FINAL Thoughts on Inuit and Non Ketosis

It’s in the can. Thank doG (aka Duck).

It began with no goals, but a lot of posts later, I’d say that using the Inuit as a model for any sort of diet will be more than suspect. Too many non-sycophant, independent thinking people out there. They’re the minority by far, but sycophants are merely…

baby birds feeding

Having Peter at Hyperlipid take this up for debate was really more than we could have hoped for and arguably, the most ideal forum. You’re the judge, as always, but I think we held our own, in comments. Me, Duck, Tim, Gemma, and a few others.

But at any point, one has to decide when enough is enough. So, barring some shocking revelation we’ve not already considered and/or addressed, it’s now for you to decide exclusively. I’ll leave you with something I wrote in the comments at Peter’s.

I like to approach all this stuff the same way I’ve approached all my business dealings where there’s real money on the line. It’s not about being right, ever. It’s about a continuous improvement process of being less wrong. I think that requires more critical thinking.

Moving into a new mode, we’ll be continuing our series on hormesis.

Beyond that, I’m going to be focussing in on gut biome posts big time, as a lead up to The Book, coming out sometime end of January to end of February. Deal inked and finalized just this morning. And that’s all I’ll say about that before the lead up to the launch.

That is all.

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  1. Lindsey on December 4, 2014 at 11:42

    Hey Richard, do you read Todd Becker’s blog “Getting Stronger”? He focuses on hormesis.

    Looking forward to more. Really liked the Inuit and Non Ketosis series.

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