Resistant Starch: American Gut Project Real Results And Comparison (Very Big News)

To catch up, perhaps a dozen or more posts, thousands of comments from hundreds of people around the world self experimenting. No, you do not have to “wait for the ‘science,'” because self experimentation is science. And it’s arguably the best because since it’s self, that means it applies to you and only you. You get to do this and see for yourself.

OK, today, a rather sizable and meaty post . It’s a guest post by “Tatertot Tim”; and as everyone knows, the prime mover in the whole resistant starch awareness finally making its way into Paleo, Primal, Perfect Health Diet, and low carb circles. This is what we have all been waiting for. How does the gut flora of a habitual resistant starch consumer compare to that of a SAD eater, or, even an LC eater?

To review the problem for low carbers: Sorry low carbers, your microbiome is just not that into you, by Jeff Leach, prime mover at The American Gut Project.

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Ok, Give Thanks. But Thank Yourself First.

So today, when everyone is doing their level best to grovel, just remember that if you didn’t get up and give it a shot each and every day up until now, there would be nobody to thank and nothing to be thankful for. …Oh, and that great meal? Consider thanking the folks who actually made…

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Read John Durant’s Book, The Paleo Manifesto

I’m way behind in getting a proper review out, but should be in a few days. In the meantime, you can get started early and perhaps we can have a good discussion in comments in a few days. I’ll tell you right now, this is not a “diet book,” per se. You’ll not find meal plans…

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Reflections On My Weekend Blogging Marathon

I think it was Thursday when I got the idea and announced it here. I’s done it before years back (a dozen posts in a day) and recall how fun and intense it was. So the plan was to start Friday afternoon and just blog may ass off until Sunday evening. It begins here: “Experiments With…

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Real Woman Update

Yea, yea, I know. It’s Fox News, and that automatiacally means that A does not equal A. Perhaps someone can arrange for this to be shown on CNN or MSNBC…or better yet: NPR; so that it will magically be correct and falsehoods will gain dispensation as facts. Judge Jeanine Takes Obama to the Woodshed in…

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If You Never Read Atlas Shrugged, Here’s a Preview

According to KIRO 7, Boeing is threatening to take jobs to other states after machinists rejected an offer guaranteeing jobs building the new 777X airliner for eight years. In exchange, new workers would have had to give up guaranteed pensions. If Boeing honors its threat, Seattle’s soon to be first Socialist city councilmember has a…

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Taco Bell Crunchy Tacos: My Go-To Fast Food

Here’s how to cure your burger, chili dog, onion ring and fry addiction. Virtually my only fast food indulgence for months—though twice I went and had a burger to confirm that indeed, those make me feel like shit. But these only make me feel good. $1.19 x 4 Basic crunchy tacos. I’m sure other places…

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Chris Kresser and Jeff Leach on Gut Health

Chis and I have known each other for a while. He first contacted me way back when he was just making his Internet presence known, thinking I might be interested in a series on GERD he was doing. Being a lifelong sufferer myself, I checked it out, judged it reasonable, and promoted his series on the blog.

Since that time, I’ve seen his series referenced around and about more times that I can count. If it helped anyone and I played a role in that, then such is too cool.

In the meantime, I’ve had my many dramas as a result of my style and Chris is always pro, which I never fault. Everyone has every right to not be associated with me. Still, from time to time, and especially recently, Chris has been “unable to resist my allure.” I wrote that while grinning. Hopefully, you get it.

Simple fact: he helps people personally, face to face or in whatever medium used to have a personal caregiver to individual relationship. And, I’ve met Chris personally and nothing I learned viscerally contradicted anything I assumed with less information. He’s a standup pro and I’ve never had a moment or reason to think, assume, or judge otherwise.

Jeff Leach is leading the American Gut Project where, basically, they are getting poop samples from tons of people and mapping out the bacteria populations.

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Do You Have Real Guts? Will You Do What it Takes?

Can We Eat Our Way To A Healthier Microbiome? It’s Complicated

When our colleague Rob Stein got his microbiome analyzed recently in the name of science journalism, we were totally fascinated.

As Stein noted, it may be possible to cultivate a healthier community of bacteria on and inside us by modifying our diets.

Stein was advised to eat more garlic and leeks for his. But we wondered: Are there other foods that promote a healthy microbiome in most people?

The answer, we found out, is fairly complicated. microbiome research is still in the very early stages. […]

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Can We Please Get a Little Help For Robyn Brookstone Here?

A comment came in on my post from last week: Sunday Church for Human Animals: Those Poor, Poor American Feminists. Warning: This post contains written material that might cause heads to explode. Here it is: Richard, You really have no clue. Who the hell are you to speak about feminism as women experience it in America?…

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Whole Health Source on Beans, Lentils and the Paleo Diet

Stephan Guyenet has up an excellent post on the idea that beans, lentils—hell, legumes in general—ought not be part of our diet.

He’s right. The notion we shouldn’t consume these foods, traditionally prepared, based on some notion that they were not part of ancient diets is, well, dumb (that’s me saying that). Two reasons:

  1. They are widely consumed by lots of primitive, H-G type folks.
  2. Who fucking cares anyway? The substantial nutrition and fermentable probiotic fiber make them an excellent staple foodstuff that people have been subsisting on healthfully for millennia, minimum.
  3. Who fucking cares anyway?

OK, three reasons. Quoting Stephan:

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Thinking, Emoting, Reacting and Dreaming With Your Gut Biome

Gut Bacteria Might Guide The Workings Of Our Minds

Mayer thinks the bacteria in our digestive systems may help mold brain structure as we’re growing up, and possibly influence our moods, behavior and feelings when we’re adults. “It opens up a completely new way of looking at brain function and health and disease,” he says.

So Mayer is working on just that, doing MRI scans to look at the brains of thousands of volunteers and then comparing brain structure to the types of bacteria in their guts. He thinks he already has the first clues of a connection, from an analysis of about 60 volunteers.

Mayer found that the connections between brain regions differed depending on which species of bacteria dominated a person’s gut. That suggests that the specific mix of microbes in our guts might help determine what kinds of brains we have — how our brain circuits develop and how they’re wired. […]

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US Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11

Story. Though Americans commonly believe law enforcement’s role in society is to protect them and ensure peace and stability within the community, the sad reality is that police departments are often more focused on enforcing laws, making arrests and issuing citations. As a result of this as well as an increase in militarized policing techniques,…

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If Two Dildos Could Talk To One Another

“I feel like such a tool.” “Yea, so? Embrace your nature.” “I know. Yea. But it’s just so…so…toolish, y’know? No respect. no real appreciation. I mean, there’s these times—y’know—when it’s all ooooh, ah. Ah, oh oow…yes, ahhhhh…ah…ah…Ah…AH…AAAAHHHH!!! And then I get tossed in this dark place with a slam. Just when the party’s getting started,…

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Death By Government: “Democide”

Encompassing Many Years of Research by R.J. Rummel All of the following figures DO NOT include combatant war deaths. Genocide: among other things, the killing of people by a government because of their indelible group membership (race, ethnicity, religion, language). Politicide: the murder of any person or people by a government because of their politics…

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