Natural Immunity, Gut Biome, and its Importance in COVID-19 #3 — The Collaboration

Natural Immunity, Gut Biome, and its Importance in COVID-19 #2 — The Whole You

This is the third in a series consisting of an introduction, 19 Chapters, and 2 apendices. Over 165,000 words in total, about 400 pages in book length. The whole thing is already completed in draft with almost half of it through first-pass editing. I’m issuing it chapter-by-chapter for Members of this blog. Join here. The publishing schedule is not formal, but an average of a chapter every couple of weeks is a reasonable expectation.

This chapter was tossed in early editing with intent to publish all this as a book. Now that I’m releasing in informally—and having read it—I concluded it would be better to include it for a blog. I think it makes a nice inclusion, especially for the reminiscences of all the readers who were in the gut-health trenches with us throughout. I’ve limited a last-pass editing to just a bit of style stuff.

  • A Collaboration
  • Tim
  • Richard
  • The Book

A Collaboration

Roughly a year before Tim Steele and I began this writing project, he showed up in the comments of my blog at touting something that became known as “The Potato Hack.” You may recall from media reports sometime back that a gentleman by the name of Chris Voigt had eaten 20 potatoes a day exclusively for 60 days, lost about 20 pounds and all of his health markers improved. And Tim “Tatertot” Steele was here to tell my readers and I that he’s tried it, and it works.

One thing led to another, the posts drew substantial interest, and we were soon speculating over why it worked so well. During that process, our interest increasingly focussed on the gut biome and what’s required to keep it in optimal health. A friendship and a collaboration was born.

We have a few things in common. First is that we both grew up in non-urban settings and were familiar with things like gardening, raising animals for food, hunting, and fishing trips. We both learned a lot of passed down wisdom from our parents and grandparents—even a great grandmother in my case, who was around until I was 29—who’d grown up similarly as can-do, self-sufficient people without a lot of formal education. …Nor did they typically have the sorts of jobs where one sits at a desk all day, shuffles papers, and makes phone calls.

On my father’s side, the family was all first generation immigrants from post WWII Germany; on my mother’s, home grown Idaho and Texas Americans for some generations. Tim came from a line of second generation German and Czech immigrants; farmers and coal-miners mostly. 

We both ended up pursuing careers in the military. Tim enlisted in the Air Force at 17, and over a career that spanned 21 years, attained the highest rank in the enlisted corps—Chief Master Sergeant (E-9). And typical for a global military, Tim was stationed all over the world and saw a lot more of it than that, on various temporary assignments.

I was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Navy. During my 8 years of service that began in 1984, I spent only about a year of it in the U.S. Five years were spent living and working in Japan—while not at sea about half the year on average—and two in France as an exchange officer with the French Navy. Like Tim, I saw far more of the world than that—typically in hundreds of port visits throughout the Western Pacific Ocean, South China Sea, Yellow Sea, Indian Ocean, North Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, and even the Black Sea.

I was still “lean & mean” upon separation from the Navy in 1992, but my path to ill-health would converge with Tim’s in the early years of the new millenium. Things would come to a head in 2007; for Tim, in 2009. We wouldn’t know one-another until 2012, but we both suffered from the same sorts of problems guys in their 40s do—indeed, that people in their 40s and earlier do, now. Obesity, high blood pressure, alarming blood glucose regulation, allergies, chronic inflammation, GERD, sleep apnea, and the list could go on.

We both ended up independently doing the same thing about it. Given the increasing availability of information on the Internet—along with tools to locate the good stuff—neither of us consult with doctors. Rather, we scoured for information under our own well-developed sense of authority and competence. The next step was an obvious one. We tested things that appeared to be plausible. We experimented on ourselves. We made of ourselves human guinea pigs, lab rats, and test subjects. Our ultimate success was our own “fault.”

Tim lost 90 pounds. I logged 60. Both of us got off bottles of prescription medications, turned our clocks back, and exchanged shame for pride in our personal appearance.

Most books have an “about the author(s)” section on the back flap of the dust cover. That’s OK for professional book authors, but we’re not. Our own personal experiences—from how bad it can get, to how good it can get—with attention to our own ability to read, understand, test, and implement is essential to understanding why we’re the two guys to write this book. You see, our quest never ended. Even though both of us achieved enormous health improvements, we were both equally left with nagging issues that would not resolve themselves, even after months and months of “getting more serious,” and all the other things people will do within an incomplete paradigm, thinking the problem is with them.

Those nagging issues involve not being able to drop that last 10-20 pounds—short of outright starvation—having unusually high fasting blood glucose readings, large glucose spikes and hypoglycemic, “coma” inducing blood sugar dips, disturbed sleep, and a few other things. In short, the sheen had worn off a bit; and independently, we both came to realize that perhaps there was simply a piece of the overall picture that was still missing.

This is the story of how we came to figure that out, and how it led to our collaboration—first on my Free the Animal blog with many posts and thousands of comments from fellow experimenters—and eventually, this book. Ironically, what we found is that it’s not a story about us at all, per se. But we’ll cover who or, more actually what this story is about in the forthcoming chapters.

Here are our individual stories.


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Drugs And Foods Being Pilloried To Maintain EUA For Covid Vaccines

  • What Is Emergency Use?
  • About Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs)
  • The Control Group
  • Onions
  • Aspirin
  • Ranitidine
  • NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)
  • My Use Of The Miracle Med/Supp NAC
  • Double-Plus-Bad Sales Pitch

What Is Emergency Use?

The reason you know that all the “vaccines” (they actually aren’t) are bullshit and you’re an idiot-fool if you took any of them, is that they were all only and are still, experimental ideas. Yea, perhaps they scienced the fuck out of them to nth degrees. Ultimately, they must be tested on the human population, which takes years of careful data gathering and analysis. Those who participate in such trials are volunteers. Is being threatened with the loss of your livelihood unless you volunteer, volunteering?

How fucking dumb are you? I don’t begrudge any volunteer, but to take an experimental injection SO I CAN TRAVEL!!!? Stupid move. Understand that you got chumped. You take your place amongst all the other chumps. A good proportion will never take it, on principle, such as myself. I’m not anti-vaxx and got a good number of bread-and-butter vaccines as a kid—for shit that actually killed fuck-tons of kids. I’m good with that. Now, the whole world wrings hands over a virus that culls old fucks past their due date. Goodonya if you survive, but the world is in a 2-yr clusterfuck where in many countries, the median age of a Covid death—so-assigned drunken-sailor liberally—is higher than the median age of death, period. You fucking morons: those who ever gave this a serious worry from about March 2020 on…

You don’t get to tell me what to do when I’m just sitting here, not harming anyone. Living and breathing freely, walking around freely does not bestow me with your Nouveau Original Sin. Fuck the fuck off. Each of you, worldwide.

To understand how fucktarded are quite a lot of folks you know: your friends and your family…who rushed to queue up…you have to understand Emergency Use, where the only thing all those idiots understood, is: APPROVED!!!

Those of us old enough recall the old-mamma scolding admonition where you have used the excuse for wrongdoing that “someone told me to:”

“What if they told you to jump in the lake?”

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Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #3 — Navigating The Fearful Billions

Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #2 — Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

In This Issue In The Continuing Series:

  • Walk Away
  • Gently Cause People To Feel Stupid And Lose Sleep
  • Stop Defending Yourself, Denying Charges, And Apologizing
  • Imposing Costs Upon The Stupid Who Need To Lose Sleep Over That
  • Getting Knocked Out Cold In Phuket Because I Will Not Comply
  • Fight Club Is A Bettor Metaphor Than The Matrix
  • Getting Your Thinking Primed For Prosperity In Spite Of All The Crisis Bullshit

Walk Away

What I left for curiosity in a recent post about Eugene from Canada kicking me out of the universe is how I handled it. I wanted you to imagine what I might have done.

I turned and walked away without a word. My tendencies to vitriol are well known as style and schtick on this blog. Unless in extremis, it’s not how I deal with people face-to-face unless they’re cowering—in which case, I’m your average, run-of-the-mill predator who sees prey.

In an enlightened-human context, I hold many principles but in this specific context, two of them are most pertinent.

  1. Anyone has the right to not be associated with me in any way
  2. What anyone thinks of me is none of my business

I submit those as good principles to hold, because adhering to them will usually keep you out of the nightly news. I was moderately inebriated at the time, but I still stuck with them rather than go off, based solely upon emotional outrage.

Yea, I was outraged. That outrage was emotion. You’re supposed to be a man (or a thoughtful woman) and reign in that shit. No fucking excuses.

In the specific case, it was me who approached him. It matters not what his reason is for wanting me to get away. It’s an absolute right to my mind and compliance is as simple as backing away. He stated his reason but, it could have been anything in the word—though it’s difficult for me to imagine a more stupid one.

Gently Cause People To Feel Stupid And Lose Sleep

I have not always been gentle about it and part of whatever notoriety I posses amongst the washed and righteous is owed to that.

We’re all suckers for catharsis.

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Sunday Answer To Your Prayers — Peel Boiled Eggs Easily EVERY Time

Never An Exception In Dozens And Dozens

  • Perfect Boiled Eggs Means: Perfect Doneness Every Time And A Cinch To Peel Every Time
  • Let’s Science The F*ck Out Of This Thing — The Inferior Methods And Why (Here are the methods I’ve used and failed at some annoying percentage of the time)
  • So What’s The Consistent Quick And Easy Solution That Beats All Others?

Perfect Boiled Eggs Means: Perfect Doneness Every Time And A Cinch To Peel Every Time

I didn’t even think to do this as a post, total Sunday morning afterthought. I shot the 1-minute video you’ll watch later for my girl who, with her perfectly manicured nails is an expert at peeling eggs even when they’re a total bitch and the membrane sticks to the white relentlessly and when finished, you have an egg that looks more like the surface of the moon. She manages minimal damage and does it quickly.

She Has Two Claws Like That. Colors And Patterns Vary Randomly Over Time.

You may not know this, but Thais eat more eggs than any population I’ve ever observed, by far. Put that in your cholesterol calculators all you plump and fat “dietitians.”

They have them for breakfast most days, they’re in many soups (along with meat and often, a cubed chicken-liver pâté specifically crafted for lots of their soups), omelets a lot, offered as sides, eaten as a snack, etc. I’d say average consumption for even your 100-pounder small women is 2-4 per day in various ways, in various meals.

Common Thai Breakfast Or Lunch. Pork Fried Rice With An Egg On Top.

Here’s the short story of how I have used every damn method in the book and Google over years and years, but a couple of months ago finally found the ideal one that is 100% every time. Best of all, it’s the easiest, quick, and cleanest method for soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs of all of the others.

Let’s Science The F*ck Out Of This Thing — The Inferior Methods And Why

Here are the methods I’ve used and failed at some annoying percentage of the time:

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A Long-Ass Cathartic Covidism Bullsh*t Roundup

I hope your catharsis is as satisfying as my own.

  • My Approach To “Weed Killing” The Covidism Cultists
  • Anthony Colpo Makes Hilarious Fun Of His Penal Colony And Lays Waste To A “Final-Word Consensus” Mask “Study”
  • Chris Masterjohn Is Writing An Encyclopedic Book On Supplements 101. There Must Be A Section On Growing A Pair Of Big Ones
  • Anthony “Clown” Fauci
  • Partisan Science in America — WSJ
  • LOL: Covid Rising Faster Among Vaxxed Vermonters
  • Dozens Of Workers At Los Alamos Nuclear Lab Sue Over Vaccine Mandate
  • LOL: US Treasury Deputy Sec Warns Unvaxxed Americans That Shortages Will Continue Until EVERYONE Is Jabbed
  • 78% Of Covid-19 Deaths Among Vaccinated, 47% Rise In Teen Deaths After Vaccination, 999 Calls For Cardiac Arrest At All Time High
  • Judge Bars United Airlines From Putting Unvaccinated Workers On Leave
  • Yet Another Fauci Laugh
  • My Different “Weed Killing” Approach For The Conservative Biblically Religious: Genesis Chapter 6

My Approach To “Weed Killing” The Covidism Cultists

An introduction to my in-real-life (IRL) experimentation chatting with the Children of the Covidism here in Thailand. I’m talking about your typical baaaa baaaa baaaa sheep from abroad increasingly wasting oxygen and spitting out CO2 on this planet.

Here in Phuket, they have a program aptly dubbed The Sandbox. This is where they have graciously allowed “tourists” from all over the world who’re fully vaccinated to complete a whole mound of paperwork that takes weeks and money, to then have the privilege to apply at their local Thai Embassy for a visa. Then, they have to have a negative test to fly, another on arrival, another mid-way through, and a final at the end of a two-week stay in a hotel—to be let loose to travel the country for what time they have left on their “vacation.” “Back in the day,” you could just show up at the airport with passport in hand, get a free 30-day permit which you could extend for another 30 days for about $50. Want to stay longer? Easy. Hop over the border into Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, or Cambodia and hop right back to re-start the 60-day clock (I spent 30 minutes and drank a fruit smoothie in Myanmar in March, 2020). Some nomadic types have spent years in Thailand by the border run method. It’s specifically discouraged. Everyone did it anyway.

For perspective, in calendar year 2019—before the global Covidism cult began—Thailand welcomed 43 Million tourists who spent $63 Billion. It was a pride-of-the-world, hugely successful tourism industry that was about 1/5 of the entire Thai economy. In the 3 1/2 months since July 1 when The Sandbox began, the island of Phuket has “lured” and “attracted” about 30,000 tourists who are estimated to have “showered” the economy with upwards of 2 Billion baht ($60 Million). Do the math. 2019 saw 118,000 tourists arriving PER DAY, spending $173 Million PER DAY. Doesn’t that drive home the appellation, Sandbox? Imagine children sitting in one, calling out and exclaiming, “LOOK AT THE CASTLE I BUILT!!!” I suppose it’s a step or to above delicious mud pies.

Now, a lot of the folks who show up here at Ya Nui Resort where I live are actually “repatriating.” They maintained homes and families here and were locked out in various ways. I can’t begrudge that. It’s the hoop-jumping “vacationers” I toy with, refining my craft. It has three basic elements with the objective of getting them to shut their cock holsters, distance themselves from me, think, and hopefully, lose some sleep.

…Inevitably—a casual convo in the pool, restaurant, or on my patio by the pool—the subject of Covid will come up. Just as inevitably, they will justify their hoop-jumping for the purpose of affirmation and that inevitably involves getting you to agree that COVID WEAWY BAD!!! It will be whatever bad thing they can think of, like, “A LOT OF PEOPLE DIED!!! You are then supposed to solemnly agree and nod, take a moment of silence, whatever. When you do that, they have instantly won and you have instantly lost. You’re locked in. You have affirmed that all they have to do is tug on your heart strings and you will be their marionette in all exchanges from then on. I have a 1-word answer that shocks, deflates, and flattens them every time, delivered unapologetically:

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I Warned About Supply Chain Breakdown In April 12, 2020, 18 Months Ago

So yea: a classic I-told-you-so post.

Shortly after I began tossing up posts about the newest religion, cult, idol, icon, loved, and adored—Covidism—in March, 2020, I wrote this post: Coronavirus #1: The Innocent and the Guilty. I’ll quote myself.

That [previous] post is primarily about what I saw as driving it when I called bullshit from day one, and knew in my gut I was right and would be right—because virus don’t care; virus don’t give a shit. It’s: politics, internet, social media, and smartphones. I’ve taken to calling much of it smartphone epidemiology. […]

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Covid Is The New Case Of The Vapors (Also Vaccine Killing And Maiming—VAERS)

With Fainting Couch and Clutching Pearls

I’m taking longer to draft my latest in the series, Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #1, so I’m putting up something about 2 cool things I’ve seen the last couple of days—and I am extremely discriminating.

First, what is the vapors or vapours?

In archaic usage, the vapours (or vapors) is a mental, psychical, or physical state,[1] such as hysteriamaniaclinical depressionbipolar disorderlightheadednessfaintingflushwithdrawal syndromemood swings, or PMS in which a sufferer loses mental focus. Ascribed primarily to women and thought to be caused by internal emanations (vapours) from the womb, it was related to the concept of female hysteria. The word “vapours” was subsequently used to describe a depressed or hysterical nervous condition.[2]

Over 4000 years of history, this condition was considered from two perspectives: scientific and demonological. It was treated with herbs, sex or sexual abstinence, punished and purified with fire for its association with sorcery and finally, clinically studied as a disease and treated with innovative therapies. However, even at the end of 19th century, scientific innovation had still not reached some places, where the only known therapies were those proposed by Galen. The evolution of these diseases seems to be a factor linked with social “westernization”, and examining under what conditions the symptoms first became common in different societies became a priority for recent studies over risk factor.[3]

Today, the phrase “a case of the vapours” is most often used either melodramatically or for comedic effect.

Yes, I’ve joked about it for years—along with fainting couches and clutching at pearls. Accordingly, I was quite keen to read this clever and funny piece by Margaret Anna Alice Through The Looking Glass: The Vapor, the Hot Hat, & the Witches’ Potion. It began for me as a clever analogy but soon enough I realized I was deep into allegory.

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Musings: Vaccines, Virus, Masks, Chess, and Boxing

English Sunday Dinner at The Tavern; Kata Beach, Phuket

  • A Canadian Expat Kicked Me Out of the Universe
  • Covid-19 Definitely Positively Absolutely Came From The Lab
  • Is It A Good Thing That Covid-19 Killed A Bunch Of People?
  • A Thought Experiment About Masks
  • My Alternative To Social Media: High-Level Chess
  • I Watched The Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder Heavyweight Boxing Match

A Canadian Expat Kicked Me Out of the Universe

One of the elements I’ve enjoyed now for about 9 1/2 months living here on Phuket is the expat crowd. Generally, pretty high quality—much different than the woke scene of Karens and Kens in Chiang Mai, the pot-bellied sexpats of Pattaya…or whatever the urban crown of Bangkok is like (I spend as little time as possible in BKK).

It came to pass that the first resident I met was a Brit guy, here over 30 years already. He owns three thriving restaurants on the main beach road. He and another guy often sponsor BBQ or fish-fry get-togethers of upwards of a dozen other guys from all over—generally from countries with English as first language.

Three Americans, a Brit, and a Canadian

While I have no moral reservations about giving out Eugene’s last name, on a personal note it seems a bit butthurt and puerile like, so I’ll pass. I’ll say that Eugene is the quiet type; so, a valid assumption is that perhaps he’s more intelligent, thoughtful, reserved.

I hadn’t seen him since the heavier lockdowns got going mid-July, about three months ago; until Saturday night, just a few days after easings on Oct 1. Bars, night clubs, and pool halls can open again, until 10pm when the vampires come out to prey on the wicked.

After Martin, from Scotland I think, came up to great me, I spotted Eugene across the way. So I head over.

“Hey Eugene, how have you been? I was just chatting with Martin across the way.”

“I’m fine,” he replies, then adds, “are you vaccinated?”

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Tucker Carlson, Ted Nugent, Dave Rubin, and Tim Pool

These dudes are mensch. So, I’ve already given one and all the definitive case for deleting social media, as well as having indicated how much time, attention, and life it costs you. I’m 5 days away from when my accounts at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be deleted forever. Can’t happen soon enough. My productivity…

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Natural Immunity, Gut Biome, and its Importance in COVID-19 #2 — The Whole You

Natural Immunity, Gut Biome, and its Importance in COVID-19 #1 — Introduction

This is the second in a series consisting of an introduction, 19 Chapters, and 2 apendices. Over 165,000 words in total, about 400 pages in book length. The whole thing is already completed in draft with almost half of it through first-pass editing. I’m issuing it chapter-by-chapter for Members of this blog. Join here. The publishing schedule is not formal, but an average of a chapter every couple of weeks is a reasonable expectation.


Who are you? A doctor? A farmer? A father, mother, son, daughter? You may be any of these or a few, but it isn’t even close to describing who you really are in total. You aren’t even a single entity, but a collection of living things that work in unison, mostly symbiotically. Inside each and every one of us is a world so bizarre, so strange and alien, that we couldn’t even begin to fabricate a story so implausible. It’s science, not fiction—and the unison of the two is ironically less strange.

To make sense of it, we often call it nature, a sort of catch-all. Or, we punt in various ways, invoking superstition. Doing so is probably nature and natural, too.


There’s about 40 million bacterial cells in a gram of soil and about a million bacterial cells in a milliliter of fresh water. In total, there’s estimated to be about five million trillion trillion, or 5 × 1030 (5 nonillion) bacteria on Earth with a total biomass equaling that of plants. Some researchers believe that the total biomass of bacteria exceeds that of all plants and animals.1

Inside of every human organism are armies of microorganisms with DNA that are entirely different from our human cells. That microbiome not only outnumbers your human cells by a factor of ten to one but in total, it outnumbers every individual human that has ever lived on Earth. Your intestinal microflora numbers an estimated 100 trillion! Compare that with the total estimated 110 billion humans who have ever been born. You’ve got 900 times as many microorganisms as that. Your internal civilization of gut bugs comprises up to 1,000 different species with 3 million non-human genes, compared to your own 24,000.

But, perhaps large numbers aren’t your thing. After all, the U.S. National Debt in 2021 now stands at over $27,000,000,000,000, and that doesn’t appear to alarm too many; and many even seek to double it. Perhaps the numbers are just too big to comprehend. So let’s look at it another way. Suppose all of your human tissue cells (organs, blood, bone, etc.) were the same size as your bacteria. They would all fit in one coffee can. However, you would need 10 cans to store your bacteria. And did you realize that dead bacteria make up approximately 60% of your stool? So, yea: lots and lots of the little buggers.

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The Covid-19 Mask Mandate Ugliness Index

The Hypothesis Formation The Googling Beauty and the Mask My Take on Outliers For The Love And Security [Blanket] Of Masks How To Fight Back The Hypothesis Formation Good Sunday morning to ya from south Phuket island, Thailand. This post began as a whimsical thought just an hour ago as I noticed that it was…

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Random Weekend Stuff For All Members

A small collection of things I took note of recently. Free Member Access.

  • Chris Masterjohn Totally Sciences the Crowd at Times Square in NYC
  • The One Amino Acid That Cured COVID
  • The 1st Amendment and BOOBS!
  • Nancy Pelosi Puts Warren Buffett in Short Pants
  • Zuby and Tucker Carlson Do Sit-Down Rap
  • Dr. Mike Eades’ The Arrow Newsletter
  • Safe For Kids
  • Australia The Global Laughing Stock Penal Colony
  • BIG ASS Spider In My Living Room

Since deleting all social media about 3 weeks ago now, one niggling thing that kept popping up was that everything throughout the day I took note of—like a heightened emotion; feeling, good, bad, or worse about something—I’d instantly have an urge to share it on social media. If you ever drank or smoked to excess and resolved to quit, you’ll know the exact feeling I’m talking about when the triggers bombard you.

But while triggers can be pervasive and never ending for months and years—why recidivism is so high—I find the Social Media Addiction pretty easy to quit compared to booze and smokes. As soon as I recall, ‘oh, I deleted my accounts,’ I get a rush of euphoria. That’s pretty healthy reinforcement. I’ve written two posts on deleting social media if you missed them.

  1. The Definitive Case For Deleting Social Media (public access)
  2. Social Media Costs You Big Bucks! (premium access)

It also motivates and encourages you to employ healthier and more wholesome alternatives for sharing something. Like texting or emailing a family member or friend, or a small few of them. Or, here’s a novel idea, pick up the phone or get on a video chat and experience some life and love.

Another alternative is to consolidate them all like this, on the blog you own and tend to.

Chris Masterjohn Totally Sciences the Crowd at Times Square in NYC

I was pretty wowed. I’ve known Chris from his writing work going back to 2007 or so and IRL since the Ancestral Health Symposium at UCLA in 2011 where we were both speakers. We’ve met a few times since but the best exchange was during the 2016 Paleo (fx) in Austin, TX. He approached me, sat down, and I got the whole story he alludes to in his short talk at Times Square, below. Upon getting his PhD in nutrition, he did what you’re probably supposed to do. He went and got a university job. And he had just quit. We talked a lot about doing stuff online and he uniquely impressed me as a good listener. It’s not as though I had astounding stuff to say; nonetheless, he listed to me more intently than I usually pick up on. He’s gone on to make quite a success out of quitting a job.

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