Burning Down The House

Preface & Metaphor I actually almost burnt down a real house once. It was close. History in pics, here (see the “fire” link). Then, here for the lemons to lemonade story: a top vacation rental property, 39 reviews, 100% 5/5. That’s over about a year and a half since we began offering it. We’ve had guests…

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Book Review: Gather

Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining It would be silly of me to title this particular book review with anything fancy or clever, and I won’t even mention how their names could rhyme until the end. That’s because the title, in itself, is clever. Yep. It’s yet another paleo book—a cook book, again, too. To…

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Melissa Horn, Under Löven

Just a quick bit of music for a Friday. I’m preparing to move the whole blog over to new hosting sometime Monday, at which point I’ll have to lock down comments for the transition time. As I was making preparations for this I came across my web developer’s personal culture blog, and then his post…

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Prepare for the “Resistant Starch” Assimilation; Resistance is Futile

Some months ago I got interested in the fact that people were toying with the idea of eating mostly just potatoes for a period of time for weight loss. So I tried it, blogged about it, entertained it for a few weeks, dropped about 13 pounds to verify it works (probably because it’s hard to eat enough potatoes to maintain weight). But I just quickly got tired of potatoes. Not so at all with my milk & kefir deal that’s into its seventh week, stronger than ever, and now I’m really doing a lot of tweaking of the essential magic of the thing. But details on that are for a different day and newsletter issue.

One thing that cropped up and that’s been a new tweak in my milk & kefir escapades: resistant starch. It was a commenter, “Tatertot,” who’d done all the yeoman’s work on the deal, so I asked him to put it all together for us.

So here’s Tatertot.


Last fall, I was toying around with the Potato Hack and mentioned it on Paul Jaminet’s Perfect Health Diet blog. Paul mentioned that part of the effectiveness of the Potato Hack undoubtedly was due to the butyric acid and short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) from the resistant starch in the potatoes.

This got me thinking about resistant starch (RS). I had heard of RS before, but didn’t know much about it. I did a few Google searches, and the more I read, the more I liked. There were well-studied correlations between RS intake and colon health, improved cholesterol, better glucose control, weight loss, hunger abatement, and increased vitamin and mineral absorption.

I learned that scientists first ‘discovered’ RS in the 80’s. Since then, numerous studies have been done on the effect of RS in animals and humans. One of the first articles I read on RS was written in 2008. Please read for a quick primer on RS. Done? OK, moving on.

At first, people told me I was wasting my time with RS. Afterall, they said, “RS is nothing more than Type III fiber, right after soluble and insoluble. We got over our obsession about fiber when we got over eating Kashi…It’s not that it’s bad for you, just not necessary; and, If it’s butyrate you want, just eat butter—or put it in your coffee!—it’s loaded with the stuff.” I almost gave up my quest when I came across Dr. Eades’ article bashing RS: He concludes in the article, “This brief discourse should put you off of resistant starch even without knowing what anti-nutrients are (resistant starch is an anti-nutrient), why they’re there and what they do. We’ll save that for a later post.” Then there was this great back-and-forth on Mark’s Daily Apple.

Luckily, I found tons to support the intake of RS from a number of other sources, so I kept looking.

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Paleo on The Dr. Oz Show – My Musings

Dr. Loren Cordain and Nell Stephenson showed up on the Dr. Oz Show yesterday, April 22nd. Paleo Wizards on Oz Good thing, or bad thing? In my view, very good. I’ll tell you what else I actually like. I like the rather pure, strict nature of it as presented—something Stephenson has always been consistent about;…

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Entrepreneur Surgeons Making Obama & Co. Their Bitch

Last November I highlighted the efforts and and heroism of these surgeons, those of The Surgery Center of Oklahoma. They even publish their whole price list right on the blog. Check out those prices per surgical procedure; then quickly look at your calendar to assure yourself that no, time travel has indeed not yet been…

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Actual First Responders never get the credit and when they do, it’s always overshadowed by 10th responders wearing badges & fashions. That is all.

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Social Anthropology: Yes Please!

From what appears to be a new blog by a smart person, called LIFEXTENSION: Musings: Cognitive Archaeology; Romantic ‘Paleo Primitivism’; From Trust to Domination One of the central debates in political philosophy has been the possibility of true egalitarianism. It has been argued that society cannot exist without its rules, sanctions, and persons to govern…

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W2 vs 1099 vs K1: It’s Tax Day!

That’s the progression It’s how it’s set up. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll know about K1s soon enough. It’s how the moderately rich, as well as the richest of the rich operate, mostly. Now let me tell you exactly how it works. First, dispense with the notion that those overseeing your tax code haven’t an out for themselves.…

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Milk & Kefir Diet Body Recomposition Progress in Pics

What began as pretty much a weight/fat loss deal has quickly become much more, as through weeks 5 & 6, I have neither lost or gained any measurable weight; and whereas I began this deal at 203 and am now around 187 (16 pounds lighter) I actually “feel” bigger. Feel stronger, too. I’ve gotten endless…

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Sam Harris Gets Himself Howitzered and Blitzkrieged For Writing

The other night Marie, in comments, left this turd. Zealots of the variety that is combative, jargon-spewing and orthopolitical [Ed: think orthodoxy in terms of political action (‘PC’) instead of in the realm of beliefs, particularly religious], seem to have one thing in common: they have really, really bad reading comprehension. Like some of the commenters…

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