers apply. If you’re not into raucous fun laced with f-bombs and crude references to genitalia, then by all means, turn right around. There’s nothing to see here.


  1. Jim Arkus on September 9, 2011 at 17:27

    Holy shit.. your line about the blood pressure and weightlifting had me dying over here.. love it…

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