My Random Quick Takes #1

No words necessary.
“From loop de loops to spins, Ian Brubaker (@hg_loops) fearlessly defies gravity in his hang glider with an fpv drone several feet away.”

Doesn’t ring a bell…

Epidemic influenza kills a million people in the world every year by causing pneumonia, “the captain of the men of death.” These epidemics are often explosive; the word influenza comes from Italian (Medieval Latin ?nfluentia) or influence, because of the belief that the sudden and abrupt epidemics were due to the influence of some extraterrestrial force. One seventeenth century observer described it well when he wrote, “suddenly a Distemper arose, as if sent by some blast from the stars, which laid hold on very many together: that in some towns, in the space of a week, above a thousand people fell sick together.

I guess our hospital was under luckier stars as only about 12% of our patients were infected and no one died. However, as the epidemic progressed, I noticed something unusual. First, the ward below mine was infected, and then the ward on my right, left, and across the hall – but no patients on my ward became ill. My patients had intermingled with patients from infected wards before the quarantines. The nurses on my unit cross-covered on infected wards. Surely, my patients were exposed to the influenza A virus. How did my patients escape infection from what some think is the most infectious of all the respiratory viruses?

My patients were no younger, no healthier, and in no obvious way different from patients on other wards. Like other wards, my patients are mostly African Americans who came from the same prisons and jails as patients on the infected wards. They were prescribed a similar assortment of powerful psychotropic medications we use throughout the hospital to reduce the symptoms of psychosis, depression, and violent mood swings and to try to prevent patients from killing themselves or attacking other patients and the nursing staff. If my patients were similar to the patients on all the adjoining wards, why didn’t even one of my patients catch the flu?

From a December, 2008 post: EPIDEMIC INFLUENZA AND VITAMIN D

My brother Mike’s garage is a pigsty.

So, Mostly True.

New favorite. 2 min from home. That skewer is $6. The pork ribs, $5. Huge menu of BBQ, Persian, and Indian.

I’ve found that most people, typically on the left, are utterly clueless about the flu or pneumonia, or that it kills anyone. It kills 300-600K every year, and not just old people. Pneumonia kills 2.5 million (often as a consequence of flu), 1/3 of them children under 5. Malaria (preventable and treatable) kills 700k 2/3rd of them children under 5.

But tell me again how not restricting my respiration is killing 84 yo gramma.

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