I Want My Biden-Harris Commemorative Pipe

The truth is, I woke up this morning feeling off. …The whole world is screwed, what’s the point, yada yada…

Happens to everyone at times. To shake it off after a coupla cups of Joe and a smoke, I decided to delve into a nagging issue with the membership configuration here. I had this “great idea” initially to make it a-la-cart in terms of 4 separate levels of monthly membership. While it got great initial adoption, it soon proved to be cumbersome for both myself and paying subscribers. I went a different way. Monthly or annual at a 30% discount, and then stuff really took off.

Three Blurbs:

  • How I changed my morning outlook by diving into something
  • Free crack pipes for curing systemic racism
  • Next: the neologism “blackcent” cracks me up

…Long story short, that legacy membership is preventing me from making developmental changes in some areas.

So, I went in again to try to motivate those on the legacy system to convert over.

And it worked great. I basically halved those still on the old system in a matter of a couple of hours, just by using email.

So, don’t despair when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Do something that gets you a victory-win right off (I could have cleaned the kitchen, too) and sets the course of your day with better wind and following seas.

…While that was going on, I watched and read some stuff, and I have to put this one up and it’s the penultimate motivation for this post. Those who’ve ever followed the YouTube channel Black Pigeon Speaks or Felix Rex (same dude) will understand. 10 minutes of worth it.

You can just Google ‘free crack pipes’ to have many laughs. It’s so fucking funny that main clown media is falling all over itself to qualify, differentiate, walk back, and fact-check plain reality.

In these sorts of times times I think back to what I call the slippery-slope fallacy fallacy. That’s when the slippery-slope fallacy was hauled out as unquestionable just-so gospel against anyone raining concerns over what some program or policy might eventually lead to.

So, imagine back when they began giving out clean needles for DIY intravenous drug use to HELP STOP THE SPEAD OF HIV!!!

Someone raises his hand.

“Excuse me but won’t this lead to giving away free crack pipes?”


…Or, imagine all those scenes from films you’ve all seen. It’s a pitch in any mega-corp somber, serious, and hard-nosed boardroom.

“For our next give-back and socially-conscious campaign, we’re going to give away free crack pipes.”

They’d have had to lock down into level-1 containment to wipe off and disinfect from the spittle all over the place and bring in a bank of HEPA filers to clear the air.

  1. You can’t make this shit up
  2. Life is stranger than fiction
  3. It’s not The Onion

Next: The Neologism “Blackcent” Cracks Me Up

Take a minute.

Blackcent I’m informed, is when whites try to mimic the particular relaxed and jovial-jive way in which many blacks speak.

Do you know why it cracks me up? Because for decades I have thoroughly enjoyed skilled black actors doing “whitecent.” That’s where a black dude mocks somebody by speaking like a white with particular enunciations. Maybe Eddie Murphy was the first. It’s fucking hilarious and I love it.

It’s especially funny when they make fun of a fellow black talking like whitey.

This is true “celebrating our differences.”

…OK, do you see a way to turn a bad day into a good one? Be thoughtful and determined out there. Don’t let a whole day pass being in whatever doldrums.


UPDATE 2. More LOLS. This one just keeps giving and giving.

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