Israel And Jews Take Top Limelight Yet Again

Over the years doing what I do, it’s inevitable that you’re always encountering folks who blame the Jews for everything. It’s quite curious and amusing, because half the time, they’re the same dudes decrying chicks who blame men for everything.

Let’s just say that there seems to be a lazy and dishonest propensity in humans to SEEK ANSWERS!!! as to the source of their own problems.

So at the outset and to be clear, I don’t blame the Jews for anything. Leastwise, my own problems and insufficiencies.

That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t get to laugh my ass off and make fun of them.

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Planet Lockdown — The Must Watch of The Must Watch

I realized I was remiss this morning in not having put this out to my audience and with to whom they might themselves, in their private wisdom.

So I’m correcting that. Because, of course, what I do is for myself as a public service—my giving at the office—and turning this blog into the mostly-paid membership site is not about cashing in, but about the financial support required to devote all of my time to it.

I know this is the way things are going. Bloggers are street merchants now. You pick the one you like, or a few. You can’t patronize all, even if you’d like to. I’m enthusiastic to compete in that market. Walk through the fantastic Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey.

It’s hard to choose.

Before I take you to the subject, a bit about why I didn’t do my membership blog as a Substack blog as so many others did. Every little thing is in-house here—I cannot be censored. I previously had a Patreon about Cryptocurrency and built it to 600 subscribers at $5 per month in about 4 months ($3K per month). Then I saw that Patreon was deplatforming its creators over wrongthink and wrongwrite and I never posted much there again. Why invest my time in pursuit of faux business where I actually own nothing?

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The Essential 30-Mins of 5-Hrs US Senate Hearings…Banned By YouTube

I’ve not been banned by YouTube.

Moreover, I don’t wish to make it about me. I’m a little guy. But I previously had a video deleted and banned.

But it has been a while and so today, I saw a mashup of the 5-hr United States Senate Hearing sponsored by Senator Ron Johnson. It’s only 30 minutes and it was too hard to not share it. So I downloaded the file, proceeded to upload it to YouTube.

Less than one minute later, the upload stopped.

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Alex Berenson Makes Mainstream Media Go Apoplectic


Last evening I began getting hints that a segment on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight was causing waves of deep outrage elsewhere in media la-la land.

What could that have been?

It was a 4-minute appearance by former NYT journalist Alex Berenson, also author of the recent book, Pandemia: How Coronavirus Hysteria Took Over Our Government, Rights, and Lives.

What could have been so awful as to get major outlets to jump right to their keyboards and hit publish as soon as possible? Well, he told the truth per the data…data anyone with an internet connection can look up themselves; government published data. And that data tells the unequivocal tale of utter and complete vaccine failure on a massive scale. It’s undeniable by any actual functioning human brain. It’s 2+2 stuff.

This morning I checked in to see what’s it’s all about.


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Fox: Only 80% As Evil As Your Regular News

My image annotation skills are unequaled!

I’m mildly enough of a fan that I have them on my YouTube Channel subscribe list and they pump out a coupla dozen or more clips daly, typically ranging from 3 to 15 minutes. I get to check in on various Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham clips mostly, zero fucking commercial breaks. Gutfeld now and then, but he wears on me. Watters kicked off his new prime-time slot like this, and its funny and prescient. Never Hannity or Piro or Bongino or Hilton. I don’t do chants or priests though I do check the random Britt Hume and Newt Gingrich appearances. I’m sure they have decent stuff but the signal/noise is too adverse for me. They’re for the hardcore true believers, SAVED BY THE GRACE OF FOX NEWS!!!

I probably look at 10% of Fox’s YouTube Channel, if that.

Really, if you’re honest, it’s mostly just gotcha political crap about how the Democrats are so evil. That’s true, of course, but its function is more basically to give Republicans pass after pass for their own whoring and evil bullshit. It exists to give you comfort, and to give you an undeserved break. It’s mostly all just bullshit, as I wrote a couple of days ago.

In spite of the measurable good they do, they’re evil to the core as an offset from even more evil and anyone thinking it’s their SOURCE FOR NEWS!!! is a fool.

An example?


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Welcome Back To AIDS Again

I’ll begin with an admonishment to readers that this is highly speculative. I have a very good track record in “predicting the future,” but it’s because I’m a die-hard layman with nobody’s bread to butter…a polymath synthesizer and dot-connector. I see shit early, because there are no incentives knocking at my door to look away.

I do the opposite, no credentials required. The whole Paleo thing—where I was a decent enough influencer to get on the same stage as MDs and PhDs in conferences—afforded me a sort of skill, and that was an ability to glean the base meaning of scientific studies. I love reading them. But too often, there’s so much bullshit you know it from just the abstract. Developing a level of discernment over awe helps with that.

My Occam’s Razor is honed very sharp. You might have noticed over many years that I don’t waste time dissecting and trashing bullshit studies. I just call the authors grant whores and move on.

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Person Gives People News

I’m convinced daily that “news” on a global scale—now also permeating social media, pushing out cat and friendly bear videos—is indeed the opiate of the masses.

The addiction is pernicious.

It’s a sort of subtile thing, I think. Being an “informed citizen,” so called, is seen as a a sort of civic virtue. That’s how all the people with their hearts in the right places get drawn in. They really aren’t out there in pursuit of ideas for various forms of muckraking, but to do the right thing as best they can, with as much information as they can.

But news media exists to turn a profit, just as all businesses do. But, instead of enticing you to trade in your perfectly good car or truck for one with 100 upgrades they can specify and detail, the only news they can offer is more of the same—repackaged over and over and over and over. Their product is fear, alarm, and caution. More fundamentally, their product is: STOP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND LISTEN TO US!!!

Also: don’t touch that dial; we’ll be right back after a word from our sponsors [the people paying us to keep you engaged].

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What’s Vladimir Putin’s Take On WOKE?

One curiosity for me is the incessant RUSSIANS!!! from the political left while bending over frontwise with hands clasping at ankles for the Chinese.

My perspective is exactly opposite in terms of likeability and tolerance and I just detailed my own visit to the USSR shortly before its collapse. My off-the-cuff take is that for whatever their shortcomings, Russians exhibit strength and the Chinese, femininity and groupthink.

It’s a bit ironic because here in Thailand, there are lots and lots of Russians. Where I live in Rawai, Phuket—in a gated townhouse complex—I’m surrounded by them. On a personal level I dislike them uniformly; meaning, not a single exception. Nobody likes the Russians here.

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Owning Nothing; Nowhere To Spend Money

In 1990, I was the navigator of FS COLBERT (C611) as the US Navy officer on exchange with the French Navy (one of two of us, actually, and my buddy Vince got the gig as an instructor at the Naval Academy in Brest).

One day we got the call.

  1. The Trip (Toulon, France to Sevastopol via Bonifacio, Messina, Aegean, Dardanelles, Istanbul, Bosphorus, and Black Sea)
  2. Sevastopol, USSR, 1990
  3. Why We Love To Spend Money
  4. The Inspiration

The Trip

We’re going to do an historic visit to the port of Sevastopol in the then, still, Soviet Union, in the Black Sea.

As navigator of COLBERT, this was the fun. Toulon to Sevastopol.

Get out the charts and start drawing tracks and calculating various transit times. Open ocean is easy and standard, usually 12-15 knots (13-17 MPH). But…

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Do You Smell Blood In The Water?

This post began about a week ago by this point and I ought to have just gone with what I’d put together by then and put it out there. Instead, I kept gathering and gathering until I had dozens of open tabs and saved items and by this morning I was simply too overwhelmed to finish it.

The covid narrative is in a shambles and they have no place I can see to go with it. There’s no “good” move. More people are coming down with it than ever before, and the vast majority of them are vaccinated.

This has the effect of increasing numbers of people far less fearful of the virus than any other aspects—like getting a “vaccine,” enduring masks, enduring further financial ruin, and enduring continued restrictions on plain living life.

“What would even be the purpose of a life that’s lived as it has been over nearly the last two years?” some must be wondering by now.

I don’t really see any way for this thing to re-intensify because the only way to do that is renewed fear and all signals are diminished fear. Plus exhaustion. I’ve seen and heard covid lover after covid lover begin to switch on a dime in various ways. Just yesterday and today, two large YouTube creators I follow—who actually make their creations that get 100,000+ views by means of travel—announce they’re hanging it up until the madness stops. Too difficult, and shit changes all the time.

The chart below demonstrates pretty handily to anyone with a brain that masks, distancing, lockdowns, and “vaccination” amounted to fuck all, while causing trillions of dollars in damage, millions of destroyed lives—including hundreds of thousands of deaths as the cost of lockdowns, and deaths from vaccine. What’s left to see is the eventual long-term effect of the vaccines. Now that’s something to be fearful of.

1,000 Words. The Newest, Benign Variant Is Already Peaking Everywhere.

So, here’s the post as it is/was.

I’m not the only one.

For two years I’ve been incredulous and now, find myself regaining not only optimism, but no-shit energy. I’d already been up lots of at-all-hours over the last few days—not only writing, but also reading shit-tons of all the new developments. I had my only meal of the day last night about 18.00, got tired. Got up at 21.30. Here I sit at 10.00 the next morning, still at my station. I’ll fade soon, but in the meantime…

I’m watching the whole Covid and “Vaccine” narrative crumble before my very eyes. Many times I’ve wondered what’s going to be the final “thing” that overcomes the burden of living in a world replete with so many scared sheep, herded around by Fauci, CDC, and WHO—while their waterboys in the general media…well, carry their water.

So let’s do a roundup of not everything I’m seeing, but a shit-ton of it.

  1. CNN and Brian Stelter Said What?
  2. Of Course Narratives Collapse. Narrative Are Never Truth, That’s Why They’re Narratives
  3. Hilarious Interlude
  4. Careful Gloating
  5. The Global Narrative Crumbles, Making Lots Look Stupid For 2 Years
  6. Mass Formation Psychosis
  7. CDC Scrambles
  8. WHO Backtracks
  9. Even Pfizer Backtracks
  10. Shoot It In The Deltoid Of Anyone What Could Go Wrong?
  11. Specific Lots Or Batches Might Be Designed To Assess Kill Dose

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2 Years Ago Today

Yesterday—two years ago—was my 2-year anniversary arriving in Thailand. I had not specifically intended to make it my home but given Covid, it turned out that amongst the various southeast Asian places to be, Thailand was silly always, but not particularly crazy.

Lockdown never ever meant stay home. Masks are an annoyance, but just do business with locals who don’t care.

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Battleground Melbourne

This newly released documentary covering the abject, communist-style despotism by Daniel Andrews, the Prime minister of the State of Victoria in Australia, brought tears to my eyes too many times.

It is a modern-day tale of what happens when that sort of person is bestowed with power. It never ends well. It won’t.

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Nine Just Published Studies: It Might Be Too Late For You

Delivered with scant, sterilized, and non-vitriolic commentary:

  1. The Lyons-Weiler paper
  2. The Harvard study
  3. The German study
  4. The Denmark study
  5. German government data
  6. 80% of the COVID deaths in the UK are vaccinated
  7. Lancet: 89% Of New UK COVID Cases Among Fully Vaxxed
  8. New big data study of 145 countries show COVID vaccines makes things worse (cases and deaths)
  9. Official UK Government data suggests Fully Vaccinated Brits will develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome by the end of February 2022

Modest thoughts.

I can’t predict what will happen but we are watching the world crumble as officials and people around the world scream at you to just get your vaxx while at the same time, real data—and from lots of well-known, respected, and renowned institutions suggest not only fuck no, but even more: what may I have I done to my life?

It might turn out that this new Omicron variant for the unvaxxed and even non-previously infected at all, is a normal walk in the park but for the vaccinated and boosted, it is targeting you for worlds of hurt.

Tell me about “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” again?

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If There’s Grass On The Field, Play Ball

Don’t get the wrong idea. Read through to the summary…

…A few days ago I got a bit of shock and turmoil from a years-long correspondent in the UK. Older dude, sends me stuff he finds interesting very often—sometimes several per day. And I maintained the correspondence because he did often shoot me stuff that was not run-of-the-mill.

Over the years I’ve learned, for example, that there’s some Catholic Cardinals with deep intellectual minds who can write (as well as other Catholic intellectuals). I rather like reading a well-thought piece from a Cardinal that intersects with secular philosophy and science. Never forget: I’m an integrator, synthesizer, and dot-connector. And in that vein and contrast, the quotidien politics and social antagonism is often quite a laugh for me—as people now make popcorn to watch the CNN, MSNBC, and FoxNews entertainment channels.

Recently, my correspondent began sending me gotcha stuff about the whole Epstein, et al and et al morass. I told him I don’t really care that much about any of it, never have, and I told him why.

Paraphrasing—since I deleted the thread after awarding him a block for life—it’s something like this: “you’re a pedophile and I’m embarrassed to have ever communicated with you!”

In This Post:

  • God or Nature, As You Prefer
  • Civilization Picks Fucking to Fuck With
  • Good Rules Become Bad Law
  • Lolita
  • The Law vs. Human Sexuality
  • We Gotcha!
  • Summary

God or Nature, As You Prefer

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Might We Finally Be Over The Covid Hump?

For all the good 2 years of masks, lockdowns, economic devastation, obsessive-compulsive rituals, and now vaccines, have done

  • The Meta
  • How About Negative Effectiveness?
  • Real No-Shit Pathology Data
  • In The NYT: Will ‘Forever Boosting’ Beat the Coronavirus?

The Meta

For nearly two years now I’ve been wondering “what will it take?” and each time I think “well, maybe this thing starts the ball rolling” I’ve been utterly wrong every time.

But I was largely correct in every aspect of this from day-fucking-uno. Here’s a summary of what I’ve written millions of times since April of 2020; both here, and even a lot more on the social media accounts when I still had them.

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I Almost Stepped In It

Sparing you a pic of real poop

I got to it this morning, ready to write a post on something pretty alarming.

How alarming? Well, it’s related to the huge numbers of young, otherwise healthy athletes dropping dead on playing fields since the advent of the vaccines. It’s about a 5-fold increase in 2021 from the average of previous years. I last blogged about this here.

That obviously implicates vaccine injury as the common denominator—especially since most sports teams worldwide have mandated them for all players.

Here’s how it looks on a chart an Israeli news source put out on FIFA data. About a 5-fold increase overall but importantly, about 10-fold over 2020. That will become relevant later on.


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I Told You So. Case Study: Viagra Saves a 2-Jabed Woman From Death In Covid Coma

Perhaps you always thought it was just a limp-dick drug and laughed. I sure did.

Well, in the same way it can remove the impediments to a dick getting hard and stay hard upon sexual arousal, it can remove the impediments to lungs getting enough oxygen. A big thing about Covid death, it seems, is that it’s an oxygen deprivation death—quite similar to pneumonia, where it’s essentially a death by drowning in your own fluids.

Integrate and connect dots, folks. Seek common denominators. Think that way rather than in biases, tribes, and narratives. It clears your life path. It diminished your laziness whilst bolstering your honesty, commitment, and integrity. It elevates you both relatively and absolutely. I swear by it.

Enter the case of a 37-year old 2-jabbed woman in the UK whose life was saved by Viagra in a last-ditch-effort, after being put on a ventilator and put into induced coma.

Before I get into that specifically, let’s review. A post a few weeks back, the basis of told-ya-so. When I put it out, I used the post title in my email notice and it got slammed to junk mail folders.

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