Mark Sisson Posts Something About Potatoes, Get’s a Parade of Primal Morons


Here’s the link to the Facebook post. Here’s the article he linked to. Here’s Andrew Taylor’s Facebook Page.

“I’m quite looking forward to partying. Not necessarily looking forward to the food, I’m quite happy with potatoes still,” Taylor said, on his 313th day of only eating potatoes.

According to Taylor, only eating potatoes had been great.

It had made him healthier, helped him lose weight and he no longer needed to take antidepressants, he said.

“I tried a lot of things… Things were not working well for me, but things turned around really when I started eating potatoes,” Taylor said, 11 months into his potato-only diet.

When he started his potato challenge, Taylor said he had “struggled with weight all my life”.

“I’m trying to deal with my addiction,” he said. That addiction was food. […]

Taylor said that he was sleeping better, had lost more than 50kg and was generally a more happy person thanks to only eating potatoes.

“Eating only potatoes has improved my life in more ways than I could ever imagine.”

For this sin against paleo, Primal, and Low-Carbohydrate diet orthorexic orthodoxy and catechism, Sisson gets a parade of mostly morons in comments: by which I mean, less useful than a bunch of monkeys screeching in trees.



Folks around here know that we spent a lot of time—last year in particular—looking at all aspects of the so-called Potato Hack or Potato Diet. We even showed how on a calorie-for-calorie basis, a plain potato edges out red meat in terms of average micronutrients. That’s something all those screeching monkey in trees, above, are wholly ignorant of. In addition to tons of various forum topics on the potato hack all over the internet for years, Tim Steel has a whole blog devoted to it, and even wrote a book that has sold many thousands of copies.

The screeching monkeys in trees are also ignorant of the fact that the potato is regarded by historians as the most important of all cultivated vegetables and literally changed the world as it was known.  There’s even serious academic literature on the potato’s contribution to population growth, urbanization, and economic growth. You think grains built civilization? Well, they certainly did contribute, but it was the potato that really kicked it into high gear, once introduced into Europe.


But morons will be monkeys, screeching in trees.

This sort of shit just hits me at the wrong place, wrong time, some days. And I see this sort of huk huk, cocksure dismissal out-of-hand all the damn time, everywhere I look and have come to regard is as not one iota different than your average vegan moron.

Sorry, but I have come to regard the vast majority of paleo, Primal, and Low-Carb advocates and adherents as little more than zombie-like followers of orthodoxy, who do little but quote clichés, slogans, and memes—most of what’s spouted, being nothing but regurgitate.


A whole lot of worthlessness out there. If you’re not truly thinking for yourself, you aren’t thinking at all. Not one little bit.

Update: Here’s a doozie of a dumb, dumber, dumbest comment that has since been added, Isaac Rivera:

And then there is the risk of metabolic syndrome if that starch load is not slowed down with a high fat food like butter, lard or cream.

The myth that will not die, and it’s dumb on two counts. First of all, this is an energy deficit diet. Can someone please tell me how you get “metabolic syndrome” on a diet so calorically deficient as to be dropping an average of two pounds per week? Second, fat with carbs worsens the metabolic impact. Morons think that because they get less of a glucose spike with a bunch of butter and sour cream on their potato (often jacking up the calories by a factor of 10—yea, very “smart”), it’s “good.” No, it’s not, because it takes 4 times as much total insulin to clear it than without the fat, and twice as long above normal glucose levels.

So, simplistic bullshit, once again. Typical of orthodox orthorexia.

(Anyone feel free to drop a link to this in comments on that Facebook thread. I’d do it myself, but am still under a ban because I post naughty words to Facebook directly, some times.)

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  1. TR on February 12, 2017 at 17:54

    And: How does one get metabolic syndrome when your body is dumping 2 pounds of fat/week from your fat stores into your veins?
    Similar response to the “SF=CVD” crowd: How come biomarkers keep improving when one is dumping 2 pounds of SF/week from your fat stores into your veins?

    I usually get a blank look.

  2. Cathy on February 13, 2017 at 08:55

    Loved this. Remember there was a huge amount of folks on MDA talking about the Potato hack back in the day. A few were properly surprised that it work. How many times have we heard people felt better once carb sources like potatoes or rice were added to their diets including restarting weight loss? I’m amazed how much fear a simple potato can cause. As for scurvy, didn’t notice this effect in the Kitavans who ate yams or in Steffan G. (sp) who grows and eats a vast amount of spuds. Screeching monkeys indeed!

  3. Jennifer Wilson on February 13, 2017 at 09:41

    I remember when. a few years ago, white potatoes were dropped from WIC and school lunches. You could get 2 boxes of frosted mini wheats WIC, and school lunches often included chicken nuggets, chocolate milk, or jello. But white potatoes? Think of the children!

    • Carol Hi on February 13, 2017 at 11:17

      I did not know this. Holy crap.

  4. EDR on February 13, 2017 at 16:24

    Damn lemmings…they never learn. This group mentality is so prevalent in our society…makes me wonder at times how the hell we’ve evolved as far as we have (which admittedly, isn’t very damn much).

    I got mostly weird responses when I shared my success and experiences with the Potato Hack on Facebook…even my vegan friends thought I had gone crazy. Screw em’…I’ll keep eating my healthy starches and hope some day more people will listen to me (not holding my breath).

    I bet these monkeys would be flinging their poo at us if they weren’t all constipated from too much protein. Hey monkeys, I hear there’s a sale on magnesium at Whole Foods…

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