The Covid Con Mass Delusion: Is Germany The Stupidest Country On Earth?

Simple question.⁠

What few hundred thousand people ought to be arrested, prosecuted, sentenced to death, and summarily executed over this?⁠

The average fucktard-moron, abject idiot with a “smart” phone believes case numbers are 4 to 46 times what they actually are, and deaths 100 to 300 times what they actually are.⁠

Who’s responsible?⁠ Who should pay with their lives?

In case you have trouble making it out:

People think coronavirus is much more prevalent than it is — and that many more have died that in reality.

Respondents across all countries were asked to enter a % for each category. the mean percentage is shown for each. Comparisons are shown on confirmed cases/deaths or, in the case of the UK, best modelled estimates of total COVID cases.

How many people in your country have had coronavirus?

  1. UK: 22% (4x modelled cases)
  2. US: 20% (20x confirmed cases)
  3. DE: 11% (46x confirmed cases)
  4. SE: 16% (20x confirmed cases)
  5. FR: 12% (46x confirmed cases)

How many people in your country have died from coronavirus?

  1. UK: 7% (100x confirmed deaths)
  2. US: 9% (225x confirmed deaths)
  3. DE: 3% (300x confirmed deaths)
  4. SE: 6% (100x confirmed deaths)
  5. FR: 5% (100x confirmed deaths)

To put this in perspective, let’s talk about the stupidest population, the Germans. The population of Germany is 83 million. So, these dumb Krauts believe that 9.1 Million people got the ‘Rona and of those, 2.5 Million people died.

(Note: I’m half German, my dad immigrated in 1952. Use the term ‘Kraut’ all you like ’cause, see, I’m actually an adult. Plus, I do love my Sauerkraut & pork ribs!)

212,331 Actual Total Cases (
9,232 Actual Total Deaths (

So, go right ahead and try to tell me that the average Kraut-Karen or Kraut-Ken with their “smart” phones aren’t the stupidest person on earth.

Back on April 23, 2020, I penned CORONAVIRUS #4: QUESTION THE PREMISE.

But here’s the thing. Over the last few weeks we’ve seen the original premise that justified a near global house arrest (I don’t use euphemisms like “distancing” and “shelter”) go from MILLIONS DIE DEATH KILL!!! to, well, less. Then less. Then less and less to where, combined with the asymptomatic and those who have antibodies, starts to looks a lot like the flu—although the faux numbers so far are showing a pretty pathetic flu year. What an apparent wimp, by some comparisons.

But the original premise still remains. You see it all over. Everywhere. From the POTUS to every single talking head on TEEVEE.

Nobody questions the premise. They talk out both sides of their mouths because nobody is willing—from POTUS on down all the way—to simply say that we got fucked and pawned. Which is exactly what happened.

Blog commenter John writes:

Richard, the other day I wrote out 20 unlikely assumptions that the whole “COVID 19” story and official response has been based on. This was in response to someone that claimed the idea that lockdowns might have resulted in extra deaths was based on “unlikely assumptions.” In response to that, I wrote the following-

That is RICH.

The official narrative of “COVID 19” itself relies on too many unlikely assumptions.


1. The assumption that scientists “discovered” a “new virus” right as it jumped from some sort of animal to a human.

2. That this new virus didn’t circulate in any humans prior to December 1st, 2019.

3. That these same scientists somehow “knew” this virus would turn into a pandemic, just by looking at it.

4. That there was no need for any other scientists, organizations, or countries to verify this discovery in infected patients.

5. That a so called “novel” coronavirus wouldn’t act like other coronaviruses discovered in humans, dating back to at least 1966.

6. That researchers could come up with an accurate test for the virus, without a live sample of said virus.

7. That a PCR test is a good diagnostic for this virus, despite the fact that it’s inventor (Kary Mullis) disputes this. As do manufacturers of the test, and even the CDC.

8. That the original Case Fatality Rate of 3.4% was the same as the Infection Fatality Rate.

9. The idea that both above rates would never change.

10. That “The Virus” only shows up in countries when they start testing for it, or institute lockdowns.

11. That radical experiments like lockdowns, mass layoffs, and forced masking are the only was to deal with this “novel virus.”

12. That masks only became effective when health officials reversed themselves and said they were.

13. That studies that show that COVID was circulating as early as March 2019 are incorrect, as they rely on the same tests used to diagnose the virus, but (those same tests are) perfectly okay as a diagnostic otherwise.

14. That healthy people need to be rebranded as “Asymptomatic Patients.”

15. That doctors, healthcare workers and hospitals would not respond to social and financial pressure to liberally apply the COVID label on death certificates.

16. The idea that COVID can be a pandemic when Tuberculous or the Flu are never considered as such.

17. That lockdowns should continue even after the models used to justify them turned out to be insanely wrong.

18. That this novel virus somehow gets around basic laws of physics. And people’s immune systems.

19. That somehow laying off tens of thousands of doctors and nurses during a pandemic is in any way a good idea.

20. That things like heart disease, cancer, suicides, food shortages, famine, stress, isolation, and massive unemployment are of no concern whatsoever.

In the same vein, here’s someone named Bachman on Twitter.

1\ What follows is a thread summarizing what we know about COVID-19

Others more knowledgeable than I will continue to hash out the details, but at this point the data speaks clearly, and I see no point in continuing to tweet about it

Summary: COVID-19 is not a big deal

2\ COVID-19 is harmless to children. Many countries have not had a single death among the young. And even in large countries like the US, COVID-19 killed fewer kids this year than the flu did

If you support keeping schools closed, you’re a moron. It’s that simple.

3\ Lockdowns do not work. We have data from ~200 countries and even more sub-regions, and there is no link between the timing and stringency of lockdowns and subsequent disease progression

If you support lockdowns, you are just superstitious and afraid

4\ Lockdowns killed more than COVID-19 killed. In the developed world, this happened through suicides, overdoses, murders, missed cancer screenings, and stroke victims not seeking care

In the 3rd world, through malnutrition and skipping vaccinations

Karen was the real killer

5\ Herd immunity happens when 10-30% of the population has been infected, not the 60% that you’d expect from an R0 of 2.5

This is probably due to the fact that we have cross reactive antibodies and T cells from past common cold Coronaviruses

6\ Much of the COVID-19 death toll was due to the northern hemisphere having had two back-to-back mild flu seasons

In many places, the average COVID-19 victim had already lived beyond his country’s life expectancy

Had the media not named it, you’d never have heard of COVID-19

7\ The data on mask usage is crummy, but the best data probably suggests that masks do nothing.

If masks make you feel good, congrats. You should also sleep with a garlic wreath and a silver dagger to ward off vampires

8\ Despite lockdowns definitely not working, and masks probably not working, the COVID-19 death toll will be a bit worse than an average “bad” flu year, but much less than a really bad flu year

We all just panicked.

9\ COVID-19 being “novel” does not make panicking wise

Every flu is novel–that’s why we keep getting them–and some flus kill tens of millions. Yet we don’t lock down for flus.

So locking down for COVID-19 was inexcusable

10\ Hydroxychloroquine may or may not work. But the studies claiming it doesn’t work were literal frauds, committed by people who cared more about seeing Trump be wrong than about savings lives.

I’m very curious to see real data on *early* dosing with HCQ

11\ Acquired resistance to COVID-19 is long lasting; at least 10 months based on the lack of relapses so far

And given the evidence for common Coronavirus T cell and antibody cross resistance, probably much longer than 10 months

12\ We still don’t know about long term side effects, but 90% of the hobgoblins you hear about (Kawasaki Like Disease, Ground Glass Opacities) will turn out to be nonsense

Most people would be equally surprised to learn about long term flu complications

13\ Test-and-trace is a fantasy in any large, pluralistic society. It probably does more harm, through stoking panic, than it does good

It only works in small, culturally homogeneous places like Sweden, Iceland, South Korea

14\ Journos sell you clicks, they don’t sell the truth. Public health officials have their jobs because they didn’t have the brains to work at Subway. Epidemiologists are terrible at stats and yearn for a real pandemic. Politicians feed on crisis the way Popeye feeds on spinach

15\15 Civilization is skin deep. The second your neighbors get scared, 80% of them revert to a primal conformity.

Take note of who around you kept their head, and make them part of your mental family.

Had enough? Now, how many dumb Kraut-Karens and Kraut-Kens are even aware of any of this above shit?

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  1. Groktimus on August 6, 2020 at 07:41

    Thank you Richard, your email blog is now the only thing I truly look forward to seeing in my inbox. Man truly makes his own hell. This virus is far worse due to man worshipping at it’s alter instead of just getting on with our lives and realizing this to shall pass and what doesn’t wasn’t meant to be. I’m not religious but I believe that fits.

  2. Tamas on August 6, 2020 at 12:34

    Hey Richard, just sime additional info on stupid germans. Im no german but we live in Germany.

    In general the germans are a really pessimistic bunch. Plus the death toll here was really low. This could add to the false perceptions.

    Also life here is pretty much back to normal. My kids leave every morning for kindergarten, I go to work some days. We do have limited options for free time, but the german and austrian Alps for example are really crowded, because the germans go on local holiday. We have the masks though.

    Also the economy took a smaller hit because of Kurzarbeit. This solution helps to keep people employed: you show up for work X% of time and get salary for that time. For the remaining 100-X% you stay home and get some limited aid from the state. As soon as it gets back to normal, the state gets out of the equation.

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