Oh, My. Another Covid Dump. Good News, Though

A truck offloads expired AstraZeneca coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccines into a pit at the Gosa dump site in Abuja, Nigeria on December 22, 2021. – According to the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, (NAFDAC) alongside the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), one million, sixty-six thousand, two hundred and fourteen (1,066,214) doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine which expired in November 2021 were destroyed. (Photo by Kola Sulaimon / AFP)

Are you having a best part of year 2021 in its last week? I hope so.

I’d wanted to be mostly frivolous and just write about enjoyments this week, but I’ll save that for the next post. So, without delay…

  • Chris Masterjohn and Jessica Rose Interview
  • All Vaccinated Airline Pilots Are In Violation Of FDA and FAA Drug Safety Regulations
  • Pathology Proof Now That More Than 90% Of Death Following Vaccination Is 100% Caused By Vaccination
  • Young People Dying Of Heart Attacks A Lot
  • Japan Laughs
  • Thank God and Buddha For The Live-Saving, Pandemic-Ending Omicron Variant
  • Two Funny Memes Seen In the Last Few Hours
  • Two Carb-Crazy Local Phuket, Thailand Italian Food Dishes By Real Italians Last Couple Of Days

Chris Masterjohn and Jessica Rose Interview

This is sorta how all this latest fury began for me a couple of nights ago. It was already 23.00 when I clicked it and after my usual pauses for breaks, the 3-hr talk wrapped up at 03.00.

Dr. Jessica Rose is a Canadian researcher with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Immunology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. She also holds a PhD in Computational Biology from Bar Ilan University and 2 post-doctoral degrees: one in Molecular Biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and one in Biochemistry from the Technion Institute of Technology. She was also accepted for a 2-month program as a senior researcher at the Weizmann Institute prior to completion of her latest post doctoral degree at the Technion.

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My New Telegram Channel

At the risk of “I knew you’d be back” giggles and whatnot, I recently installed the Telegram app. I did so because one of my correspondents in email was on it and there’s no way to share links to public posts unless that person is also on Telegram. So, to send a video, for instance, he’d download it and email it to me. Cumbersome, large files.

For background, I thoroughly deleted Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram a few months back and am super happy about that still. See here and here if you’re interested in my reasoning.

There’s other messaging apps I use: Line, WhatsApp, and Signal…depending upon which friends and family are on which. And, I’m keeping those as they are. Pretty much everyone I’m connected with on them is someone I know or have met IRL.

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Holiday Week Entertaining Musings: Trump & Candace, Don’t Look Up, and Catch-22 Vis-a-Vis MASH

I suppose it’s appropriate in this now dire-need Season to make all my posts public access rather than members-only. I have posts in draft exclusively for members to be published after the new year.

  • The Donald Trump and Candace Owens Interview
  • Don’t Look Up
  • Catch-22 Distinguished From MASH
  • Random Things

The Donald Trump and Candace Owens Interview

It was seemingly a pretty anticipated gig. I like Candace quite a bit, though I’m not someone who could be considered a follower. I catch clips of her now and then, I like what I see, and I think she plays a good role for mostly black folk who need to wake the fuck up and leave the Democrat Plantations.

The interview of Trump? A big yawn for me, regretfully. You may take it in differently, better or worse, good for you, no problem.

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Merry Christmas, Of Course

Have you ever stopped to wonder how it is that the whole world loves Christmas?

Christmas is perhaps the whole world’s first global holiday. Americans may not be aware, but even when I lived in Japan from 1984-89, they had commercialized the delight of it already. Today, here in Thailand? They’ve been playing Christmas songs in their equivalents of Walmart, Target, and Costco since mid November. I want to hate it but it’s rather remarkable and slightly touching. Thai people see that you’re farang and wish you meawy cwismaa. Bless their hearts.

Here you have a 90%+ Buddhist country, which has nothing to do with an afterlife but rather, how you actually live your life here, under the justice of Karma. They have innumerable Buddhist holidays throughout a year, but none are big deals, really. They aren’t commercialized. There’s something to buy, for sure, but to do that, you have to pay a visit to your local temple to show your respects.

Are we over that “Happy Holidays” bullshit, yet?

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Laundry List Of Kicked-In-The-Teeth Covid While FULLY VACCINATED!!! LOLs

It motivated me because I love the kicked in the teeth and hoist by your own petard memes.

…In some ways, I love the Covid phenomena. For 30 years I have lamented daily the idiocy to which the vast majority of people are prone and have endeavored to make so many feel so stupid over it. And, comes along a mild disease with a 99.85% survival rate—killing mostly people who’ve already lived past average life expectancy of 80+ years and the whole world looses their shit, mostly young people under almost zero risk.

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Vitamins D3 and K2 For Diseased Hearts — A Case Report

I’d logged too few hours of good sleep for two nights in a row. So last night, I prowled and caroused early at the Usual Haunts—no mask or helmet on my GPX cafe-racer motorbike here in Rawai Beach, Thailand.

I returned about 21.30, intending for a 22.00 retirement with an 8-hr soak. Check emails and such. Don’t touch that dial! (Netflix) That’s what got me into sleep deprivation in the first place.

Here’s one of the emails in the queue:

Just thought you’d like to chalk up a small victory.

Several years ago I was on the verge of giving up. I was what my father (a cardiologist) used to call a cardiac cripple. Walking a flight of stairs sent me to bed for 15 minutes to recover.

In desperation, I turned to the internet and found you. I was really interested in what you had to say about K2 and D3 and figured what the hell. It can’t be any worse than the advice cardiologists have been giving to me for 20 years that if anything, sped up my disease. Against my family’s skepticism, I embarked on the regimen. It was after my father’s death, but I was reassured by several conversations he and I had late in his life where he lamented the direction of the medical profession in general, and the field of cardiology in particular. I think he would have approved.

Now coincidentally, I had just had three stents put in my circumflex coronary artery, but given that I’d already had 5 stents that all closed, a triple bypass where two grafts closed, and three heart attacks, I wasn’t celebrating my new-found health.

In any case, something happened. Not instantaneously of course, but slowly, over time, I started to be able to walk increasing distances. Now I’m up to 3 miles at a 20 minute pace, three (and sometimes 4) times per week. A cath done recently because of an afib problem showed that against all hope, my three “new” stents were “clean and open” after three years. And I had never had a stent stay open for more than 6 months.

So I tell anyone who will listen (doctors, by the way, never listen) about D3, K2 and you. I can’t thank you enough. It may not match with your beliefs, but I pray for your well-being, safety, and the “others” yet to discover you and get the same sort of life-changing help I did.

Thank you again.

Let’s get one thing straight right off. Though one could possibly find statements to the contrary in this blog’s 5,000-post archives, I do very much appreciate good thoughts, well wishes, and prayers directed my way.

Feel free to blow me a kiss, too.

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“I TOLD YOU SO” — A Rant

I’m glad for the growing swell of COVID!!! and VARIANT!!! and JUST GET VACCINATED!!! fatigue that’s growing daily worldwide…all while the colony of Australia demonstrates that the problem was never about the descendants of convicts, but of prison officers. That’s their particular problem, mate.

Every day I’m getting more and more from people I know; readers here, and anecdotes from their friends, family, and acquaintances saying, “I now understand this is not about health.”

I told you so, about all of it, back on March 16, 2020, when little was still known specifically—yet I could so clearly see how idiots would idiot.

I’ve been in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand since right before public knowledge. At the time, it was just prior to Chinese New Year and there were tens of thousands of Chinese tourists here. Yet, I’ve never been concerned about it and to my mind, the only truly new strain of “virus” is a confluence of three general things:

1. A fully developed Internet and its chief manifestation, social media

2. The global, politicized leftist/socialist media

3. Trump Derangement Syndrome

The last big thing of this type was the 2009/10 swine flu, which infected an estimated 1 billion people globally and killed upwards of a half million. Of course, this new gig is infecting and killing people too, and it’s still early, relatively.

But in no way does it justify the literal absurd hysteria we’re seeing on a global scale, and I attribute this to items 1, 2, and 3, above. I’ve never seen anything like it. People young and old seemingly have no memories or learned experiences anymore, beyond their quotidian social “news” feeds. Each day is a new day of ridiculous information, and nothing else matters. There’s no past—that’s way down the feed—only what’s coming out now. Quick, update the feed.


I ought to have added to that: FUCKING PHONES.

Great tools they are, but toss every last one in the water and global, genuine quality of life improves instantly for all.

Is it too early to opine that Steve Jobs is turning in his grave?

I’m no Luddite by any means but, just as a hammer can be used to build a nice house, so too can it be used to bash in a skull.

Gun control?

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The Joe Rogan and Dr. Peter McCullough Covid Documentary

It’s yesterday morning Thailand time, around noon, and I was getting my girl and her sister on a van transport to the airport after their week-long visit.

My email starts dinging and I see it’s a friend from UK I correspond with often, amounting mostly to shooting stuff to each other.

“Have you seen Rogan and McCullough?! There’s clips.”

I go find a few, a few minutes each. OK, I want to see the whole thing. “Do you have it?”

“It’s 2 hours and 45 minutes.”

“OK, so no Netflix movie tonight….” (I watched both, including Sandra Bullock’s new film, The Unforgivable. Heavy, and with quite a surprise twist.)

A few minutes later he comes up with the whole thing on Rumble, since they won’t even try to put this on their YouTube channel.

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Dot Connect: Viagra, L-Arginine, High BP, Heart Disease, ED, Covid, now Alzheimer’s Too

Did you know that Viagra was originally developed to treat angina?

During phase one clinical trials, where humans are given the drug for the first time to see what effects it may have, many of the volunteers were hanging on to their medication, rather than handing them back.

From a post I’ll formally credit later

Viagra jokes are prone to writing themselves. Here’s my try: “They developed Viagra for angina but ended up treating vagina.” Not bad?

  • My Viagra Experience
  • Much More Than A Hardening Drug
  • What Is L-Arginine And Who Cares?
  • My L-Arginine Experience
  • Viagra: The Drug For Everything?
  • 69% Fewer Alzheimer’s Cases With Viagra
  • Confounders And Prophylactic Doses
  • Final Observations

My Viagra Experience

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The Prestigious Lancet Journal Just Killed Covid Vaccination (and other stuff)

…I perhaps maybe need to subtitle this blog something like “The Day After The Arrow” since I mention Mike Eades’ newsletter so often. Oh, well. We have different audiences and a bit of cross-pollination is good. He’s afforded me mentions a few times as well. Mutual promotion with substantial cross-interests and goals is the best advertising.

Also, my girl and her younger sister flew in here to Phuket a couple of nights ago, and that’s keeping me occupied in the classic sense. Nice to have a female presence at home, first since about June, owing to all the endless global Covid bullshit. Anyway, between that and drafting the next post in my Permanent Crisis Series, I thought to just get this rather quick one out before the weekend.

This is the most important section in this week’s The Arrow, so I’ll begin with that and then cover some other things.

The epidemiological relevance of the COVID-19-vaccinated population is increasing

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What Caused My 40% Testosterone Increase? #2 — The Sexual Mind

Here’s the public-access introduction to this series.

  • Intro
  • The Method To My Madness
  • Abiding Female Gaslighting Lowers Your Testosterone
  • How I Learned Early On in Thailand How It’s Done
  • Sexy Brain
  • What’s The Science?

I’m starting slowly, much as I have been in my other series, Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway. One approach to any series of posts is to barrage the readers with favorite and cherry-picked studies, books, interviews, and so forth—by those you’ve chosen to be your guides, gurus, and authorities.

Similarly, readers arrive with whatever their own baggage consists of in the same vein, and so you begin at some sort of distance of the minds. To solve this in my own eclectic way, I don’t read many books at all—the last book I read was in about 2017. I used to read them a lot. Shit, from about 1985-1992, I read hundreds and hundreds—many of the great classics, lots of philosophy going back to the Greeks, and modern treatments of the same, loosely characterized. Then I stopped.

My thing, attitude, or proclivity has always been about how and what people think and how that’s evolved. It’s never about how to think or what to think, about anything. My research on that was finished in 1992 at the age of 31 and I believed and felt myself wholly competent to always and forevermore think for myself with zero shortcuts.

But I am a voracious consumer of what people are THINKING TODAY, principally by means of published articles, blog posts, and videos. Where that all lacks the polished perfection of the deliberated process of publishing a book, it’s nonetheless about today. All books are outdated on publishing day. Accordingly, if you are going to write a book, think a lot about standing tests of time.

I’m going off on a tangent here, but the printing press was invented long ago, and while it did revolutionize the world, it was a snail changing the paths of other snails. Over a long time. I truly appreciate the reverence for that; and who wouldn’t want one of those libraries of floor-to-ceiling leather-bound books on fine oakwood shelves—where the space doubles as a cigar-smoking and scotch-drinking refuge with wingback leather chairs in crimson? Still, if you had one of those grand libraries, you wouldn’t really need to read any of the books. You’ve clearly attained the manly art of thinking already.

Who cares what those blokes thought in the context, pressures, and social norms of their times?

That said—and to be conciliatory towards the many lovers of books I know—I wonder how much more of a true thinking and reflective person one could be, for one’s self, by dispensing with non-fiction, current-affairs books and just read really good novel literature: Tolstoy, Cervantes, Flaubert, Eliot, Joyce, Dickens, Dostoevsky (OMG), Tolkien, Melville, Fitzgerald, Austin, Steinbeck, Nabokov, Woolf, Caroll, Orwell, Lee, Rand. Yes, I consider Ayn Rand to be a superstar in terms of archetypal characterization. A read of We The Living, The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged is worth a PhD in how truly fucked up most people are, juxtaposed with valliant heros.

The Method To My Madness

It’s likely without exception that any dive you do into male testosterone research online marks you for spending lots of bucks for stuff—which makes complete sense if you’re not sexually anticipating the next release of Grand Theft Auto from your cum-&-coke-stained sofa in mom’s basement. Go off the reservation and every website you open and all the junk mail—thanks to soy-free cookies—will bear ads about the health of your dick.

Wouldn’t it be great if, for the price of a $100 monthly auto-ship, your cock is hard via thought-control, your woman is pleasured and satisfied on your whimsical schedule, you never cry at a movie, and you always leave the toilet seat up?

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Omicron Variant Hype; mRNA “Vaccines” and Cardiac Risk

They must be just laughing at anyone still overwrought with this thing, by now. The fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf needs a complete rewrite to account for the general sheepish gullibility of modern humanity. For, it’s likely that the sheep being guarded by the boy still bleated their panic and alarm long after the villagers were deaf to it.

Diogenes Laërtius, a 3rd century biographer of the Greek philosophers, attributed a quote to Aristotle, who when asked what those who tell lies gain by it, ushered forth fundamental wisdom:

…that when they speak truth they are not believed.

Indeed, the whole artfulness of politics is that everything is always a lie. It’s only about the right lies at the right time, even if it happens to be the truth sometimes. This extends to all liars. To be a liar is a craft, and to do it well is far more powerful and effective in this primitive stage of the evolution of human consciousness—where the majority of the organisms that house consciousness prefer to be lied to—than is absolute, objective truth telling. Mercilessly telling the truth exposes us all to ruin, at this stage of human development.

They lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.

Elena Gorokhova


I first heard about this latest VARIANT!!! (modest news flash: viruses mutate, always have, and they’re called “variants” until such time as an “antigenic shift” is so great it’s a new thing altogether) while at a party Sunday evening. I didn’t get home until 4am, but once I resurrected, the first thing I did was my 15 minute college degree on Omicron; wherein, I know more than 99% of people on the planet.

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Thaistyle Rawai Phuket Update: Another Move

An advantage to travelling rather light is that I can pretty much move at the drop of a hat. This includes various reasons like growing tired of a place, price increases due to tourist opportunities (it’s generally a buyer’s market, though, because of Covid), a better location, or a better deal.

I previously wrote about 2 of my previous moves, with photos of both places: Islander Update and My New Digs In Phuket. Briefly, after four months in my original Phuket place, I moved to a little mini-villa with its own private little pool. I went from a measure of socialization fatigue to isolation. After three months I decided to move back and just manage my encounters better….To not be so available for frequent interruption.

But then the government happened and began allowing people to enter Thailand again, provided they’re fully “vaccinated,” plus jumped through a ton of hoops, plus stay in a so-called “SHA+” hotel for their initial 2 weeks. What’s the difference between a hotel and an SHA+ hotel? It’s an opportunity for what’s called “rent seeking,” where businesses have various advantages over their competition granted by government. It’s typically done with licenses, permits, designations, etc. So, an artificial market is created to boost prices above what the market will otherwise bear.

I don’t blame my friend the owner for taking advantage of it—he’s suffered for 18 months through government “helping” in the exact opposite way. But, for me, paying more than double from one month to the next wasn’t going to happen. I found a new place, but should have spent more time and effort on that. I quickly knew it was not for me. Markedly, I’m a guy who’s pretty cheary when I get up in the morning—before I’ve had a chance to fuck up the day…

For the first time ever, I was a bit depressed every morning and couldn’t shake it. But I hate to shop. I asked the girl if she could find me a new place and in about 2 days, Bingo! Thai owner of a 2-story, 2-bedroom, 2 bath townhome in a gated development. It’s on the market for sale for about $150K, but so are a lot of other places all over. In the interim, she’s renting it to me for 12,000 baht per month ($350). I’ll have 30-day notice to move if she sells it.

Accordingly, I moved yesterday from my mistake—10 KM back here to Rawai where I love it—even with 6 days of paid rent still on the books.

Wanna see?

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