My Random Quick Takes #6

I very much tend to agreement, though I do so kinda kicking and screaming, even though I have said for years that the killing, eventually, will be indiscriminate. The world is in a slumber right now, generally obedient. The most important supply chains are food. Nothing at all will happen until that is seriously disturbed.…

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My Random Quick Takes #5 (Memorial Day)

MY RANDOM QUICK TAKES #1 MY RANDOM QUICK TAKES #2 MY RANDOM QUICK TAKES #3 MY RANDOM QUICK TAKES #4 The comment thread is 100% dumb as doornails ignorance. I posted a comment. Anyone have any awareness of Farr’s Law? In epidemiological and virological terms, it means that viruses naturally become more benign over time.…

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Dealing With The Blog Members

Hey Members, This email is only to the few hundred of you, but the Membership is growing daily. There are two things on my mind this morning. Since you’re already a member let me just get right to it. You can handle it. I’d like to send out a quick email as an alert for…

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My Random Quick Takes #4

This is Crazy Good

In December of 2019 I sent off a testosterone test kit to EverlyWell. Just curious, just shy of 59 years old. Got a result, 85 pg/mL. It was in the green, so didn’t think much about it except that it’s in the lower half of the normal range which annoys me. I moved to Thailand right at the same time, mid-Jan, 2020, but the only lifestyle changes were that I was certainly getting out more, more sunshine, more frequent fasting, and more sex.

In Thailand, you can purchase the prescription hardon drugs at any pharmacy and I learned many guys—young and old—use them, not for dysfunction but for enhancement. Thailand has its own Sildenafil under the brand name Sidegra and it’s anywhere from $6-10 for 4 of them, 100mg.

Hesitant at first, then why not? Well, it’s not fireworks but it does have an effect and you might suddenly realize, “oh, yea, I remember being 20, 1/3rd my current age.” They use the word libido but for me? Enthusiasm is a better word. It’s kinda like, “well, I paid good money for this lasting and extended hardon, might as well use it. Might be fun.”

So this got me interested in T and I began researching and taking various herbal things, but not hormonal replacement therapy—though many do here; there’s specialized clinics and it’s comparatively cheap.

Having now noticed some differences, improvements in certain things—a substantial list, really—I got another test just now and annotated it to the image, above.

That’s a 38% increase in Free T at the age of 60.

As you might be aware, Free and not Total is the prime number. Now I can get busy with the Testosterone For Old Dudes series right here on this blog. I really love sinking my teeth into a worthwhile series.

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My Random Quick Takes #3

Here’s an interview quite well worth the hour. It’s between James Delingpole, a brit, with Attorney Reiner Fuellmich, a German-American licensed to practice in both California and Germany. I think the strategy of the legal team and its specific target (a fraudulent PCR test) is spot on. Have a watch, because it’s not pie-in-the-sky stuff.…

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My Random Quick Takes #2

It ought to be wholly unconstitutional in Western nations for the government to use taxpayer’s own money to enrich private media companies in order to propagandize politicized messages to those very citizens. It’s fucking evil to the core. It’s pernicious and dirty. I don’t know what to make of it, but Luc Montagnier is a…

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My Random Quick Takes #1

Epidemic influenza kills a million people in the world every year by causing pneumonia, “the captain of the men of death.” These epidemics are often explosive; the word influenza comes from Italian (Medieval Latin ?nfluentia) or influence, because of the belief that the sudden and abrupt epidemics were due to the influence of some extraterrestrial…

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The Covid-19 All-Cause Mortality Spin Cycle

Back in 2016, Euromomo began collecting all-cause death stats from 29 European countries, reported weekly. I use it as the headline image for illustrative purposes, in this single respect: given predominately natural causes, total mortality is a wave pattern. This is important. What goes up must come down and what goes down must come back…

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The Crumbling Dumbo MaskDemic Psychosis

The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly. — Robert Anton Wilson

With any luck, this will be my final post on wank socks masks, because I think it’s going down the tubes rapidly. Once that constant, reminding symbol of global pandemic panic is gone, the entire charade collapses. The mask is essential to keeping the whole con front and center.

First, let’s establish some sound thinking on the matter.

Next, let’s poke some fun.

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I Finally Understand “50 Shades of Grey”

It’s not as though I ran away from a considered understanding of it. I simply noted early on that it seemed to be a chick phenomenon, which is fine. Building a solid wrap-around deck, only to retire aftarwars with your man-clan—around a fire, with alcohol and smokes, telling lies…that’s a guy phenomenon.

I never gave a mindful thought to the barrage of bullshit messaging and signalling that admonishes—to one and all— what to think in order to get along with the cool narrative. There are rewards in play, you know. You get Likes, and not just virtual ones. That all exists for all the stupid people. It does. The shallow and the stupid. The unserious. If it’s mainstream popular, it’s only because that’s the biggest market and the biggest is the dumbest. Media and advertising are generally designed to exploit your dumbest weaknesses to the point you pay.

But I’m probably putting more into it than is called for. I got a lesson in this thing last night.

Yui, my 28yo Thai GF found it on Netflix and watched it not once, but twice, as I was pounding the keyboard a few feet away. It has Thai subtitles.

She was largely dumbfounded and confused the first time through. The second time, she was all on board. At points, she squealed in delight, as though it was the Lucky Number (Thai Lottery) TV broadcast every 2 weeks, and she’s 2 digits away from the 12 million baht jackpot.

This morning, she says something like “he do EVERYTHING. He so handsome, she not even have to touch him or do anything and she love it and she come anyway.”

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New Twitter Account — Follow @NikoleyRichard

Back in January or so, 3-4 months ago, Twitter up and deleted the account I’d Tweeted through thousands of times since about 2008 without a problem. All these months and I’ve had zero response to the appeal I submitted at their behest. So, I decided to wade in and start over from zero. I had…

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Vaccinate or Mask: Is It OK To Lie In Your Own Defense?

A few days ago, May 13, the CDC declared that masks are no longer needed in most circumstances, indoors or out, provided you have been vaccinated. Predictably, this caused a lot of hand wringing because it essentially throws the door open to shedding this Dumbo MaskDemic.

The reason is quite simple. People will realize they can lie about it and once they figure that out, there’s not one in a thousand who won’t lie their asses off about it. Good for them.

The “authorities” know this.

I read this to great amusement this morning:

CDC’s New Guidelines Causing Confusion for Businesses

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Auberon Herbert Asks

“Why should you desire to compel others; why should you seek to have power— that evil, bitter, mocking thing, which has been from of old, as it is today, the sorrow and curse of the world—over your fellow-men and fellow-women?…”

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New All-Member Forum

I always wanted a forum integrated with the blog, but what I didn’t want was to contend with the trolls, haters, perpetual time wasters, and those who think others owe them and work for them for free. A comment section can get unruly, but because that was typically a single topic post, and subsequent posts…

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Biden: I Will Neither Vaccinate, Nor Mask

Got that? Just try and make me, and 10s of millions of others. Incidentally, Banh Mi is my start-over Twitter account, since after 13 year and 7,000 legitimate followers (not bought from Indian click mills as so many do), my account was deleted without notice. There was a right to appeal, which I did. That…

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Islander Update and My New Digs In Phuket

As the story goes, I seem to like the islands the most. I’ve been to and stayed at a few of them; and since Jan 1, 2021, live on one. What is it that’s so nice about them? Pretty much most things important in a tropical paradise.

  1. You have to get to them across water, by boat or ferry. The one I live on, Phuket, is one of the few with an international airport. Also, a bridge. One the other hand, I live at the southern tip. It’s an hour drive to the airport, tack on another 15 to get to the bridge. Kind of an island on the island.
  2. Because they are relatively small and surrounded by water, they enjoy a more profound effect from the natural ocean currents, so the beaches, corals, and fish life tend to be better than off the mainland.
  3. They tend to have their own character, I suppose that applies anywhere. But it’s an island character or culture. Difficult to explain. You know it when you see it.
  4. #1 tends to give them a sort of remoteness or exclusivity. They don’t seem boring when not much is really “going on.” Rather, it’s often preferable.

The only real downside is that they tend to be more expensive, and the added expense is proportional to the added transportation cost of goods. Here’s the islands I’ve visited since arriving in Thailand mid-Jan 2020.

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The History And Cancer Of Feminism

A juxtaposition, take your pic: Which would you choose…if nobody was looking or listening in? I gave a talk in the summer of 2019 in Warsaw, Poland on this very subject. Now, do you want to hear the after-interview? Alright, that’s about it. …The principal problem now is that very many people no longer have…

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World Health Organization Lies About Herd Immunity

It’s like I’m living in this dystopian anti-reality, like a black hole of nothing but lies and the closer you get, the more difficult becomes any possibility of escape.

And it’s almost everywhere, globally. The only thing that gives me hope and pause is Texas, Florida, and a few other shimmering lights on the planet. I’m seriously considering packing it in here in Paradise—Rawai Beach, Phuket, Thailand—and heading back to the USA, destination Florida. And take my Thai family along for the ride.

I mean, this world is just fucked. Completely obsessed with this this Covid thing and while I just mostly bit my tongue over the last year, expecting it to gravitate back to some semblance of normal, it just gets worse. Thailand has 318 deaths amongst a population of 70 million (about the population of the UK). That’s in the 14-15 months since death number one. About 250 die on the roadways each week, and over 10,000 are injured. Each week. Yet they treat this like it’s the Black Plague.

How long to take it before you just give up and go elsewhere?

Just saw this, this morning. Someone screen clipped the WHO bits on herd immunity between June and November, 2020.

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How Is The Covid-19 Vaccine Going?

Oh, for sure, billions will get it. It will make hundreds of billions of dollars for elite financial and authoritarian interests. Baked into the cake. The Raison d’etre of Covid in the first place. Trump was the instrument. He got played like a cheap fiddle. He is unworthy to be President again. So. Fuck. Off.…

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