The Great Reckoning Was Greatly Exaggerated Until Now

Then follows a sales pitch, and if you’ve ever followed market, trading, or investment advice, there’s a GREAT RECKONING!!! every few months at the very minimum and if it’s not a general one, then it’s in a niche like gold stocks, tech stocks, or whatever.

I’ve seen the hype over decades.


The last Great Reckoning was the Great Depression of 1929, when you had common folks liquidating all assets and lined up in literal soup lines. We’re just over 90 years from that and in terms of economic downturns and recessions, nothing has really come close. Even WWII didn’t come close, ending up a financial boon that ushered in unprecedented national prosperity for decades. America had tightened belts and already lived frugally, many died, but it brought so many job opportunities that even little ladies were taught to fly all species of military aircraft, including the fighters, ferrying them to where they needed to be for eventual delivery.

…It has also been quite a while since global communication went global, rudimentary as it was for a long time.

How do you integrate all of that? Well, by 1928, humans had the technological ability to communicate rapidly across the seas by telephone, likely a one-off skit at the time—I don’t envision anyone just picking up the phone and dialing Europe. Compare that, in contrast, to a factory in the UK that gets a purchase order via ship in the 1800s and has to risk a lot in the dark to produce the products, package, and put on a ship; and he’s not really assured that the purchaser on the other end is even still there—or economically viable to pay—anymore. And then payment takes another month to get back. Risky as hell. Insurance must have been crazy expensive if even available.

…It would be interesting, if available, to analyze trans-Atlantic communications via rudimentary telegram during the 1929 Crash from August to October and then ensuing years. Was the actual telephone used a lot by then? I doubt it but don’t know for sure. One thing can be certain, however, and it would be that all communications were official and filtered as to political imperatives, because nothing ever changes in that regard and communications across national boundaries were surely A MATTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY!!!

My own gut feeling is that as communication got better globally, faulty or even misleading information became far less important as bandwidth and speed got better. I think that humans tend to default to “well, that’s the best information we have,” and then do their best with it. But that introduces the exacerbating problem of investment. If you later get new information after already investing time, resources, and political capital into the old information, one might be motivated to stick it out to see if it sticks anyway. Reelection draws nigh.

In general, advances in global communication in terms of speed and bandwidth (amount of information) has helped bankers, investors, and businesses to all take on less risk, avoid total busts, make decisions that require less cost, financing, and insurance. This trickles down to the employees, their personal stability, and the longevity of their benefits and pensions.

It’s good stuff.

Compare that timeline above to what has taken place from the early 1990s onward. In the late 80s and early 90s I lived in Japan and France, a total of 7 years abroad. I was regularly shocked at my international phone bill. Sometimes hundreds of dollars in a month. (DON’T drink and dial…)

Look at us now. We’re all vid-chatting globally for as long as we want for free, and if you have something to say in a social media post or video, you post it at the right time and place…and a person picking rice in a paddy in Thailand or Vietnam can have a message going global that eclipses the viewing enthusiasm of heads of state—with their banal bullshit of official lies and faux recitations of narrative policy.

It’s truly glorious and to say it makes the global elite quiver in their Manolo Blahnik high heels is probably an understatement because the only time their banal bullshit goes viral is when it’s some shit like this.

Ironically, in desperation when taken as a 30,000 foot bird’s eye view, they want to use the very same device—the global smartphone—to reign you in when it’s the very thing that has undercut them so they have to move fast. Better hurry. Get those apps on the app-distribution platforms. Billions are waiting, baa, baa, baa.

Bring it on. There will be endless workarounds and if you persist, what happens when millions—maybe even billions worldwide—understand that freedom again is as easy as tossing your smartphone off the nearest bridge? What happens when there’s no more data? Better make sure the biometric chips you want to implant don’t rely upon a linked smartphone in the pocket and the chip becomes a brick.

…This post was inspired by this remarkable image I saw this morning. As I write often, I’m always on the lookout for something I can’t not write about.

Protesting Compulsory Vaccination, November 13, 1919. Rally Of the Anti-Vaccination League of Canada, Old City Hall, Toronto, Ontario

My immediate thought was, OK, it’s taken 102 years, but there’s finally a new variant of The Spanish Flu…If you catch my antigenic drift. (Had to do an inside joke for virologists…)

Now a juxtaposed short video. About the same place over 100 years later.

God Bless the Canadian truckers, those in the US, and now burgeoning convoys worldwide. True workers. They operate under harsh deadlines. You’ve heard about the show must go on? For truckers, delivery on time is even more prescient. That’s why few can make the grade. My baby brother was a long hauler and became a trainer for new guys. The stories he tells of those who’re just plain incapable… LOL. I’d bet that software engineers would come out at the bottom.

Elites maybe ought to understand something. If a huge part of the trucking workforce shuts down, how long until real hunger happens? From then, how many hours do you have?

My gut, again, is that you ELITE!!! way overplayed your hand two years ago, but it was because you had no choice. Trump was on the path to destroying everything you had worked and planned for, for damn decades. But now the hand is played, enough now understand your core evil, and this is like watching the fall of the Berlin Wall in 4x speed. Just my gut.

I liked Paul Joseph Watson’s take on that Davos elite chick. Only 3 minutes, a good LOL.

…While I’m so often about dot-connecting and synthesis of a bunch of ideas, Covid has become a complete exercise in plain and rank Popperian falsifiability for me. What that means, in layman’s terms is I get to sit back and LOL about rank bullshit on top of rank bullshit that’s been going on for two years now, finally coming to some fruition.

A priori is a latin term used to distinguish quality of knowledge. It’s juxtaposed with a posteriori. What comes before—what you just know—compared with what comes later—what you need to figure out based upon what you already know. I always liked to layman-describe the former as, “you don’t even need to get up off the couch.”

So, in those terms, the whole Covid thing is getting more a priori by the day. BECAUSE: all the hypotheses, predictions, forecasts, and wild-ass-stupid ideas have become laughable everywhere and it’s growing so intense that even the waterboy media are getting pelted with rotten tomatoes by their loyal audiences.

Here’s the biggest LOL in the world.

Covid deaths in Israel have hit an all-time daily high. The mRNA vaccine experiment has failed.

Alex Berenson claims that it must end. I say no, keep going. We haven’t had data like this since the 1940’s and good this time, it’s voluntary and self-inflicted.

…Well, what should I say…? It coincides with being the demonstrably most stupid country on the face of the earth and perhaps that changes the taxes citizens in America pay, billions of which go to Israel. Though, I doubt it. Can’t mess with the favorite people Christians are cucks and simps for… I digress.


Remember: Israel was the first country to mass vaccinate with Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine.

It was the first country to use boosters.

The first to offer a fourth shot.

About 95 percent of adults over 50 are vaccinated. About 85 percent have received a booster.

This is the result.

How can anyone view this chart as evidence of anything except – at best – complete vaccine failure? And at worse evidence that the mRNA vaccines are interacting with Omicron in a way that is worsening outcomes. Spare me the talk of relative risk ratios. SPARE ME. The vast majority of the people dying in Israel are vaccinated.

Something is very wrong…

Very wrong, but only if you remember from a bit more than a year ago what a “vaccine” actually is and what its purpose is. It’s kinda like gender. Whatever you want. It’s kinda like rape. Whatever you want. It’s kinda like robbery and property destruction. Whatever you want. It’s kinda like voters. Whomever you want.

…Not a LOL, but when I saw this, I thought: way, way back when the debate over abortion was about 1st trimester…up to three months from conception…and those who warned of the “slippery slope” were laughed at.

So, now we’re into the teens and 20s, plus euthenasia of the old.

Pretty slippery. What happens ultimately? Does your “Social Credit Score” determine your longevity to a greater extent than biology, nature, and your concern for your own health?

Is it worth vaccinating children? — It sounds cruel — but a small number of deaths would be worth it

A saggy ball sack by the name of Tom Chivers blathers on and on and on at the man—in his parlance—and not the ball (also his way of putting it).

Finally after all the smoke, mirrors, and qualifications at the man, he addresses the ball:

For the record, HART is right that the number of recorded deaths in that age category is unusually high. I spoke to the ONS, and they agree — a spokesperson told me that there has been an increase of recorded deaths, compared to the five-year average.

Then after another shit-ton of hand-waving, qualification, and general hocus-pocus, he begins to get to the point about writing it in the first place.

But let’s grant HART’s premise. Let’s imagine that some percentage of these excess deaths are not statistical artefacts, and are caused by myocarditis. What would that mean?

The main conclusion wouldn’t change: vaccines save lives.

So would just killing every person who drives a car. How many examples could you come up with? Here’s another: stupid people accidentally kill a lot of people. Stupid people, for example, give whiskey, drugs, and car keys to teenagers. Wanna SAVE LIVES!!!???

Swimming pool manufacturers KILL CHILDREN!!!

Mop-bucket manufactures KILL INFANTS!!!


The point is: even if some non-trivial number of young people have died of myocarditis because of the vaccine…

emphasis mine

And he keeps on blathering. The lady doth protest too much.

…A bit of a laugh from where I live in Phuket, Thailand.

Phuket officials alarmed by number of tourists testing positive on arrival

Officials on the holiday island of Phuket have expressed alarm at the number of foreign tourists testing positive on arrival and are pointing the finger at allegedly fake results from pre-departure PCR tests. Deputy governor Pichet Panapong raised the issue during a call with the CCSA, in which he urged the government’s Covid-19 task force to improve screening measures for overseas arrivals.

“False Covid-19 RT-PCR test results are assumed to have something to do with the sharp rise in the number of post-arrival positive tests among tourists. These problems are something beyond Phuket’s authority to deal with and help is needed from the CCSA’s operations centre.”

According to a Bangkok Post report, some travellers are also arriving armed only with antigen test results, despite pre-departure PCR testing being a condition of entry. Phuket now wants the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand to issue a warning to airlines who allow passengers to travel without the necessary documentation.

Pichet has expressed concern that the number of infected arrivals is only going to go up as more people register through the re-launched Test & Go entry scheme. If this happens, it will place an increased burden on the island’s hospitals and hospital isolation facilities.

It’s quite comedic here and I can’t tell you the number of Europeans particularly who’ve told me they will never ever come back. And that’s just the ones who had to jump through innumerable hoops and many trips and more and more paperwork for the Thai embassies and consulates around the word. And, this is before actually going to the airport…

I have tons of shit stories.

Then there are the ones who’ve spent thousands of dollars on all reservations, including pre-paid “special hotel” and flights, everything in order and on arrival, OOPS!!! you tested positive and you have to spend 10 days involuntary quarantine, at your own expense.

The Tourism Authority is doing a bang-up job.

…On the vaccine injury front, maybe you’ve heard about the US military.

There’s a report out via senator Ron Johnson and the Senate thing he just held with all the tin-foil hat, former world-renowned professors, doctors, PhDs, and researchers who’re either retired from, or hanging by a thread from alphabet-like institutions—and one bit was the huge amount of increase in various bad shit amongst military folk who’ve submitted to orders to get injected and be a test subject.

Here’s what I got via Brave, Chrome, and Safari browsers trying to get to Ron Johnson’s web page in the US Senate. Jesus, it’s easier to call up porn…

So fuck it. No, I’m not even going to bother with free VPN.

…There’s literally too much going on in terms of Great Reckoning now that I can’t even begin to keep up with and thankfully—at a point a few days ago—it increasingly becomes just entertainment and laughs.

I’m not sure there’s any way to even rescue the narrative.

They’ve all doubled down so many times and you know what happens in no limit, don’t you? If the casino bank is bigger than you, and allows you, then you eventually run out and lose not only your original stake, but all the geometric expansion. Analogically, the limited bank is the goodwill of the global western 1st world populations. We’ll see, but I’m asserting that the “world bank” in that regard is limited. And they know it.

…There’s like 12 countries now that have kind of “declared victory” and ordered an end to everything or almost everything. In America—having the most stupid and incompetent administration in American history and perhaps World history—I’m not sure how they get out of this without CNN and MSNBC losing the 10% of the viewership they’ve “retained” over the last year. (LOL delicious)

I used to listen to NPR a lot while driving. I wonder how they’ll gracefully squirm.

…But unless we see whole shit tons of elite in soup lines, I’m not certain how even this becomes a Great Reckoning.


…Finally, some funnies:

Similar to Thailand. First hand experience in both.

OK, that’s it for now. I haven’t pimped my paid level of Membership in a while, but I got an interesting email from a Free-Level Member the other day, a very good person so don’t get me wrong. It was in response to a paid-level post I put up.

“I don’t believe in putting information behind a paywall.”

I replied only with…

“How do you feel about buying books?”

To elaborate just a bit, I’m not a print news organization or publisher, for whom your singular $6 monthly or $50 annual subscription makes much of a difference. It all makes a difference to me because I’m joyfully doing as I like, writing as I like, on what I like, and it can be as eclectic as I like and I have no EDITOR!!!

…I’m working on a fun post right now about resistant starch in green papayas and green mangoes, virtual staples here in southeast Asia. Do they contribute to overall health, especially gut health? But what if I decide the work into that makes it for the paid level only?

I get to decide. What I love about this is that membership grows slowly and steadily day by day and week by week and all I have to do is keep doing what I do because that’s why people just decided to be a paid subscriber. I do get a cancellation now and then. Rare. I have a checkbox where upon cancelation, people would be asked for a reason. I don’t have it enabled because I literally don’t care. It wouldn’t change a thing, so why indulge it? The reason is that for whatever reason, they’ve headed out the revolving door and I’m standing to welcome those on the way in.


The price for membership is $10.00 per Month.


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Never pay again.

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  1. Eddie Osh on February 7, 2022 at 10:39

    “The main conclusion wouldn’t change: vaccines save lives.” That punchline made me snort my kombucha out my nose! The clown logic of these fucktards is infinite. I can only sit and marvel at them as they twist themselves into pretzels. Reminds me of the height of TDS, every article had to have ‘orange man bad’ weaved through it no matter what, even if it was about how to raise chickens!

    Richard, have you watched Mr Inbetween yet? Promise you’ll love it.

    • Richard Nikoley on February 7, 2022 at 10:44

      “Richard, have you watched Mr Inbetween yet? Promise you’ll love it.”

      I was considering looking up your prior comment to comment on.

      I’m a few episodes into season 2, and it cost me sleep last night. ;)

    • Richard Nikoley on February 7, 2022 at 10:50

      Best scene in the series so far.

      • Eddie Osh on February 7, 2022 at 10:56

        Fucking awesome! One of the best scenes, was just about to recommend that too.
        The child kidnapping is a standout harrowing and tense episode. You know you would always want him on your side.

      • Richard Nikoley on February 7, 2022 at 12:40

      • Eddie Osh on February 7, 2022 at 13:02

        “I wouldn’t say I enjoy hitting people. You know, if I hit somebody I generally got a pretty good reason.”

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