I Was Unequivocally Right About Every Single Thing From Day One

The World's First Blog With a Minimum IQ Requirement

— With 98 Published Posts During The Covidiocy To Prove It

Is it not the height of presumptuousness, pretentiousness, and puerility to take another to task for asking questions, making observations, forwarding data, pointing out inconsistencies, exposing contradictions, alluding to motives, identifying politicization, refusing to comply, and recognizing a bandwagon conforming narrative when he sees one?

I was on a 2nd date with a pretty and adorable Thai Lady yesterday on the heels of my ending of a 2 1/2 relationship a couple of weeks ago. You can see her in my no-alcohol video yesterday, which has not yet been published on the blog; but it’s next.

Pretty Thai Lady With Her Personal Life Totally and Impressively In Order As a Single Mom with Two Daughters, 13 and 9

This burgeoning relationship is at a stage where we’re discussing societal things such as COVID and everything related and I said to her: When everyone and every source is saying the same thing, it’s automatically wrong.

It’s a priori, which basically means…you don’t even have to get up off the couch to know and understand fully.

Thusly, as we move from one The Current Thing to the next The Current Thing, you can relax comfortably knowing that it’s all automatically wrong. For, measures of rightness and wrongness are by the ratios of adherents to dissidents. Few to no dissidents, and those few dissidents there may be, being squelched? Then, it’s not just a signal that it may be wrong with some measure actually correct; no, it’s all just completely wrong—unworthy of serious consideration by smart people. This is an unequivocal absolute that applies universally. Of course there are consensus exceptions…such as gravity, wetness of water, burning by fire, etc….

Keep that in mind. It’s very important; it’s a super easy test, and, it’s the difference between the 10% of smart humans on the planet and the remaining 90% of unthinking biological organisms.

Here are all my COVID posts since my first, March 16, 2020, after seeing the global momentum, that it was growing, valid questions were being ignored, and even obvious exculpatory data was being flippantly disregarded or censored as non-conforming to The Current Thing narrative.

  1. My Musings on the Coronavirus (Covid-19)
  2. Discussions 10: A Ramble Fest About Coronavirus Hysteria and My Crazy Life in Thailand
  3. Coronavirus #1: The Innocent and the Guilty
  4. Coronavirus #2: The Dumb and the Dumber
  5. Coronavirus #3: Denise Minger is Thorough But Misses the Boats
  6. Coronavirus #4: Question The Premise
  7. Coronavirus #5: America is Toast
  8. Covid-19 Is Impeachment 3.0; BLM Riots, 4.0; Re-Lockdown, 5.0
  9. The Covid-19 indictment Of Christians and Jews
  10. Anthony Colpo is Correct About Yet Another Con: The Covid-19 Con
  11. CovidScam Unravels. Backlash Grows and Intensifies.
  12. CovidCon in Philippines: A Case Study of the Dumb
  13. The Covid Con Mass Delusion: Is Germany The Stupidest Country On Earth?
  14. The Urban and Suburban Blight
  15. Video: Covid-19 Con and Masks — An Awful Rant
  16. The Children Of The YouTube Delete My Video, Lie About It
  17. Covid-19 Told-You-So PSA
  18. I Told You So: Stupid Covid People
  19. Please Wear Your Mask to Help The Spread of Covid-19
  20. A COVID Cult and Clown Car Roundup
  21. Covid-19: You’re Not Entitled to Your Own All-Cause Mortality
  22. This Video Was Cancelled By Facebook’s Children Euphemistically Called Employees
  23. Fear Fatigue: When People Just Aren’t Afraid, Anymore
  24. In A Recent Study Of Combined Moron…
  25. Billions of People Pissed at Texas
  26. As The Covid Petrification Peters, What’s The Next Petrifying Thing?
  27. Public Service: Oracle Films Soundly Obliterates Covid
  28. What’s Behind The Mask?
  29. Masks As Socially Distasteful As Smoking?
  30. Post Covid Intervention Ergo, Propter Covid Intervention
  31. How Is The Covid-19 Vaccine Going?
  32. World Health Organization Lies About Herd Immunity
  33. Biden: I Will Neither Vaccinate, Nor Mask
  34. Auberon Herbert Asks
  35. Vaccinate or Mask: Is It OK To Lie In Your Own Defense?
  36. The Crumbling Dumbo MaskDemic Psychosis
  37. The Covid-19 All-Cause Mortality Spin Cycle
  38. My Random Quick Takes #3
  39. My Random Quick Takes #4
  40. My Random Quick Takes #8 — Covid-19 Edition
  41. Ok So What’s Next?
  42. The Covid-19 Smoking Gun? Patent Applications Since 1999?
  43. Lab Alert: Changes to CDC RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 Testing
  44. Are Covid-19 Vaccines A Failure?
  45. Covid-19, Vaccines, Africa, Ivermectin, Clown-Car Circuses, and Shit Shows
  46. Democrats Co-Opted The Trump Vaccine And Trump Dodges A Bullet
  47. Total Mortality: Ask Undertakers
  48. Total Mortality: Obituaries, Medical Sales and Profits
  49. The Michael Madsen Family Unfortunately Has Michael Madsen As A Wanker Father
  50. The Covid-19 Mask Mandate Ugliness Index
  51. Musings: Vaccines, Virus, Masks, Chess, and Boxing
  52. Covid Is The New Case Of The Vapors (Also Vaccine Killing And Maiming—VAERS)
  53. I Warned About Supply Chain Breakdown In April 12, 2020, 18 Months Ago
  54. A Long-Ass Cathartic Covidism Bullsh*t Roundup
  55. Drugs And Foods Being Pilloried To Maintain EUA For Covid Vaccines
  56. My Sunday Rundown: From Chatting With A Thai Christian To Maiming Children For Fauci
  57. Plain Fact: They Are Killing Kids With These Vaccines
  58. These NAZI Say Vitamin D3 Plus K2 Kills Covid; WOKE Issues Warnings
  59. Left, Right, Sheep, and Seals Hoist With Their Own Petard: Covid Compliance
  60. Omicron Variant Hype; mRNA “Vaccines” and Cardiac Risk
  61. PSA: Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s New Book: The Real Anthony Fauci
  62. The Prestigious Lancet Journal Just Killed Covid Vaccination (and other stuff)
  63. Dot Connect: Viagra, L-Arginine, High BP, Heart Disease, ED, Covid, now Alzheimer’s Too
  64. The Joe Rogan and Dr. Peter McCullough Covid Documentary
  65. “I TOLD YOU SO” — A Rant
  66. Laundry List Of Kicked-In-The-Teeth Covid While FULLY VACCINATED!!! LOLs
  67. Oh, My. Another Covid Dump. Good News, Though
  68. I Told You So. Case Study: Viagra Saves a 2-Jabed Woman From Death In Covid Coma
  69. I Almost Stepped In It
  70. Might We Finally Be Over The Covid Hump?
  71. Nine Just Published Studies: It Might Be Too Late For You
  72. Battleground Melbourne
  73. Do You Smell Blood In The Water?
  74. Dad is 84 Today. Also, Dad Got Covid
  75. Welcome Back To AIDS Again
  76. Fox: Only 80% As Evil As Your Regular News
  77. Alex Berenson Makes Mainstream Media Go Apoplectic
  78. The Essential 30-Mins of 5-Hrs US Senate Hearings…Banned By YouTube
  79. Planet Lockdown — The Must Watch of The Must Watch
  80. Israel And Jews Take Top Limelight Yet Again
  81. Za Great Reset Is On A Ventilator
  82. Someone Really Cool Spoke With Someone Really Cool
  83. We The Powerless People…Becoming Conscious
  84. Two Teenage Boys Die Totally Unremarkably In Their Sleep
  85. If You Thought It Was Theater You Were Right
  86. Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins’ Death Just Another Rocker OD?
  87. Our Dismal State of Affairs
  88. Can’t Believe How Much I Love This. People In Shanghai Literally Starving
  89. The Best Way To Look On The Bright Side For Prosperity and Happiness
  90. 2,400 Employees Is A Lot When There’s Nothing To Worry About
  91. HOW the WHO is Funnier than SNL, when Saturday Night Live was Good: Polishing Turds
  92. Easter Holiday Swipes
  93. Are We Post-Covid Yet and How Do We Never Return?
  94. Condom Culture To Mask Culture
  95. A Fresh Look At All Cause Mortality Lately
  96. What’s at the Very Root of Corruption?
  97. Sympathy For The Devil
  98. Mask Compliance And Dismissal And More

OK wow. 98 substantive posts about COVID and all its peripheral issues over 2 1/2 years. Every single one of them is dead-on, spot-on right…whilst nearly the whole world was labeling me and the few others like me as Covidiots and Granny-Killers. And on what basis?

On the mere authority of a lynch-mob club all regurgitating and echoing the identical narrative. Mere organisms. NOT human beings or anything remotely resembling one: the chief characteristic of which is its remarkable mind qua tool and weapon. Covid has utterly exposed just how many minds on this planet are utterly wasted. Once you have just one brain spouting obviously false and completely wrong bullshit, it helps or bolsers it not a wit to have 7-billion brains spounting the same false and wrong bullshit. It’s just a lot more bullshit.

There is no point at which, when you pile on the bullshit, higher and deeper, its sheer mass magically produces truth and astute correctness.

It’s a long intro to this post—1,700 words—but that’s not all (5560 words in total). The remainder is for FREE and Supporting members. Look at the above list of 98 posts. It doesn’t matter which, pick any or a few. Find something false and wrong. You won’t. Now, recognize that the earliest posts go back to March, 2020. When I wrote the 1st post on the 16th, I had consulted a single source (CDC), and in those early days when there was still some sense left, all the CDC had written was that it would probably be in line with influenza and quoted the average mortality statistics. It became politicized very quickly, on an unheard of and unseen, unprecedented global scale—where even world-war engagement paled in comparison.

For a flu.

But, now, even those of you who may have been on board, regurgitating and spouting the narrative—I certainly lost a fair number of readers—you’re now finally being exposed to the exact same questions, observations, data, and accounting for cost-benefit that I and others were saying and writing all along—and by mainstream-media outlets finally! …The same that squelched, silenced, edited, spun, and censored all of it when doing their jobs would have doubtless done immeasurable good.

Imagine if you had been a Free or Supporting Member-reader all along. It’s possible you’d have come to your senses a lot earlier, perhaps dissuaded some friends and family to forego the SAFE AND EFFECTIVE!!! jab—for which some may have or will have serious adverse, life-altering effects.

So the cost for reading the rest is at minimum Free Membership, cancellable with a click, no questions asked (and your info is expunged unless and until you return). But if you find that you like a substantial amount of what I write and shoot in video, then recognize my work with financial support. It’s 6 bucks per month ($72 annually)—popular with the toe dippers—or a 30% discount if you’re pretty sure. This eliminates all hassles and barriers to entry for everything I produce.

Combined with the new and easy non-alcohol life and my recent getting cancelled in the process of vying for a new, perfect job (someone in the vetting gauntlet found this blog), I have renewed gusto and energy for this blog and now, producing video content. But even still, my track record speaks for itself. Over 5,000 published articles throughout its 19 years of existence. That’s an average of a post every 1.4 days, consistently. That’s impressive. So jump on board at any membership level and let your conscience guide you.

To follow:

  • Another photo of the lovely Thai Lady…this one with the leaning, alcohol-free, gym-going me in the frame
  • Additional insight and commentary
  • Non cherry-picked random-ish excerpts from that list of posts, above
  • The embedded 10-minute video that inspired this post
  • My own thoughts in my own embedded video

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