Refining the Resistant Starch Story – Part 2 (RS2 and RS3; Not Exactly the Same Thing)

A couple of days ago I published Part 1 on other non-RS Fibers. Now comes Part 2 on the difference between RS2 (raw resistant starch) and RS3 (retrograded resistant starch—from previously cooked and cooled raw starch).

For this installment, Dr. Grace gets the limelight overt on AnimalPharm: Cont…Update 2 – RS2 and RS3 are Not Exactly the Same Thing (link removed).

Go take a look, and see how this story—now more than a year in the making, based on 30+ years of research—is being continually refined and updated. And the three of us (including Tatertot Tim) have a 400-450 pg. book now fully rough drafted to take it even way, way further.

(Hat tip: M. McEwen) Feeding raw potato (RS2) in this ancestral diet study (human v. Theropithecus gelada) appeared to overfeed and increase the RS2-chomping gut populations—Bacteroides and E. rectale—in the human simulated gut. Populations that do not eat RS2 at all or proficiently—lactobacilli and bifidobacteria—were decreased with raw potato. These sub-colonies prefer dining on oligosaccharides (beans, inulin, endive, banana), RS3 and other fiber.

However, with simulated gelada baboon gut, minimal changes were observed and this is consistent with animals without salivary amylase. Only Old World primates known as ceropithecines have evolved AMY1 (salivary alpha-amylase) to consume starches from fruit seeds that they carry in their cheek pouches.

Way more where that came from, so go take a look. I’m going to close comments here, so that all discussion takes place where it should.

Part 3, RS3 Contents in Foods, will be posted here in a couple of days.

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