Blasphemy is the Coolest Thing

I’m often asked why, if I’m such an atheist and anarchist, I don’t take all the professors of religion to task in the Paleosphere, The LowCarbSpere. My answer is always the same: I Love Blasphemy. Everytime they put the “God” of logical, natural selection evolution over their professed belief in a cute fairy tale, I…

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Government “Shutdown” Juxtaposition (Real Hunter Gatherers: Hadza)

You just know I’m lafin’ atcha, dontcha?

Please Pass the Microbes

Importantly, the Hadza don’t keep livestock or plant foods of any kind, and have limited access to modern medications like antibiotics (at least the more remote Hadza camps that we are studying). While some may argue that the Hadza are not perfect referents for the way it once was, it depends on the questions you are asking. For our purposes, studying how humans acquire microbes from birth throughout life (from others and the larger meta community of microbes in nature) in a group where babies are all still born naturally (no c-sections), are breastfed on average for 2+ years, where children still sleep with their mothers years beyond weaning, take no antibiotics, don’t drink water that has been treated with chlorine and fluoride, where multiple generations stay together (not separating the seniors into assisted living facilities), don’t eat processed foods, and newborns to the eldest in the community are still covered in nature’s blanket of everything that comes from living outside 24/7 and interacting in an intimate way with 100s of species of plants and animals.

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Dot-Connect of the Day: Government “Shutdown” = Big Fat Yawn

Alright, alright. Here’s my take. I haven’t paid any attention. That’s in spite of hearing shitbag Harry Reid quoted on the radio this morning that “any further ‘Republican government shutdown’ would cause irreparable harm.” Is there anyone who really believes this schtick, anymore? Really? Besides all that, it’s just basically the Washington Monument Syndrome, and…

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Help a Vulcan Out

I often wondered why he’s just “Spock,” or “Mister Spock,” and not…Spock Nimoy. Seems totally reasonable, to me. He has a cousin. “Jeff Nimoy.” Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like “Spock Nimoy” though, does it? Moreover, one would think that a guy named Jeff would come from Spock’s human mother’s side of the family—Amanda Grayson—and…

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The Beemer X5 Project

I was pleased with so many helpful comments before that seriously steered me this way and that, so here’s an update and a bit of a bleg. To recap, I’ going from exactly this: Beemer on Tow To something like this, with the same 1-2″ lift, wheel spacers and bolt pattern conversion from 5 x…

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