Rude Awakening: The Art of Breaking The Rules

Introduction No Limits No Fear The Art Of Breaking The Rules How About Daily Rude Awakenings? What’s Cooking Introduction There are three common marketing bullshit shticks I can’t stand. NO LIMITS!!! NO FEAR!!! BREAK THE RULES!!! All bullshit, and here’s why. All of nature is limited. Fear warns and informs us when limits are being…

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Social Media Costs You Big Bucks!

The backstory: The Definitive Case For Deleting Social Media.

In This Issue:

  • Introduction
  • Seeking Chronic Stimulation
  • Depoliticization –> Socialization
  • Politics Isn’t Moralizing
  • Donald Trump
  • To My Point — How Much Money Is All This Crap Costing You?


T’was 18 days ago that I moved it all to the trash—no exceptions, no sock accounts, no hedging, no qualifications, no quarter. Zero means zero. It’s not hard at all. It’s liberating to an extent that leaves you shaking your head. It’s like waking up from a trance or drunken stupor, as applicable.

That said, I have the experience of having lived a life with no Internet for about 35 years and no social media for about 50 years. Imagine what my own move would be like for someone under 30—those who have grown up in the Socialized Cesspool.

It strikes me as a bit unique because while there have always been Luddites, that’s really about dishonesty and laziness—the hallmark of what’s unionized leftism, socialism, Marxism, parasitism. The difference is between taking a sledgehammer to computers, cutting Internet lines, and smashing smartphones…tools that can truly change lives…to recognizing that there are good and bad ways to use tools.

It’s argued that Social Media qua tool does some good, too.

I fully acknowledge that.

So does marijuana. So does liquor. Perhaps, even tobacco. Probably some other self-use medication—that’s illegal because it cuts out rent-seeking pharma and middlemen—helps some get by and cope, do less harm to others. And if none of that applies, perhaps wise use can be chalked up to hormesis.

So who should use them? Everybody, no exceptions, few limits? Your children—one and all, and as soon as possible?

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Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #2 — Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

“4 Creative Ways to Use FOMO to Drive App Engagement” — they don’t even try to hide it

Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #1

In this Paid-Member Issue:

  • Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste
  • Red Pill vs. Blue Pill
  • Guilt to Crisis and Back to Guilt
  • Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste

The very first questions one might ask themselves:

  1. What crisis?
  2. What are you really afraid of?
  3. Where’s the fire?

In that oft-repeated cynical-Democrat saying dripping with puerile ha-ha political machination to advance power at the expense of populist weakness—practical politics—should be the recognition that it’s a question-begging logical fallacy. I know that gets eye-rolls but try to bear with me. It’s good to understand this pervasive technique to get you to swallow bullshit without question. Call it pervasive persuasion for weak minds. I don’t think the self-proclaimed master-of-persuasion, Scott Adams, has a clue about it.

Simply stated, question-begging is an informal fallacy and the most misused phrase in all of English. Nothing you are hearing “begs the question”—unless they know what they are talking about; that’s near to impossible. Things can raise questions. Something said can bring a question to mind.

In classical rhetoric and logicbegging the question or assuming the conclusion (Latinpetitio principii) is an informal fallacy that occurs when an argument’s premises assume the truth of the conclusion, instead of supporting it.

The question-beg in never let a crisis go to waste is that it assumes the premise, that there is a “crisis” in the true sense of the word.

The first thing to understand about crisis is that they are never global. Not even the Spanish Flu of 1918/19 was a global crisis. In natural terms on the worldwide human population of the time, it was a mere flesh wound. The vast majority overcame it, it culled lots of the weak, and the affected came out stronger for it.

All true and remarkable crises are local or regional. Always. There has never been an exception in the history of humanity. The last global crisis on earth was attended to by dinosaurs. It largely wiped them out. Yep, global crisis. Check. Humans are as-yet unable to create a global crisis—they perhaps could if all nukes were launched in a global dispersion. Take that to heart and think about it. It’s a pernicious lie to engender your fear and compliance, followed by your submission to all who stand to gain.

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Total Mortality: Obituaries, Medical Sales and Profits

Introduction If there really and truly was a global pandemic in 2020 and now, beyond, to the current state of the globe, would it be more or less likely that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) would readily publish fully audited and believable data on total mortality for 2020? I say, Occam’s Razor-like,…

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Total Mortality: Ask Undertakers

I was reading issue #37 of Mike Eades’ The Arrow this morning, pleased to see a section on total, all-cause mortality. He had no more luck than I; since apparently, it’s far easier to gather all statistics and tell you how many people died of Covid-19 than simply: how many people, simply…died altogether. It’s all very simple, aparently.

You will actually see caveats, disclosures, and warnings in total all-cause mortality statistics along the lines of “not yet adjusted for Covid-19.”

Think about that.

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The Definitive Case For Deleting Social Media

Introduction On the 20-year Anniversary of 9/11, I made the decision to delete the social media accounts I actively used for years: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. No, I didn’t just disable them, I deleted them. Of course, in hopes that you will relent and just log back in, you can undo it, just like that.…

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