The Essential 30-Mins of 5-Hrs US Senate Hearings…Banned By YouTube

I’ve not been banned by YouTube.

Moreover, I don’t wish to make it about me. I’m a little guy. But I previously had a video deleted and banned.

But it has been a while and so today, I saw a mashup of the 5-hr United States Senate Hearing sponsored by Senator Ron Johnson. It’s only 30 minutes and it was too hard to not share it. So I downloaded the file, proceeded to upload it to YouTube.

Less than one minute later, the upload stopped.

Bla Bla Bla

The lie is right off the bat. “Our team has reviewed.” This an abject lie, as this came within 1 minute of initiating the upload. Now, if you continue to engage with anyone you know is lying to you right off the bat, you’re a fucking fool and I’ve nothing to offer you. You’re irredeemable and hopeless.

So, I simply uploaded it to Bitchute, no problem. It’s truly worth the watch to get an essential of 5 hours of United States Senate Testimony that Google/YouTube does their best to stop the constituents from seeing, completely clueless as to how that will come back to haunt them hard.

While I hate this, I love it at the same time. Here’s a comment on a recent post that I think is prescient.

This is all about control – greed is simply a feature. Many people are simply going along out of fear and a desire for certainty in their lives. We’ve been indoctrinated for centuries to go along to get along. it’s both a conspiracy and a feature of our psyches. Plato is one of the most influential philosophers and he believed that he and a small band of elites were and are better and smarter than the rest of us. Ideas count and the chickens are coming home to roost and take over the world.

Part of each one of us is seduced by the illusion of control in the face of a hideously complex world. The good news is that we can learn to control and manipulate our world to an extent that makes our lives richer and more interesting, while accepting the fundamental unknowable nature of life. We are being led over the abyss by a small cabal of elites and thousands upon thousands who believe they are in that elite club, tyrannizing billions who accept what they are told.

It’s time to free the animal and the human within each one of us. The veil has been lifted and the stark truth has been revealed. People are waking up to it all and that is a gradual process, but one that is accelerating. This reckoning was inevitable and the elites have overplayed their hand, which was inevitable. We can only deny our animal and human nature for so long until reality reasserts itself. The time has come for just that. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Commenter John Campbell, speaking well

That’s all.

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  1. Alan Andersen on January 28, 2022 at 00:11

    I normally hate long videos but I found this 5 hour video on Rumble and could not stop watching it. You can skip to the 45 minute mark where it really starts. But it was the most powerful and disturbing vid on the Covid thing I’ve seen. It has everyone on it. They really hammered how Covid must be treated in the first seven days, ideally the first three days, and that the official treatment protocol is NOTHING. The official protocol is to wait until after day 7 when the virus has already often irrevocably damaged you and then give you a ridiculously low dose of steroid, and Remsdisivir and ventilator which will kill you. One doctor said the hospital even refused to give a patient Vitamin C. And of course, they will not test your Vitamin D levels nor give you any Vitamin D. One nurse said in the early days, the docs were so scared, they would not even touch the patient but would make her go into the patient’s room with an iPad while the doc peered at them through a glass window. They said you must do everything in your power to not go to a hospital and that hospitals are murder centers.

    • Richard Nikoley on January 28, 2022 at 07:46

      I just may have to take that in, then.

      I don’t do long vids either, but couldn’t stop watching a couple recent documentaries that came out, plus the 3-hr longs of Rogan with Malone, Rogan with McCullough, and Masterjohn with Jessica Rose.

      Here’s the latest documentary I watched and could not stop, Planet Lockdown. Very good.

  2. Lucy Smith on January 28, 2022 at 07:59

    We watched the full 5 hours too, wasn’t boring, didn’t feel like 5 hrs. (Watched Rogan with Malone, McCullough, Chris Masterjohn with Jessica Rose as well).

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