Can’t Believe How Much I Love This. People In Shanghai Literally Starving

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Ha, you’re New World Order is beginning to look like really old-world orders we’ve all seen in movies.

Perhaps a good question to ask is how much you want your non-Chinese governments and companies to hob-nob or worse, support the ants, bees, and borg of China and its culture or any fucking thing about it beyond their tasty Westernized food.

I found that thread via Eugippius, a fav Stubstack follow. He’s a quite interesting and intelligent German academic who somewhere along the line lived and worked for years in the USA. All I really know about him, except that the quality of his English writing pisses me off, assuming it’s a second language to him (or her).

Let us rehearse some recent history:

Lockdowns and mass testing and contact tracing and masking are all Asian (primarily Chinese) policies, adopted en masse and with little forethought by western countries in Spring 2020. Our public health mandarins set aside their own planning and opted for Chinese mass containment instead, because they noticed the virus was not very deadly in Asia, and they assumed this was because whatever it was the Asians were doing was the thing to do. Mass containment is a worldwide delusional rain dance: Everyone hops about trying to coax water out of the heavens, copying whatever dance was current in the first place it started to rain.

Crucially, virology has a very primitive and inadequate understanding of how viruses actually circulate. Virological doctrine is that they ought to behave the same everywhere, but they don’t. Early wild-type SARS-2 strains spread far more slowly and were far less deadly in the Asia Pacific, and this had nothing to do with lockdowns or “SARS experience.” Japan started out by ignoring Corona more or less entirely, while South Korea set up mass testing and contact tracing operations straightaway, and both countries saw minimal mortality.

There are many theories about why SARS-2 hit Asia so softly. Probably, the Asian-Pacific populations enjoyed some kind of prior immune protection, which would explain why the later, immune-resistant variant strains of SARS-2 have coincided with higher mortality in the East.

But the main point is this: Countries which did well early in the pandemic got another kind of virus, the Zero-Covid kind. They adopted an eradicationist orientation; they believed their containment measures had succeeded, and the officials who had championed these measures ascended to new heights of prestige. This is what happened in China and throughout Asia, and it is what happened in Australia and New Zealand. To a lesser extent, it is even what happened in Germany. The next act of this play, is the return of SARS-2, the impending revelation that there was only ever the illusion of control, and a spiral of harsh suppression measures that everyone believes in because they seemed to work last time, even though they’re not working now.

We’ve spent many months speculating about Chinese reasons for locking down Hubei and then promoting lockdowns to the rest of us. While malicious ends shouldn’t be excluded, their behaviour in Shanghai points increasingly to official incompetence and stupidity. The Chinese government has almost surely spent two years sowing horror of Corona among its people, to defend its harsh actions in Wuhan and to collect accolades for its alleged Zero Covid success. Now they are going the route of other Zero Covid regimes. They will double down on worthless policies, until their failure becomes so overwhelmingly evident, that they give up.

He also posted this chart. Remember way back when, when South Korea was heralded around the world as the superstar? Well, they were 100% fucktards. And so is anyone who believed that bullshit.

Viruses will virus.

Cracks me the fuck up. Clown world run by fucking idiots.

OK, a last thing because it’s so fucking funny.

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  1. Roderick West on April 6, 2022 at 12:49

    I’ve been thinking about why China has taken such an incredibly hard line on Covid. The conclusion Ive come to is that they know exactly what it is and who it was created. Having had Covid the conclusion I cam to on that too was that there is no way it is natural. It’s clearly man made. Yet there is essentially zero discussion of what it might be.

    • Richard Nikoley on April 6, 2022 at 12:52

      I don’t honestly know.

      Lab leak for sure. Beyond that, I’m still unwilling to put much stock into any guesses about origination.

  2. Eddie Osh on April 6, 2022 at 15:50

    Recent podcast with Eugyppius, audio’s a bit shit though. (Subversive podcast is quite promising too.)—The-Covid-Truth-Regime-e1cgaeo

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