I Stumbled In

I had my 61st birthday a couple of days ago.

I got up in the morning, having already decided that I’d drink whiskey, watch videos, have a good dinner, and enjoy it.

But I sat down and began writing with an eye to simply recall and record a short and modest vignette of my crazy life. I’d hoped it would be on the order of 5,000 words and I’d hit publish.

Two days later and I’m still writing. It seems that the more I access old memories, the less I can stop writing. I’m at the point of cat naps between writing sessions.


I don’t know what it will come to. But I can’t stop so far.

I did have the good dinner at least, courtesy of my friend Timmy, owner of Viking just 3 KM away. His beef is Australian angus. Every Friday, he flies in oysters from France and mussels from Amsterdam. He’s Belgian, so those are Belgian fries, not French. He speaks 4 languages like it’s nothing: Dutch, German, French, and English.

His English is so good he can joke in it. …One Friday I drove by and stopped without even getting off my motorbike.

“Timmy, are the oysters here yet?”

“No, but wait a minute.” He takes out his phone, holds it up to his ear….”I’m calling the pilot now.”

When I run into him at one of the French bars I go to—Madame—then it’s French.

That meal, including an ice-cold lager in frosted mug, set me back $36.

But I kept stumbling back into the writing and it can’t stop until I’m finished and that’s a fuck of a long way off, 1-3 months I’m guessing.

That’s where I am so far, many thousands of words in.

I can’t stop until it’s finished.

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  1. Karl S on January 31, 2022 at 20:44

    Happy Birthday, Richard!
    Looking forward to read this.
    I imagine the process of unearthing and sharpening the focus on all those distant memories and episodes of your life is a fun and eye-opening (brain-opening) experience.

  2. Mark J on January 31, 2022 at 23:46

    Happy birthday! Also looking forward to this!

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