Neil Peart

Back at Oregon State in about 1982, my weed-smoking, Alaskan roommate introduced me to more than weed and bongs.

It was a Rush.

My very first Rush album was actually a live mix, Exit Stage Left and while it’s brilliant on many levels, the one track, YYZ (airport code for Toronto, from whence they harken), is brillianter and it’s because of the 3-minute drum solo by Neil starting about 2 minutes in, and while there are many versions of it in studio and in other live performances, this is the one.

The one to beat. I’ll call it the best drum solo delivered by a human being for as long as I live, until someone does better. Nobody will.

Neil succumbed to a three year fight with brain cancer a few days ago, at 67.

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  1. Matt on January 10, 2020 at 20:25

    That was sick! Man, they were tight.

    I normally don’t feel any sadness when a person I don’t know personally dies, but this one has me down a bit. Maybe it’s because he seemed to be a kind, intelligent, ever-improving guy who endured some very hard times and found a way to keep going. I don’t get into who’s best debates/lists for musicians but he’s definitely one of the greats and this solo is a good example why. Thanks for sharing

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