Sunday Church For Human Animals: You’re Still Using Slavery Arguments; You’re Using Free Market Arguments to Advocate Collectivism; Obamacare Co-Ops Fail… Hundreds of Thousands Face Federal Fines; The Diminishing Cult Of Loren Cordain “Paleo”

~ For nearly 25 years now I’ve loosely used human slavery as a reference or analogy to what exists now in terms of statism, because I would prefer that people get a brain and dump all allegiance to all states worldwide. But it’s imperfect, and I always use it tongue in cheek because I hate…

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What If You Dropped The Silly Notion of Borders?

Artificial borders, drawn with crayon or colored pencils on paper that serves as your meta-metaphor, making precisions beyond plain continental drift (we’re land animals) is really silly on Kindergarten proportions. I won’t belabor how fucktarded you are. Thank me later. Why does everyone agitate over borders? No, REALLY, why does everyone agitate over borders? Money.…

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Sunday Brickbats, Odds, Ends, And One Funny Thing

We’re up here at the vacation home in the pines for a long weekend with four dogs (yea, we brought Hunter the Beagle along). It’s been a blast. Breakfast pics at the end. We get everything we like off-grid TV-wise except live sports, so today is football day. ~ We’ll have another iron fortification update…

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Let’s Unpack A To-Be-Published Gluten Sensitivity Study Touted To Vindicate Dr. William Davis and Wheat Belly

You folks really need to try harder.

I do like Bill Davis and have had some nice exchanges with him going way back and most importantly, he was very friendly to the revolutionary work Tim Steele and I did here on Resistant Starch. I got notice of a post on a new study a couple of days ago that strikes me as a bit bright eyed.

Here’s the study. In fairness, it’s not yet published and so might be different in the final.

Wheat gluten intake increases weight gain and adiposity associated with reduced thermogenesis and energy expenditure in an animal model of obesity


BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES. The association between gluten and body weight is inconsistent. Previously, we showed that a gluten-free diet reduces weight gain without changing food intake in mice fed high-fat diets. In the present study, we investigated the effects of gluten intake on fat metabolism, thermogenesis and energy expenditure in mice fed a standard or high-fat diet.

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Doubled Keep-It-Up Capacity; No Little Blue Pill

Just quick and just for fun. In the space of a couple of hours, doubled my power capacity just today, as the sun gets lower and the days grown shorter—even though, this is, after all, California. The electricians, engineers, smart DIY folks, etc., will immediately recognize that as a 4, 6v deep cycle wet cell…

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My Bizarre Off-Grid RV Living Update (with dog videos)

Something came up and I find need of attempting a meaningful post on the latest incident of someone going postal in a school. Yes, there’s a connection to the gut biome, which is why I’m taking it on. In the meantime, here’s some stuff about what I’m up to. ~ The “system” explained, in brief.…

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