Covid-19 Told-You-So PSA

One of the very first things that became apparent to me back in early March was that:

  1. Those dying “of” Covid-19 were typically old and frail
  2. Of those, most had comorbidities (other serious medical conditions)

Yet the media, political, and corporate narrative of fear and panic marched on and even intensified as a means of maintaining the lie—now repeated so often and with such assuredness that it’s just taken for granted.

And the entire thing is, and always was, a giant hoax.

Even the CDC seems to have become impatient, most likely because any legitimacy they may have had is rapidly diminishing like a boy who cried wolf.


This past week the CDC finally seemed to get fed up with the coronavirus hysteria that has existed in this country since March.

First, the CDC released new guidelines saying there was no need for asymptomatic people to get tested if they were otherwise young and healthy. That’s even if you were exposed to someone who had tested positive for the virus.

Then the CDC put up on their official website the following details for people who have covid symptoms: “If you have symptoms of COVID-19 and want to get tested, call your healthcare provider first. Most people will have mild illness and can recover at home without medical care and may not need to be tested.”

So, yeah, the CDC is telling you to treat covid like any other illness. Stay home if you’re sick, you’ll probably be fine. That’s because for most people covid is a mild illness. If, however, you get sick enough to need treatment, go seek treatment.


But this was the final kicker that also went up on the CDC website:

“For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.”

This illuminates what I have been saying for a long time, there’s a big difference between dying WITH COVID and dying FROM COVID.

94% of people are dying with covid, per the CDC, not because of it. In fact, not only are people dying with it, they are dying with covid and an average of 2.6 additional conditions or causes of death.

This would mean roughly 10,000 deaths are directly attributable to covid alone.

Because right now if you have terminal lung cancer, kidney and liver failure and covid, you are counted as a covid death.

But listen up. Turn on any TV, it doesn’t matter. Try to find the narrative being changed even one little bit. If you do find it, let me know. So far, everything I hear and see is the same old thing, and if it changes at all, it’s to pile more fear and panic upon the already existing contrived fear and panic that has been propped up and promoted by the media, politics (Trump’s White House, too), and the corporate machine.

The real lesson in this is to recognize that freedom, liberty, self-direction, self-determination, and independence are now the mere hollow echos of once-great ideas that built the first nation ever formed by philosophy rather than conquest—and that now, is exposed as the thinnest paper-facade you could not even imagine.

It was all trashed on a global scope within a matter of days.

This can only mean one thing: these ideas were supplanted—as many conservative intellectuals argued—many decades ago and since then, everyone has been engaged in lip-service and make-believe.

That is all. I don’t even have the energy to rant about it. I’m just resigned to my rather misanthropic existence.

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  1. Lynn Wright on September 1, 2020 at 16:01

    “The Thing”! You can also hold up a sign to the camera, spelling out what “The Thing” really is. Such fun & games.
    What will be interesting to me is year end all cause mortality data. I am betting the rate per 100,000 population will be higher, but not by much. I expect that many with these comorbidities were almost dead, they just died early. A strong wind could have toppled them over. Many dying in a compressed winter/early spring window. The Thing took a few months off their lives. And how many died from the nursing home mandates in NY, NJ, PA and MI? Stuffing the elderly in nursing homes didn’t help. The stress and isolation probably killed most of those. Family members not able to go inside and visit, check that granny is being cared for properly. Then of course we have those killer ventilators. How many did those kill, Herr Cuomo?
    You are right, MSM is nothing but lies and half truths, at best. I avert my eyes when I pick up my husband’s newspaper, ask him to mute the TV and put his headphones on when he watches the nightly news.
    I could not agree with you more, o just about everything. Churches are being pummeled, in CA especially. Hardly any pastors, religious leaders, are standing up to this tyranny. Sad indeed. Yes, pathetic. I thought they’d stand firm. Nope.
    I am so ready to march, as if that would do much. At least the Germans are showing up in big numbers, making their government uneasy with how many are willing to take to the streets, ask for their “freedoms” back. You are right about that too, freedom mostly a facade. It is servitude here with a bit of lipstick. I still love my country, all in all, best place now for me. I am just so disappointed. All these people I thought I knew, now cowering and masked. They are wondering what happened to Lynn? Doesn’t she read the science? Trust Fauci? Revere Gates for all the great work he’s done over seas with GAVI and his Foundation? I just cannot believe they don’t see what I see. Well, my circle of friends sure has shrunk, but I have many new friends via social media who question deeply this pandemic narrative as do I. If not for my new online friends and my gym & coach keeping me fit and engaged, I might have lost my mind. I kept shouting, “the emperor has no clothes!” And people thought I was nuts. So be it. Thanks again for your words, so enjoy your bluntness. You don’t owe anyone, anything. Super. And keep that shirtless delivery I love that too.

    • John on September 6, 2020 at 12:30


      All cause mortality is slightly higher than normal, coming in at 111% of expected, according to CDC data-

      Of course, even that can’t be attributed to a “New VIrus” at this point. The nations of the world have been running MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS on their citizens for the past 6 months or so, from lockdowns, mandatory masking, and so forth. A lot of that increase could be due to increased suicides from people who lost their jobs and such. What about grocery store workers who have contracted pneumonia, pleurisy, or antibiotic resistant staph infections from wearing a mask for 40 hours a week when doing physically demanding labor?

      D.G. Rancourt did a nice paper on this-

      Mass homicide by government response.

      Also, there is a weird phenomena in the all cause mortality data, with it running slightly below average for the 8 months previous to March 2020. Where some of these agencies sandbagging deaths only to drop them later in the year to make things appear worse than they are?

      And what about the people who are suffering from “psychological Covid?”

      It’s a weird thing…… Pandemic by Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. It seems to me people put more blind faith into “Science” and “Medicine” at this point than they do with Religion.

  2. Bret on September 5, 2020 at 07:53

    The “excess deaths” (all cause) we have had in America this year since late March (160K as of late June, 20% over trendline), avg age >74, were most certainly people teetering on the edge, and covid was the gust that pushed them over. These aptly characterized “old & frail” people, with chronic diseases & compromised immune systems, would have died later this year, or next, or the next.

    But you can’t tell that to the sheeptards, who just bleat endlessly about “all theez deths,” thanks to a brilliant brainwashing initiative by the fake news cartel with a stacked deck of resources. Sweden’s numbers, btw, remain stubbornly, infinitesimally low. They have not exceeded 6 covid deaths per day since July 22. Zero mask orders, zero lockdowns, zero business closures.

    I expect U.S. all-cause mortality next year to be a solid 10% lower than the pre-2020 average, if not more so.

    Pakistan is peskily defying the narrative.

    “Pakistan has a long history of failing to contain infectious diseases such as polio, tuberculosis and hepatitis, while successive governments have underfunded its healthcare sector for decades.

    “Added to that, many Pakistanis live in crowded, multi-generational homes or packed apartment buildings that favour rampant virus transmission.

    “‘No one has been able to explain this decline … we don’t have any concrete explanation,’ said Salman Haseeb, a doctor at Services Hospital in the eastern city of Lahore which was hit hard at the onset.”

    Pakistan’s official death toll is 6.3K, with a total population of approx 215M.

    Perhaps we should call this the Pakistani paradox, like the Spanish paradox of the equal-magnitude bullshit Lipid Hypothesis. Hopefully this covid scam will go away faster than the lipid hypothesis did (which was never). Certainly not holding my breath.

    • David Major on September 9, 2020 at 21:20

      Currently, for the United States, the actual number of deaths is only 9% higher than the expected according to the CDC. That is barely statistically significant. This is indeed a Covid-Con.

    • Bret on September 14, 2020 at 08:44

      David, you are technically correct, but to be totally fair, weekly results themselves take about 2 months to finish materializing (govt can do nothing quickly/efficiently). The latest numbers I’ve looked at suggest closer to a 13% surplus at least.

      But, that is minor quibbling, and I agree with your overall thrust. Even if the excess death was still 25-30%, the situation does not justify the economic turmoil & governmental/corporate power grab we are witnessing. We cannot invite a Great Depression every time we have a virus outbreak.

      By far the biggest culprits in this mess are the citizens. I am astounded at the passivity & willing brainlessness of a huge body of our general population. People are FUCKING STUPID. Far stupider than I previously thought. Their submissiveness is ultimately what enables all this abuse by those in power.

      • Richard Nikoley on September 15, 2020 at 00:48

        On the bright side, at least it is exposed. And I have been right all along and I will never let people forget it.

        And I will call them stupid to their face.

  3. Eddie on September 7, 2020 at 21:15

    Richard, here’s one of the few sane voices (such as yourself) cutting through all the bullshit out there. All his other work is impressive too (such as the mega post on CVD), well worth a read.

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