I Was Unequivocally Right About Every Single Thing From Day One

— With 98 Published Posts During The Covidiocy To Prove It

Is it not the height of presumptuousness, pretentiousness, and puerility to take another to task for asking questions, making observations, forwarding data, pointing out inconsistencies, exposing contradictions, alluding to motives, identifying politicization, refusing to comply, and recognizing a bandwagon conforming narrative when he sees one?

I was on a 2nd date with a pretty and adorable Thai Lady yesterday on the heels of my ending of a 2 1/2 relationship a couple of weeks ago. You can see her in my no-alcohol video yesterday, which has not yet been published on the blog; but it’s next.

Pretty Thai Lady With Her Personal Life Totally and Impressively In Order As a Single Mom with Two Daughters, 13 and 9

This burgeoning relationship is at a stage where we’re discussing societal things such as COVID and everything related and I said to her: When everyone and every source is saying the same thing, it’s automatically wrong.

It’s a priori, which basically means…you don’t even have to get up off the couch to know and understand fully.

Thusly, as we move from one The Current Thing to the next The Current Thing, you can relax comfortably knowing that it’s all automatically wrong. For, measures of rightness and wrongness are by the ratios of adherents to dissidents. Few to no dissidents, and those few dissidents there may be, being squelched? Then, it’s not just a signal that it may be wrong with some measure actually correct; no, it’s all just completely wrong—unworthy of serious consideration by smart people. This is an unequivocal absolute that applies universally. Of course there are consensus exceptions…such as gravity, wetness of water, burning by fire, etc….

Keep that in mind. It’s very important; it’s a super easy test, and, it’s the difference between the 10% of smart humans on the planet and the remaining 90% of unthinking biological organisms.

Here are all my COVID posts since my first, March 16, 2020, after seeing the global momentum, that it was growing, valid questions were being ignored, and even obvious exculpatory data was being flippantly disregarded or censored as non-conforming to The Current Thing narrative.

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OK wow. 98 substantive posts about COVID and all its peripheral issues over 2 1/2 years. Every single one of them is dead-on, spot-on right…whilst nearly the whole world was labeling me and the few others like me as Covidiots and Granny-Killers. And on what basis?

On the mere authority of a lynch-mob club all regurgitating and echoing the identical narrative. Mere organisms. NOT human beings or anything remotely resembling one: the chief characteristic of which is its remarkable mind qua tool and weapon. Covid has utterly exposed just how many minds on this planet are utterly wasted. Once you have just one brain spouting obviously false and completely wrong bullshit, it helps or bolsers it not a wit to have 7-billion brains spounting the same false and wrong bullshit. It’s just a lot more bullshit.

There is no point at which, when you pile on the bullshit, higher and deeper, its sheer mass magically produces truth and astute correctness.

It’s a long intro to this post—1,700 words—but that’s not all (5560 words in total). The remainder is for FREE and Supporting members. Look at the above list of 98 posts. It doesn’t matter which, pick any or a few. Find something false and wrong. You won’t. Now, recognize that the earliest posts go back to March, 2020. When I wrote the 1st post on the 16th, I had consulted a single source (CDC), and in those early days when there was still some sense left, all the CDC had written was that it would probably be in line with influenza and quoted the average mortality statistics. It became politicized very quickly, on an unheard of and unseen, unprecedented global scale—where even world-war engagement paled in comparison.

For a flu.

But, now, even those of you who may have been on board, regurgitating and spouting the narrative—I certainly lost a fair number of readers—you’re now finally being exposed to the exact same questions, observations, data, and accounting for cost-benefit that I and others were saying and writing all along—and by mainstream-media outlets finally! …The same that squelched, silenced, edited, spun, and censored all of it when doing their jobs would have doubtless done immeasurable good.

Imagine if you had been a Free or Supporting Member-reader all along. It’s possible you’d have come to your senses a lot earlier, perhaps dissuaded some friends and family to forego the SAFE AND EFFECTIVE!!! jab—for which some may have or will have serious adverse, life-altering effects.

So the cost for reading the rest is at minimum Free Membership, cancellable with a click, no questions asked (and your info is expunged unless and until you return). But if you find that you like a substantial amount of what I write and shoot in video, then recognize my work with financial support. It’s 6 bucks per month ($72 annually)—popular with the toe dippers—or a 30% discount if you’re pretty sure. This eliminates all hassles and barriers to entry for everything I produce.

Combined with the new and easy non-alcohol life and my recent getting cancelled in the process of vying for a new, perfect job (someone in the vetting gauntlet found this blog), I have renewed gusto and energy for this blog and now, producing video content. But even still, my track record speaks for itself. Over 5,000 published articles throughout its 19 years of existence. That’s an average of a post every 1.4 days, consistently. That’s impressive. So jump on board at any membership level and let your conscience guide you.

To follow:

  • Another photo of the lovely Thai Lady…this one with the leaning, alcohol-free, gym-going me in the frame
  • Additional insight and commentary
  • Non cherry-picked random-ish excerpts from that list of posts, above
  • The embedded 10-minute video that inspired this post
  • My own thoughts in my own embedded video

Ok, members.

First things first. Here she is, again.

All Set To Shoot a Video

Next, let’s embed that inspirational video by Paul Joseph Watson. It’s a great accounting and remembering of how fucking bad it really was…so that you just never forget and that you always maintain an utter and righteous disdain and loathing for all of the organisms on this planet who supported it, went along with it, and saw their own depravity, puerility, cruelty, and downright despicable evil as a virtue to be signalled or put on display by the the ridiculous caricature of a mask.

What I like about my list of 98 posts above, and I dare say it, is that it’s simply like no other in the world I’m aware of. It is a giant wide-angle lens from 30,000 feet, encompassing all the dozens of smaller and lower wide-angle lenses zeroing in on their various and numerous targets. In short, I cover—in some way or another—every aspect of this indignant assault on mankind—the gravest in scale in all of civilizational history by light years. I even cover philosophical elements and in many cases, held back on the tons and tons of pure-data charts that I don’t think ads much in terms of gaining enlightenment. A handful of charts with unassailable implications and conclusions should be sufficient for honest, good-hearted and well-intentioned folk.

Let’s do some excerpts. I’ll just use the post number from above where you can scroll up and hit the link if you want more context. I’m going to hit these rather randomly so as to reduce biased cherry picking.

#1 — The Very First Post, March 16, 2020, 2 1/2 Years Ago, Where I Laid It Out 100% Astute and Correct

Yet, I’ve never been concerned about it and to my mind, the only truly new strain of “virus” is a confluence of three general things:

  1. A fully developed Internet and its chief manifestation, social media
  2. The global, politicized leftist/socialist media
  3. Trump Derangement Syndrome […]

But in no way does it justify the literal absurd hysteria we’re seeing on a global scale, and I attribute this to items 1, 2, and 3, above. I’ve never seen anything like it. People young and old seemingly have no memories or learned experiences anymore, beyond their quotidian social “news” feeds. Each day is a new day of ridiculous information, and nothing else matters. There’s no past—that’s way down the feed—only what’s coming out now. Quick, update the feed. […]

But if you look at this thing by age breakdown, you see that for the healthy and young, under 40, it’s a 99.99% in dealing it an ass kicking.

Yet looking around, it’s the young and dumb who seem to be the most hysterical and cautious. Why? Because social media has created a 24/7 world of Virtue Signaling Olympics—each displaying more faux concern, thoughtfulness, caring, circumspection, deliberation, and caution than the rest. And it goes on from there, such that there’s nothing really new to say, so it becomes comment threads that are 90% “me too,” a bizarre menagerie of the banal and the boring—faux virtue signaling faux virtue. And the only offset anymore is not counter-balancing rational judgment, but faux outrage at anything that goes against the prescribed faux virtue.

What a fucking mess. And everyone is full of shit.


Sorry, Denise. Her post is essentially an exercise in debunking the debunking. But, no debunking of debunking supports the original premise (that COVID-19 is a big deal, that it’s necessarily worse than a typical flu season—that kills 300,000 – 650,000 annually—that it’s containable—unlike the thoroughly uncontainable: common rhinovirus or coronavirus head colds, influenza, or pneumonia—a vicious, contagious killer of 2.5 – 4 million annually … including children under 5 … 2 million per year … the chief killer of kids under 5 in the world … 15 – 20% of deaths of under-5 are from pneumonia. Did I mention it’s contagious? How many of you wear masks around young children TO SAVE LIVES, DAMMIT!!!??? […]

By this point, no mask wearing was going on in terms of widespread adoption. It was a few days, maybe a week, before I heard of this “novel” coronavirus, and my spidey sense went up. I already had awareness that corona viruses had been with us forever (discovered in the 1930s), just like rhino viruses (both cause common colds—you’ve all had the ‘rona, probably a bunch of times). Then I see people on social media, people IRL, and news media beginning to give great attention to it, and then I see it almost immediately become politicized and I went, ‘uh, oh, Impeachment 3.0‘. And that’s still my view. Politicization, combined with a mature social media that almost everyone participates in, along with global access to smartphones, even amongst poor people. […]

The thing nobody gave a shit about because it wholly contradicted (falsified, really) the convenient panic-and-hysteria narrative that was just accelerating, gaining speed, and attaining critical-mass momentum. The cruise ship Diamond Princess. […]

  • The infection rate of 712 infections of 3,711 passengers and crew is only 20% in a damn controlled, tin-can petri dish.
  • Of the 712 infections, 60% were asymptomatic. They carried and spread it, didn’t know they had it.
  • The passengers were heavily weighted toward the elderly.
  • All who died were old (I believe old men).
  • Of the other 700 infected, 97%, survived. Of generally elderly people.

Ah, but wait! we have another ship where Denise missed the boat. This just in. The USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71). […]

  • There are no passengers. Crew only, 100% essential personnel.
  • I don’t know what the age distribution of the military is, but at a WAG, 90% are probably under 40 years old.

So what happened in a quite different controlled “experiment,” but with quite an inverse age-population makeup (this means: good)?

  • The infection rate is 600 out of about 4,500 tested (crew of 4,800, testing ongoing).
  • That’s an infection rate of 13.5% in an enclosed environment.
  • But just like the Diamond Princess, 60% had no symptoms. Had it. Didn’t know it.
  • A single sailor has died, I don’t know any details.
  • That’s 0.16% (0.0016).

Denise darling, you missed the boats.


One of the very first things that became apparent to me back in early March was that:

  1. Those dying “of” Covid-19 were typically old and frail
  2. Of those, most had comorbidities (other serious medical conditions)

Yet the media, political, and corporate narrative of fear and panic marched on and even intensified as a means of maintaining the lie—now repeated so often and with such assuredness that it’s just taken for granted.

And the entire thing is, and always was, a giant hoax.

Even the CDC seems to have become impatient, most likely because any legitimacy they may have had is rapidly diminishing like a boy who cried wolf.


This past week the CDC finally seemed to get fed up with the coronavirus hysteria that has existed in this country since March.

First, the CDC released new guidelines saying there was no need for asymptomatic people to get tested if they were otherwise young and healthy. That’s even if you were exposed to someone who had tested positive for the virus.

Then the CDC put up on their official website the following details for people who have covid symptoms: “If you have symptoms of COVID-19 and want to get tested, call your healthcare provider first. Most people will have mild illness and can recover at home without medical care and may not need to be tested.”

So, yeah, the CDC is telling you to treat covid like any other illness. Stay home if you’re sick, you’ll probably be fine. That’s because for most people covid is a mild illness. If, however, you get sick enough to need treatment, go seek treatment.



Briefly, the trend upward in total deaths per 1,000 of population from roughly 8.4 to 8.8, 2015 – 2020, tracks with the increasing average age of the population, which is also increasing in absolute terms. In other words, the same explanation that has prevailed every year prevails for 2020 as well.

The green line is the more interesting, representing the increase in total deaths over the previous year which, nominally, is a function of both increasing total population and advances in longevity (average lifespan). A downward trend means: population increased by less percentage than previous years, and/or average age of death increased, and/or people are on average a little more healthy or medicine and surgery is a bit better. It’s likely some combination of all three.

But, what it utterly and completely falsifies is the notion that Covid was anything at all in-particular in 2020. Simple. Plain. Fact. Choke on it. 1.27% more deaths in 2015 from 2014, trending downward to 1.12% more deaths in 2019 over 2018, and the same 1.12% 2020 over 2019. Suck on it.


I recall last spring when the typical seasonality of the virus naturally attenuated and principalities around the world started easing their various commie, totalitarian measures…and how those who love everything commie and lockdown measures—never good enough—pronounced dire warnings: JUST WAIT 2 WEEKS!!! —a pathetically veiled hope and prayer that a lot of people die so they’re right in a comment thread on the internet and get to say I TOLD YOU SO!!! …People this lowly lay awake at night fantasizing about getting to bolster their meaningless life for likes because people died and they’re miserable—in spite of getting paid to sit at home and wank off to porn at their leisure. It’s likely that anyone of those writing those sorts of comment posts was a relative of yours—parent, sibling…maybe a close friend who’s getting paid by a high-tech company that “fact checks.”

Fans stand for the national anthem before a baseball game between the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays Monday, April 5, 2021, in Arlington, Texas. The Texas Rangers are set to have the closest thing to a full stadium in pro sports since the coronavirus shut down more than a year ago. (AP Photo/Jeffrey McWhorter)

Once again, the Internet was awash with PAID stay-at-home-wankers proclaiming JUST WAIT TWO WEEKS!!! in-between their jerk-off sessions to porn in their incognito tab, always open. I reiterate: maybe your mother, on a retirement pension, who embraces the fear that a Covid Great Reset means her pension has dried up.


Oh, for sure, billions will get it. It will make hundreds of billions of dollars for elite financial and authoritarian interests. Baked into the cake. The Raison d’etre of Covid in the first place. Trump was the instrument. He got played like a cheap fiddle. He is unworthy to be President again. So. Fuck. Off. About. That. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. They got him.

You ought to relax and regard all the vaccine passport bulshit as marketing. That is all it is. That, and floating balloons (lead) to judge public reaction—they want to make money, not spark a revolution.

There will be no vaccine passport. Probably not anywhere.

On Facebook, there has been this cock ring thing. Facebook wants you to get a cock ring, and post a picture of you sporting it. I’ll show you.


Back in 2016, Euromomo began collecting all-cause death stats from 29 European countries, reported weekly. I use it as the headline image for illustrative purposes, in this single respect: given predominately natural causes, total mortality is a wave pattern. This is important. What goes up must come down and what goes down must come back up again. You see this in any sufficiently large enough time scale. This covers just shy of 6 years and the wave is evident, even in the midst of Covid-19.

If you stare at it for awhile, it might occur to you that if you moved the excess (that amount over and above 2017 and 2018 peaks)during the winter months of 2020 and 2021 then spread it out over the winter months of 2019, the whole thing might look a lot more symmetric. But that would be playing with data, right?

Yes it would. But how about if nature itself does it, but in a different way? Hold that thought. I’ll get back to it.

All-Cause Mortality Means All-Cause

If you Google all-cause mortality as I have been doing for a year, you might find it odd that a great number of the search results are Covid-19 and “Excess Death” results. If you try to go to actual raw data tables—just the facts, ma’am—you get warnings like “NOTE: All 2020 and later data are UN projections and DO NOT include any impacts of the COVID-19 virus.” If it’s just total mortality, all-cause, raw number of people who died, year by year, what does an “impact” of a particular cause mean? Isn’t that really tantamount to warning: “we haven’t yet figured out how to most effectively spin this data in order to ensure you come away believing that Covid was really, really bad, just like we said?”


Perspective of the heightened hysteria

The 1st World is gonna top out at 50-60% vaccinated for Covid-19, and the rest just aren’t buying it and adoption isn’t increasing, but decreasing.

Looks like the BS cajoling is having a small effect in USA.


Just say “can’t go to McDonald’s!!!” That will get more people vaxxed up than any other possible measure. Those getting vaccinated now are largely not doing so for any critically-assessed health reasons whatsoever—with most of their doctors being wholly derelict in helping in that assessment—but for various reasons of convenience. To be part of the I’m Vaccinated Club, which is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard of.

No, I am not going to go into the morass of abject bullshit. Very few are actually assessing their risk of a Covid bad outcome and comparing it to the risk of a bad vaccination outcome. I don’t know whether the vaccines (and there are several and each ought to be assessed independently) are, in total, good or bad. I suspect it’s an “it depends” kind of thing: no one way or the other, for everyone.


I was reading issue #37 of Mike Eades’ The Arrow this morning, pleased to see a section on total, all-cause mortality. He had no more luck than I; since apparently, it’s far easier to gather all statistics and tell you how many people died of Covid-19 than simply: how many people, simply…died altogether. It’s all very simple, aparently.

You will actually see caveats, disclosures, and warnings in total all-cause mortality statistics along the lines of “not yet adjusted for Covid-19.”

Think about that.


If there really and truly was a global pandemic in 2020 and now, beyond, to the current state of the globe, would it be more or less likely that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) would readily publish fully audited and believable data on total mortality for 2020? I say, Occam’s Razor-like, that it would be a certainty. That it’s fudgie and cloudy and mysterious is tantamount to proof in itself that there’s something to hide and what this effort is going into to hide it, is that it’s is a big yawn.


The second thing I took note of is a real person, Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD, who’s been a busy beaver. A seeming data-geek-head who did lots of surfing videos until a few months back. The sort of person who comes out of nowhere, no dues to pay to the elite establishment, and can shine a light on just how evil they are, to a person—and they are Nuremburg-level evil.

Perhaps the most dramatic slide in her 20-minute presentation. Totally normal for 15-year-old boys to sustain heart damage, I’m sure. Nothing to see here. Go get ’em jabbed so y’all can do your vacations and DON’T HAVE TO LIE!!!

On this specific thing, she and Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, have a paper out, Oct 1, in the journal Current Problems in CardiologyA Report on Myocarditis Adverse Events in the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) in Association with COVID-19 Injectable Biological Products.

Well, let’s do two more. The VAERS database, which goes back like 30 years, but just accounting for the last 10 years.

This one is total adverse events or “side-effects” of any kind.
This is only deaths.


The German Study

The higher the vaccination rate, the higher the excess mortality — Prof. Dr. Rolf Steyer and Dr. Gregor Kappler, 16 November 2021

The correlation between the excess mortality in the federal states and their vaccination rate when weighted with the relative number of inhabitants of the federal state is .31. This number is surprisingly high and would be negative if vaccination were to reduce mortality. For the period under consideration(week 36 to week 40, 2021), the following applies: The higher the vaccination rate, the higher the excess mortality. In view of the forthcoming policy measures aimed at reducing the virus, this figure is worrying and needs to be explained if further policy measures are to be taken with the aim of increasing the vaccination rate.

German Government Data

Official German Government data suggests the Fully Vaccinated will develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome by the end of January 2022

German Government Data for the alleged Omicron variant of Covid-19, suggests that most of the “fully vaccinated” will have full blown Covid-19 vaccine induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) by the end of January 2022, after confirming that the immune systems of the fully vaccinated have already degraded to an average of minus 87%.

80% of the COVID deaths in the UK are vaccinated

…official data shows the Triple/Double Vaccinated accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 Deaths in December

The latest figures published by the UK Health Security Agency show that despite the elderly and vulnerable receiving a booster shot in September and October, and the NHS turning into the National Booster Service ever since, the triple/double vaccinated population still accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths throughout December 2021.

Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19: A BigData Analysis of 145 Countries

…to determine the causal effect of the administration of vaccines on two dependent variables that have been measured cumulatively throughout the pandemic: total deaths per million (y1) and total cases per million (y2). After eliminating all results from countries with p > 0.05, there were 128 countries for y1 and 103 countries for y2 to analyze in this fashion, comprising 145 unique countries in total (avg. p < 0.004).

Results indicate that the treatment (vaccine administration) has a strong and statistically significant propensity to causally increase the values in either y1 or y2 over and above what would have been expected with no treatment. y1 showed an increase/decrease ratio of (+115/-13), which means 89.84% of statistically significant countries showed an increase in total deaths per million associated with COVID-19 due directly to the causal impact of treatment initiation. y2 showed an increase/decrease ratio of (+105/-16) which means 86.78% of statistically significant countries showed an increase in total cases per million of COVID-19 due directly to the causal impact of treatment initiation. Causal impacts of the treatment on y1 ranges from -19% to +19015% with an average causal impact of +463.13%. Causal impacts of the treatment on y2 ranges from -46% to +12240% with an average causal impact of +260.88%. Hypothesis 1 Null can be rejected for a large majority of countries.

Official UK Government data suggests Fully Vaccinated Brits will develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome by the end of February 2022

The latest UK Health Security Agency Vaccine Surveillance Report figures show that boosters massively accelerate immune system degradation and that most triple/double vaccinated people in the United Kingdom may develop a new form of Covid-19 vaccine induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome by the end of February 2022. […]

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) publishes a weekly ‘Vaccine Surveillance’ report containing statistics on Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths by vaccination status across England over a period of four weeks.

By comparing the previous two published reports we have been able to calculate the real-world effectiveness of the Covid-19 injections over a period of 6 weeks as well as the immune system boost or degradation among everyone over the age of 18 in England.

The following shows the immune system boost/degradation in each age group between week 47 and 50 2021 according to the UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance Report

…OK, that should do it. My small review of a couple dozen or so of those 98 previous posts turned up nothing of the sort, “I was wrong way back then and now that we have more complete information, I’m correcting my stance.”

Nope, basically most things I posted were actually prophetic in one way or another, or in several ways. In short, I fuckinjg nailed it on day one, about every fucking thing, whilst nearly the entire rest of the world quivered, like children cowering in the corner of a dark room.

Fucking pathetic as hell, most of them cheering on any and every brutal measure in futility…because they’re too ignorant and stupid to understand that you can never ever contain a respiratory virus no matter what you do. Virology 101.

Now on to my own video where, in part I explain how my previously focussed and targeted misanthropy became blurry and generalized over the course of COVID. Planet earth’s human-like population is generally fucking stupid as all fuck and there is nothing that will ever put a dent in fixing it. You’re stuck with relying on the small 5-10% who aren’t…who are truly honest integrators of all available facts and information…without taking sides and with no turf or cushy position to dishonestly protect at the enormous cost of every gram of integrity they might ever have developed.

This is not an argument, nor any sort of advocacy, but there’s a lot of talk about how all of this—and especially in the implications if the vaccines turn out to cause long-term immune-system degradation—is a population culling.

I don’t know, but if that’s your thing, it at least looks like you started in the right place…

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  1. Eddie Osh on September 2, 2022 at 09:54

    At the start of the ‘official pandemic’ I was scratching my head trying to figure out what was happening as none of it made any sense; the info we were being fed just didn’t add up (e.g. why the obsession with ‘case’ numbers, and why was the age demographic data being hidden?). Trying to find real info, I thought ‘I bet RN has a decent take on this’, so dropped into your blog (after an absence of a few months) and landed at Coronavirus#3 — you didn’t disappoint.
    What a wild time it’s been, the dark heart of very many people have been revealed and we’re never going to unsee it.

    If you’ve got any fee time you might this miniseries. Got a great story premise, apropos our new normal. If you haven’t seen it before don’t read any reviews or spoilers, the twist is a great mind bender. Watch it then tell me we’re not living in Beszel!

    • Richard Nikoley on September 3, 2022 at 00:36

      Looks interesting, Eddie.

      Trying to find it. Torrent sites don’t seem to have enough seeds, it’s not on any streaming services I can find except Amazon Prime, but in their infinite “wisdom,” there’s no option to just rent a-la-cart and I dropped my Prime membership when I moved here because I don’t use Amazon for buying stuff, I use Lazada, a SE Asia thing that’s essentially an Amazon and just as good (and way cheap).

      Any suggestions?

      …And Google Play don’t even get me started. Used to rent a-la-cart often here in Thailand often, zero problem. Then they move it over to YouTubeTV and there’s a million stupid restrictions. Of course, if you’re in a country served and you stay puty, you’d never know…

      Netflix is super awesome, but unless you’re browsing for something you’d like to watch, searching for a particular thing is maybe 1 out of 10, at best.

      • Eddie Osh on September 5, 2022 at 15:04

        Hi Richard, I’ve sent you an email to your gmail address.

  2. Geri Gill on September 2, 2022 at 20:43

    Richard. You have the most stats and graphics on here than anyone else. Wish everyone had access to all this great info. Especially the deniers. Especially the ones that say they were following the science. What a joke.
    So I’m very interested to see what you say about something new that you’re going to implement into your no alcohol program. I think you said one thing that might be missing..
    You are a great thinker and writer and I believe you could write a book on the big fat lie called Cov1d.

    • Richard Nikoley on September 3, 2022 at 01:00

      Well, throughout the The Latest Thing that was Covid, there were a lot of folk pumping out a lot more stats, charts, and analysis than I. I did a lot, to be sure but one of my niggling issues was the psychosis underlying it all.

      An honest and forthright person ought not have needed much to draw the obvious conclusion that things were way, way off. Yet it turned out that we were dealing with a religious fervor that no amount of evidence can put a dent into. It reminded me of the fervor that surrounds young-earth creationism. There are many for whom no amount of evidence of old universe, old earth, and billions of years of life evolution could overcome the writings in a 2,000 year-old book written by the sycophants of a “messiah.”


      Onward we must go. On to the continuing series of The Next Thing writ large and global.

  3. Currin on September 6, 2022 at 20:57

    I really don’t understand the “zero Covid” policies in China. We can’t trust their numbers, so it seems like they’d prefer keeping the economy going (even if people were dying in the streets) than “protect” their citizens by “keeping them safe” with stay-at-home shutdowns.

    If it’s about control, seems like there are a multitude of other ways they can do that. I can’t help but wonder what they know that we don’t know. It’s very suspicious (and somewhat alarming) and makes no sense to me, here in the US. Controlling Chinese citizens just doesn’t seem like it’s worth the cascading consequences.

    Collectively, the world went mad (with some notable exceptions, many highlighted here). Why is China still risking so much – still? I honestly don’t get it.

  4. Stephen Smith on September 19, 2022 at 00:48

    Two of my clients just got the bivalent booster…They had to cancel their session with me two days afterwards because they both got severe migraines…I think this shit is hysterical.

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