The Chauvin and Rittenhouse Show-Trial Ideological Parallels

In this post:

  • The Right Loves Show Trials Even More Than The Left
  • My Chauvin Posts
  • My Chauvin Video
  • My General Thoughts On The Rittenhouse Trial
  • My Rittenhouse Video Juxtaposed With Chauvin From a Left/Right, Demon/Saint Perspective

The Right Loves Show Trials Even More Than The Left

As with the Chauvin trial some months back, I largely ignored it until the verdict; wherein, I can then get a decent grasp of the essential facts in 5 minutes or so, go from there to do an assessment.

Honestly, I can’t categorically affirm that the Right loves these media spectacles more than the Left, so let’s just say both love them plenty. And that’s the root of the problem, because the whole thing is about the characterizations of the various players far more than it is about the facts of the case in honest context with the law applied and emotion detached. It’s sort of a justice thing. Justice has rather objective meanings and connotations. None of them have anything to do with the feelings of the spectators.

My Cuavin Posts

I did two posts.

  1. George Floyd and Derek Chauvin: The Verdict
  2. George Floyd and Derek Chauvin: The Video Summary

We lose any possibility of genuine satisfaction for justice being done when “justice” itself is debased to a level that is politicized by our very State and Federal levels of government; moreover, when it becomes sensationalized by media from so-called news to click-bait outlets who’re selling more advertising the more intense the social antagonism. This is Democracy, Republicanism, Federalism, and Capitalism?

Do amoral Big Corp advertisers who fund all media have any conscience in this regard? Fuck no is the correct answer. Both the victim and defendant are expendable, stage props. Their stock price is a non-negotiable must. I’m not big on holding Big Corp to high morals because who decides, what is the cost, and who pay it? I would, however, prefer and insist that they mind their own business, to re-coin a forgotten slogan.

…And I’m a fan of free-market capitalism. But at the same time, not a fan of Corporatism, where Big Corp is merely a “private” arm of the State—i.e., fascist. Ironically, not a single person in this ridiculous #Antifa For Bed Wetters actually has the slightest clue of what fascism is. It’s State control by other or extra-legal or unconstitutional means: principally, denial of service, cancellation, and dictation or editing of private public messaging to craft or uphold narratives that serve the political antagonism, left or right. […]

‘George Floyd died of a drug overdose, not at the knee of Derek Chauvin.’ So if he was that bad off to be near death from a drug overdose, claiming he can’t breathe, then how much of a threat was he to anyone, why the knee for 9 minutes, why no urgence for medical attention since as a restrained detainee, he is in your charge?

So, does it warrant the convictions Derek Chauvin received? No, it does not. It wasn’t murder. There was no premeditation and there was no intention in the heat of the moment to murder. But, I also don’t know the nuances of unintentional 2nd degree and 3rd degree murder under Minnesota law. Or, 2nd degree manslaughter for that matter. Whatever, but most people have at least a working sense of what negligent homicide is. That’s how I see it. I’d also add a charge of criminal dereliction of duty “to serve and protect”—the thing they polish badges, shoes, and hang hats on.

I have such disdain for the Political Right’s Goose Step March to Radetzky as concerns police forces in America…much of which I consider the fault of militarizing them by calling their tasks, measures, and goals WAR!!! Well what did you fucking expect? How do you reconcile “Protect and Serve” with “War Against take your pick?”

Chauvin was a more complex case than Rittenhouse largely because cops generally have a presumption of propriety (propper until proved otherwise). I don’t necessarily disagree with a measured presumption in that regard. BUT, measured and very limited; nothing like the presumption of innocence for citizens at large.

The bottom-line principle for me is that when the State or its agents arrest you and take away your basic liberty and autonomy of self-defense and self-preservation, they become your agent to ensure your safety and well-being in any valid meaning of free society. Floyd died of a self-inflicted drug overdose and we’ll never know if his life could have been spared had he received best attempts at quick medical intervention, because that was never on offer from Chauvin, who had the responsibility to see to it.

My Cuavin Video

Here I lay out the above in a different format. Some like the written, some like the audio-visual.

My General Thoughts On The Rittenhouse Trial

This is a far easier case to analyze. I agree with the Right that’s it’s open-shut. As such, there are no great lengths to go to, here.

It was objective self-defense; and whereas, the Right largely blew it by contorting and twisting all sorts of things in the Chauvin trail, it’s the Left that was exponentially worse than that in this one.

It’s so bad as to be comical and that wasn’t limited to talking heads in the media. That Clown-Car played out right in open court.

My Rittenhouse Video Juxtaposed With Chauvin From a Left/Right, Demon/Saint Perspective

There’s no need to write a ton on this one, so here’s the video.

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  1. Matt Miller on November 24, 2021 at 12:34

    Neither side has principles; that’s why they have to do mental gymnastics to justify the bad actions of those on their team.

    “Truth is the first casualty of war.” That quote makes me think that we’re already in a civil war.

    When you’re at war, you don’t have any sympathy for your enemy and their people. It’s ok to mis-characterize them and lie to your people about them, because that’s necessary for the war effort.

    Even though military battles aren’t happening in the US, other tactics are being deployed to neutralize the enemy and win control over the land and population: Censorship, propaganda, demonetization, indoctrination, lock-downs, psych meds, etc.

    There’s no need to bomb cities and kill people anymore. You can ruin their livelihood, make them dependent, isolate them, make them afraid, brainwash them, divide, and conquer.

    Oh yeah, and make them wear masks!

    I agree with your closing comments on that video. I avoid occasions where I have to wear a mask. And I don’t want to support or work with any businesses that are requiring “papers”.

    One positive lesson from the Rittenhouse saga is that the decentralized alternative media made it possible for large chunks of the population to access the real story. Independent reporters and commentators are doing real journalism, and there is no need to even bother with corporate media anymore. They can continue to spew propaganda, but a lot of people aren’t buying it and they just tuned out.

    Alternative economies are emerging and that’s a good thing.

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