The Story Of What I Think About Roe vs. Wade

Of course I’ll provide thoughts and integrations on this momentous decision, 49 years in the running. I was 12 years old and I can still remember the blue screen on the TV in 1973 when the deed was done.

One could make a good argument that 1973’s Roe vs. Wade was a watershed moment because by mere legalism, our US Government’s Supreme Court wrecked the natural balance globally between the male and the female and thus arose feminism.

And I am going to do it right here, right now. Take that to mind and heart. By means of nefariously evil jurists, they shed asunder the most basic and fundamental thing that bound a man to a woman and a woman to a man: kids; or, oops, I’m pregnant…the two most awful-yet-wonderful words between good-hearted men and women in the whole English language. On the one hand it’s an oh-shit, what do we do now? and on the other, wow, just-wow. You know what I mean.

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Asian Social and Sexual Conservatism; Utter Rejection of LGBT

Asia is a large area of the globe and generally thought of mostly as Japan, China, Korea, PI, Indonesia, and all the “indochinese” States just south of China, like where I live and love to live in Thailand.

Let me give you my take on it’s social conservatism, it’s sexual conservatism, and its utter repudiation of LGBT hysterical nonsense which increasingly, is my principle reason for choosing to live here instead of America or anywhere in the morally decrepit and declining West. It might surprise you, maybe give you something to think about.

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Bend, Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery Craft Is Next Door To Me In Thailand

Dow, and Martin from Wales, Mikey from US (former Navy), and Muuk; and the nose of Joe, from Alaska who’s lived here over 30 years.

The title is the mainstay, but this is a sort of father’s day post, plus a roundup of stuff for my membership of 800.

As an introduction, when I woke up Sunday morning Thai time, I noted that tomorrow USA time is Father’s day. It somehow corresponds to some new woke “holiday” I don’t give a runny shit about. Fuck off. I made a mental note to call my 84-yo vibrant dad, even though I just chatted with him a few days ago.

Then late Sunday night happened for me, and into early Monday morning, which was Sunday morning for dad. He and I have a common thing lifelong, which is high blood pressure. I texted him to show my 106/64 BP.


Because hard and sustained-erection Dick Drugs which are OTC in Thailand and used by everyone recreationally—and the chicks encourage it…go figure. Ironically and non-intuitively, the lower your BP, the tougher your dick and the loger it sustains.

So 61 yo Richard had to tell 84 yo dad that, tongue in cheek, and how. I’ll spare details.

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The Power Of Prayer

No, I’m not going off the rails on you.

Just a few days ago I posted an update about my project:

How It’s Going (The Thailand Clothes & Bags Shop Project)

That post was a pretty detailed endeavor where I strived to show with graphs and data how the charity funds were being spent astutely and how it ought to be done vs. giving money to large institutions, including government, who waste most of it. I also included a bit about how I had so far found it impossible to do actual crowdfunding where a lot of people give a little.

I’m so amazed with the total amount of donations for this charity project of mine which I think has been recognized by some to be how charity ought to be done. Rather than engender donations for consumption, you seek them for business activities where your donations can build and sustain. And one day, your charitable causes are themselves charitable.

That said, it cannot escape my notice that my email list is 6,500; and of those, 800 are members. 600 on the free level and 200 on paid. 45 individuals have donated and relatively, it’s impressive. On average amongst the 45, $59.

So I’m chewing on it all the time. What if 1,000 people did 10 bucks each? That’s 10k bucks and the project is in the can.

Ironically, what’s happened here isn’t really crowdfunding where a lot of people pitch in a little. It’s a few pitching in big. The most common donation is $100.

So, I’m going to keep chewing on that and record a video for my next plea.

It’s what happens next that’s interesting.

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Sympathy For The Devil

Well here’s a completely off the cuff post. Serendipity happens.

I received an email this morning from a long-timer and paid member who lives not far from me, in Singapore.

In it, he informs me that The Rolling Stones just cancelled a concert in Amsterdam just hours before showtime.

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How It’s Going (The Thailand Clothes & Bags Shop Project)

Well, for any who’ve travelled around Asia, that pic should be a rather familiar site. The ubiquitous market or bazaar. I suspect foreign tourists and travellers see such things and think it’s all for them. Nope, it’s how the locals shop.

And no, that isn’t the shop I’m putting together; that’s in the Chong Chom Market on the Thai-Cambodia border. The market has both retail, and wholesale if buying in quantity. As Yui’s shop gets up and going it will be possible for better wholesale prices (larger orders), and shipping to the door from Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima. For now, here’s the grand scheme of things from a bird’s eye view.

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The Arrest of Jimmy Moore For Underage Sex

UPDATE: LC-Keto Jimmy Moore Pleads Guilty; Sentenced To 20 Years There are 7 charges, all the same. “Carnal knowledge” is an archaic legal term for sexual intercourse. Presumably, she, was 13-14 years old at whatever time this took place (I’ve seen claims it was late 2019). The 3+ years older means that when underage per…

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Science as a Candle in the Dark

It has been many decades since certain areas of science have become institutionalized and politicized. You thought it was bad then. I can think of two areas primarily where science has been under assault. And then Covid came along, then the assault against early treatments, then the experimental mNRA drugs and who knew it could…

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You Have To Make The Grade: A Revealing GoFundMe Update

Make The Grade is conveniently thought of as passing a test…(as to how well-indoctrinated you are).

Nope. It’s overcoming obstacles. Real ones. Like getting that goods-laden truck up that 6-mile, 6% grade.

…This is an update on my crazy project to make a rural Thai family financially self-sufficient by crafting a real and viable business. I don’t know what people’s idea of charity is but I’m pretty sure that solid charity has nothing to do with paying taxes or giving money to the plethora of XYZ charity institutions that purport to be good stewards of your money, always pulling at heartstrings.

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What’s at the Very Root of Corruption?

The other day, I read a piece from Dr. Robert Malone, the guy who not only initially invented the tech for mRNA with about 18 patents, but turns out to be an accomplished writer on many things philosophical and political. Go figure. Smart dudes are difficult to corral, while fakers are too easy. Fakers are…

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Another Roundup Post


  1. Why Another Roundup Post?
  2. Elon Musk: Recession ‘A Good Thing,’ Bankruptcies ‘Need to Happen’
  3. Top Gun Maverick In Phuket
  4. WHO Says Monkeypox Epidemic ‘Evolving Rapidly’ as More Cases Reported
  5. Blood Clots May Be the Root Cause of All Heart Disease
  6. PM Prayut insists no plans to drop face-mask requirement in Thailand
  7. Looming Price Hikes on Food Set to Hit Americans This Fall

I caught a cold, a flu, or some neologism that starts with a ‘C’…I have no idea

Saturday evening I came home rather late, perhaps 1am or so. I felt fine. Sunday morning, I was feeling off and had “that feeling.” I had to tough it out until after an 11am in-person meeting which did not take long. Then I began feeling worse and worse. Then the typical sneezing starts, runny nose, congestion, headache and this time (I’ve had this before) a fever. Trust me, when it’s 35 (86F) outside, I’m not running A/C, and I’m shivering, I’ve got a fever. I’ve understood this since before I was 10.

So I did what I always do when a fever strikes. I go to bed. Always. I closed off the bedroom, put on the A/C (22…71.6F…my “sleep number”). I got under the covers and just kinda enjoyed the light shivering. I slept on an off and wasn’t getting cold sweats, so it must have been only a few degrees elevation. I got up after a couple of hours but was still cold as f…In Thailand. I had to turn off the fans and close the doors that pass fresh air through the place.

I was sapped for energy. A proper wet rag. No motivation, no focus. By about 4.30pm I was ready for the bed again, and this time it was for 14 hours. It’s funny when you have a fever. Far from feeling hot under pajamas, sheets, blankets and a comforter—as is always depicted in TV and film—I’ve always slept bare skin in skivvies so that I can get a proper chill when I want one, especially since I have the A/C unit blowing right on me. Toss those covers off for 10 minutes until good and cold.

On day 2 the fever was gone or mostly gone, but then the symptoms gathered together in earnest to make me miserable (congestion, runny nose, sneezing, coughing) Also, whole body ache. I used 3 things primarily:

The thing about arginine is that for best effect you need to take it on an empty stomach and not with any food. Then it’s not competing with any other amino for entry into the cells. If you have some respiratory illness and find it difficult to cough from way on down, take 5g of arginine, wait until its vasodilation properties kick in and find yourself coughing up phlegm from the nether regions of your lungs. NAC works similarly in these respiratory applications because it breaks up mucus, liquifies it. Easy to sneeze and cough out. And the FDA might be backing off about banning it.

While I’m on the issue of sneezing, let ‘er rip. Find a safe space, or outside but I mean no holds barred. Ladies, you know who I’m talking to. This is what coughing and sneezing are for. Expel all that mucus and phlegm crap, including viruses and bacteria contained within. Another reason why masks are fucktarded. No, don’t do it in someone’s face, but all lady-like muffling does is keep it inside where your body has determined it does not belong. So day two was pretty much hell and I need to mop my floors. Day 3, yesterday, was markedly better and today, day 4, the symptoms are nearly gone.

…We got a break in the weather where it’s been raining for a week and in the last few days, almost 24/7 drizzle, which I hate. I love the big rains that get it over in 30 minutes and the sun comes out. So there’s a 2-3 hour window with bright sunshine and I went down to the pool. Spent from 12.05 to 13.05, full skin exposure and I felt great. I still do, 3 hours later.

…One last thing. Friends ask, was it the ‘C’ word? Don’t know, don’t care. Felt just like the dozens of respiratory infections in my life; and when I was young and I was pretty miserable, mom sometimes took me to Dr. Berger, the family pediatrician. He was already pretty old in the 1960s. He didn’t diagnose with TESTING TESTING TESTING!!! He did what docs did. He does an examination by listening to your breathing, has you cough, feels your lymph nodes, asks you questions…pretty standard stuff, I imagine. In the end, “probably just a cold or mild flu. Here’s some medicine to help with the symptoms. He’ll be fine, but if it gets worse, bring him back.” That never happened.

The bottom line is that I do not understand this obsession with knowing which form of respiratory virus you have. If it feels like a cold or mild flu, just treat symptoms like we always did. …In one measure of longed-for sanity in Thailand today, they will only be reporting “cases” resulting in hospitalization—as it ought to have been globally since the start.

[Alright, that’s the public free preview. The rest is for Free and Paid level members.

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